OSRS Agility Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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OSRS Agility Guide: Everything You Need To Know

There are over 20 skills to master in Old School Runescape and each of them carries its own weight when it comes to your adventures in Gielinor. Although they're all important to invest time in, there's no doubt that some skills give you access to more and better rewards on your adventure. Of them all, one of the most important in our opinion is Agility.

What is Agility and why does it matter? This OSRS agility guide will help you understand why it's a must to keep your character agile on its feet at all times.

Why Should You Train Agility In Old School Runescape?

Agility is a skill that's accessed only by members of OSRS. It's one of eight members-only skills but it's also undoubtedly one of the most important ones as well. This gives you the ability to access various shortcuts around Gielinor. Aside from that, Agility also affects run energy restoration and access to certain outfits in the game.

Improving agility includes taking shortcuts. In most cases, however, you'll need to do agility training to level up this skill.

What Are OSRS Shortcuts?


Of these, the most important of course, is the access to shortcuts. There isn't always a guaranteed reward at the end of shortcuts. However, they save you a lot of valuable time when you go through them. There are a ton of shortcuts scattered throughout the game. If you want to check where they are and what skill levels you need, check out this table.

Skill Level RequiredShortcutLocation
N/AStileStile at Fred the Farmer's sheep field and the stile at Falador cabbage patch. (F2P)
Agility - 1Stepping stonesLumbridge Swamp Caves stepping stones
Agility - 1Basalt rockLighthouse basalt rocks
Agility - 1BridgeOutside Nature Grotto
Agility - 5Crumbling wallFalador Agility Shortcut
Agility - 5Climbing rocksYanille
Agility - 8
Strength - 19
Range - 37
Broken Raft(Mith grapple) Over the River Lum to Al Kharid
Agility - 10RocksCorsair Cove shortcut
Agility - 10RopeswingRope swing to Moss Giant Island
Agility - 11
Strength - 37
Range - 19
Wall(Mith grapple) Scale Falador wall
Agility - 12Stepping stonesStepping stones in Brimhaven Dungeon
Agility - 13FenceVarrock south fence jump
Agility - 14Tight-gapScale Goblin Village wall
Agility - 15Pillar jumpCorsair Cove Dungeon shortcut
Agility - 15Monkey barsMonkey bars under Edgeville
Agility - 16Underwall tunnelYanille Agility shortcut
Agility - 17CrackCatacombs of Kourend southern crack
Agility - 20Log balanceCoal Trucks log balance
Agility - 21Underwall tunnelGrand Exchange Agility shortcut
Agility - 22PipePipe contortion in Brimhaven Dungeon
Agility - 23
Strength - 28
Range - 24
Rocks(Mith grapple) Scale the Observatory cliff
Agility - 25RocksEagles' Peak Agility shortcut
Agility - 25RocksWrecked ship near Port Phasmatys
Agility - 26Underwall tunnelFalador Agility shortcut
Agility - 28StonesNorth-west corner of the Catacombs of Kourend
Agility - 29RocksLower Mount Karuulm cliffside climb
Agility - 30RocksRocks in the Corsair Cove Resource Area
Agility - 30Log balanceSouth-west of the red dragon area in Brimhaven Dungeon
Agility - 30Stepping stonesStepping stones near the waterfall east of Shilo Village
Agility - 31Stepping stoneDraynor Manor stones to Champions' Guild
Agility - 32
Strength - 35
Range - 35
Rocks(Mith grapple) Scale Catherby cliffside
Agility - 32Rock slideCairn Isle rock slide climb
Agility - 33Log balanceArdougne log balance shortcut
Agility - 34CrackCatacombs of Kourend northern crack
Agility - 34PipePipe contortion in Brimhaven Dungeon
Agility - 36
Strength - 22
Range - 39
Crossbow Tree(Mith grapple) Escape from the Water Obelisk Island
Agility - 37RocksGnome Stronghold shortcut
Agility - 38RocksAl Kharid mining pit cliffside scramble
Agility - 39
Strength - 38
Range- 21
Wall(Mith grapple) Scale Yanille wall
Agility - 40Balancing ledgeYanille Agility Dungeon balance ledge
Agility - 40Stepping stonesKourend lake isle jump
Agility - 41RocksTrollheim easy cliffside scramble
Agility - 42Narrow creviceDwarven Mine narrow crevice
Agility - 42Underwall tunnelDraynor narrow tunnel
Agility - 43RocksTrollheim medium cliffside scramble
Agility - 44RocksTrollheim advanced cliffside scramble
Agility - 45Stepping stonesKourend river jump
Agility - 45Log balanceTirannwn log balance
Agility - 46Jutting wallCosmic Temple - medium narrow walkway
Agility - 46Narrow creviceDeep Wilderness Dungeon narrow shortcut
Agility - 47RocksTrollheim hard cliffside scramble
Agility - 48Log balanceLog balance to Fremennik Province
Agility - 49Obstacle pipeContortion in Yanille Agility Dungeon small room
Agility - 49BoulderDense essence mine boulder leap
Agility - 50Stepping stoneStepping stone into Morytania west of the Nature Grotto
Agility - 51Obstacle pipePipe from Edgeville Dungeon to Varrock Sewers
Agility - 52RocksDense essence mine eastern scramble
Agility - 53
Strength - 21
Range - 42
Strong Tree(Mith grapple) Karamja Volcano
Agility - 54Dark tunnelMotherlode Mine eastern wall shortcut
Agility - 54Dark tunnelMotherlode Mine southern wall shortcut
Agility - 56RubbleRock climb in the Temple of the Eye
Agility - 55Stepping stoneStepping stone by Miscellania docks
Agility - 57Monkey barsMonkey bars under Yanille
Agility - 57Broken FenceRellekka east fence shortcut
Agility - 58Weathered wallPort Phasmatys Ectopool shortcut
Agility - 59RocksElven Overpass (Arandar) easy cliffside scramble
Agility - 60Rocky handholdsWilderness from God Wars Dungeon area climb
Agility - 60Little crackSqueeze through to God Wars Dungeon surface access
Agility - 60Stepping stoneEstuary crossing on Mos Le'Harmless
Agility - 60GapPillars in the Wintertodt's Prison
Agility - 61Spikey chainSlayer Tower medium spiked chain climb
Agility - 62CreviceFremennik Slayer Dungeon near basilisks
Agility - 62RocksUpper Mount Karuulm cliffside climb
Agility - 62RocksStepping stones in Necropolis
Agility - 63Loose railingTaverley Dungeon lesser demon fence
Agility - 63WallDarkmeyer north-eastern wall
Agility - 64RocksTrollheim Wilderness Route
Agility - 64RopeRope to the Fossil Island Volcano
Agility - 65Ornate railingTemple on the Salve to Morytania shortcut
Agility - 65Pillar Jump (Easy)Revenant Caves
Agility - 66Jutting wallCosmic Altar advanced narrow walkway
Agility - 66Stepping stoneLumbridge Swamp to Kharidian Desert
Agility - 67CreviceHeroes' Guild tunnel
Agility - 67Pile of rubbleYanille Agility Dungeon's rubble climb
Agility - 68RocksElven Overpass (Arandar) medium cliffside scramble
Agility - 68RocksIce Mountain western scramble
Agility - 69RocksDense essence mine northern scramble
Agility - 70Obstacle pipeTaverley Dungeon pipe squeeze to Blue dragon lair
Agility - 70HoleFossil Island hardwood shortcut
Agility - 70RockRope descent to Saradomin's Encampment
Agility - 70Big window/Broken wallAl Kharid Palace southern window
Agility - 71Spikey chainSlayer Tower advanced spiked chain climb
Agility - 71Crumbling wallEastern Gu'Tanoth
Agility - 72TunnelStronghold Slayer Cave narrow tunnel
Agility - 72TunnelAsgarnian Ice Dungeon tunnel
Agility - 73RocksTroll Stronghold wall-climb
Agility - 73RocksDense essence mine western descent
Agility - 74Stepping stoneLava Dragon Isle jump
Agility - 74CaveMeiyerditch Laboratories tunnels
Agility - 75Strange floorForthos Dungeon jump
Agility - 75Pillar Jump (Medium)Revenant Caves
Agility - 76Stepping stoneIsland crossing near Zul-Andra
Agility - 77Stepping stoneShilo Village stepping stones over the river
Agility - 78Tight gapIorwerth Dungeon northern shortcut
Agility - 79VineKharazi Jungle vine climb
Agility - 80Strange floorTaverley Dungeon
Agility - 81Strange floorFremennik Slayer Dungeon near pyrefiends
Agility - 82Stepping stoneLava Maze northern jump
Agility - 83Stepping stonesBrimhaven Dungeon eastern stepping stones
Agility - 84Tight gapIorwerth Dungeon southern shortcut
Agility - 85RocksElven Overpass (Arandar) advanced cliffside scramble
Agility - 86CreviceKalphite Lair wall shortcut
Agility - 87VineBrimhaven Dungeon vine to baby green dragons
Agility - 88Mysterious pipeKaruulm Slayer Dungeon
Agility - 89Pillar Jump (Hard)Revenant Caves
Agility - 91Rocks (Viyeldi caves)Viyeldi Caves cliff climb
Agility - 93CaveMeiyerditch Laboratories tunnels

A Guide To Training Agility

While it's one of the most useful skills, the Agility skill is also one of the hardest to train out there. Its training methods are fairly limited. However, if you know what to do, you can gain a ton of XP per hour.

The good news is that you can undertake agility courses which is a click intensive training option that gives you a huge XP boost. As tiring as it may be, doing this click intensive training option is one of the best and fastest ways to reach level 99 in Agility.

What Are Agility Courses?

These are key spots in Gielinor that are focused solely on improving your Agility. To complete each course, you'll need to run through a series of obstacles. Failing to pass through an obstacle can result in getting damaged.

While equipping heavy armor to improve your defenses might seem like a good idea, it's always better to carry lighter equipment instead. This will drain your run energy slower than heavy armor so you can finish the course with ease. If you're still having trouble with the course, you should bring food to keep your health up when needed.


Speaking of food, you should bring Summer Pies whenever you want to train Agility. Each Summer Pie gives you two bites that heal 11 HP. Additionally, you get +5 to your Agility level, as well as boost to run energy which is very important for this build.

There are a few types of courses.

  • Regular Course - Standard courses that require you to complete a set of obstacles.
  • Rooftop Course - Regular courses that reward you with a chance at Marks of Grace.
  • Special Course - These are courses that have unique mechanics and obstacles. They're typically harder as well.

Aside from loot, you can also get Marks of Grace inside any of the Rooftop Agility Courses. We'll detail what you can do with these later but make sure that you get them whenever they drop. They disappear after 10 minutes after being picked up. Here's a look at the agility courses in the game.

Important Items To Train Agility

You're still going to want to snag a few more items to help you make training agility a lot easier to do. Whether it's to increase your run energy or to increase your agility temporarily, it's definitely a must to get these items.

  1. Agility Cape

This is a substitute for the Graceful Cape. You can use the Agility Cape once a day which can then restore your run energy to 100%. It can also provide the effects of a stamina potion for one minute. It also increases agility by 1.

  1. Elven Dawn

Elven Dawn increases your Agility by 1. Unfortunately, it decreases your Strength by a level but it gives you a bit of HP.

  1. Agility Potion

Increases your Agility by 3.

  1. Agility Mix

Increases your Agility by 3. It also gives you 6 HP per dose but you need to finish Barbarian Training to gain access to this.

  1. Spicy Stew

Can give you 0-5 Agility and can heal you for up to 11 HP as well.

  1. Summer Pie

Easily one of the best items you'll learn of in this OSRS Agility guide. It boosts your Agility and enhances your run energy restoration significantly as well.

While the Agility boost for these items is temporary, they're still pretty helpful. They're particularly great if you're going to a course that's higher than your intended level and you want to get a bit of a boost. The temporary increase in Agility will of course, improve your chances at successfully passing the obstacle.

What Are Marks of Grace?


While doing some of the Rooftop Agility Courses, it's very likely that you'll come across Marks of grace. These are used to buy pieces of the graceful outfit, recolor any existing pieces you have, and even purchase amylase crystals.

If you're wondering how much amylase crystals cost, they're worth a whopping 14,260 coins so you can use that to increase your money significantly. But of course, you should aim to get a graceful outfit first.

If you want to farm Marks of Grace, here are some of the courses that you can get them from.

  • Draynor: 10-13.8 per hour
  • Al Kharid: 8-11.5 per hour
  • Varrock: 8-11.3 per hour
  • Canifis: 16-18.0 per hour
  • Falador: 10-12.1 per hour
  • Seers: 11-13.8 per hour
  • Pollnivneach: 9-11.9 per hour
  • Rellekka: 13-15.5 per hour
  • Ardougne: 16-18.1 per hour

Getting The Graceful Set

If not for the coins you get for selling Marks of Grace, you should hoard them to build the graceful set. You can trade in the Marks of Grace to Grace an NPD inside the Rogues Den. The full set of this outfit will require exactly 260 Marks of Grace which isn't a lot especially if you're doing a lot of Agility training through the courses.

sold at
bought at
Run energy
restoration rate
Graceful hood3528-3 kg+3%
Graceful top5544-5 kg+4%
Graceful legs6048-6 kg+4%
Graceful gloves3024-3 kg+3%
Graceful boots4032-4 kg+3%
Graceful cape4032-4 kg+3%

The set looks good enough already in our opinion. However, if you want to fully max out your style with this build, you can also recolor each of the pieces of this set. You're looking at 90 Marks of Grace to recolor the full grace outfit. That's 15 Marks of Grace per piece just in case you're wondering.


Keep in mind that recoloring your set won't add to its value or stats in any way. This is purely cosmetic, so you might want to save your Marks of Grace for more important things.

The Rogues Den rewards for getting Marks of Grace is definitely worth it. As you can see from the chart above, you can get significant bonuses for weight reduction, as well as energy restoration. With that, you can significantly improve your runs. The graceful set is definitely a must for those who want to focus on Agility training.

Extra: Fastest Way To Get The Full Graceful Outfit

Farming for Marks of Grace can be tiring. Once you reach level 40 on Agility, we suggest farming for the item on the Canifis Rooftop Course. You can get the entire outfit in around 13-16 hours. While long, this is still the fastest method available.

Agility Courses and EXP Rates

Agility RequiredCourseCategoryExperience per hour
1Gnome Stronghold Agility CourseRegular Course9,250
1Brimhaven Agility ArenaSpecial Course67,000
5Shayzien Basic CourseRegular Course8,750
10Draynor Village Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course9,000
20Al Kharid Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course9,360
30Agility PyramidSpecial Course44,750
30Varrock Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course13,000
30Penguin Agility CourseRegular Course30,000
35Barbarian Outpost Agility CourseRegular Course18,200
40Canifis Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course19,200
48Shayzien Advanced CourseRegular Course28,000
48Ape Atoll Agility CourseRegular Course53,300
50Falador Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course27,200
52Wilderness Agility CourseRegular Course47,500
52Hallowed SepulchreSpecial Course75,000
60Werewolf Agility CourseRegular Course69,500
60Seers' Village Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course45,600
70Dorgesh-Kaan Agility CourseSpecial Course63,000
70Pollnivneach Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course52,300
75Prifddinas Agility CourseRegular Course66,000
80Rellekka Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course55,000
90Ardougne Rooftop CourseRooftop Agility Course62,300

OSRS Agility Training Guide From Level 1 To 99

We know what you're here for, getting from level 1 to 100 Agility as quickly as possible. In this part of this OSRS agility guide, we're going to share the best way to rummage through those levels with ease.

Levels 1-33

You can skip a huge portion of the levels by doing quests that give you Agility experience first. With this, we are referring to Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap, The Depths of Despair, and the Grand Tree.

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Quests That Grant Agility Experience

  1. Recruitment Drive

This is the initial quest for the Temple Knight series. It requires you to solve a few puzzles using your wits. To start this quest, you'll need to speak to Sir Amik Varze on the 3rd floor of the White Knights' Castle's western tower in Falador.

  1. The Tourist Trap

This is an intermediate-level quest that's located in the Kharidian Desert. This is an exciting quest that walks you through an undercover rescue mission to save a woman's daughter. To start this quest, speak to Irena by the Shantay Pass, south of Al Kharid.

  1. The Depths of Despair

This quest is a part of the Great Kourend series quest so it will be a bit of a journey before you can get here. To start this quest, talk to Lord Kandur Hosidius at his home in Hosidius, northwest of the Vinery.

  1. The Grand Tree

This exciting quest tasks you with protecting the Grand Tree and preventing it from dying. You can start this by talking to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.

By doing these four quests, you can earn a total of 19,700 experience for your Agility. That should be enough to get you from level 1 to 33 without any problem. These quests are fairly easy to do as well and little preparation is needed. This is just one part of your journey to train in Agility though.


Although there are other agility quests in the game, these net you the most XP gain so they're worth doing.

Levels 34-99

From levels 34-99, you should focus more on the Agility course areas throughout Gielinor. The process will still be long but this is the most optimized way to train agility. Below, you'll find a chart featuring all of the agility course areas you can find in the game, as well as a few key details. We'll dive deeper into each area in the next section.

Agility Level RecommendedCourseAgility RequirementEstimated XP per hour
1-10Gnome Stronghold Agility Course1 - Agility8000
10-20/30Draynor Village Rooftop Course10 - Agility9000
15-40Monkeybars (Edgeville Dungeon)15 - Agility13,200
20-25/30Al Kharid Rooftop Course20 - Agility9360
25-48Werewolf Skullball25 - Agility
Creature of Fenkenstrain
Ring of Charos
30-40Varrock Rooftop Course30 - Agility13,200
40-48/50/52/60Canifis Rooftop Course40 - Agility17,800 (no fails)
48-52/60Ape Atoll Agility Course48 - Agility
Monkey Madness I (Chapter 2)
Ninja Monkey
Greegree or Kruk Greegree
45,000-,50,000 (no fails, stam pots)
50-60Falador Rooftop Course50 - Agility26,400 (no fails)
52-99Hallowed Sepulcher52 - Agility
Sins of the Father
90,000 -95,000 (level 92+)

If you've done the quests that will get you to level 33, you can skip straight ahead to Werewolf Skullball. Doing most of the courses with low Agility can be tough as it can cause you to fail most of the obstacles.

If you don't and prefer doing only agility courses to train agility, you should start with the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course and follow this guide as intended.

Levels 1-10: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

If you're going to start at the base level directly, the only recommended training course is this one. You can earn around 8,000 XP per hour. This entire part of the leveling system can take you around 13 laps to reach level 10.

We highly recommend going through each of the courses at least once because you might as well start familiarizing yourself with how the levels work.


Levels 10-30: Draynor Village Rooftop Course

This special area nets you around 9,000 XP per hour. From level 10, you can get to level 20 in around 28 laps. This area might be challenging if you don't have stamina potions but if you do, you can take it up a notch and get to level 30 in this area. It entirely depends on what items you have with you. If you have Summer Pies getting to level 30 should be a breeze.


Levels 15-40: Edgeville Dungeon Monkeybars

This is the first wilderness agility course that you can try at early game. It takes a lot less work than the previous two agility courses. You can keep the mouse cursor in one spot and continuously click to earn more XP. You can earn around 13,200 XP per hour.

The downside however is that since this is a wilderness agility course, you could be exposed to player hunters within the area. Any wilderness course in OSRS will put you in danger of PVP so keep that in mind.


Level 20-30: Al Kharid Rooftop Course

This is currently one of the best spots to get to level 30 if you want to focus on rooftop agility courses. It nets you 9,360 XP per hour if you have stamina potions. This is a good alternative to Werewolf Skullball just in case you don't have access to that area yet.


Levels 25-48: Werewolf Skullball

This is the fastest way to get to level 40 Agility. The problem is that you'll first need to complete the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest and have the Ring of Charos to gain access to the area. If you haven't done any of this, you can either focus on Al Kharid Rooftop Course or the Varrock Rooftop Course instead.

Don't bring any Summer Pies or any food for that matter for this course. You'll need to brace yourself though as the course itself is very click-intensive. It can be tough but once you get the rhythm, you can breeze through the course easily. With good focus, you can gain up to 18,000 XP per hour.


Levels 30-40: Varrock Rooftop Course

If you want something that takes less work to do but gets you a good amount of XP as well, you can choose this over the previous two courses on this list. With luck and skill, you can get up to 13,200 XP per hour on this rooftop course. Even if you fail on some obstacles, you're still getting a ton of XP.

The Varrock agility course is fairly easy to do. Even if you fail obstacles here and there, you're still getting a good amount of XP.


Levels 40-60: Canifis Rooftop Course

If you're planning on collecting Marks of Grace, then this is one of the best courses to choose. That's on top of the fact that this is a good alternative to the Werewolf Skullball when it comes to XP gain. Still, you can expect to get 18-22 Marks of Grace per hour on average. If you're wondering how much that can get you in terms of coins, that's 313,720 coins.

If you consistently train in this area, you can earn enough XP to get to level 60 Agility with ease. Each hour on the course can yield you around 17,800 XP. If you fail in some areas, you can expect to get around 14,000-16,000 instead.


Levels 48-60: Ape Atoll Agility Course

If you've done Monkey Madness I - chapter 2, then you should've unlocked this course. This course can give you around 30,000-35,000 XP every hour. With stamina potions you can greatly increase that to 45,000-50,000 per hour. The problem though is that your XP gain can suffer drastically each time you fail so make sure to be very careful and thorough in this course.


Levels 50-60: Falador Rooftop Course

A single lap on this course takes around one minute and this is why people love the Falador Rooftop Course so much. It has a maximum hourly XP gain of 26,400 without fails. In total, you can average at around 22,000-24,500 per hour. What's great is that you can get a decent amount of Marks of Grace in this area as well.


Levels 52-99: Hallowed Sepulcher

You're going to be spending most of your time in the Hallowed Sepulcher once you hit this part of your agility training. It provides the best XP gain out of all the other training courses in the game. It's also one of the hardest but your efforts are well-rewarded in this training course.

You need good timing and concentration to get through this course without failing. If you're very active on this course, you can get to the Grand Hallowed Coffin on the final floor and nab the ring of endurance. However, you'll need to be at level 66 Thieving if you want to loot the coffins.

Additionally, make sure that you've finished the Sins of the Father quest as this area won't be accessible if you haven't yet.

After level 92 Agility, you can gain up to 90,000 - 95,000 XP per hour. If you are looting at this level you can expect to get 2M gold per hour as well.

Keep in mind that these aren't just the agility courses in the game. Some of the other courses include the Pollnivneach Rooftop course, Ardougne Rooftop Course, the Seers Village Course, and more.


Other Useful Agility Training Information

Although this is the most optimized agility training method you can find, it will still take hours before you can get to 99. You don't need to dedicate yourself completely to this guide as there are other training methods that you can try out. Here are a few more tips to consider for training Agility.

  1. Take Your Time

Raising your Agility skill is honestly taxing. You'll start to get reckless and clumsy once you've done a few rounds of the rooftop courses. Whether it's the challenging Canifis rooftop course or any other rooftop course, you need to take your time.

If you want to train agility as optimally as possible, you'll want to focus on getting more successful obstacles over failed ones. Failing can result in huge penalties which can make training agility take longer.

  1. Invest in Energy Potions

Aside from Summer Pie, you should also bring stamina potions or energy potions when training Agility. An Energy Potion can give you that extra boost you need to keep your Agility training as smooth as possible. If you don't have the Herblore skill, you can purchase this from a merchant in Varrock.

  1. Switch It Up

Agility training can be very redundant. Don't be afraid to switch up your rooftop courses or wilderness courses from time to time. There are a ton of courses in the game. Rooftop courses are typically the most challenging but they're also the most fun to do so they're far less boring.

  1. Wear Light Gear

Light gear doesn't increase your chances of succeeding obstacles in courses. However, they make your character lighter, thus allowing them to spend less run energy. As such, you should do your best to avoid wearing heavy gear when doing agility courses. You won't need the defenses much but you'll need a lot of energy to get the most out of each run.

Quests That Grant Agility Experience

Aside from agility courses, you should also consider doing quests that reward you with Agility XP. The good news is that there are plenty of them in OSRS. However, some of them require other skills too.


Other requirements

Recruitment Drive1,000-Quest Points -12
The Depths of Despair1,5001820% Hosidius favour
The Fremennik Trials2,812-Fletching -25
Woodcutting - 40
Crafting - 40
Underground Pass3,000-Range - 25
Icthlarin's Little Helper4,000- 
Cold War5,00030Construction - 34 ,
Crafting - 30
Hunter - 10
Royal Trouble5,00040Slayer - 40
Cabin Fever7,00042Crafting - 45
Smithing - 50
Range - 40
Darkness of Hallowvale7,00026Construction - 5
Mining - 20
Thieving - 22
Crafting - 32
Magic - 33
Strength - 40
The Grand Tree7,90025-
Troll Romance8,00028-
Land of the Goblins8,00038Fishing - 40
Thieving - 45
Herblore - 48
Recipe for Disaster
(Awowogei subquest)
10,00048Cooking - 70
Regicide13,75056Crafting - 10
Grim Tales25,00059Farming - 45
Herblore - 52
Thieving - 58
Woodcutting - 71
Song of the Elves40,00070Construction - 70
Farming -70
Herblore - 70
Hunting - 70
Mining - 70
Smithing - 70
Woodcutting -70
Dragon Slayer II50,00060Quest Points - 200
Magic - 75
Smithing - 70
Mining - 68
Construction - 62
Thieving - 160
Construction - 50
Hitpoints - 50
Beneath Cursed Sands50,00062Crafting - 55
Firemaking - 55
Making Friends with My Arm50,00068Construction - 35
Firemaking - 66
Mining - 72
Mourning's End Part II60,000--
Monkey Madness II60,00055Slaying - 69
Crafting - 70
Hunting - 60
Thieving - 55
Secrets of the North60,00069Thieving - 64
Hunting - 56

Alternative Training Methods

If you want to change the pace of your training or you're bored of Agility courses, here are other methods you can consider.

Barbarian Fishing

An alternative to getting more XP once you hit level 33 is Barbarian Fishing. This method can grant you enough XP to reach level 74 XP with ease. What's great is that you're able to level up your character's Strength with this as well.

It's a good alternative if you're sick of doing the courses in the game.

Blast Furnace

This is a minigame that requires you to transport ores into a furnace. You can get a maximum of 6,000 experience per hour. The downside of Blast Furnace is that it quickly drains your energy so it's hard to maximize what you earn per hour.

Gnome Ball

If you want to increase your Ranged skills as well, you should try out Gnome Ball.In this minigame, your aim is to score goals against gnomes, by throwing a ball into the goal. You can get Ranged and Agility XP each time you throw the ball.

Toy Mouse

If you have high Crafting, you should make a toy mouse through a Crafting table. Winding and releasing, and then catching the toy will net you 3 Agility XP. It's a tiring process but it's more fun than running through courses again and again.

Underwater Agility and Thieving Trading

As the name suggests, this requires Agility and Thieving. To start it, you'll need to head to the Underwater area of Fossil Island. You'll need to swim around the area and look for chests and giant clam shells. You need to look for mermaid's tears and glistening tears specifically. You can exchange these items for Agility or Thieving experience.


May This OSRS Agility Guide Help You Out

That concludes this OSRS Agility guide. We've taught you about the importance of Agility, stamina potions, marks of grace, and so much more with this guide. Give it time and patience, and your character will be one of the most agile characters in all Gielonor.

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