Lost Ark Bard Class: Attribute, Skill & Engravings

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Lost Ark Bard Class: Attribute, Skill & Engravings

What are Lost Ark Bards?

The bard is the support in the Lost Ark, one of the best supports for the main damage dealer, and one of the few professions in the lost ark that uses magic. As support, Bards is one of the best options. The bard uses his harp and magic to bless his teammates with his various moves, helping the player out of trouble.

When the team's shields or main DPS start to look a little dying, Bard will replace players and heal them, bringing them back to the main battleground. Bard is also impeccable when it comes to providing attack buffs and movement speed buffs to primary DPS that grant them abilities that are sure to render enemies useless.

Bard's primary role on the team is cushioning, excellent support and therapy. By staying on the sidelines, bards can use their ranged spellcasting abilities to inflict debuffs on enemies, providing prime DPS with the perfect time to charge and take out opponents.

RPGStash introduces Bard from three aspects: Attribute Bonus, Engravings and Skill Bonus. If you read it carefully, you will have your own ideas on how to build Bard, how much Lost Ark Gold you need, and which Lost Ark Items you need to collect. It will become very clear. Help Players build Lost Ark Bard.

Lost Ark Bard Attribute Bonus

Master Swift, Deputy Specialty

Most of the skills of the auxiliary characters have a very high CD. If they are not fast, if there is no advanced cooling gem, the CD will be very long. In addition, the main speed can also provide you with a very high mobility, whether it is to release skills or move more flexible.

The disadvantage of Bard is that your professional skills lack specialties and will recover slowly (Z and X). In addition, the attack bonus of Z depends on specialties. Z with high specialties will add more attack power to teammates. If your teammates have more attack power They are all veterans. If you only need to give Z, I personally recommend that you pile up a little expertise, or even the main expertise and deputy speed.

Lost Ark Bard Skill Bonus

As support, Bard relies on 3 shield skills to keep his teammates healthy. Then Bard's counter skill Rhythm Buckshot (Q key) will have an additional 20% attack speed bonus when the point is full 10.

With the wind rune, it is a relatively easy-to-use counter skill in the game. You can counter all the actions of the boss in your team so that your teammates can concentrate on the output. If there are not so many skill points in the early stage, these countermeasure Skills can be used at level 1. If they can't be countered, keep the Buff for other skills.

Lost Ark Bard has 2 skills that restore energy. Skill S with rich runes has the most energy recovery among all your skills. Be sure to ensure the release priority of this skill. Although skill F has less energy than S, it can give you the most energy. Teammates immediately provide a shield with a maximum HP of 30%, so this skill also needs to be released first.

SoundHolic (A key) This skill is the skill with the highest paralysis value of Bard. It is recommended to give a suppression to enhance its weakness.

Sonic Vibration (E key) and Rhapsody of Light (R key) are both domineering stance skills. In special cases, you can use these two skills to maintain your own position. Protect yourself from being knocked off the cliff by it.

In addition, the R skill will provide 50% damage reduction for himself and 75% damage reduction for teammates within the range! Bard must make good use of this damage reduction mechanism, which can save your crippled teammates at critical times.

Guardian Tune (W key) is special, it is an 8-second shield skill, but it will give teammates a 30% damage reduction for the first 4 seconds, and it will become a 20% shield for the next 4 seconds. This skill is paired with the F skill to maximize the health of your teammates.

SoundShock is a skill, some people will recommend to level 7 or above, give the boss a 10% damage increase debuff, but Bard's mana is more important, if you want to maintain this damage increase buff, sometimes you will lose a part of protecting your teammate's Opportunity or opportunity to restore energy.

Lost Ark Bard Engravings

Before T3: All you need to do is fill up the occupation skill (urgent redemption).

After T3: Occupation Inscription 3, Awakening 3, Heavy Armor 3, Professional Doctor 3, Ether Generation 3 / Attack Point 3 / Maximum Magic Power 3

Heavy Armor 3 and Doctor 3 Depending on your operation, if your dungeon proficiency is relatively high, you can give priority to full professional Doctor 3 instead of Heavy Armor 3.

On the contrary, RPGStash recommends that you fill-up the heavy armor first. Compared with Paladins, Bard has a relatively fragile body. After she has heavy armor 3 and her shield skills, Bard can absorb a lot of attacks. And the fifth Engravings, depending on your preferences, lack of energy can create a maximum magic power, the inscription of maximum magic power will not only help you increase the energy limit.

In Lost Ark, the speed of your energy recovery will be increased according to your energy limit, so the maximum energy Engravings, in addition to increasing the energy limit, will also increase your energy recovery speed per second. Bard's energy consumption is very large during first aid, If you don't control your energy in advance, you will often encounter insufficient energy.


Bards' dungeons are not as expressive as paladins in the late stage, but Bards' protection ability is higher than that of paladins. Bard's position needs to be close to the boss, and Bard's energy recovery skills are only effective when placed close to the body, so many times you Imagine yourself as a damage dealer, always sticking to the boss to release skills, which is a very test of your skill release timing and control of teammates' blood volume.

Superb support can predict teammates to give them attack buffs at the right place and at the right time after playing explosive skills to improve the team's clearance efficiency. Support occupations often play a key role in the group.

An excellent support is definitely better than taking two damage dealers. To quickly build Bards go to the RPGStash Lost Ark Store to buy Lost Ark Items for the best Bards, if you need a lot of Gold in the short term, you can also buy Lost Ark Gold at rpgstash.com, RPGStash always offers you the best quality Excellent service and safest Gold, happy game!

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