OSRS AFK Money Making Guide Part 3

01.01.2023 - 16:12:51
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OSRS AFK Money Making Guide Part 3

This guide contains AFK money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get gold is by buying gold at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:

AFK Money Making

There are a lot of ways to make money on OSRS, this guide will be all about the ways to get you rich with the lowest effort possible.

1. Grinding Items

Grinding items have absolutely no requirements at all. You can grab a pestle and mortar and get to work. Before starting this method, do check the grand exchange prices to identify the best item to grind. Here is a list of items that you can grind:

  • Bird nests GP/H: 165K
  • Unicorn horns GP/H: 93K
  • Chocolate bar GP/H: 25K
  • Desert goat horn GP/H: 108K
  • Kebbith teeth GP/H: 200K - 400K

A little side note here is that if you have 92 Herblore you can grind superior dragon bones which will yield around 1k profit per grind!

2. Plank Making Lunar Spell Book

If you have Lunar Spellbook unlocked you can use the "Plank Make" spell which automatically transforms all the logs in your inventory to planks. Casting this spell requires the completion of both "Lunar Diplomacy" and "Dream Mentor" alongside level 86 magic. Always check the grand exchange prices to figure out the best plank to create using this skill. Click the spell once with aninventory of logs, sit back, relax and enjoy your gains!

GP/H: 100K - 115K

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3. Cleaning Herbs

Cleaning herbs is a really nice way to make money, each herb requires a herblore level to clean. So this method scales with your herblore level, higher the better. You can click on each herb individually to clean them faster making you more profit however this is an afk guide so you can just get a full inventory of herbs click once and go afk.

GP/H: 20K - 415K

4. Spinning Flax

Spinning flax is a money making method as old as the game itself. Flax is a really common drop from monsters all over osrs so they are super cheap on grand exchange. For this method you will be needing level 10 crafting. Get a full inventory of flax and head to the Lumbridge castle spinning wheel to start turning them into bowstrings. After you are done go up the stairs to bank and repeat.

GP/H: 150K - 160K

5. Fletching Longbows

This is another classic method. You have two options for this:

  • Yew longbows are your first option. Fletching yew longbows requires level 70 fletching. Get yourself a full inventory of yew logs with a knife and fletch them into longbows.
  • Magic longbows is your second option requiring level 85 fletching.

GP/H: 100K - 150K

6. Stringing Bows

Aside from fletching logs into unstrung longbows, you can buy unstrung longbows and string them into longbows or you can first convert them from logs then string them. Again the most profitable two for this are yew and magic longbows requiring levels 70 and 80 respectively.

GP/H: 200K - 250K

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