OSRS Agility Guide

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OSRS Agility Guide

What is Agility?

Agility is a really important skill that allows you to move around the game with more ease. This OSRS agility guide will cover the fastest and the most profitable ways to train your agility alongside any out of the ordinary methods. If you want to head straight into the guide scroll down to the “Agility Guide” section.

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Why Should You Train Agility?

First of all, levelling up your agility will allow your run energy to regenerate faster. This will be useful throughout your entire time in this game, allowing you to get to your destination faster and cut down on your run energy restoration supply costs. 

Secondly, levelling up this skill unlocks a lot of shortcuts all over Gielinor. Some of these shortcuts are pretty much necessary since they are a huge quality of life update for your character and other shortcuts allow easier access to bosses and monsters. Some of these shortcuts are also in wilderness which can allow you to escape a pker if they don’t have the required agility level.

Thirdly you will need agility to complete quests and there are a lot of quests that require agility. Also as a side note your agility level will affect all your quests since you will be running around in all of them and having a high agility level with full graceful will come in handy in almost all of them. Here is the list of quests that require agility to complete:

  • The Dig Site - Agility Level 10 (Boostable)
  • The Lost Tribe - Agility Level 13 (Boostable)
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - Agility Level 15 
  • Troll Stronghold - Agility Level 15 (Boostable)
  • The Depths of Despair - Agility Level 18
  • Mountain Daughter - Agility Level 20 (Boostable)
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun - Agility Level 23 (Boostable)
  • Ghost Ahoy - Agility Level 25 (Boostable)
  • The Grand Tree - Agility Level 25 (Boostable)
  • In Search of the Myreque - Agility Level 25 (Boostable)
  • Watchtower - Agility Level 25 (Boostable)
  • Darkness of Hallowvale - Agility Level 26 (Boostable)
  • Troll Romance - Agility Level 28
  • Cold War - Agility Level 30
  • Shilo Village - Agility Level 32 (Boostable)
  • Horror from the Deep - Agility Level 35 (Boostable)
  • One Small Favour - Agility Level 36 (Boostable)
  • Land of the Goblins - Agility Level 38
  • Royal Trouble - Agility Level 40 (Boostable)
  • Cabin Fever - Agility Level 42
  • A Taste of Hope - Agility Level 45
  • Recipe for Disaster, Awowogei subquest - Agility Level 48
  • Legends’ Quest - Agility Level 50 (Boostable)
  • Sins of the Father - Agility Level 52
  • A kingdom Divided - Agility Level 54
  • Monkey Madness 2  Agility Level 55
  • Regicide - Agility Level 56 (Boostable)
  • Grim Tales - Agility Level 59 (Boostable)
  • Dragon Slayer 2 - Agility Level 60
  • Beneath Cursed Sands - Agility Level 62
  • Making Friends with My Arm - Agility Level 68 (Boostable)
  • Song of the Elves - Agility Level 70

So to get a Quest cape, you will be needing at least level 70 agility.

You will also need to train your agility to get the full graceful outfit which is the best in-slot outfit for any activity that involves running a lot.

Finally if you want to complete all the achievement diaries in the game you will be needing level 90 agility.


Useful Items

  1. Weight Reducing Clothing

Weight reducing clothing, reduces the players weight and allows them to run for a longer period of time. This will greatly help your agility training as you will be running around a lot. There are few weight reducing clothing that you can pickup prior to any agility training those are:

  • Boots of lightness: Picked up during the Temple of Ikov quest but you can pick up this item without starting the quest. This item reduces your weight by 4.535 kg.
  • Spotted/Spottier Cape: These two capes are hunter capes that require level 40 and 66 hunter respectively, to equip. Spotted cape reduces the player's weight by 2.267 kg whereas spottier cape reduces it by 4.535 kg.
  • Penance Gloves: These gloves can be purchased from the barbarian assault minigame shop. You will need 150 honour points in each of the roles to be able to purchase this item. This item requires level 40 defence to wear and reduce 4.535 kg. You don’t have to go out of your way to get these as you will be replacing them with graceful gloves anyways.
  • Graceful Set: To purchase this set, you will need to do rooftop agility courses. While doing rooftops, you will receive marks of grace which then can be used to purchase full graceful. The shop that sells this set is located in Burthorpe, Rogues' Den.

Hood / 35 Marks of Grace / -3 Kg / +%3 Run energy restoration rate

Top / 55 Marks of Grace / -5 Kg / +%4 Run energy restoration rate

Legs / 60 Marks of Grace / -6 Kg / +%4 Run energy restoration rate

Gloves / 30 Marks of Grace / -3 Kg / +%3 Run energy restoration rate

Boots / 40 Marks of Grace / -4 Kg / +%3 Run energy restoration rate

Cape / 40 Marks of Grace / -4 Kg / +%3 Run energy restoration rate

Wearing the full set gives an additional %10 run energy restoration rate boosting it to a total of %30.

The full set is also a requirement for a master clue scroll step.


  1. Summer Pie

Summer pie is a food that heals for 11 health each bite. It also boosts your agility level by 5 and restores 10% energy. This will be useful in completing boostable quests if you don’t have the required level and this is the only food you should bring while training agility in case you fail obstacles and need to heal.


  1. Stamina/Energy Potions

These potions restore your energy to allow you to keep running. The best one is the stamina potion, since it restores your rune energy by 20 and also gives you a 2 minute buff that slows down your run energy drainage.


1 - 99 Agility Guide

There are a lot of different courses and ways to train your agility level. Here are some useful lists to help you decide how you want to approach agility.

Levels 1 - 33 Questing: No matter which route you want to take, skipping your early agility grind with quests can be a viable option since agility is a really slow skill to train. To get straight to level 33 agility complete the following quests:

  • Recruitment Drive - 1,000 Agility experience
  • The Tourist Trap - 9,300 Agility experience (Use both exp rewards in agility)
  • The Depths of Despair - 1,500 Agility Experience
  • The Grand Tree - 7,900 Agility Experience

Fastest Route to 99 Agility

  1. Levels 1 - 10 Gnome Stronghold Agility Course: Head to gnome stronghold to start your agility training. You will need to complete this course 13 and a half times to reach level 10.


  1. Levels 10 - 20/30 Draynor Village Rooftop Course: From level 10 you can start using the rooftop agility courses which is great since you will start getting those marks of grace! If you don’t have access to stamina potions or other forms of run energy restoration and want to continue doing rooftop agility this is your best option until level 30. It takes approximately 28 laps to reach level 20.


  1. Levels 15 - 30: Edgeville Dungeon Monkey Bars: As weird as it sounds if you don’t care about the marks of grace and you don’t care about getting pk’ed this is the fastest exp until level 30. This is also a pretty easy method to do since you can keep your mouse in one place and just click once every time you go across the bars.

EXP/H: 12,2K

  1. Levels 20 - 25/30 Al Kharid Rooftop Course: If you are continuing on the rooftop path, you will be heading to Al Kharid. If you don’t want to train at Werewolf Skullball this is the fastest rooftop experience until level 30. You will need to complete approximately 50 laps to reach level 30.

EXP/H: 9,3K

  1. Levels 25 - 48 Werewolf Skullball: Werewolf Skullball yields the best experience rates until level 48. For this method you will need to have the quest “Creature of Fenkenstrain” complete and have the ring of charos equipped. This mini game is really click intensive and the exp rates will depend on how good you concentrate. With good concentration:

EXP/H: 18K

  1. Levels 30 - 40 Varrock Rooftop Course: If you want more marks of grace and a less click intensive method you can do Varrock rooftop course. You will need to do about 101 laps to get to 40.

EXP/H: 13,2K

  1. Levels 40 - 48/52/60 Canifis Rooftop Course: Again this is easier and less click intensive than werewolf skullball course. Also this is the best course to farm marks of grace at. Every hour you can expect to get around 18 - 22 marks of grace so if you are looking to complete the graceful outfit or make some money off amylase crystals this is the course for you.

EXP/H: 14K - 16K

GP/H: 140K - 171K (if trading marks of grace for amylase crystals)

  1. Levels 48 -52/60 Ape Atoll Agility Course: To use this course you will need to complete the quest “Monkey Madness 1” and have a ninja monkey greegree (Kruk greegree works as well). This agility course doesn’t yield any marks of grace but has good experience rates. Make sure to bring summer pies to boost your agility level to fail less.

EXP/H: 45K - 50K

  1. Levels 50 - 60 Falador Rooftop Course: If you want to collect more marks of grace or if you don’t have the quest completed you can do Falador rooftop course. 

EXP/H: 22K - 24,5K

GP/H: 101K (if trading marks of grace for amylase crystals)

  1. Levels 52 - 99 Hallowed Sepulchre: This is the most click intensive method out of any agility training method but it yields the best experience and best gold per hour. To access this course you must complete the quest “Sins of the Father”. It is also recommended that you have at least level 66 thieving to be able to loot the coffins to make some gp. At level 92 this method yields 2.4M per hour. Keep in mind that it takes a while to get used to hallowed sepulchre so if you want to get the best exp rates, you really need to learn how to best dodge everything. The following exp rates show the exp you can get if you are not looting anything.
  • Level 52 Agility EXP/H: 46K 
  • Level 62 Agility EXP/H: 55K
  • Level 72 Agility EXP/H: 65K
  • Level 82 Agility EXP/H: 78K
  • Level 92 Agility EXP/H: 95K

Other Methods

  1. Levels 33 - 74 Barbarian Fishing: Barbarian fishing grants passive strength and agility experience to the player. If you are going for a high fishing level and want to skip the early slow levels of agility training this is the best way to do so. To unlock this method you need to partially complete barbarian training that you receive from Otto. If you do this from level 58 fishing to level 99 you will end up with level 74 agility. This will save you at least 24 hours of agility training.
  2. Levels 48 - 52 Shayzien Advanced Agility Course: Instead of ape atoll you can choose to use this course. Exp rates are lower but in this course you are less likely to fail. To do this course bring along a mith grapple and a crossbow.

EXP/H: 28K

  1. Levels 50 - 52 Rogues’ Den: In the rogues’ den there is a minigame that rewards you the rogue equipment. While getting that equipment you will be receiving about 10K agility exp, which is enough to boost you these two levels.
  2. Levels 52 - 60 Wilderness Agility Course: Although this agility course requires level 52 agility to enter, you can boost your level to enter it, so you can start doing this course at level 47 agility. However the pipe obstacle requires level 49 agility to do so you will occasionally have to re-boost your agility level. Don’t forget the fact that you are in wilderness and you might run into pkers so bring minimal risk and do not bring your full graceful as you will lose any untradable over level 20 wilderness.
  3. Levels 60 - 80 Seers’ Village Rooftop Course: This method is really viable if you have completed the hard Kandarin Diary. The reason being is that hard Kandarin diary allows you to teleport directly near the bank (which is the start of the agility course) with a camelot teleport, so you will be teleporting to the start of the course after every lap which will save you massive amounts of time. If you don’t have the hard diary completed and want to get marks of grace you should move on to Pollnivneach rooftop course at level 70.

EXP/H: 50K - 56K

  1. Levels 60 - 99 Werewolf Agility Course: This course is only recommended for players that cannot access Darkmeyer as this method requires a lot of concentration and clicking just like hallowed sepulchre and provides less exp and no gp. You must have completed the quest “Creature of Frankenstein” and equip the ring of charos to access this course. You will stop failing the death-slide in the course after level 80 agility and strength and with a weight below 2kg. You can also trap the agility trainer npc by having another account talking to him which can increase the exp rates.

EXP/H: 50K - 70K

  1. Levels 70 - 80 Pollnivneach Rooftop Course: As mentioned before this is only recommended for players that want to get marks of grace but haven’t completed the hard Kandarin diary.

EXP/H: 52K

  1. Levels 75 - 90/99 Prifddinas Agility Course: To access this course you will need to have the quest “Song of the Elves” completed. This course rewards crystal shards instead of marks of grace. You can find these shards by using the portals that appear throughout the course. These portals are random for everyone and have a ⅓ chance to grant a crystal shard. On average you can expect to find 15 crystal shards per hour.

EXP/H: 59K - 66K

GP/H: 180K (crystal shards can be used to create divine super combat potions)

  1. Levels 80 - 90 Rellekka Rooftop Course: This method is only recommended for people that want to get marks of grace. After level 80 agility the rate at which the marks of grace drop at the Seers’ village agility course drops by 20% so this place becomes better for collecting.

EXP/H: 50K - 54K

  1. Levels 90 - 99 Ardougne Rooftop Course: The Ardougne Rooftop Course offers a profitable and a less click-intensive training option from level 90 onwards. This course also has the highest spawn rate of marks of grace, which is increased by 25% after completion of the elite tier of the Ardougne Diary.

EXP/H: 59K - 62K

GP/H: 175K (if trading marks of grace for amylase crystals)

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