OSRS At First Light Walkthrough

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OSRS At First Light Walkthrough

At First Light is a Novice level short quest in OSRS. While not as epic as others in the game right now, it's still pretty crucial as it serves as an introduction to the new Hunter Guild. If you're eager to get to know more about this quest, we've got you covered in this guide.



Quest Requirements And Recommendations

As this is only one, which is Children of the Sun. To start this quest, you'll have to go to Guild Master Apatura at the Hunter Guild.



Required Skills
  • Hunter 46
  • Herblore 30
  • Construction 27

These Skill level requirements are non-boostable.

Items Required
  • Box trap
  • Hammer
  • 2 Jerboa Tails
  • Needle

The hammer and jerboa tails can be acquired during the quest itself. You can get a needle from Pellem's Fur Store near the guild. As for the box trap, you can buy one from Imia's Supplies which is also nearby.

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Quick Guide

  • Go to the Hunter's Guild and talk to Guildmaster Apatura.
  • In the middle of Hunter's Guild, you will find stairs in the big tree. Go down.
  • As you go down, you will find Guild Scribe Verity behind the bar. Talk to her.
  • Just west of the bar, talk to Guild Hunter Wolf (Master).
  • Pet Kiko, a cat that you will find directly west of Guild Hunter Wolf.
  • After winding up the toy mouse, use it to divert Kiko's attention.
  • Check Kiko's bed.
  • Go back to Wolf and talk to her.
  • Find Guild Hunter Fox by going up the stairs and heading south-east from the guild towards the mine. Check the map and you will find him Southeast of the mining symbol. It's southwest of Fairy Ring AJP.
  • Speak to Fox.
  • Go south-west of him and take a leaf from the leafy bush. It's the bush that's browner than others.
  • Head east and go to the Locus Oasis. Then, pick a second leaf from the rough-looking bush. If you check the map, you'll find the bush south of the hunter symbol, west coast of the oasis.
  • While you're there. Use a box trap to catch two Embertailed jerboas.
  • Make a Makeshift poultice by using the Jerboa tail on the leaves.
  • Talk to Fox again.
  • Head east of the southern gate of Civitas illa Fortis and talk to Atza.
  • In the center of the room, set up the pile of equipment.
  • Talk to Atza to obtain the trimmed fur.
  • Go back to Fox and he will hand you a report for the guild.
  • Proceed down the stairs in the Hunter Guild and go back to Guild Scribe Verity.
  • Fix the cat bed by using the remaining jerboa tail.
  • Go back up the stairs and talk to Guildmaster Apatura.


Make your way to the Hunter Guild, in the building with the oven, and talk to Guildmaster Apatura. When asked if she needs help, she will inform you about Guild Scribe Verity needing assistance. Find her in the Burrow, the underground pub of the guild, by going down the stairs inside the large tree.

Go behind the counter to speak to Verity. She will then introduce you to the rumors system of the guild. Then, she will reveal that Gilman and her are concerned about Fox as he left without telling anyone where he's going. She'll add that Wolf had made him want to pursue the hunt, and she will ask you to talk to her to get more details.

Wolf will tell you that she requested Fox to repair Kiko's bed, the gray cat nearby. You need to distract Kiko so you can inspect his bed. To do this, use the toy mouse that Wolf will give you. Wind it up first before you use it on Kiko. Once distracted, try checking his bed. You will find that his bed is made of fluffy fur and that it has been cut by someone.

Don't use your cat to catch the toy mouse or it will disappear and you will need to find another one for yourself.

Speak to Wolf again. She will let you know that Fox has likely gone to Outer Fortis to meet someone who stocks good quality fabrics. She'll also guess that he is hunting pyre foxes on the way there.

Go south-east of the guild and find the Avium Savannah mining site. There, you will find Fox lying injured on the south-east side of the crevice. Talk to him. He will tell you that he was attacked and cannot move. You need to help him recover. To help him, you will need to get him two plants to make a poultice and a jerboa tail.

You can find the first plant right away on the west. Look for a brownish leafy bush and pick a smooth leaf from it. For the second plant, you will find it near the western end of the Locus Oasis. Look for a brownish rough-looking bush and pick a sticky leaf from it. Finally, catch an ember tailed jerboa nearby. Use a box trap for the tail. Make sure to get two as you'll need one later.

Make a makeshift poultice by combining all three items. Then, go back to Fox. He will feel better and will tell you how he ended up the way you first saw him-that he was attacked and knocked unconscious while on a hunt. He won't be able to pinpoint who attacked him. However, he will ask you to deliver a fur sample to Atza to obtain the fur necessary for Kiko's bed.

You will find Atza in one of the buildings directly south-east of the South gate of Civitas illa Fortis. Here, you will also find a pile of equipment in the center. She will have the fur but will need to find it. A hammer spawns in the house just north of here. Get it and set up the pile of equipment for her and finish the conversation to get the trimmed fur.

Go to Fox and hand him the fur. He will ask you to tell Wolf and Verity that he's doing fine. In addition, he will request you to repair Kiko's bed and deliver his report to Verity.

Go back to the Hunter Guild and do what Fox has requested. Talk to Guildmaster Apatura to finish the quest.

Is At First Light Worth Doing?


At First Light is a fairly easy quest so the rewards aren't that impressive but the quest is still worth doing all-in-all. Perhaps the most important of all the rewards is the accessibility of a new tier of Hunter's Rumours. These are essentially like Slayer Tasks but are more focused on your hunting skills.

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