Lost Ark Perfect Cube Guide

15.11.2022 - 13:09:38
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Lost Ark Perfect Cube Guide

What is the Cube in Lost Ark?

The Cube is a 4-man dungeon with various mechanics to challenge you and your party members. It's available in Tier 1-3, and each tier grants different rewards. The cube has randomized floors, changing buff/debuff, and a variety of monsters that will stop you from achieving your goal. Your goal in the Cube is to defeat certain monsters and challenges at a given timeframe. Every room will apply a new buff or debuff that will change how you strategize clearing the room.

How To Enter?

Once you reach level 50, you must finish [Guide] Public Announcement: Cube to be able to enter this dungeon. Additionally, you need to farm Entrance TIcket: Cube from the Chaos Dungeon, which could be done by reaching the minimum gear score of 302. After getting your first entrance ticket, head to the cube icon in any major city and interact with it. It looks like a golden 4x4 Rubik’s cube on the map, and you can then select what version of the cube you wish to enter based on the ticket you have:

Tier 1: Cube

Tier 2: Elite Cube

Tier 3: Dimensional Cube

Moreover, you can earn 3x rewards using three entrance tickets at once. This could be both good and bad, but it will definitely save you time. You will only get Bronze Cube Chest if you have a bad run. However, if you get the Platinum Cube Chest, you will have the chance to get the optimal loot for this dungeon.


The Cube will reward you with a Cube Chest based on your performance within the cube, and it is possible to earn no rewards if you don’t clear the floor. Your chest depends on the floor you’re in:

Floor 3: Cube Bronze Chest

Floor 7: Cube Silver Chest

Floor 10: Cube Gold Chest

Floor 13: Cube Platinum Chest

Floor 15: Cube Diamond Chest

Note: If you fail to reach the 3rd floor, you will get nothing.

These chests generally contain Silver, Engraving Books, Honing Success Materials, and card experience to help your vertical progression. Also, you can earn masterpieces for your horizontal content, which will be discussed in the upcoming guides.

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How To Win the Cube?

Upon entering the cube, you will be greeted with a Setup Area. This is where you can equip Battle Items, change skills, and optimize your equipment. Once everyone is ready, you can enter the first floor. Take note that once you're on the first floor, you won't be able to change your skills and items throughout the dungeon.

Cube Floors

The color of their portal can identify several floor types before entering them:

  • Orange: This boss floor could contain one or two large bosses, along with a few regular monsters.
  • Blue: This requires you to dodge everything since the monster could either chase you and explode or spawn in a given spot. Getting caught in a bomb explosion will instantly kill you.
  • Purple: This floor contains only Elite Monsters
  • White: The easiest floor...no cap.
  • Gold: This is what makes the cube worth it to farm. This lucky reward floor can reward silver or a treasure containing battle engravings and honing chance materials.

Floor Effects

Aside from the floors' color, you will be given one random effect per floor that could either help or hinder your progress. Plenty of these positive and negative effects can help or break your attempt and are displayed on the top right corner of your screen.

Positive Effects

Bonus Attack and Movement Speed

Extra Damage

Life Leech

Extra Crit Rate

Max Health Increase

Health Regeneration


Reduce Cooldown

And Many More

Negative Effects

Atk. Power Reduction

Disabled Battle Items 

Death upon timeout

Movement Speed Reduction

Max Health Reduction

Increased Skill Cooldown


Increased Physical & Magical damage taken

And Many More


  • Kill the monsters as fast as possible to get the optimal points per floor.
  • The effective way to clear the cube is to gather in the middle of the floor to lure monsters and clear them with AoE skills or assign members to all four corners.
  • If you or your party members die, you will be revived with 25% HP at the end of the floor.
  • If you have Increased Damage Taken debuff on your party, be wary of facing Elites, Bosses, and Ranged monsters since they will greatly punish you.
  • If you have Curse debuff, kill everything before the timer runs out, or you will fail the dungeon. No second chances.


The Cube is an optional content in the game that drops loots to your advantage. They aren't as important as the weekly legion raids but will yield rewards if you're lucky. I suggest doing this raid whenever you feel burnt out on harder raids or have time to spare for this week. In this way, you will like playing rather than having a 2nd job. Don't push yourself too much, and play at your own pace.

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