OSRS Abyssal Sire Guide

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OSRS Abyssal Sire Guide

What Is Abyssal Sire ?

Abyssal Sire is a slayer boss variant of abyssal demons, it’s really easy to kill and yields a decent profit per hour.

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Is Abyssal Sire Worth It ?

Abyssal Sire is a slayer boss and can only be killed during a slayer task. So you would be killing it instead of abyssal demons. There are few trade offs here between the monsters but if you want more profit you should kill Abyssal Sire. Here are the pros of killing it:

  1. Abyssal Sire is a super easy boss to kill and you don’t need high level equipment to kill it. Its mechanics are really simple and few and it dies within a minute or so.
  2. Unlike abyssal demons you will get consistent gp per hour while killing the abyssal sire. This is due to the fact that the Sire has a lot of alchable and supply drops, so you won’t have to rely on rare drops to make money. Abyssal Sire on average yields 1M per hour.
  3. It’s a solo boss so you won’t have to worry about finding a group to kill it.
  4. Killing it is also necessary for the completion of combat diaries.

There are also few things that can be considered as cons, those are:

  1. It requires a high slayer level to even kill and you can’t kill it outside of a slayer task.
  2. Compared to abyssal demons, you can’t afk this monster.
  3. It will take a lot longer to complete your slayer task, killing this boss.
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Being a high level boss and having some unique mechanics requires the player to have high combat stats. Here are the recommended and required stats:

  • 85 Slayer
  • 85+ Attack
  • 85+ Strength
  • 85+ Defence
  • 92+ Magic
  • 77+ Prayer
  • 83+ Construction (to have a fairy ring and ornate rejuvenation pool in your POH)

Aside from the stat requirements there are some quest requirements as well:

  • King’s Ransom - For Piety
  • Desert Treasure - To cast shadow spells
  • Fairy Tale Part 2 Cure a Queen - To use fairy rings
  • Shadow of the Storm - To create arclight


There are two ways to kill the Abyssal Sire, there is the ranged way and the mage way. Mage way is only viable if you have the best in slot gear from almost every slot so it’s recommended to go with the ranged way if you do not possess those items.

You will be using your ranged or magic for the first part of the kill and melee for the second part. If you want to you can bring two sets entirely to maximise your damage but it’s definitely not necessary as bringing a 4 item switch gets the job done. This is not the case for a magic kill if you are looking to heal yourself with blood barrage. In that case you should bring all the magic amplifying items you have.

To kill the Sire you will need to bring both melee and range/mage gear. Here is a list of the items you can bring, switch out the items to better ones in accordance to your in game wealth.



  • Slayer Helmet (i)
  • Amulet of Torture or Amulet of Bloodfury
  • Infernal or Fire Cape
  • Bandos Chestplate
  • Bandos Tassets
  • Arclight
  • Avernic or Dragon Defender
  • Any Blessing
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Primordial boots
  • Ring of Suffering (i)
  • Dragon Warhammer

If you want to you can switch the dragon warhammer with dragon claws. This is only viable if you are using Osmuten’s Fang as your main weapon.



  • Slayer Helmet (i)
  • Necklace of Anguish
  • Ava’s Assembler or Accumulator
  • Armadyl Chestplate
  • Armadyl Chainskirt
  • Toxic Blowpipe with amethyst darts
  • Any blessing
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Ranger Boots
  • Ring of Suffering (i)

Bringing only 4 switches is fine to get the job done, you should bring your chestplate, chainskirt, ava’s device and your blowpipe.



  • Slayer Helmet (i)
  • Occult Necklace
  • Imbued God Cape
  • Ancestral Robe Top
  • Ancestral Robe Bottom
  • Tumeken’s Shadow or Sanguinesti Staff
  • Any Blessing
  • Tormented Bracelet


There are few mechanics that one has to learn in order to defeat the Abyssal Sire. There are two phases to this fight after killing all the respiratory systems the first phase will begin. Use protect from melee during this phase. Once the Sire reaches below half its hitpoints it will move on to phase 2, protect from ranged for this phase.


  1. Killing Respiratory Systems: To start off the fight you will first need to kill the respiratory systems of the Abyssal Sire. To do this cast a shadow barrage on the Abyssal Sire (if you don’t have access to this spell use lesser shadow spells.) This will stun the Abyssal Sire, wait for 4 seconds (until the tentacles fall asleep) then attack the respiratory systems. Kill all four systems, Abyssal Sire wakes up after 30 seconds so you will need to recast your shadow barrage on it to make it sleep again. There is a timer on runelite which helps track the stun timer. With a regular setup you should kill 2 systems then cast the barrage one more time and kill the other two systems. Effectiveness of shadow spells:
  • Shadow Rush: 25%
  • Shadow Burst: 50%
  • Shadow Blitz: 75%
  • Shadow Barrage: 100%
  1. Misma Pool: In both of the phases, especially in the second one the Sire will spawn a pool of miasma under the player's character. You must immediately move to a different tile when this happens to avoid taking a lot of damage. If you took damage make sure to drink your antipoison to stop the poison.
  2. Minions: During both phases, especially on the second phase the Sire can spawn minions that will attack you, since the kill will go by really fast you don’t have to worry about killing them. If you are using the mage build you can use them as a source of healing with blood barrage since many of them swarm you in the scond phase.
  3. Forced Teleport: During the second phase after Sire reaches 139 health or lower he will forcefully teleport the player in front of him and will start to charge an attack. Simply move away two tiles to avoid this attack. This attack cannot be blocked otherwise and will deal a lot of damage.

Killing Abyssal Sire

There are two ways of killing the Abyssal Sire, first one is to go with healing supplies to get as many kills as you can with 1 inventory and the other is to refresh your special attack and stats after every kill via the usage of your player owned house or with the usage of desert amulet 4 with a quest point cape. Using your player owned house has much less requirements than the desert amulet one.

Also if you have Elite Lumbridge & Draynor diaries completed you don’t need to bring a Dramen or Lunar staff.


Normal Method

For this you will be needing an inventory similar to this:

  • Your switches
  • Special attack weapon
  • Teleport to a bank or house
  • Lunar or Dramen Staff
  • 1 - 4 Stamina Potions (depending on what you are using and how long you last)
  • 3 - 12 prayer potions (depending on how long you can last and if you are using spells to heal or not)
  • 1 Antidote++
  • 1 – 2 Divine super combat potions
  • Rune pouch with runes to cast shadow and blood barrage
  • Rest of the inventory should be food. If it’s your first time killing the sire just bring the minimum number of potions required and fill the rest with food.

After you are ready, head to a fairy ring and teleport to code D.İ.P and head to any of the Sire rooms to start the fight.

  1. First of all you will need to mark some tiles that will help you kill the Abyssal Sire.

  1. Stand on the tile shown below and cast your shadow spell on the sire and start killing the respiratory systems with your mage or ranged. After killing them, stand on the same tile and switch to your melee gear and turn your protect melee on.

  1. Special attack the Abyssal Sire one time and switch to your main hand weapon to lower Sires health. During this phase the Sire can use his miasma pool and minion spawn attacks. Simply move to the other marked tile closest to yours to avoid this attack and simply ignore the minion that it spawns.
  2. After getting Sire to half health he will be untargetable and will start moving to the middle of the room. Stand on the tile shown below and use protect from ranged. 

  1. After a short duration Sire will become attackable, immediately attack it and move on the next tile. During this phase Sire will constantly use its miasma pool attack so you will be constantly moving back and forth on these two tiles. It will also spawn a lot of minions, you can simply ignore them or use them as a source of health if you are going for the blood barrage method.

  1. After you lower its health to 139 or below it will teleport you near you and do an explosion attack. To avoid this spam click one of the two tiles on the back to move there. After Sire's body opens up you are free to continue attacking it until it dies.


POH Method

This method is only doable with southern Sire chambers, as the northern rooms are too far away from the teleport point which will result in the player running out of run energy.

For your inventory it’s the same as the normal method except for the fact that you will bring way less prayer potions and food. They will be only for emergencies and you should bring at most 5 food and 1 prayer potion.

For this method you can choose to teleport to your house or Nardah after killing 2 or all the respiratory systems. The first one will allow you to take your time returning back since the Sire despawns within a minute if it’s not in combat. 

This method is really simple for the first time around: simply kill the Sire like shown in the “normal method”. In your second kill, teleport out after killing your desired respiratory systems to restore your stats and special attack. Come back and dump your special attack and finish the kill to repeat.

With this method you will be losing less money since you are not using that many supplies and you will be able to pick up all the drops since your inventory is free. Also you will be killing the Sire faster since you will be able to use both your special attacks instead of one in every kill.

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