OSRS 2024 Roadmap: All Details Coming To The Game

28.01.2024 - 18:08:48
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OSRS 2024 Roadmap: All Details Coming To The Game

The 2024 roadmap for OSRS was unveiled during the Winter Summit held over the weekend. Central to the summit was the unveiling of Valamore, an upcoming area expansion that made its debut in the Summer Summit of 2023.

Players can anticipate delving into the Civitas illa Fortis and the expansive Avium Savannah, engaging in fresh quests, exploring the Fortis Colosseum, participating in the Perilous Moons minigame, and joining the Hunter Guild. The second part of this expansion is set for a Summer release, concentrating on the luxurious island of Aldarin and the formidable mountain range located to the north of Civitas illa Fortis.

Here's a look at what's to come to the game this year.

OSRS 2024 Roadmap

Developer Jagex have revealed their official descriptions for each of the content drop in 2024. They are as follow, along with their release date. We'll dive deeper into each of the content drops below.

UpcomingDescriptionRelease Frame
ScurriusHidden away in the dark, dank depths of the Varrock's sewers resides something so terrible that even the bravest of the city guard refuse to venture in. We're talking about Scurrius the Rat King, a rodent of most unusual size. This will be a new training method that will rival Nightmare Zone and Crab training alongside being able to be fought solo or with a group!Jan 24, 2024
Defender of VarrockA chilling prophesy foretells the destruction of Varrock. Will ancient knowledge hold the key to securing the town? We'll be continuing the Mahjarrat story with this classic quest, backported from the 2008 original with a little Old School flourish!Spring 2024
Undead Pirates - Wilderness UpdateIt's time to venture across that ominous ditch and head into the Wilderness. 2024's first PvP update looks to breathe some new life into a the Chaos Temple with new enemies and rewards!Spring 2024
Varlamore: Part OneThe first part of Old School's next big area expansion arrives on March 20th! We've been hard at work making sure this area feels fully alive so get some sneak peeks at the Fortis Colosseum, Perilous Moons, the Hunter Guild and much much more!March 24, 2024
Deadman 2024Deadman Mode will be returning in 2024. We'd like to build on the incredible success of Deadman: Apocalypse using all of the feedback we received for it in 2023. We've got absolutely loads we'd like to improve, ranging from QoL surrounding Bank keys and looting improvements, Sigil rebalancing, and tweaks to the iconic Breaches (which we'll definitely be looking to bring back).Summer 2024
While Guthix SleepsOne cold winter morning in 2008, 'Scapers awoke to a brand new quest, While Guthix Sleeps! Now it's our turn to tell you the tale of one of the most re-quest-ed stories from the original game including new potential rewardsSummer 2024
Varlamore: Part TwoYou want some Varla-MORE?! We've already starting planning on the second part of the Shining Kingdom. Focusing on the island of Aldarin and the northern mountain range.Summer 2024
Official HD Mode & Plugin Hub - (Date TBC)We've been bolstering our official client and later this year, we're going to be introducing an official HD Mode and the Official Client Plugin API.TBC
Sailing - (Date TBC)Anchors are aweigh on the development of Sailing, our first new skill! And now, we're ready to show off our progress so far and give you a glimpse at what awaits including sharing details of the first technical alpha of the new Sailing skill!TBC



During last year's Summer Summit, it was mentioned that a mid-level PvM update would soon bridge the gap between mid and end-game content. Varlamore is set to introduce plenty of PvM options through Perilous Moons and the Fortis Colosseum.

One of the bosses is Scurrius, The Rat King. This encounter is meticulously designed to introduce core PvM mechanics and aid you, a newer player, in mastering combat dynamics. The rambunctious rodent and its pack will test your knowledge of overhead Prayers, your dodging skills, and your ability to manage multiple monsters during a fight - essential skills to master as you plan to take on tougher bosses later in your adventuring career.

It's recommended that you have at least 43 Prayer to unlock Protect from Melee before venturing into Scurrius' lair. Although there are no other requirements, this encounter is designed for combat levels 60-90 - focusing more on mastering mechanics than relying solely on chunky stats.

You have the option to face Scurrius alone or group up with friends to take him down. If you've got mates who are new to Old School, this is the perfect way to introduce them to the joys of boss combat. Alternatively, if you're new to the game yourself, this encounter serves as an opportunity to learn alongside other players at the same skill level.

If you already have PvM experience, you're unlikely to find Scurrius to be much of a challenge - but that doesn't mean there's nothing here for you! Let's look at what magnificent treasures Scurrius is hiding...

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Scurrius Rewards

Given that Scurrius targets an extremely broad level range, it's difficult to pinpoint a reward that's exciting for both level 60 beginners and level 90 players about to take on tougher foes. The primary reward from the Rat King will be Combat XP.

Usually, players gain the bulk of their combat XP (except Prayer) passively while training Slayer, or at AFK spots like Sand, Rock, Ammonite, or Swamp Crabs and the Nightmare Zone. This boss represents a big departure from that model and provides an opportunity for you to train combat in a more engaging, rewarding, and exciting way. You'll be able to track your gains during the fight, and you'll be rewarded for choosing more intensive combat methods.

As a ballpark, you can expect low-level players using Rat Bone weaponry while fighting Scurrius to receive significantly more XP than passive options like Nightmare Zone and Crabs. Higher-level players like yourself will likely be better off training combat as you always have - Slayer, other bossing, and other more efficient methods.

Also, as an additional extra, you'll be able to earn your own little rat companion in the form of the pet dropped from Scurrius, Scurry.

You'll also get Rat Bone weaponry. This lets you double down on those XP rewards - but you'll need to get a bit crafty first.

Note: These weapons can only be used against Scurrius or other Rat-type enemies and won't work against any other NPCs.

Defeat Scurrius, and you may obtain the uncommon, untradeable Rat Spine. Lovely! Combine that with a Rune Mace, Yew Shortbow, or a Battlestaff and 1,000 Chaos Runes to create the Rat Bone Mace, Bow, or Staff. You'll need 35 Smithing, Fletching, or Crafting, respectively.

The Rat Bone Mace is a faster version of the Dragon Mace. The Rat Bone Bow is essentially a Magic Shortbow, where Ranged strength depends on the tier of ammo you're using all the way up to Rune. The Rat Bone Staff has a Magic bonus equivalent to the Mystic Staff, and its own built-in spell that requires 1 Chaos Rune per cast, which can be added directly into the Staff.

These weapons are helpful against huge rat as you'll have the potential to add up to 10 damage to your current max hit when using the Rat Bone weaponry.

Each Rat Bone weapon requires 50 in either Attack, Ranged, or Magic to wield.

For any spare Spines you receive, you'll be able to trade this in for an Experience Lamp that will allow you to give a certain amount of XP in the following skills; Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, Prayer, Ranged & Strength. The Rat Spine is not especially rare, although it's not a guaranteed drop.

Defender Of Varrock

The Mahjarrat story continues with the revival of this classic quest, backported from the 2008 original with a touch of Old School flair! While the core elements of the quest remain as you remember them, we've added a few modern twists to elevate it to the standards of contemporary OS. Without divulging too much, whether you're revisiting the quest or experiencing it for the first time, brace yourself for encounters with new NPCs, familiar adversaries, and a more formidable breed of zombies!

For those who recall the original quest and shudder at the prospect of a journey into the Wilderness, fret not! The quest now commences at the Jolly Boar Inn in Varrock, sparing you the need to brave the perils of the Wildy altogether.

The quest will introduce Armoured Zombies, this new zombie type carries the potential of dropping a rare weapon: The Zombie Axe. As players progress, many typically transition from a Dragon Scimitar at 60 attack to a whip at 70. The Zombie Axe aims to bridge the gap between these two weapons. Once unlocked, it's likely to become a preferred choice over the Scimitar in various situations, although the Scimitar's higher attack speed ensures its continued utility.

Wilderness Update

In 2023, PvP enthusiasts saw significant developments with the Wilderness Boss Rework, the revival of Bounty Hunter, and the highly anticipated return of Deadman. It was indeed a robust year for PvP. While there is ongoing work on pre-existing content, such as the loot changes and tutorials introduced in Poll 80, our commitment to enhancing the Wilderness experience persists throughout 2024. Summits provide us with a platform to introduce fresh and hopefully exhilarating ideas, so what else can you expect for PvP in the first half of 2024?

Recent years have witnessed a concentration of activity in the Level 20-40 Wilderness range, with approximately 70% of all Wilderness deaths occurring within this bracket. This trend is largely attributed to the Revenant caves and the reworked Wilderness boss lairs. While the inherent risk associated with Wilderness activities is understood, the dominance of higher-level players in this range poses a challenge for specialized and more accessible account builds. Account archetypes like Zerkers and Pures have struggled to engage in Wilderness PvP, facing the constant risk of encountering builds far superior in power.

The first PvP update of 2024 aims to invigorate a low-level location, creating a hotspot where players can profit, obtain new Wilderness or PvP-focused uniques, and engage in fights with opponents around their level. Specialized and limited account builds have been a longstanding feature in Old School, often being easy to assemble and risking less GP compared to the formidable 'Maxed mains' prevalent in other locations


Changes to be made are directed to the Chaos Temple. Arriving near it is a ship full of Undead Pirates set to embark on a looting spree at the Chaos Temple.

The addition of Undead Pirates to the Chaos Temple may not be groundbreaking, but it's designed to be rewarding enough to stimulate activity. Hopefully, this entices players to take a break from the PvP World Grand Exchange and explore something new!

These pesky pirates come equipped with a relatively tight loot table, making them quick to dispatch. This allows you to accumulate consistent profit over time that isn't overly reliant on uniques, providing the flexibility to decide whether to make a swift exit or stick around for more lucrative gains.

Unlike multi-combat bosses such as Venenatis or Callisto, where interruptions are likely with each kill, these pirates won't put up much of a fight. The expectation is that you'll effortlessly dismantle them, accumulating bountiful booty assuming you remain uninterrupted. However, the challenge lies in staying uninterrupted in a multi-combat zone, where various account builds can come into play.

Traditionally, anyone seeking to PK below level 30 Wilderness is obligated to use the Standard Spellbook or utilize a Magic Skillcape for a Spellbook swap. By granting the Elder Chaos druids teleblock potential, we open up new options for Magic enthusiasts engaging in PvP, allowing for massive Vengeance stacks on Zerkers or the option of tanking to a single-way combat zone and utilizing Ancient Magicks for No-Honour (NH) Pure fights-an experience sorely absent from Wilderness content.

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Varlamore: Part One

This is one of the biggest updates coming this year which isn't surprising as it's set to introduce an entirely new area.


Quests in Varlamore present a golden opportunity to delve into the region's rich history, mythology, and culture through a new storyline that culminates with the final part of the release. Unlike the sprawling, epic questlines such as the Elves or the Mahjarrat, Varlamore's quests offer a concise introduction to the land and its people. Fear not, though, as there's an extensive tapestry of lore spanning hundreds of thousands of years for those eager to explore.

In the initial release, two quests will be available. The first, 'Children of the Sun,' has already been released. Ensure you complete this Novice-level quest, a quick undertaking that is essential for gaining access to Varlamore. Seek out Noah or Alina in Varrock square to discover the intriguing content awaiting you.

The second quest continues the narrative once you gain access to the city of Civitas illa Fortis. This Intermediate-level quest comes with corresponding rewards and serves to deepen your understanding of the region's story, providing a solid foundation as you immerse yourself in the new surroundings.

On the southeastern shores of Varlamore stands the crown jewel and capital city - Civitas illa Fortis. This magnificent city boasts many notable features, with the Fortis Colosseum towering above them all.

The Fortis Colosseum serves as the grand arena for a new wave-based PvM minigame. Brave participants will face relentless waves of enemies, each more complex than the last. Those who possess a Fire Cape can confidently wade into the early rounds, but as the waves advance, a combination of foes will challenge even the most seasoned combatants.

Unlike other wave-based minigames, the Fortis Colosseum adds a twist to the escalating difficulty. After each wave, participants face a choice: humbly collect their loot and depart or risk it all in the next battle. After all, the purpose is to put on a captivating show!

Of course, the arena will introduce a variety of rewards worth fighting for including Dizana's Quiver and the Glaive of Ralos.

Nestled beneath the steep and jagged cliffs of Ralos' Rise lies the dwarven town of Cam Torum. Despite its strong fortifications throughout Varlamore's history, the town now confronts a novel challenge.

Beneath the surface lurks an ancient temple constructed to confine potent entities. However, the earth has been disturbed, and the dwarves urgently seek your assistance in maintaining the containment of these enigmatic beings.

Perilous Moons


The quest unfolds a new segment of PvM content designed for mid-level players. Within the dungeon, three formidable demi-bosses await. Overcoming them will yield exciting new loot.

This encounter draws heavy inspiration from the iconic Barrows Brothers, a mid-level combat staple. Unlike Barrows, the focus here is on discovery and exploration. The intention is for participants to feel a sense of meaningful progression through the dungeon, uncovering more about Varlamore's ancient history as they venture forth.

Each expedition into the temple commences in the central room, which expands outward along four ominously long corridors. Each corridor leads to a different area of the dungeon, offering distinct elements and exploration opportunities.

However, only one corridor is accessible each time you enter, ensuring that each encounter begins slightly differently from the ones preceding it.

Once you've explored your starting corridor, you have the freedom to move around and confront the bosses in any order you prefer. Naturally, tackling the one closest to your starting location will save you considerable time.

Every room within the temple presents enemies to battle, shortcuts to traverse, and opportunities to showcase your skill in various disciplines. Despite the temple's apparent abandonment for many centuries, you'll find food and items for Prayer restoration, aiding you in reaching your goal. It's essential to note that items obtained inside cannot leave the temple; they serve as resources for restocking between fights. While you can bring your own supplies, utilizing the dungeon's resources is more expedient than making a trek to the nearest Bank.

The temple's depths aren't just filled with resources; you'll also encounter formidable foes dropping useful items like bones and herbs, along with valuable XP for overcoming them.


Strategically placed base camps throughout the dungeon provide a means to store and retrieve tools for skills such as Hunter, Fishing, and other gathering skills. This ensures you always have the means to gather precious resources when the need arises.

After a thorough exploration of the dungeon and bolstering your supplies, the time has come to confront the formidable demi-bosses.


Deadman Mode is set to make a return in 2024, building upon the tremendous success of Deadman: Apocalypse and incorporating valuable feedback received in 2023. The focus is on enhancing various aspects, including quality-of-life improvements related to Bank keys and looting, rebalancing Sigils, and making adjustments to the iconic Breaches, a feature that's likely to return. While the specifics of the new Deadman Mode may not be finalized at this stage, the commitment is clear-it's happening!

The developers are constantly looking for ways to improve the mode so players are encouraged to send feedback.

Historically, Deadman Mode has excelled in drawing players back into PvP for the temporary game mode, and this trend continued with Apocalypse. The goal is not only to build on this strong foundation for another Deadman iteration but also to enhance the variety available in the Wilderness. The aim is to synergistically attract players back to PvP and maintain an active and engaging environment for an extended period.

While Guthix Sleeps

The upcoming quest will be a remake of the 2008 original, employing backporting as a starting point while incorporating enhancements to meet the standards of modern Old School and align with long-term Mahjarrat storyline plans. Additionally, a selection of new rewards will be introduced, ensuring that the quest's impact and longevity match those of existing Grandmaster quests.


One of the most coveted rewards from the original quest was the opportunity to face Tormented Demons, formidable adversaries known for their potential to drop Dragon Claws-an extraordinary addition to any adventurer's arsenal.

However, Dragon Claws are already available in Old School through various means, such as the recently revamped Chambers of Xeric and our own version of Tormented Demons, the Demonic Gorillas. While the goal is to remain faithful to the essence of the original While Guthix Sleeps, this poses a challenge in terms of introducing suitable rewards given the existing availability of Dragon Claws.

Valamore: Part Two

The second part of the Valamore expansion will focus on the island of Aldarin and the mountain range north of Civitas Illa Fortis. The second part will introduce a new Herblore activity on Aldarin, as well as new bosses on the mountains. Like in the first Valamore update, the second one will also introduce new quests.

Other Things To Come

There are plenty more things to come but Jagex is yet to fully reveal what they are. For starters, they're going to introduce an official HD mode, as well as an Official Client Plugin API. Unfortunately, the release frame for these haven't been revealed yet.

Perhaps the most exciting update coming later this year is the new Sailing Skill. Jagex has promised to give more details about this upcoming skill later this year.

Big Things To Come This 2024 In OSRS

There's a lot coming to OSRS this year and everyone's excited for it. The Scurrius update will arrive on the 24th so make sure to get your combat gear ready!

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