Movement Skills Guide

07.06.2022 - 07:44:23
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Movement Skills Guide

Run / Walk

Running and Walking are the basic movement types for all D2R characters. While you can reach a decent movement speed by wearing %Faster run and walk items, there are usually better alternatives. A very important note is that while you run, your defense is 0, making you multiple times more vulnerable than standing at one place, or using walk instead.

The base run speed of every character is 9 yards per second, while walking is 6 yards per second. The game screen is 32 yard wide, 28 yard tall, and 36-40 yards diagonally.

The following skills increase your Run / Walk Speed:

  • Burst of speed (Assassin shadow disciplines skill)

  • Frenzy (Barbarian combat skill)

  • Increased Speed (Barbarian masteries skill)

  • Feral Rage (Druid shape shifting skill)

  • Vigor (Paladin defensive skill)

  • Blaze (Sorceress fire skill)


Teleport is the favourite movement type of almost all players, as it is the most effective from many standpoints. You can skip obstacles, get from point A to B with a single click anywhere on your screen, and travel far distances in a very short time, making it the quickest option for movement. While you retain your defense using teleport, you should always be careful not to teleport in the middle of monster packs unless your character is really sturdy. The downside of the skill is its relatively high mana consumption.

Leap / Leap Attack

Leap and Leap attack are Barbarian skills that provide somewhat slower movement speed than running, but your character is very safe during Leaps. Another benefit of the skill is that you can jump over obstacles or monster packs. If you want to get to Bosses, Leap can be very useful.


Whirlwind is another Barbarian skill with its own movement mechanics. While WW-ing, you will be slower than running, but you will be able to whirlwind through big monster packs, which comes handy during Boss farming or Chaos/Baal runs. The skill is also accessible to Assassins via the Chaos Runeword.


Charge is a Paladin skill, which has a very fast movement speed, and can even be comparable to teleport. The downside of Charge is that you can’t get through obstacles and monster packs by using the skill, so it’s mainly useful at large open areas like the Cow level. Extra movement speed increases charging speed, so make sure to have some FRW items to move even quicker.


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