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Nex Phase Guide - OSRS

Smoke Phase

This phase starts when Nex shouts “Fill my soul with smoke!” During this phase, players must be aware of her Smoke Rush attack and Choke spell. All players should stand within melee distance of Nex to use the technique of melee distancing (MD). This will cause Nex to use her melee attack and target one player, as opposed to her magic attack which targets multiple players and does more damage.

The player targeted by Nex’s Choke attack should equip the least amount of magic defence bonuses. This will cause the virus to spread between adjacent players, infecting them without it and resetting the duration on infected players. Players can identify which players are infected by the *Cough* above their heads. To avoid the virus from spreading, one player should equip negative magic defence armor, such as Justiciar, and stand away from the other players at the start of the fight. A slayer helmet will reduce the duration of the choke, and the spectral spirit shield will reduce the prayer drain.

Nex also uses a Drag spell where she will drag a random player towards her, stunning them and deactivating their protection prayer. The chance of her dragging a player is 1/4 if they don’t have Protect from Magic on, and 1/8 if they do. Finally, Nex’s Smoke Dash attack will cause her to dart down one of the four aisles in the chamber for up to 50 damage. To avoid this, a warning indicator will show which direction she’s going to fly down.

When Nex reaches 80% health (2720 hitpoints), she will shout “Fumus, don’t fail me!” Now, Fumus will become vulnerable and must be killed to proceed to the next phase. Players should use stab attacks to take out Fumus, as it is the weakest to this attack, although ranged is still reasonable.

This guide involves being aware of Nex’s attacks, using the right equipment, and utilizing melee distancing. Players should also use stab attacks to take out Fumus when it becomes vulnerable. Following this guide will help players make OSRS Gold in Runescape.

Shadow Phase

The shadow phase of the fight is initiated when Nex shouts “Darken my shadow!” This phase is particularly useful for making money because of the wide range of attacks that Nex uses that can be used to make money.

The main attack during the shadow phase is Nex’s shadow shots. These shots are considered to be Ranged attacks, and can be reduced in damage taken by using Protect from Missiles. It’s advisable to keep a good distance from Nex during this phase, as the closer you are to her, the more damage you will take from her shadow shots. Having high hitpoints is also important, as Nex can suddenly move close to you and start attacking right away.

Nex’s two main special attacks during this phase are Shadow Smash and Embrace Darkness. For Shadow Smash, Nex will shout “Fear the shadow!” and deadly shadows will appear under all players. Players will have three ticks to move out of the way to avoid taking damage. For Embrace Darkness, Nex will shout “Embrace darkness!” which will make the chamber darken drastically. The closer players are to Nex, the darker the room will be. If players stand next to Nex, they will take constant damage from the pure shadow. To avoid taking damage, players must remain outside of Nex’s melee distance for 10-15 seconds.

To make the most money from the shadow phase of the Nex fight, it’s important to keep Nex away from Umbra so that the entire team can attack her. This decreases the amount of damage taken by the team and increases the amount of money made.

Once Nex reaches 60% health (2040 hitpoints), she will shout “Umbra, don’t fail me!” This is the signal to start attacking Umbra, as she will now become vulnerable. Umbra is weakest to ranged attacks, so that is the most effective way to attack her.

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Blood Phase

To start the Blood Phase, Nex will shout “Flood my lungs with blood!” and will then begin to use Blood Barrage against players. This attack is particularly dangerous because it will heal Nex a percentage of the damage dealt, as well as drain prayer based on the damage dealt. It is important to note that the spectral spirit shield can reduce the amount of damage taken, so it is important to equip this item if you are planning to fight Nex.

Nex will also use two special attacks during the Blood Phase. The first is Blood Siphon, where Nex will summon up to eight blood reavers and kneel down for about eight ticks. During this time, all damage dealt to Nex will heal her instead. The second is Blood Sacrifice, where a single player will be marked for sacrifice and will glow red. The player must move at least seven tiles away from Nex within four seconds, otherwise they will take up to 50 damage through Protect from Magic which will heal Nex and drain the player’s current prayer points by one third.

Once Nex reaches 40% health (1360 hitpoints), she will shout “Cruor, don’t fail me!” and her mage Cruor will become vulnerable and must be killed to proceed to the next phase. Cruor is weakest to slash attacks, although ranged is still reasonable.

Ice Phase

Nex will use Ice Barrage against players, and if they are not praying Protect from Magic, it will freeze them and lower their Prayer points by half of the damage it deals. Players should stand in melee distance in order to avoid the Containment special attack, which can do up to 60 damage and deactivate protection prayers. Players should also be wary of the Ice Prison special attack, which will freeze a targeted player in place, spawn stalagmites around them and deactivate their protection prayers. The prison will shatter four seconds later, dealing up to 75 damage if one of the stalagmites is not destroyed. Using stab or crush-based attacks is the best way to destroy the stalagmites and reduce the damage.

When Nex reaches 20% health (680 hitpoints), she will summon Glacies and players will need to defeat it in order to progress to the last phase. Glacies is weakest to crush-based attacks, but ranged is still reasonable.

Once Glacies is defeated, the final phase will begin and players will be able to start making money. As Nex is defeated, she will drop various items, including coins, runes and other valuable items. Players should make sure to pick up these items and sell them to make a profit.

Zaros Phase

During this phase, players should stay within melee distance of Nex to reduce the damage done by her magic attacks. She will activate the Zaros power, which will heal her for 500 hitpoints, and will only use her normal magic and melee attacks. Players with the lowest crush defence bonus are targeted more frequently by her melee attack.

In addition to her regular attacks, Nex will also use several ancient curses, which are Zarosian prayers. The first of these is Turmoil, which will last until the end of the fight. During this time, Nex's magic and melee attacks will be more powerful and will hit massive damage. In addition, it can also drain the player's melee stats, transferring them to her own.

The second is Soul Split, an overhead prayer in which Nex will heal a small percentage of her health for every successful hit she inflicts on up to three players. She will use this as soon as the phase begins. The third is Deflect Melee, an overhead prayer in which Nex will activate a variant of Protect from Melee that deflects the damage the player would have dealt to her with melee attacks.

The final curse is Wrath, an overhead prayer in which Nex shouts “Taste my wrath!” This is a stronger version of Retribution, and deals up to 50 damage to players within a 5x5 radius of Nex upon her death. Players have three seconds after her death to run away from her Wrath attack.

Nex will change her overhead prayers every 5 attacks, and will repeat this cycle until she is defeated.

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