Osrs Afk money making guide 2

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Osrs Afk money making guide 2

This guide contains AFK high level PVM money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get gold is by buying gold at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:

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High Level Methods


  1. Killing Krusaks

For this method you need to have at least 70 slayer. Krusaks can only be damaged by leaf-bladed weapons or broad bolts. This gives you two different ways to afk this creature. If you want to use melee you can either wear highly defensive armour to negate damage or wear the best prayer gear you can get your hands on to constantly use protect from melee.

If you want to use ranged to camp this monster, get your best crossbow and range gear. This is way easier and way more cost effective as you can just stand behind some rocks in the Fremmenik slayer cave to safe spot them with ease.

It is also recommended that you bring high level alchemy runes and a herb sack if you have one with you.

One last note is that, if you have the quest “Song of the Elves” completed, you should kill krusaks in the Iowerth dungeon, this is due to the fact that they have a crystal shards as a tertiary drop, so each of your kills is worth more money.

GP/H: 400K - 600K


  1. Killing Gargoyles

Gargoyles is a slayer monster that has a lot of really good alchable drops. They don’t hit that often or high and they are aggressive which makes them a perfect candidate for afking.


  • 75 Slayer
  • 80+ Attack - recommended
  • 80+ Strength - recommended
  • 80+ Defence - recommended
  • 55+ Magic - for high level alchemy
  • Completion of the quest “Priest in Peril”
  • 43+ Prayer - optional for protect from melee prayer
  • 61+ Agility - optional to access the spike chain shortcut
  • 50+ Construction - optional for building a Kharyll portal in your house. (85 construction if you want to build a superior garden with a fairy ring)
  • Rock hammer
  • Ancient mace - optional way to restore your prayer if you are using prayer
  • High prayer armor - optional
  • Guthan the Infested’s equipment - optional
  • Any high defence armour - like bandos, any barrows armour, justiciar…etc

As listed above there are three ways to go about killing gargoyles. One is to bring your best tank gear and food to tank the gargoyles. This method will be less afk than other ones and will result in shorter trips.

Second method is to bring your best prayer armour with prayer potions to use protect from melee. This method is doable if you have a high prayer level as prayer potions scale with your prayer level. You can also bring a ancient mace or a saradomin god sword to restore your prayer, cutting some of the cost from your prayer potions.

Lastly you can use full Guthan’s to heal yourself passively. You can use this armour set to kill the monsters or you can use it as a switch to heal yourself whenever you are low. Using it as a switch will yield more kills per hour.

GP/H: 300K - 600K


  1. Killing Skeletal Wyverns

Since the rebirth of Old School Runescape, killing skeletal wyverns has become a popular method to make money. This method is especially good since you can safe spot them after 10 minutes. Allowing you to stay there until your inventory is full to its brim.


  • 72 Slayer
  • 80+ Ranged
  • 44+ Prayer
  • 55+ Magic - For high level alchemy
  • Best crossbow you have access to ( the best one to use would be dragon hunter crossbow )
  • Elemental/Dragonfire ward/Dragonfire/Ancient wyvern shield -  any one of these is fine
  • 8 - 10 food 
  • 1 - 4 prayer potion - depending on your prayer level
  • High alch runes
  • Best ranged gear you have access to
  • Partial completion of the quest Fairytale 2 - Cure a Queen to use fairy rings 

Skeletal wyverns reside in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon near the mudskipper point. Best way to get there is to use the code A.I.Q or to move your house to rimmington. Once you enter the cave you can use the ledges near the entrance as a safe spot to kill the wyverns. However you can’t do this before de-aggroing them because another wyvern will attack you making the safe spot useless. To know the timer and the boundaries of the aggro zone, turn on the plugin called “Npc Aggression Timer” on runelite.

Pray ranged and kill wyverns until the aggression timer runs out then stand in between the two ledges to safely kill them as long as you want. Banking the bones is not recommended as it will cut down on your profits. If you want to make more money however you can hire other players to come to the cave to buy items off you and give you supplies. You will be having to sell them for a cheaper price but it’s better than not getting anything. Alternatively you can use an alt account to do the same.

GP/H: 700K - 1M


  1. Killing Brutal Black Dragons

Brutal black dragons are an alternative to killing skeletal wyverns. They are located in the Lovakengj region in Zeah.


  • 77 Slayer
  • 37+ Prayer - for protect from magic, ideally you would want to have at least 70 prayer
  • 45+ Construction - to build a way to restore your prayer, 72 is recommended to mount a xeric’s talisman on the wall as well.
  • 85+ Ranged
  • Best ranged weapon you can use. - Dragon hunter crossbow with a twisted buckler would be the best option or if you have the money you can use a twisted bow.
  • Elite void knight armour or the best ranged armour you have access to.
  • Xeric’s talisman
  • Teleport to house
  • Extended antifire potions
  • Divine ranging potions
  • Prayer potions

To get to the dungeon, teleport to Lovakengj using your Xeric’s talisman and run east. Before entering the catacombs, drink your extended antifire and turn on protect from magic. Make sure your prayer and anti fire potion is always on. Be careful while picking up your drops from the ground as other brutal black dragons can attack you with melee which can deal a lot of damage. After your inventory gets full teleport to your house to restore your stats and back to Lovakengj using your talisman.

GP/H: 1.1M


  1. Killing Abyssal Demons

Abyssal demons are less profitable on average than other methods shown on this guide but are extremely afkable.


  • 85 Slayer
  • 75+ Attack
  • 75+ Defence
  • 80+ Strength
  • 70+ Prayer
  • Herb sack - optional
  • Rune pouch with alch runes
  • Best prayer armour
  • Arclight
  • A lot of low tier darts
  • Unlock the Arceuus fairy ring and have access to fairy rings

Use the fairy ring code C.I.S and run east to the dungeon. If this is your first time going there, bring along a rope. Head inside the dungeon and make your way to the area where the abyssal demons reside. Equip your darts, turn on your protect melee and hit all the abyssal demons in the room. After that switch back to your arclight, turn on auto-retaliate and enjoy the afk experience.

GP/H: 100K - 200K


  1. Killing Cave Kraken

This has the highest slayer requirement out of all the other monsters on this guide. Don’t let that scare you though since this monster is extremely easy to kill. Another thing that is different from other monsters on this list is that this monster cannot be killed unless you are on a slayer task.


  • 87 Slayer
  • 75+ Magic
  • Best magic defence armour like armadyl or karil. ( you can use full mage gear if you have full ancestral )
  • Trident of the swamp/Trident of the seas/Sanguinesti staff/Tumeken’s shadow - pick any one you like
  • Harmonised nightmare staff - optional
  • Occult necklace
  • Eternal boots
  • Tormented bracelet or barrows gloves
  • Seers ring (i)
  • Fish Explosives
  • Any magic bonus or magic def shield
  • Rune pouch with alch runes
  • House tabs
  • Imbued heart - optional
  • Food

Use the fairy ring code A.K.Q and run west to get to the kraken cove. Start a private instance even if the room is empty, we are doing this because dropped items stay on the ground for 30 minutes rather than 2 in private instances. Throw an explosive into the big whirlpool in the room and attack the kraken.

GP/H: 800K

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