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OSRS Ankou Guide


It's hard to take a pick which of the monsters in Gielinor are the scariest. However, if you were to ask any player their choice, they'd probably choose the terrifying Ankous. These skeletal ghosts are far more dangerous than they look and can easily overwhelm you if you aren't prepared.

As Slayer monsters, you can get Ankou tasks from masters Nieve/Steve, Vannaka, Krystilia, Konar quo maten, and Krystillia.

Where To Find Ankou In OSRS

Ankous can be found in many areas of the world and their levels range from 75-95. Some Ankous are only accessible in P2P areas but luckily, you can still fight them in a few F2P areas. Ankous come in groups at all of their spawns so take caution when fighting them.

The Forgotten Cemetery86No21You can safely kill the Ankous here because of a safespot near the southwest coffin. It's on the square that's located where a bone spawns.
Stronghold of Security: Sepulchre of Death82, 86No23You can safespot the Ankous here by going to the southwestern room. There's a skeleton on the southeast that you can stand south of to start safespotting the Ankous. This is highly advisable as there's a large number of Ankous here.
Stronghold of Security: Sepulchre of Death75No9Relatively weaker Ankous that spawn in small numbers. Great for training your build or strategies against these monsters.
Stronghold Slayer Cave75, 82, 86Yes8One of the most popular areas for farming Ankous because its highly accessible. You can also use a dwarf multicannon while in the area.
Wilderness Slayer Cave98Yes10Killing the Ankous here becomes a bit problematic because you're going up against PK'ers as well. Reduce the risk significantly by preparing a level 30 Wilderness teleport.
Catacombs of Kourend95Yes10The Ankous here are relatively strong. The good news is that you can bury bones in the area which will help you recover some Prayer Points. Bring a bonecrusher with you so that you can stay safe with Prayers during the task.

Ankou Variants

MonsterCombat levelSlayer XPLocationsNotes
MonsterCombat levelSlayer XPLocationsNotes
Ankou75, 82, 86, 95, 9860, 65, 70, 60, 100
  • Catacombs of Kourend
  • Stronghold of Security: Sepulchre of Death
  • Stronghold Slayer Cave
  • The Forgotten Cemetery
  • Wilderness Slayer Cave
These Ankous are the regular ones. They spawn in groups and can easily overwhelm you if you're not prepared well. Many of the ankous here are in areas where you can use the dwarf multicannon.
Dark Ankou9560
  • Catacombs of Kourend
Dark ankous are just recolored version of regular ankous that are summoned during the fight with Skotizo. As with any other monster that appears during that fight, they're not worth fighting and it's best to focus just on the boss.

Tips For Killing Ankous

As with any other monster on a Slayer task, it's very important to fight Ankous while you're wearing a Slayer Helmet so that you get the sweet bonuses of it. While Ankous are beatable even without a Slayer Helmet, the risk of dying becomes higher, especially when you get surrounded.


If fighting them off of a Slayer task, you can use the Salve Amulet instead. The effects of the item on undead creatures. If you have this on, you can get a 16.67% increase in your Attack and Strength when fighting against any undead monster including Ankous.

If you have both the Salve Amulet and the Slayer Helm at the same time, the bonuses won't stack on top of one another. Instead, the game will prioritize the effects of the Salve Amulet first. Both are very effective and just choose to wear one that fits your current build. To get a Salve Amulet, you first have to beat the Haunted Mine quest.

We highly suggest using the dwarf multicannon wherever it's accessible when doing Ankou Slayer tasks. This is useable in the Stronghold Slayer Cave and the Wilderness Slayer Cave. This makes the fight a lot easier than it is and it can save you time as well. If you're in the Catacombs of Kourend, you can use burst or barrage attacks to kill Ankous but you'll need to get their aggro until their stacked together properly.

Now, if you want to farm Ankous in specific areas, here are a few things to consider:

  1. The Forgotten Cemetery

As this is a level 30 Wilderness, you need to be very careful against PKers, as well as other players inside the area. Once you're inside, rush for the safespot located at the southwest coffin. You'll know you're in the right place if there's a bone spawn nearby. Once there, you can use range or magic to start killing Ankous.

  1. Stronghold Slayer Cave

This is one of the areas where you can use the dwarf multicannon for the fight. If you don't have it in your inventory, you can instead try to get an Ankou stuck around the corners of an area where there's a pile of rocks. It can be tricky but you'll have to get the Ankou to walk on a northern corner tile, and then have them stand one tile either north or south of them. Once that's done, move into the southern tile to keep the Ankous stuck. It might take a few tries but it's worth it.


You can keep a single Ankou stock on the rockslide itself but you'll still be susceptible to other ankous while this is happening.

  1. Stronghold of Security: Sepulchre of Death

The dwarf multicannon is also available here but if you want a safespot to kill Ankous, you should go to the southwest room first. Once inside, head south and look for a skeleton in the south-easternmost area. Stand here and start attacking Ankous using ranged or melee for a quick kill.

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Ankou Rewards

Ankous drop many great rewards. It's different one whether you're killing ones in a P2P/F2P world or in the Wilderness. Because of their great rewards, they're a viable way to make money in your mid-game journey.

If you can kill around 185 Ankous per hour, you have an expected profit of 86,595. This could change depending on a lot of factors including your precision at killing them, and of course, luck.

Of all the ankous in the game, the bet ones to fight for money making are those in the fourth floor of the Stronghold of Security or those in the Catacombs. Try to avoid the ones in the Wilderness as much as possible because they're riskier to kill.

The goal when fighting Ankous is to farm high-value items like death runes, blood runes, noted mithril ore and noted pure essence, and even hard clue scrolls. The good thing about Ankous is that it's easy to get their aggro, making Ankou slaying methods potentially AFK.

If you're really going to farm the ones in the Wilderness, you can get dark fishing bait as drops as well. However, as the risks involved is significantly greater, we highly suggest going to other areas instead.

P2P World Drop Table

Adamant arrow5-141/10055-154
Ancient shard11/293Not sold
Avantoe seed11/8,733.35,289
Belladonna seed11/5,822.293
Black knife11/10053
Black robe11/1001,055
Blood rune51/33.331,230
Blood rune116/1002,706
Brimstone key11/225-1/139Not sold
Cadantine seed11/26,2007,103
Cactus seed11/8,733.339
Chaos talisman11/2,13350
Clue scroll (elite)1AlwaysNot sold
Clue scroll (hard)11/512; 1/256Not sold
Dark fishing bait6033/100300
Dark totem base11/440Not sold
Dark totem middle11/440Not sold
Dark totem top11/440Not sold
Death rune1010/1001,770
Dragon spear11/273,06739,757
Dwarf weed seed11/52,400518
Fried mushrooms11/10085
Gem drop table-1/100.2-
Grimy avantoe11/711.14,016
Grimy cadantine11/1,0663,875
Grimy dwarf weed11/1,4222,183
Grimy guam leaf11/133.3199
Grimy harralander11/304.8411
Grimy irit leaf11/533.31,024
Grimy kwuarm11/853.33,214
Grimy lantadyme11/1,4221,317
Grimy marrentill11/177.874
Grimy ranarr weed11/387.96,434
Grimy tarromin11/237111
Harralander seed11/1,87110
Irit seed11/5,822.265
Jangerberry seed11/1,1391
Kwuarm seed11/11,644.41,198
Lantadyme seed11/34,933.3344
Left skull half13/100Not sold
Limpwurt seed11/7655
Loop half of key11/6,4009,683
Marrentill seed11/838.47
Mithril ore3-7 (noted)2/100483-1,127
Mushroom spore11/3,613.848
Nature talisman11/2,133137
Poison ivy seed11/8,061.510
Potato cactus seed11/13,1003
Pure essence15 (noted)5/10015
Ranarr seed11/2,687.225,338
Reward casket (elite)1AlwaysNot sold
Rune javelin51/6,400870
Rune spear11/102,40011,645
Shield left half11/204,80065,104
Snape grass seed11/2,6206,972
Strawberry seed11/8003
Tarromin seed11/1,232.96
Toadflax seed11/3,881.5951
Tooth half of key11/6,40010,131
Torstol seed11/104,8006,077
Uncut diamond11/3,2001,947
Uncut emerald11/400429
Uncut ruby11/800886
Uncut sapphire11/200213
Watermelon seed11/1,663.55
Weapon poison11/50279
Whiteberry seed11/3,082.42
Wildblood seed11/1,262.710

F2P World Drop Table

Black robe15/1001,055
Fishing bait6033/100180
Left skull half13/100Not sold
Loop half of key11/6,4009,683
Mithril ore3-7 (noted)5/100483-1,127
Rune essence15 (noted)5/100165
Rune javelin51/6,400870
Rune spear11/102,40011,645
Shield left half11/204,80065,104
Tooth half of key11/6,40010,131
Uncut diamond11/3,2001,947
Uncut emerald11/400429
Uncut ruby11/800886
Uncut sapphire11/200213
Unknown talisman11/2,133.33Not sold
Dragon spear11/273,06739,757
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Wilderness Slayer Cave Drop Table

Adamant platelegs11/923,417
Blood rune81/461,968
Blood rune111/30.672,706
Blood rune181/924,428
Cadantine seed11/24,1047,103
Cactus seed11/8,03539
Chaos talisman11/2,02750
Clue scroll (elite)1AlwaysNot sold
Clue scroll (hard)11/256Not sold
Dark fishing bait6057/92300
Death rune151/30.672,655
Death rune171/30.673,009
Dragon spear11/259,41339,757
Dwarf weed seed11/48,208518
Grimy avantoe11/654.24,016
Grimy cadantine11/981.33,875
Grimy dwarf weed11/1,3082,183
Grimy guam leaf11/122.7199
Grimy harralander11/280.4411
Grimy irit leaf11/490.71,024
Grimy kwuarm11/785.13,214
Grimy lantadyme11/1,3081,317
Grimy marrentill11/163.674
Grimy ranarr weed11/356.86,434
Grimy tarromin11/218.1111
Harralander seed11/1,72210
Irit seed11/5,35665
Jangerberry seed11/1,0481
Kwuarm seed11/10,7131,198
Lantadyme seed11/32,139344
Larran's key11/82131,611
Limpwurt seed11/703.85
Loop half of key11/6,0809,683
Looting bag11/3Not sold
Marrentill seed11/771.37
Mushroom spore11/3,32548
Mithril ore3-7 (noted)1/46483-1,127
Poison ivy seed11/7,41710
Potato cactus seed11/12,0523
Ranarr seed11/2,47225,338
Reward casket (elite)1AlwaysNot sold
Rune arrow5-141/23435-1,218
Rune javelin51/6,080870
Rune spear11/97,28011,645
Rune spear11/5,78911,645
Rune spear11/97,28011,645
Rune spear11/5,78911,645
Rune spear11/97,28011,645
Rune spear11/5,78911,645
Rune spear11/97,28011,645
Rune spear11/5,78911,645
Rune spear11/97,28011,645
Rune spear11/5,78911,645
Shield left half11/194,56065,104
Snapdragon seed11/19,28333,930
Slayer's enchantment11/2401,157
Snape grass seed11/2,4106,972
Strawberry seed11/7363
Tarromin seed11/1,1346
Tooth half of key11/6,08010,131
Torstol seed11/96,4166,077
Uncut diamond11/3,0401,947
Uncut emerald11/380429
Uncut ruby11/760886
Uncut sapphire11/190213
Watermelon seed11/1,5305
Whiteberry seed11/2,8362
Wildblood seed11/1,16210

Another Slayer Task Down

With this guide, you shouldn't have any worries when fighting the Ankous anymore. They look scary and tough but as with any other monster in the game, killing them is easy once you know the trick to it.

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