Lost Ark Guide - How To Quickly Level up Gear

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Lost Ark Guide - How To Quickly Level up Gear

Lost Ark is an MMO game. Players can choose different occupations for adventure. These classes include Lost Ark Aeromancer Class, Deathblade Class, Gunslinger Class, and many more, you can customize your character and upgrade your character, no matter what character you play, you can keep upgrading it.

Lost Ark Gear upgrade

Each tier of Lost Ark Gear has its own level. When your character reaches level 50, then your gear should be at level 250. For beginners, if you don't know much about Lost Ark Gear, you can check Lost Ark Items on the RPGStash Lost Ark Store to learn more.

How to reach level 50 and upgrade gear?

Complete missions and collect materials to upgrade your gear. It is not difficult to upgrade to level 50, as long as you follow the main storyline in the game and complete the main task. Changing levels will not affect your ability to progress in the game. Once you reach the required gear level, you can move on to the next challenge level.

Visit the continents in the following order to reach level 50:

1. Complete the main quests in Rethramis, Yudia, and Luterra. You will reach level 35 by the time you get done with these quests.

2. Completing World Quests by sailing to Tortoyk will help you reach level 40 or more.

3. Sail to Anikka to reach level 45 or more.

4. You will sail to Arthetine, and before you complete the final world quest in this region, you will be at level 50. Your gear level at this time will be around 250.

5. Lost Ark Tier 1 Gear Progression

6. The progression of Tier 1 Gear in Lost Ark is explained in the following four phases.

Lost Ark Tier 1 Gear Progression

Phase 1

After reaching level 50, your gear level is 250. At this point, you've unlocked Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raids. If the Chaos Dungeon quest is still locked, make sure to complete the introductory quest. To level up your gear, your focus should be on main quests, quests, and islands.

Phase 2

Completing the Shushire World Quest will give you a level 302 gear set, and you can also choose the North Vern Chaos Dungeon. Completing the Ur'Nil Guardian Raid will help you collect materials such as Destruction Stone Fragments and Guardian Stone Fragments. Now, complete the blue quest to unlock the ability to travel to the Abyssal Dungeon. If you decide to complete the Shushire questline instead of Chaos Dungeon, you'll still get the level 302 gear set.

Phase 3

Players can focus on engravings, stats, Abyss Dungeon, Chaos Dungeon, and Islands. Gear honing will upgrade your items with materials and your gear will change from +1 to +15. When the gear is upgraded to +15, the chance of failure is very high and will consume your mats. Almost all end-of-game events will give you mats that help you level up your gear.

Obtain grinding materials that can be used to upgrade gear from Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Una’s daily tasks and more. Use the Ship Shop to exchange materials for Pirate Coins. After completing the daily Chaos Dungeon, you can collect the exchange material perception shards. Exchange materials for Sylmael bloodstone. Completing the first two Abyssal dungeons will earn the Epic 1 Gear Set, and use the Gear Recycling NPC to transfer your Rare Set to the Epic Set.

Phase 4

Your gear can be upgraded from level 460 to level 600. Continue to complete your daily quests and Una's Tasks to collect more upgrade materials. You can get a +15 gear rating on each gear of a gear honing NPC.

Craft weapons, helmets, chests, and gloves to craft legendary gear. Make sure to keep transferring your gear upgrades, which don't give a higher rate of item levels, but will make you stronger. And transferring Gear upgrades will only cost you credits. Complete Yorn's Blue World Quest Line in Yorn to unlock Chaos Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Gear Progression

Phase 1

The first step in Tier 2 gear upgrades is similar to the first step in Tier 1, where you complete the first Chaos dungeon to earn rare sets. You will get level 802 gear. Continue to complete Chaos Dungeon, Raids, and Una quests to collect materials that can be used to upgrade your gear.

Islands are very important. You can start doing islands including Hypnos's Island, Twilight Isle and Revelry Row. You will do these Lost Ark Islands with Chaos Dungeon.

Phase 2

Level up at the Gear Honing NPC and you'll be able to achieve +2 on Tier 2. Completing the first two Abyss dungeons will grant you an epic gear set. As mentioned before, you can use the Gear Recycling NPC to transfer your Rare Sets to Epic Sets.

Completing the two continents Yorn and Feiton will help you collect enough materials. You can always choose to farm the continent's dungeon if you complete the quest on the continent. Keep in mind that these dungeons are more difficult compared to quests.

Phase 3

The Gear level can be upgraded from 1000 to 1100, but it will be a bit difficult to collect materials at this stage. You will encounter grind failures, please don't give up, keep farming daily dungeons and complete quests. 

Players need to focus on spamming dungeons, cubes, and towers. This spam will help you level up your gear to level 1080, but make sure you don't hone your gear unless you have 20's Breath.

Lost Ark Tier 3 Gear Progression

Tier 3 is the last and most difficult tier in the game.

Phase 1

Gear level can be upgraded from 1100 to 1302. and unlocks the Punika continent. You still need to complete the main quests, dungeons, Island Tokens, and Una's Tasks to continue collecting materials. But here, you will meet a lot of hard bosses.

Phase 2

Focus on Punika until your gear reaches level 1325. Getting an epic suit will help you deal 10% or more damage. You can make small leaps by slowly increasing the number until you reach gear level 1370. You will need to complete Abyss Raid: Argos to get a legend set. Phase 2 also includes an average of +15 for all gear.

Phase 3

When you get the legendary set, it can be upgraded to level 1415 Gear. Grinding Giant Hearts, Mokoko Seeds and other achievements will help you get stronger with vitality potions and skill points.

Phase 4

Things will start to get more difficult and fun. Upgraded from 1415 to 1460. On this Gear score, you need to focus on the small details of the stronghold, continent progression, and Island Tokens and more.

You have three options at this stage.

1. Level up your Argos set to +18.

2. Run a Legion raid called "Valtan" to create a legendary outfit.

3. Leve up Argos or Valtan to +16 and Legendary gear to +18 for Biackiss' Legion raid.

Phase 5

Focus more on completing continents to get more skill point potions. At this stage, no matter what character you play, you need to have a level 10 skill. Killing certain bosses also requires you to have certain skills so that you can compete with them. These skill sets are also very useful in raids and dungeons.

The first option for upgrading your gear here is to upgrade the suits that use up to 20+.

The second option is to run a Legion raid called "Backias" to destroy the full set and upgrade it to 20+.

A third option is to upgrade the 19+ set Legion Raid calls "Kouko-Saton" to 20+.

Phase 6

Phase 6 gear level upgrades from 1490 to 1575, the highest phase of the highest level. You'll need to use whatever materials and collectibles you have left at this stage to complete the rest of your upgrades. The player's card collection is fully optimized at this point.

Once you reach gear level 1490, you have the following options to upgrade it to gear level 1575.

1. Select Yes to upgrade Gear to 25+.

2. The option is to run a Legion raid called "Abrelshud" on Normal difficulty.

3. You can recycle old gear and upgrade it to above 25.

4. Upgrade the Gear level from the original 250 to 1575.


Upgrading the Gear is an important task in the Lost Ark. Gear has different tiers and levels. It is worth mentioning that with the increase of tiers, the difficulty of obtaining materials also increases. Players need to repeat the same activities to get more materials. If you want to save even more time, you can purchase Lost Ark Gold directly at rpgstash.com to assist with a quick upgrade.

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