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Lost Ark Deathblade Surge Build -Lost Ark | RPGStash

The Best Deathblade Surge Build

Deathblade is an assassin class in the game that deals burst damage to the enemy. This class’ playstyle involves building up stacks by precisely landing their skills during Death Trance. Death Trance provides a damage boost and enables you to recover Death Orbs once you use your heavy-hitting skill: Blade Surge. There are two viable builds for Deathblade (Remaining Energy & Surge). Depending on your build, you can maintain your temporary damage boost or sacrifice it to deal lethal damage in a tight situation.

Remaining Energy VS Surge Deathblade

Before I discuss the build for Deathblade Surge, I want to point out that both builds are viable, and it’s a matter of preference whether you go for this build or the latter. Remaining Energy Build provides reliable, consistent damage and is much easier to play with since you don’t need to stack up your orbs heavily. In comparison, Surge Deathblade Build involves high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Playing as Surge Deathblade could be punishable if you miss a lot of skills and wasn’t able to build as much as stacks before dealing a lethal blow. Overall, Surge build has a higher damage ceiling, but it’s harder to pull it off consistently, so you will need a lot of practice to master her kit. Most players I’ve known stick to RE since it does good damage, has higher buff uptime, and is pretty simple to play.

Raid Skill Build for Deathblade Surge in Lost Ark

Deathblade Surge's kit focuses on multi-hit skills for buff stacking and gaining death orb meters as quickly as possible. Below are my recommended skills, runes, and tripods to dominate the battlefield.







Wind Cut

Quick Prep

Sustain Enhancement

Thick Sword Energy


Cooldown Gem


Open Weakness

Quick Prep

Triple Spin


Cooldown Gem

Dark Axel

Swift Fingers


High Axel


Cooldown Gem

Soul Absorber

Swift Fingers

Fist of Darkness



Damage and Cooldown Gem

Earth Cleaver


Weak Point Detection

Earth’s Explosion




Orb Control

Dark Order



Cooldown Gem

Blitz Rush

Vital Point Hit

Charge Enhancement

Shadow Rush


Damage and Cooldown Gem

Void Strike

Orb Control

Void Zone

Dark Dimension


Damage and Cooldown Gem

Blade Surge


Damage Gem


  • Your Wind Cut and Spincutter is your main stack building skill when Surge is active. Make sure not to miss these skills on the boss.
  • When you hit the enemy with Spincutter, you provide a 3% outgoing damage buff for your party and provide frontal or back attack increased by 9%
  • Soul Absorber and Void Strike are your primary Death Orb Meter generators and deal high damage.
  • Dark Axel is your repositioning skill since it allows you to jump over bosses to set up for your back attack.
  • Maelstrom increases your Death Orb Meter gain for a short time and provides an Attack speed buff for your teammates. This skill is one of the best synergies for low swiftness builds such as Gunlancer, Destroyer, Ignite Sorceress, and Robust Spirit Soulfist.
  • Earth Cleaver is your primary counter skill and can also generate stacks.
  • Blade Surge is your main damage-dealing skill and ought not to miss. Ideally, you need 20 stacks to unleash this skill to deal the maximum damage output, but if you're forced to use this skill due to boss mechanics or tight situations, 17 stacks are the safest.
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Skill Rotation

Generate three orbs by using these skills

  1. Spincutter
  2. Maelstrom
  3. Soul Absorber
  4. Blitz Rush
  5. Void Strike or Moonlight Sonic
  6. Flash Blink


Damage Rotation

  1. Wind Cut
  2. Use Death Trance with 3 Death Orbs to reduce the cooldown by 50%
  3. Spincutter to apply Open Weakness Debuff
  4. Wind Cut
  5. Earth Cleaver
  6. Soul Absorber
  7. Maelstrom
  8. Blitz Rush
  9. Spincutter
  10. Void Strike
  11. If you reach 20 surge stacks, use Blade Surge at once to regain 3 Death Orbs. Remember, this is your only nuke, so make sure to land it at the back of the boss.
  12. Repeat Damage Rotation.

Stats Priority

As a Deathblade Surge Build, you should prioritize to have high Specialization and Crit as your secondary stat. Your skill damage scales with your Specialization and increases the Cooldown Reduction from Death Trance. On top of that, Specialization helps you generate Death Orb Meter as fast as possible.

Engravings for Deathblade

Your Engravings will dictate how much DPS you will deal with as a Deathblade. Below are the engravings you would need to focus on to optimize damage potential:

Surge: This is your main engraving for this build. This skill increases your Blade Surge damage by 120% at the maximum stacks.

Master of Ambush: This engraving increases your back attack skills by 25%. Because Deathblade skills are filled with back-attack modifiers, you will benefit highly from them.

Grudge: Almost all DPS classes in the game prefer to add this engraving whenever they're confident with their skills. This is because this provides a 20% damage boost while getting 20% damage in return whenever hit by a mob.

Cursed Doll: This is also a must-have engraving for the DPS class since you can easily get 16% attack power at the cost of a 25% healing penalty.

Optional Engravings:

Adrenaline: This will provide the crit rate you're missing to consistently deal with crit damage.

Sight Focus: This can be added as a last lvl 1 engraving to increase your blade surge attack.

Super Charge: This works well with Deathblade's kit since most of your skills (Blitz Rush, Void Strike, and Soul Absorber) are charging skills. Super Charge increases the charging speed by 40% and damage by 20%.

Keen Blunt Weapon: This is a decent choice if you want to replace Cursed Doll engraving for some survivability.

Optimal Build

This build is much more punishable but has high DPS potential.

Surge (Lvl 3)

Grudge (Lvl 3)

Adrenaline (Lvl 3)

Ambush Master (Lvl 3)

Cursed Doll (Lvl 3)

Sight Focus (Lvl 1)

My Suggested Build

This is my recommended build for players who are trying to play as an assassin as their alternate character.

Surge (Lvl 3)

Grudge (Lvl 3)

Adrenaline (Lvl 3)

Ambush Master (Lvl 3)

Keen Blunt Weapon (Lvl 3)

Sight Focus (Lvl 1)


Deathblade Surge is a pretty fun class to play. You can easily get the MVP title on the raid if you land every Blade Surge at the maximum stacks. However, it will take a lot of time to master the timing, the position, and the skill rotation to make Deathblade deadly. You will need advanced knowledge and decent mechanical skill to pull this build off. If you want to try Remaining Energy Build and don't know to start, stay tuned for my personal guide.

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