OSRS Artio Guide

09.02.2023 - 14:46:39
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OSRS Artio Guide

What Is Artio?

Artio is a new boss that resides in the Wilderness. It's the weaker variant of the boss Callisto.

Why Should You Kill Artio ?

Artio as of the update is a great way to make a lot of money. First of all, the base drops of the boss are pretty decent and will make you 1 - 2M per hour regardless of uniques. There are also 5 unique items that this boss can drop, two of which are newly added and worth quite the fortune. Secondly the boss resides in level 21 wilderness which allows for 2 things:

  • You can bring your untradeables with ease since walking down a single wilderness level will protect your untradeables, in the case of you getting killed by other players. However just in case of an unexpected event, it is recommended for you to use a tournament parchment to lock your untradables.
  • You can also teleport away with only 1 click. Which makes it almost impossible for you to get killed by other players if you are paying attention.

The boss also resides in a singles-plus area which makes it so that you can only be attacked by 1 player and can't get pjed. This effect also makes it easier for you to escape player killers. Thirdly the boss has access to the secondary supply roll table. Which will provide you with food and potions so you can have longer trips without banking and always have food to eat.

Lastly, the boss is really easy to kill and does not have a steep learning curve. You will be able to kill the boss perfectly fine after 1 attempt.

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Artio Guide

Artio resides in a cave north of Ferox Enclave in level 21 wilderness. Entering the cave requires a small fee just like revenant caves. If you die inside the cave you will lose that fee and will have to pay again. Artio can also be assigned as a slayer task either as “callisto” or “bears”.


Artio could be killed with very low stats but if you are looking to make a lot of money per hour and kill the boss as efficiently as possible these are the stats you would want to have:

  • 99 Ranged
  • 94+ Magic
  • 74+ Prayer
  • 70+ Defence

Artio is very resistant to melee attacks, immune to magic attacks and weak to ranged attacks. So you will need a range weapon and some range armour. Here is an exemplary setup, you can downgrade or upgrade any item you wish but do keep in mind that this is wilderness and you shouldn't bring any item that you don't want to lose.

  • Any god d'hide coif/Slayer helmet (i) (if on slayer task)
  • Black d'hide body
  • Black d'hide legs
  • Craw's bow/Webweaver bow
  • Any blessing
  • Necklace of anguish/Dragonbone necklace/Amulet of glory
  • Ava's device/Mage arena 1 & 2 cape (to splash less)
  • Barrows gloves
  • God d'hide boots/Mystic or snakeskin boots
  • Archers ring (i)/Ring of the gods (i)/Ring of wealth

For your inventory bring a nice combination of saradomin brews, super restores and regular food. Don't forget to bring a divine ranging potion and a stamina potion. Bring your 1 click teleport, (something like a royal seed pod) and bring around 60 blighted ice sacks and your looting bag.

Killing Artio

Artio has 4 different attacks and 1 mechanic:

  • Ranged attack: Artio will send a wave of air towards your character. Simply pray protect from ranged to avoid any damage.
  • Melee attack: Artio will always do a melee attack when it's within melee distance to your character. Praying against this attack will not fully mitigate it and you will still take damage. To avoid this you will need to have your ancient spells ready and cast ice barrage on Artio to freeze him and attack him from afar. If you splashed or if he managed to get near you, protect melee to avoid taking much damage.
  • Bear Traps: Bear traps will start appearing when you hit Artio below 300 health. They will never spawn on the tile you are standing on but will randomly spawn and disappear all over the arena. Stepping on one will stop your movement and deal 10-14 damage to your character. Simply avoid stepping on them.
  • Magic attack: Artio will occasionally do a wind back animation and shoot a magic missile towards your character. When this missile hits you, it will launch your character back 3 tiles and deal some damage. The damage you take from this attack depends on whether you hit an object or not. If you were 1 tile away from a wall and hit the wall you take 50 damage, if you were two tiles away from the wall and hit the wall you take 20 if you were 3 tiles or more away from any wall and don't hit anything you only take 5 damage. Also hitting a trap placed by callisto stops your character and deals a total of 15-19 damage. Always make sure to stay at least 3 tiles away from a wall to avoid taking much damage from this attack. Also you must be careful of Artio moving at the same time as this attack as you can get stacked out pretty easily with a melee attack. The first magic attack will happen in the first 1-4 hits so be prepared and if Artio is already alive when you first enter the cave it will start with this attack.
  • Howl: During the fight Artio will howl two times, first one will happen when you drop its health below 300 and the second will happen when you drop its health below 150. When Artio howls it will remove your freeze spell and it will be immune to freezes for around 2 seconds. When you see this happening you will still have time to shoot 2 more times with your craw's bow or a weapon that has the same attack speed. After shooting two more times, start running away from Artio, you can re-freeze him after he does an attack on you.
Quick Rundown
  1. Enter the cave and freeze Artio right away and start praying protect from ranged and your offensive range prayer. Attack Artio. If he unfreezes, run away and freeze him again.
  2. Once he hits 300 health or lower he will howl, attack two more times (with craw's bow) and run away, wait for him to do 1 attack on you then refreeze him. Once he hits 150 health he will howl again so do the same.
  3. During this time avoid getting too close to walls and stepping on traps.
  4. After you kill him, he will respawn after 10 seconds near the caves exit, loot your loot and stay in the opposite side of the room and repeat.
Escaping Pkers

First way and the one you should always try to do is just teleporting out as soon as you see a pker enter the cave. There will be a slight delay between his animation of entering the cave and him attacking you so you can use that time frame to teleport out pretty easily. One way to make this even easier is to turn on player indicators on runelite and check the “highlight others” option. This makes it very easy to spot players when you are focused on another task.

If you didn't manage to do that and got teleport blocked however, the best way to escape would be to walk out and freeze the pker then run behind any obstacle like a tree. For this method you should at least bring a 3 way mage switch, otherwise it would be very difficult to catch a freeze. Go outside the cave, freeze them and run around an obstacle, don't run too far away as your freeze will automatically disappear if you are too far away from your target. Alternatively you can stand on the same tile as the pker after freezing them but they might have a mithril seed so running around an obstacle is a better way to do it. Luckily there are a lot of trees and other objects around the cave. If you are frozen first, wait until it ends and focus on survival. When it ends, freeze them and run around an obstacle since you will have a few seconds of freeze immunity.

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