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OSRS 1 Defence Maxed Pure Guide | Rpgstash

What is a 1 Defence Pure and Why Should You Build One ?

A 1 defence pure is a pvp account build that specialises in dealing high damage while being relatively low combat. To achieve this, these accounts stay level 1 defence thus giving it, its name, “1 defence pure”. There are a lot of 1 defence account builds, this article is about the maxed version of the build.

  1. This account build has the lowest amount of quest requirements in comparison to any other build. If you hate doing long irritating quests this is the account for you!
  2. Training this account is mostly afk, you can sit back and relax.
  3. There are always maxed or close to maxed level pures fighting in pvp worlds so you will almost never have a hard time finding fights.
  4. You can hunt down lower level players if you want, in the wilderness.
  5. You will be fighting people with 1 defence and no armour so fights are much faster and you will not be hitting a lot of 0’s.
  1. Using a pure account has a high skill ceiling. Since your account will be 1 defence, there is no armour factor that can cover up your mistakes.
  2. Fighting any other account with defence and armour will be a pain, since you will be at a huge disadvantage.
  3. Training your stats can get annoying since you won’t have access to some quality of life content.
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Stats are the most important part of the build. For this account build make sure to always have your attack style on strength or attack and never use weapons that give you shared exp.

  • Hitpoints: 90+
  • Attack: 75
  • Strength: 99
  • Defence: 1
  • Magic: 99
  • Ranged: 99
  • Prayer: 52
1 Def Pure Quests

As I mentioned before there aren’t that many quests that you have to complete. These quests are generally there to kickstart your account at the very beginning or allow you access to some untradable item. Do as many quests as you can before grinding your stats manually.

  • Waterfall Quest - Attack and Strength Experience
  • Vampyre Slayer - Attack Experience
  • Fight Arena - Attack Experience
  • Tree Gnome Village - Attack Experience
  • The Grand Tree - Attack and Magic Experience
  • Death Plateau - Attack Experience and Unlocks Climbing Boots
  • Animal Magnetism - Unlocks Ava’s Device
  • Lost City - Unlocks Dragon Dagger and Longsword
  • Restless Ghost - Prayer Experience
  • Witch's House - Hitpoints Experience
  • Mountain Daughter - Attack and Prayer Experience and Unlocks Bear Head
  • Haunted Mine - Strength Experience and Salve Amulet
  • Priest in Peril - Prayer Experience and Unlocks Morytania
  • The Great Brain Robbery - Prayer Experience and Unlocks Barrelchest Anchor
  • Desert Treasure - Unlocks Ancient Magicks and Ghostly Robes
  • Horror From the Deep - Strength, Ranged and Magic Exp, also unlocks God Books

If you don’t like to do even this many quests you can choose to not do Great Brain Robbery and Mountain Daughter as the items you get from them are nice but not necessary. ( Also completing mountain daughter will help you grind nightmare zone points faster ) Next up you are going to do:

  • Monkey Madness 1 - Unlocks Dragon Scimitar

Once you complete Monkey Madness 1 you will lose your access to Ape Toll since you can’t take the experience reward of the quest. If you want to train your magic with ice bursts and your ranged with chinchompas, I recommend halfway completing the quest and killing the skeleton monkeys until you reach your desired level. ( which should be 99 ). As I mentioned after you complete this quest you will lose access to this place as a 1 defence pure and you will have to resort to other training methods like cannoning or splashing.

Mithril Gloves ?

For pures you can unlock mithril gloves to use in your glove slot to do this you must complete:

  • Cook’s Assistant
  • RFD, Mountain Dwarf, Goblin Generals, Pirate Pete, Evil Dave, and Skrach Uglogwee

These gloves are almost identical to a combat bracelet, the bracelet has slightly higher offensive stats where the glove has slightly higher defensive stats. If the defence is something that you want you can min max and get yourself a pair of these.


This is optional and only for min/maxing your account.

  • Castle Wars to get any Halo and a Decorative Ranged to.
  • Grinding, MM 1 Tunnels
  1. After completing your basic quests that boost your overall combat stats, you should head to the sand crabs located in Zeah to start afk training some stats.
  2. After reaching base 60’s in attack, range and strength, you should buy yourself the best prayer gear possible and head to the nightmare zone. Get yourself an imbued Archers Ring, Berserker Ring, Seers Ring and Salve Amulet (ei).
  3. Complete Mage Arena 1 & 2 to get yourself the best in slot magic cape.
  4. I recommend finishing your magic and ranged grind first as you will have no access to a dragon scimitar until you do so. So head to the MM 1 tunnels to do that.
  5. Before starting your melee grind complete fight caves to get yourself a fire cape ( Inferno if you are good at the game ). Then max out your stats afking, you can keep afking nightmare zone or sand crabs.
Alternative Magic and Ranged

If you choose to not do the Monkey Madness 1 tunnels, you have few options to train your stats.

For magic, you can do “splashing” which is the afk method to train your magic, you will have to click every 10 minutes or so. Alternatively you can splash and alch which yields more experience but isn’t afk.

For ranged training, you can afk sand crabs with darts until 99 or you can speed this process up by using a cannon.

Best places for cannon training are :

  • Zeah, hill giants
  • Lighthouse, dagannoths
  • Castle Wars, ogres
1 Def Pure Gear

As a 1 defence pure aside from your obvious offensive bonus giving items, everything is optional and you can pretty much wear whatever you want. The setups below are the most optimised versions of the items.

For Ranged to Melee:

  • Any Halo
  • Fire cape / Infernal cape
  • Amulet of strength
  • Ranged decorative top
  • Black d’hide chaps
  • Magic short bow
  • Amethyst arrows
  • Climbing boots
  • Ring of recoil
  • Mithril gloves

For only Melee:

  • Any halo or bearhead
  • Fire cape / Infernal cape
  • Amulet of strength
  • Ranged decorative top or any top you please
  • Black d’hide chaps or any leggings you please
  • Dragon scimitar
  • Book of war or Unholy book
  • Climbing boots
  • Ring of recoil
  • Mithril gloves

For K/O:

  • Armadyl godsword, alternatively you can use barrelchest anchor as a smack weapon.
  • Granite maul
Side Notes

You can alternatively stay at 50 attack to become a granite maul rusher.
You can stay at 60 attack to only use dragon weapons and special attack with dds or dragon claws.
Hope you found this OSRS 1 def pure guide helpful! Enjoy your 1 defence pure account!

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