OSRS Animal Magnetism Guide

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OSRS Animal Magnetism Guide

There are lots of quests to do in OSRS and one of them is Animal Magnetism. This fairly lengthy quest isn't one of the hardest but the rewards are definitely worth getting. If you want to finish it, then you may as well go through it as properly as possible. With this guide, you'll have it done in no time.

OSRS Animal Magnetism Requirements

Before anything else, you'll have to make sure that you're well prepared for this quest. Luckily, the requirements aren't too hard to do.


Quest Requirements

For the quests, you can only start Animal Magnetism after getting these done.

  • The Restless Ghost
  • Ernest the Chicken
  • Priest in Peril

Skill And Item Requirements


Aside from the completion of some quests, you'll also have to get your skills to the required level below.

  • Slayer 18
  • Crafting 19
  • Ranged 30
  • Woodcutting 35

For the items, make sure to bring these:

  • Mithril axe (required to obtain the blessed axe, no other type of axe will do)
  • 5 iron bars
  • Ghostspeak amulet (Morytania legs will not work)
  • 20 Ecto-tokens (or 4 bones, 4 buckets and 4 pots to gain the tokens)
  • Hammer
  • Hard leather
  • Holy symbol
  • Polished buttons



Aside from the required items above, you'll also have to bring in a few recommended items that will make the journey and the quest go by easier.

  • 10 more ecto-tokens to purchase an undead chicken (you can keep the chicken later)
  • Stamina or energy potion
  • Fast travel to several locations
  • Draynor Manor (Draynor Manor teleport or Amulet of Glory to Draynor Village)
  • Port Phasmatys (Ectophial, Charter ships or Fairy ring code alq)
  • Slayer Tower (Slayer Ring, Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport, Kharyrll teleport, Salve Graveyard teleport or Fairy ring code cks)
  • Burthorpe (Games Necklace, Burthorpe Games Room grouping teleport, Combat Bracelet to the Warriors' Guild, Taverley teleport or Teleport to House if it is in Taverley)
  • Rimmington (Rimmington teleport, Teleport to House if it is in Rimmington, Skills Necklace to the Crafting Guild or Rat Pits grouping teleport

OSRS Animal Magnetism Guide

Once you have everything above, it's time to get into Animal Magnetism. The quest's length is considered as medium so this could be done in a few hours.

How To Begin


To begin the quest, approach Ava on the ground floor in the west wing of Draynor Manor. You need to search a bookcase to unveil a secret door leading to her.

Discover that she now assists the professor at the manor's top floor. Ava informs you that she can craft something for you if you provide her with the items needed to repair her bed. Your first task is to fetch two undead chickens for her.

Getting The Undead Chickens

Note: You need a ghostspeak amulet and 20 ecto-tokens (or 4 bones, 4 empty pots, and 4 empty buckets to obtain ecto-tokens during the quest).

Start by traveling to the undead chicken farm west of the Ectofuntus with your ghostspeak amulet and ecto-tokens. Talk to Alice. If you lack enough ecto-tokens, refer to the Ectofuntus page for instructions on how to make them. The easiest way to reach Alice is by using an Ectophial (after completing Ghosts Ahoy).

After conversing with Alice, speak to her husband's ghost, Malcolm, who roams the farm near the undead cows. Go back and forth between Alice and her husband until Malcolm requests you to speak with her directly. To facilitate this, travel to the Old Crone and have her create a modified ghost-speak amulet for Malcolm. The Old Crone resides east of the Slayer Tower. Speak to her while still wearing the ghostspeak amulet, and she will provide you with a crone-made amulet. If you have completed Ghosts Ahoy, you'll make a remark about it.


Witness a cutscene where Cow31337Killer appears and "kills" Bessie! Deliver the amulet to Malcolm at the farm and engage in another conversation. An amusing cutscene will unfold, involving a fake player character named Cow31337Killer. Malcolm will then offer to sell you undead chickens (for 10 ecto-tokens each). Purchase two of them.

To collect ecto-tokens, run east to the Ectofuntus. Fill at least 4 empty buckets with slime by going down the trapdoor to the west of the Ectofuntus and continue down to the slime pit. Crush at least 2 bones into empty pots for bonemeal with the bone grinder on the 2nd floor[US], directly above the Ectofuntus. Worship the Ectofuntus in the middle of the 1st floor[US], and collect the ecto-tokens by speaking to a ghost disciple with an amulet of ghostspeak or Morytania Legs 2 equipped.

Getting The Magnet


Note: You'll need 5 iron bars, a hammer, and your two undead chickens.

Head back to Ava and give her the undead chickens. For some laughs, wield one of them during the conversation. Ava will then ask for a magnet.

Talk to the witch in a room nearby. She'll provide you with a selected iron for 5 iron bars and instructions on turning the iron into a magnet. Travel to the center of the mine northeast of Rimmington, and facing north, use a hammer on the iron. This process will transform it into a bar magnet.

The Undead Twigs


You need to head back to Ava with the magnet. Once you give Ava the magnet, she'll reward you with 50 Crafting experience. Ava will then mention needing undead twigs from one of the undead trees around the manor. Try to cut one of these trees, but you'll find it can't be done with a regular axe. Return to Ava and ask for a solution; she'll direct you to Turael in Burthorpe, who has been using his Slayer skills to figure out how to defeat the undead trees.

Speak with Turael, making sure not to accidentally request an unwanted Slayer task. Turael will exchange your mithril axe and holy symbol for a blessed axe, but he won't accept any other type of axe. Armed with the blessed axe, return to Draynor Manor and chop an undead tree until you obtain some undead twigs.

Final Step: Translating The Notes


To proceed, you'll need hard leather and polished buttons. After delivering the undead twigs to Ava, she'll mention that she's almost done with her invention, but she still needs to translate some research notes she has gathered. You can help by selecting the correct buttons that appear on the screen to ungarble the notes. Refer to the provided picture for the solution.

Once you've successfully translated the notes, speak to Ava again. She'll then inform you about the last items she requires to finish the device: hard leather and polished buttons. Combine these two items according to the given pattern to create a container. Hand the container over to Ava to complete the quest.

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OSRS Animal Magnetism Rewards


Of course, the most exciting part of the quest are the rewards that you'll get after. Upon completing the quest, you'll earn 1 quest point and gain experience in various skills:

  • Crafting: 1,000 experience
  • Fletching: 1,000 experience
  • Slayer: 1,000 experience
  • Woodcutting: 2,500 experience
  • Additionally, based on your Ranged level, you'll receive either Ava's Attractor (if your Ranged level is below 50) or Ava's Accumulator (if your Ranged level is 50 or higher). This unique reward enhances your Ranged capabilities.

Furthermore, you'll unlock the ability to trade with Ava and have the option to purchase her devices, which can be valuable tools in your adventures.

Get It Done!

This quest in OSRS is relatively easy and it's not going to take up too much of your time. As long as you prepare well and you ready the right tools before starting, you'll have this quest done in no time.

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