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15.10.2022 - 11:02:31
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Lost Ark Support Paladin Build | RPGStash

The Best Lost Ark Support Paladin Build

A good paladin is good at buffing and sustaining the life of your raid members. Unlike Lost Ark’s other support, such as the bard and artist (coming soon), Paladins in Lost Ark can only heal if built for it, and even then, won’t be able to spam healing in the traditional MMO way, such as Lineage and WoW. Still, their help means paladins are always popular in party finders since most people prefer DPS over supporting. Moreover, you won’t have a hard time finishing the content since most players find support, especially in the end-game raid, such as Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid and Vykas Legion Raid.

Raid Skill Build for Paladin in Lost Ark

Your main role as support is making sure your team will survive by providing a big shield, damage buff, and damage reduction buff. The less they use their potions, the longer your team will survive the killing blow. Below are the skills, tripods, runes, and gems that you need to optimize your supporting potential.








Excellent Mobility

Shining Protection


Quick Recharge


Executor's Sword

Excellent Mobility 

Weakpoint Enhancement

Executioner's Strike


Cooldown Gem

Holy Sword


Outburst of Light

Release Light


Cooldown Gems

Light Shock

Swift Fingers 

Light's Vestige

Powerful Shock 



Godsent Law


Wide-Angle Attack



Cooldown Gems

Wrath of God

Wide Thunderstroke


Express Fury 


Cooldown Gems

Holy Protection

Quick Pace


Vow of Light


Cooldown Gems

Heavenly Blessings



Absolute Blessing


Cooldown Gems


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  • Always use your Light Shock since it leaves -10% defense debuff to the target.
  • Rotate between your DPS buff: Wrath of God, and Heavenly Blessings, as they don't stack. Both buff grants +15% of your Atk. Power for all party members for 8.0s.
  • Your Charge skill is your primary repositioning skill in your kit. This also provides a shield for yourself to mitigate big damage.
  • Your Holy Protection and Godsent Law are your primary shielding and healing skills for your allies. Holy Protection provides a shield that is equivalent to 11% of your maximum HP and heals your allies. While Godsent Law can mitigate certain big AoE attacks since it creates a shield and decreases incoming damage by 70%.
  • Paladin also has one of the best counter skills in the game. Holy Sword has a wide range, while Executor's Sword is one of the fastest counters in the game. This is really helpful, especially if you need to consistently counter the boss to open up a DPS window.
  • Alternatively, if you are using Holy Area or Sword of Justice, you can proc Conviction and Judgment with Godsent Law for Mana recovery and faster cooldown.

Identity Skills

Paladin has two identity skills as all other classes in the game:

Sacred Executioner: Using this identity skill increases the range of basic attacks by 30%. This is recommended for DPS paladin.

Holy Aura: This is the identity skill that you will focus on as support since it provides your party members 10% damage buff in an area. This is further amplified by Blessed Aura engraving giving additional -20% incoming damage and 2% HP recovery for every 1.5s.

Stats Priority

Supports usually use Swiftness and Specialization combat stats. The ratio of these stats can be allocated to suit different player preferences.

Swiftness Build: This is much suiter to playing randoms since this focuses on swiftness and just having specialization on your necklace. The swiftness build has less cooldown, higher movement speed, and faster cast speed compared to the Specialization build.

Specialization Build: This build is recommended for support that has a static party since you will need to be coordinated to make the most of this build. This is because your cooldown is very high, but your Holy aura has 100% efficiency and longer uptime.

Engravings for Paladin

Engravings generally dictate how optimized your build and your playstyle are, whether you’re a DPS, tank, or support. As for Paladin, there are mandatory engravings that you will need to focus on:

  • Blessed Aura: This class engraving adds healing and damage reduction to your identity skill: Holy Aura. This is engraving you won’t dare to miss!
  • Awakening: This engraving reduces the cooldown to provide more opportunities to shield your allies from specific boss mechanics. Using your Awakening: Alithanes’s Judgment will fill your Piety meter, allowing for greater Holy Aura uptime.
  • Expert: This increases your heals and shield efficiency for both holy protection and holy aura. At level 3 engraving, the shield and healing effect on all of your party members is increased to 24%. Also, when one of your party members has 50% or lower HP, an additional 12% will be added to your overall heal.

Optional Engravings

Remember, only have these additional engravings if you have finished getting the engravings above.

Drops of Ether: This engraving allows you to generate ether that can be picked up by your party members that grant attack damage buff, critical chance, movement speed, defense, or mana recovery.

Vital Point Hit: This increases your stagger damage done which is really helpful to end-game content such as Kakul Saydon Legion Raid or Vykas Legion Raid.

Spirit Absorption: This is recommended for Specialization Paladin since this increases your attack speed and movement speed by 15%.

Heavy Armor: If you’re not confident with your mechanical skill, this is the engraving for you. This increases your overall defense by 100% at level 3.


Playing as a Paladin in Lost Ark is a pretty exciting experience for me since they have so much survivability compared to the Bard and offers the same effect for the team. Also, you won't have to wait 15-30 minutes to find a good raid party for a specific end-game raid. If you liked this guide stay tuned for more class build guides.

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