Lost Ark Mayhem Berserker Build

18.11.2022 - 09:18:05
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Lost Ark Mayhem Berserker Build

The Latest Berserker Build in Lost Ark

The Berserker class comes from the warrior archetype that uses a two-handed greatsword to annihilate their foes in battle. They are one of the most sought-after classes ever since the release of the western version of the game. The play style is beginner-friendly, and the skill rotation is pretty simple yet effective. These high burst skills are paired with decent mobility that lets you control the battlefield. I'll help you build your berserker to the end game in this guide.


Mayhem VS Berserker's Technique

In every class in the game, there are two viable builds. As for the zerks, you can play as Mayhem or Berserker's Technique. Both are excellent on their own term, and selecting between the two builds depends on your preferences. But first, let's list down their class engravings:


  • Mayhem: Fury Meter remains at max and turns into Burst Mode with the power of darkness. It provides 16% Atk. Power and 15% Movement Speed, and all incoming damage are reduced to -65%. However, when Burst Mode is activated, your HP is reduced to 25% Max HP can only receive 40% of healing and 25% shield.
  • Berserker's Technique: During Burst Mode, Crit Damage +70%. Negates Exhaustion after Burst ends.


Note: Due to the recent balancing of western Lost Ark., Berserker's Technique now provide a +32% damage increase.


I have two berserker alternate characters at 1460, and here is what I got to say. Mayhem berserkers provide constant damage and have high mobility compared to Berserker's Technique. However, opting for Mayhem Berserker is a double-edged sword. Why? It's simply sacrificing most of your survivability just to have constant burst mode uptime. While Berserker's Technique offers less benefit, this build provides higher burst damage than the Mayhem build if you can hit most of your shots. Berserker's Technique Build usually involves proper decision-making and skill accuracy. This is because you must fill up your Fury Meter to initiate Burst Mode. In short, Mayhem Berserkers don't have to worry about building their Burst Mode and can head straight to battle. However, Berserker's Technique has one of the worst DPS down time due to the high cooldown.


Skill Build for Mayhem Berserker in Lost Ark

Mayhem Berserker has a simple game style, and you just need to master landing your skills most of the time. These skills, tripods, gems, and runes, can help you be more consistent with your attack.








Finish Strike


Weak Point Detection

Lights Out


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Shoulder Charge

Excellent Mobility


Quick Recharge


Tempest Slash

Quick Prep

Weak Point Detection

Driving Hit


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Hell Blade


Deadly Blow

Earth Flip


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Chain Sword

Vital Point Hit

Swift Attack Prep

Quick Prep



Strike Wave


Limit Break

Earth Flip


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Red Dust

Damage Amplification

Vital Point Hit

Red Wave


Cooldown Gem

Sword Storm

Quick Prep

Weak Point Detection

Flame Storm


Attack and Cooldown Gem


Note: As you can see, you will need a lot of Galewind Runes that are available on Guardian Raid and other horizontal contents. This is because most of the berserker’s skills involve skill lock animation.


Awakening Skill

This skill is considered as ultimate ability in other MMORPGs. This build has two choices:


Berserk Fury: This skill hits hard, but you need to channel it for two seconds before releasing it.

Chain of Vengeance: This instant-cast skill is highly recommended for beginners.


Ideally, you will choose Berserk Fury over Chain of Vengeance, but some berserkers prefer the latter. This is because they can instantly get nightmare set buff when casting this skill and give them a small burst window before any boss patterns. However, experienced berserkers use berserk fury since it provides DPS equivalent to two DPS skill rotations.



Red Dust is your primary setup skill for your high-damaging skills. This provides you an additional 6% Atk. Power for 6 seconds. On top of that, your party members deal 6.0% more damage.

Chain Sword is your only counter and secondary setup skill in the game. Chain sword will provide you an additional 15% Crit Rate and 20% Atk. Speed on a hit that gives you one skill window.

Hell Blade and Strike Wave is your highest DPS skill, which is hard to master. These skills have long skill animation locks that could be dangerous in some situations.

Shoulder Charge is the mobility skill that lets you reposition on the battlefield.

Finish Strike and Tempest Slash are your highest stagger skill compared to Dark Rush (Z). 

Dark Rush and Finish Strike also grant you push immunity which could be helpful if the boss is trying to push you to death.


Skill Rotations

As I've mentioned before, berserkers have the most straightforward skill rotation in the game. It's a matter of correctly using it in a given boss pattern.



  1. Red Dust
  2. Strike Wave or Hell Blade
  3. Finish Strike
  4. Sword Storm
  5. Chain Sword
  6. Dark Rush or Tempest Slash



  1. Dark Rush (Z)
  2. Finish Strike
  3. Tempest Slash
  4. Sword Storm


Note: The general rule of thumb is always to pair your Red Dust skill with either Strike Wave or Hell Blade on cooldown.


Stats Priority

Mayhem Berserker needs to aim for the highest Crit as possible and Swiftness as your secondary. The reason for this is you need Crit Rate and Crit Damage for your skills while having a decent skill cooldown because of Swiftness.


Engravings For Berserker


Mayhem: This is the backbone of your build since it provides flat 15% Attack/Movement Speed and 65% Damage Reduction. Some recent builds also suggest you can put this engraving at level 1.

Master's Tenacity: This is also one of the engravings perfect for this class since it provides 16% Outgoing damage at 50% or lower HP. That said, Mayhem zerks are always at their 50% HP, providing you with a damage increase without penalty.


Damage Engravings

Grudge: Due to the squishiness of mayhem berserkers, I highly don't recommend you opt for Grudge since you can get one hit by the boss. Grudge provides 20% with a penalty of 20% more damage received.

Cursed Doll: This engraving provides 16% Atk. Power while receiving less than 25% HP recovery. The penalty is forgiving since you can heal much faster with your HP.


Optional Engravings

Raid Captain: This provides +45% Outgoing Damage of your basic movement speed percentage and is usually good for high swiftness classes. As for the berserker, they can get the most out of this engraving because they are one of the fastest-moving classes in the game.

Keen Blunt Weapon: You put as much as Crit in your berserker because this engraving provides 50% Crit Damage.

Increased Mass: This is another DPS engraving that gives a minor penalty. This provides you -10% Atk. Speed but gives you an additional 18% Atk. Power. 

Master of Ambush: Berserkers mostly have back attack modifiers, and this engraving increases their damage potential. At level 3, you gain 25% damage with back attack modifiers.


Engraving Setup

Recommended Build

Cursed Doll(LVL 3)

Keen Blunt Weapon (LVL 3)

Raid Captain (LVL 3)

Master's Tenacity (LVL 3)

Increased Mass (LVL 3)

Mayhem (LVL 1)


Note: This is what I'm using at the moment since I don't prefer having Grudge on Berserker. Instead, I'd rather have Atk. Speed penalty than sacrificing some of my damage reduction.


Optimal Build

Grudge (LVL 3)

Master's Tenacity (LVL 3)

Keen Blunt Weapon (LVL 3)

Raid Captain (LVL 3)

Mayhem (LVL 3)

Ambush Master (LVL 1)


WARNING: Expect getting swept out by the boss by his pattern. This build requires more raid knowledge and mechanical skills.



Overall, Mayhem Berserkers are for confident players with decent mechanical skills. You need to use your skills wisely since these animation locks hinder your movement and could cost you your life. They have decent mobility, but their attacks are slow. One final tip for you as a berserker main, get used to hit-and-run strategy and give yourself time to get into the battlefield. If you liked this guide, stay tuned for Berserker’s Technique Guide.

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