Oldschool Runescape Hespori Guide

21.02.2023 - 08:50:45
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Oldschool Runescape Hespori Guide

What is Hespori?

Hespori is a farming boss that players can kill in Old School Runescape. It requires access to the farming guild and level 65 farming to kill.

Why Should You Kill Hespori?

Hespori is a pretty easy boss to farm constantly. It doesn’t have that many mechanics and those mechanics are pretty simple. There are two main reasons why you might want to kill Hespori. First of all it has untradable seed drops that you can plant and secondly Hespori has 6 combat tasks that are attached to it. Those are:

  • Hespori Adept: Kill Hespori 5 times.
  • Hesporisn’t: Finish off Hespori with a special attack.
  • Weed Whacker: Kill all Hesporis flowers within 5 seconds.
  • Hespori Speed-Trialist: Kill Hespori in less than 48 seconds.
  • Plant-Based Diet: Kill Hespori without losing any prayer points.
  • Hespori Speed-Chaser: Kill the Hespori in less than 36 seconds.

If you are looking to gain the benefits of completing the combat diary, you have to kill Hespori. Aside from this you can get a pet called Tangleroot from Hespori.

Hespori Guide

To kill Hespori constantly you will need to have its seed, since after every fight the player has to replant the boss to fight again. You can get a kill randomly while farming or you can get one from the boss itself as well.

Mechanics & Attacks

Hespori has 3 main attacks and a mechanic.

  • Ranged Attack: Hespori will shoot out green spores that will hit the player twice. Both can hit 8 for a maximum damage of 16. Players can use protection from missiles to reduce both hits to a max of 2.
  • Magic Attack: Hespori will shoot out a spell that looks like an earth wave. This attack can hit a maximum damage of 14. Players can use protect from magic to reduce its damage to a maximum of 3.
  • Vine Attack: Every 50 seconds Hespori will bind the player character in place with some vines. When this happens it will say “Hespori entangles you in some vines!” in the chat box. If you don't get out of this attack for 6 seconds it will deal 40+ damage to your character. To get out simply spam click another tile.
  • Flower Buds: There are 4 flower buds around Hespori which will periodically open, once when the fight starts,  second time when Hespori reaches 66% health and third time when Hespori goes below 33% health. When these flowers open, simply kill them with a fast paced weapon.

Killing Hespori

Grab your best melee armour and best slash weapon alongside a special attack weapon. Grab any dart you want as well. To dig up and plant the Hespori again you must also bring along your farming tools, you don’t need a compost as you can’t use it on Hespori. For your inventory grab an antipoison, super combat and prayer potion alongside some food.

  1. Head inside the boss area and wake Hespori up. Equip your darts, put on protect from magic and kill the 4 flowers, then re-equip your weapon to attack Hespori. 
  2. When the flower buds re-awaken, kill them again with darts and if the fight lasts more than 50 seconds make sure to escape the vine attack by spam clicking another tile.
  3. After the fight, remove Hespori and replant it.

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