OSRS AFK Money-Making Guide

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OSRS AFK Money-Making Guide

You'll spend a lot of your time in OSRS trying to get rich. Money makes Gielinor go round so having the right money-making techniques is going to be crucial for the success of your character. While there are tons of money-making techniques out there, there are only a few that you can do while AFK.

What does AFK money-making mean?

AFK means away from keyboard. This set of techniques allows you to earn money in OSRS without exerting a ton of effort as you would in regular farming techniques. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that you can earn millions without touching anything for 8 hours or so. These are techniques that allow you to earn money while you do other things as you only have to interact with OSRS after every few hours or so.

AFK money-making refers to a set of techniques that will allow you to constantly generate money while you're not actually playing. As your character does these techniques, you can do other things like work, cook, and so on. AFK money-making isn't as profitable as other techniques out there but it's a great set of techniques to rely on if you don't want to waste time in the game.

For this guide, we're going to list down the most profitable and easiest AFK money-making techniques in the game.

OSRS Best AFK Money Making

This list of the best OSRS AFK money-making techniques won't just consider the amount of money that you can earn. It's also about how easy most of these techniques are. You can access these methods in various parts of the game so that you can stay rich all throughout your experience.

Mining Amethyst

Skill Requirements:
  • Mining: 92+
Items Needed:
  • Rune, Dragon, or Crystal pickaxe
  • Varrock armour 4
  • Expert mining gloves
  • Celestial signet or Elven signet (optional; specifically for Crystal pickaxe users)
Quest Requirements:
  • None
  1. Equip yourself with a Rune, Dragon, or Crystal pickaxe
  2. Wear Varrock armour 4 for enhanced mining benefits.
  3. Don Expert mining gloves to boost your mining efficiency.
  4. Consider wielding a Celestial signet or Elven signet (optional), especially if using a Crystal pickaxe.
  • Profit: 476,100 coins
  • Experience Gained: 21,600 Mining experience
  • None
  • 4.5 x Unidentified minerals (5,220 coins)
  • 90x Amethyst (477,450 coins)

What makes this method effective for AFK purposes is that the ore deposit doesn't immediately deplete when being mined. That means you can swing your pickaxe for a longer period of time. The best place to mine is at the mining guild which should be accessible at high Mining level.

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Cooking/Catching Raw Anglerfish

Skill Requirements:
  • Fishing: 82+ (92 is highly recommended)
  • Cooking: 84+ (99 is highly recommended)
  • Hunting: 15 for catching sandworms but you can just buy bait
Items Needed:
  • Sandworms
  • Spirit flakes and Rada's blessing to help you catch more fish but this isn't necessary
  • Fish barrel
  • 2,000,000 coins
  • Cooking cape
  • 682,000

Catching angler fish and cooking them are actually two separate money-making methods each and they're both AFK. If you have the requirements to do both, we highly suggest doing them for maximum profit.

Let's talk about catching anglerfish first. Head to Port Piscarillius and then head to the shore north of the main docks. You can get sandworms from Tynan's Fishing Supply. The Grand Exchange also has this in store but you'll have to pay a lot more for it. It's also much further.

Make sure to buy sandworms in packs so that they'll replenish just in time after running out. You can catch around 150 anglerfish per hour given that you meet the requirements above. You can sell the anglerfish as is or you can cook first.

Make sure that you have 99 Cooking and the Cooking cape as well. If you can't make cooked anglerfish with 100% success rate, then it's much better to just sell them raw.

Cooking Sharks

Skill Requirements:
  • Cooking: 80+ (89+ strongly recommended)
Items Needed:
  • 2,000,000+ coins (recommended)
  • Cooking gauntlets
  • Raw sharks
Quest Requirements:
  • Family Crest for Cooking gauntlets
Other Requirements:
  • 100% Hosidius favour
  1. Ensure your Cooking level is 80 or higher (strongly recommended 89+ for optimal results).
  2. Equip Cooking gauntlets for increased success in cooking.
  3. Acquire a stock of Raw sharks, and make sure you have at least 2,000,000 coins on hand.
  • Profit: 253,500 coins
  • Experience Gained: 273,000 Cooking experience
  • 1,300 x Raw shark (583,700 coins)
  • 1,300 x Shark (837,200 coins)

With a high enough cooking, you can greatly reduce the chances of burning the sharks. The hardest part here is gathering all of the sharks that you need for cooking but once you've gotten them, it will be an easy way to get rich.

This method becomes a lot easier once you reach level 89 in Cooking. At that point, make sure to use the Cooking gauntlets while using the Hosidius clay ovens. Doing this will help you reduce the burn rate to 0% so that you don't fail and get the most out of your money. Another way to do this is by completing the elite Kourend Diary.

Currently, the price of raw Shark is 449 coins, while cooked Shark is at 644 coins. With a cook rate ranging between 1,000 and 1,300 sharks per hour, the profit typically falls between 195,000 and 253,500 coins per hour.

Killing Skeletal Wyverns



Skill Requirements:
  • Slayer: 72
  • Attack, Strength, Defence: 80+ (recommended for Melee)
  • Ranged: 80+ (recommended for Ranged)
  • Prayer: 44+ (70+ recommended, especially for Melee)
  • Magic: 55 (for High Level Alchemy, optional)
Items Needed:
  • Level 70+ weaponry and gear
  • Elemental/Mind/Dragonfire/Dragonfire Ward/Ancient wyvern shield
  • Some food (4 monkfish or better for Ranged; 4-8 monkfish or better for Melee)
  • 6-12 Prayer potions (optional)
  • 3 Divine ranging potions or 3 Super set/Divine super combat potions (optional)
  • Dramen or Lunar staff (optional)
  • Runes to cast High Level Alchemy (optional)
Quest Requirements:
  • Completed Elemental Workshop I and/or II (if not using Dragonfire shield)
  • Started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen for Fairy rings (optional)
  • Completed Lost City for Dramen staff or the elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary (optional)
Other Requirements:
  • Player-owned house located in Rimmington or Fairy ring code aiq for easier access to the dungeon
  • Equip yourself with level 70+ weaponry and gear.
  • Ensure your combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, and Ranged) meet the recommended levels.
  • Have Elemental/Mind/Dragonfire/Dragonfire Ward/Ancient wyvern shield equipped.
  • Bring some food, Prayer potions, and Divine ranging potions or Super set/Divine super combat potions if desired.
  • Optionally, carry Dramen or Lunar staff for teleportation and runes for High Level Alchemy.
  • Profit: 660,723 coins
  • Experience Gained:
    • Combat: 42,000
    • Hitpoints: 14,000
  • 3 x Divine super combat potion(4) (56,661) Or 3 x Divine ranging potion(4) (19,707)
  • 48 x Monkfish (16,128) Or 230 x Runite bolts (29,210) if ranging
  • Draconic visage (14,974)
  • 50 x Wyvern bones (126,750)
  • Dragon platelegs (15,681)
  • Dragon plateskirt (15,717)
  • Granite legs (3,890)
  • Earth battlestaff (13,964)
  • Battlestaff (94,523)
  • Rune axe (8,565)
  • Rune battleaxe (19,247)
  • Rune warhammer (19,174)
  • Rune full helm (16,166)
  • Rune kiteshield (25,132)
  • 527 x Air rune (2,109)
  • 70.31 x Rune arrow (6,539)
  • 234 x Water rune (938)
  • 125 x Chaos rune (8,875)
  • 70.31 x Law rune (8,297)
  • 62.5 x Death rune (9,063)
  • 39.06 x Blood rune (7,578)
  • 102 x Adamant bolts (3,466)
  • 46.29 x Runite bolts (5,879)
  • 7.81 x Soul rune (1,531)
  • 8.2 x Herbs (10,179)
  • 781 x Pure essence (1,563)
  • 82.03 x Magic logs (82,441)
  • 23.44 x Adamantite bar (42,469)
  • 234 x Iron ore (19,922)
  • 7.81 x Uncut ruby (7,828)
  • 3.91 x Uncut diamond (8,430)
  • 1,406 x Coins (1,406)
  • 18.75 x Lobster (3,563)
  • 5.47 x Prayer potion(4) (43,794)
  • 58.59 x Unpowered orb (12,363)
  • 0.78 x Runite crossbow (u) (7,234)
  • 2.34 x Ranarr seed (34,608)
  • 0.78 x Snapdragon seed (20,553)
  • 1.17 x Rare drop table (9,104)

This was the most popular AFK money making method when the game first came out and it's still relatively popular today. While it can be daunting to face skeletal wyverns, they're actually pretty easy to beat depending on your settings.

Killing Gargoyles



Skill Requirements:
  • Slayer: 75
  • Attack: 70/80+
  • Strength: 70/80+
  • Defence: 70/80+ but you might want to get to 85 for max efficiency.
  • Magic: 55 so that you'll have access to High Level Alchemy
Items Needed:
  • Ancient mace for Prayer restoration to use Piety for quicker kills. This is optional but is highly recommended for max earning potential.
  • Dragon battleaxe for Strength-boosting special attack to make the fight easier but this is optional
  • Food supplies if not using the full Guthan's set as you'll need a means to heal yourself.
  • Leaf-bladed battleaxe, Dragon scimitar, or an upgraded primary weapon if not using full Guthan's set
  • Rock hammer
  • unes for High Level Alchemy
  • Slayer helmet or Nose peg to counter Aberrant spectres
Quest Requirements:
  • Ghosts Ahoy for Ectophial but this is only required if you don't have access to Fairy Rings, Kharyrll, Fenkenstrain Castle teleports or the Salve Graveyards yet.
  • Priest in Peril
Other Requirements:
  • Prayer: 43+ for Protect from Melee but this is optional. As the enemies hit hard, you're going to need Protect from Melee to minimize interaction with the game.
  • Agility: 61+ so that you'll gain access to a spike chain shortcut. Again, not necessary but this will make the task easier.
  • Construction 55 or Player-owned house as you'll need to create an Armour Stand that can hold degraded Barrows great.
  • This is optional depending on where you want to fight the enemies. If you're going to Kharyrll, make a Portal Chamber with this portal. It will require 50 Construction and 66 Magic to build. Or, you can create a Superior Garden that has a fairy ring. This will require 85 Construction to build.
  1. Start by wearing the Guthan's set or your other Barrows/Bandos Armor. Take Guthan's as much as possible as this can make this method very easy. If you're not bringing Guthan's set, make sure to bring a lot of food and use at least the rock hammer to make the fights easier.
  2. For your weapon, make sure that you're using the Leaf-bladed battleaxe, Dragon Scmitar, or other powerful melee weapons. Guthan's spear is still preferred but these are good alternatives.
  3. Wear a nose peg or better yet, the Slayer helmet when if you're going to pass by the Aberrant Spectres on your way to the Gargoyles.
  4. Have enough runes to use High Level Alchemy multiple times. This will be used to turn your drops into coins.
  5. As a last tip, make sure to bring a Dragon Battleaxe as well. This is going to be used for its Strength-boosting Special attack. A good alternative would be the Ancient Mace which will be used for Prayer Restoration. This will also allow you to use Piety to kill the enemies faster.
  • Profit: 603,775 coins
  • Experience Gained:
    • Combat: 63,000
    • Hitpoints: 21,000
    • Slayer: 15,750
  • 22,000 x Coins (22,000 coins) - Barrows equipment repair costs
  • Granite maul (103,750 coins)
  • Mystic robe top (dark) (21,588 coins)
  • Rune full helm (72,745 coins)
  • Rune 2h sword (89,109 coins)
  • Rune battleaxe (28,870 coins)
  • Rune platelegs (44,425 coins)
  • 1,934 x Fire rune (7,734 coins)
  • 281 x Chaos rune (19,969 coins)
  • 87.89 x Death rune (12,744 coins)
  • 176 x Gold ore (30,762 coins)
  • 105 x Steel bar (44,930 coins)
  • 35.16 x Mithril bar (24,855 coins)
  • 2.34 x Runite ore (26,060 coins)
  • 95,859 x Coins (95,859 coins)
  • 5.86 x Gem drop table (2,375 coins)

This method is highly dependent on luck, your efficiency, and your mastery when it comes to fighting the monsters. You might find it easier to kill them as you practice over time. The profit rate above assumes that you're killing 150 Gargoyles per hour which is around the maximum output for the task.

This can be very easy especially if you have a full set of Guthan's armor. Majority of the earnings you make will come from granite mauls and dark mystic tops dropped by the monsters.

There's a level 61 Agility shortcut nearby which will make getting to the Gargoyles a lot easier. When doing this however, make sure that you'll have a nosepeg or the Slayer Task equipped. You'll just need these equipped while going to the enemies but you can switch back to regular gear once you're past the shortcut.

You can actually do this with the minimum requirement of 70 attack and strength but don't expect to get the maximum output when at these levels. You should aim for 82 Defence as this will make AFK training much easier with Guthan's. The Gargoyles are susceptible to crush damage so if you have weapons that can deal heavy with this attack type, you can use that as a substitute for Guthan's spear.

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Killing Rune Dragons



Skill Requirements:
  • Hitpoints: 90+
  • Attack, Strength, Defence: Recommended
  • Magic: 75+
  • Prayer: Recommended
Items Needed:
  • Refer to the recommended equipment and inventory on the Rune dragon strategies page.
Quest Requirements:
  • Dragon Slayer II
Other Requirements:
  • None
  1. Ensure your Hitpoints are at least 90, with recommended levels in Attack, Strength, and Defence.
  2. Equip the recommended gear and inventory as detailed on the Rune dragon strategies page.
  3. Undertake the Dragon Slayer II quest to gain access to rune dragons.
  • Profit: 1,410,303 coins
  • Experience Gained:
    • Combat: 65,340
    • Hitpoints: 21,780
    • Slayer: 16,335
  • 15 x Prayer potion(4) (120,120 coins)
  • 5 x Divine super combat potion(2) (50,030 coins)
  • 5 x Extended antifire(1) (345 coins)
  • 100 x Cooked karambwan (52,500 coins)
  • 1 x Digsite pendant (1,500 coins)
  • 5 x Teleport to house (tablet) (2,025 coins)
  • Draconic visage (16,846 coins)
  • Dragon metal lump (3,757 coins)
  • Dragon limbs (88,739 coins)
  • 3.19 x Rune platebody (122,900 coins)
  • 2.83 x Rune longsword (52,787 coins)
  • 2.48 x Rune mace (20,626 coins)
  • 2.48 x Rune scimitar (37,934 coins)
  • 2.48 x Rune warhammer (60,874 coins)
  • 2.13 x Rune platelegs (80,594 coins)
  • 0.35 x Dragon platelegs (56,895 coins)
  • 0.35 x Dragon plateskirt (57,025 coins)
  • 0.35 x Dragon med helm (20,756 coins)
  • 113 x Wrath rune (25,285 coins)
  • 279 x Chaos rune (19,812 coins)
  • 186 x Death rune (26,973 coins)
  • 97.44 x Runite bolts (unf) (16,955 coins)
  • 88.58 x Rune javelin heads (48,100 coins)
  • 99 x Rune arrow (9,227 coins)
  • 62.01 x Dragon javelin heads (56,985 coins) - Only after completion of Monkey Madness II
  • 10.63 x Dragon bolts (unf) (8,610 coins)
  • 0.89 x Grimy avantoe (3,667 coins)
  • 0.71 x Grimy ranarr weed (3,870 coins)
  • 0.71 x Grimy snapdragon (4,812 coins)
  • 0.53 x Grimy torstol (1,935 coins)
  • 2.48 x Dragonstone (27,978 coins)
  • 7.44 x Runite ore (82,736 coins)
  • 0.35 x Wrath talisman (142 coins)
  • 45 x Runite bar (558,360 coins)
  • 45 x Dragon bones (118,890 coins)
  • 0.35 x Rare drop table (2,753 coins)

This guide operates on the assumption of achieving 9 kills per trip, with 5 trips completed per hour, totaling around 45 kills per hour. Keep in mind that your profit per hour can vary based on your speed. Players with lower levels and equipment might achieve 33-38 kills per hour, while those at maximum efficiency could potentially secure 55-60 kills per hour.

The prevailing strategy at rune dragons involves paying minimal to moderate attention, utilizing melee, and maintaining 90+ combat stats. It includes praying piety along with protect from magic, and wearing justiciar armor, a dragonfire shield, and a dragon hunter lance, resulting in an average of 45 kills per hour. Adjust your approach based on your combat capabilities and equipment to optimize efficiency.

Extra Tips

Getting rich in OSRS is a long journey but it's a must if you want access to the best gear and loot in the game. Here are a few more tips just in case these AFK money-making methods aren't enough.

1. Master The Grand Exchange

One of the ways to get rich fast in the game is by mastering the Grand Exchange. This isn't just a marketplace for all of your needs. You can also use the law of supply and demand to get rich in the game. As you can see, some of the methods above will net you some valuable items. You don't have to sell them right away.

There are lots of sources online that you can use to check which items are currently in demand. It would be a good idea to stock up on items that are currently selling for lower than their current value so that you can sell them for a profit later. Some of the most valuable items in the game are raw ingredients. Stock up on these and you might hit the jackpot when they finally go in-demand.

2. Use Methods That Suit You

There are lots of AFK money-making methods in the game but of course, not all of them will fit your current setup. It's highly recommended that you use techniques that meet the maximum requirements. For instance, when it comes to cooking raw anglerfish, make sure that you meet the needs to avoid failing to cook them.

It's much better to stick with money making methods that have lower yields as long as you can reach maximum efficiency with them. It's also recommended to go for money making techniques where you can earn extra XP so that you're hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Scale As You Level Up

You'll have access to more and more money-making techniques as you dive deeper into the game. Of course, that also means you'll need more money to buy the most expensive and best in slot gear as well. Don't forget to scale your money making methods as you progress in OSRS.

AFK money-making methods are good if you don't have a lot of time on your hands but they're not as profitable as methods where you actually work for it. If you want to maximize your riches in the game, make sure to try out all money making methods possible as some of them might work better for you.

4. Consider Buying Coins

Not every player has the time in the world. If you can't do any of these techniques even if they are AFK, then it might be better to just buy coins instead. At RPGStash, we sell coins at the best prices possible. We've been in the business for as long as OSRS has been launched!

There are lots of places where you can buy OSRS gold easily but make sure to do thorough research on them beforehand. The last thing you want to happen is to lose your real-life money or put yourself at risk online. Do your due diligence and research heavily about the websites you're going to transact with.

Get Rich With Little Effort Using AFK Money Making Methods

Getting rich with little effort is definitely a fun way to maximize your OSRS journey. There are a lot of other AFK money making methods out there but these are definitely the best.

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