OSRS Bandos Godwars Graaardor Strategy Guide

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OSRS Bandos Godwars Graaardor Strategy Guide


 - At 20 kills an hour a player can expect to profit over 3 million GP every hour. 



- Completion of Death Plateau and started Troll Stronghold to the point where you defeat Dad.

- One rope is required to access the dungeon for the first time.

- Level 70 Strength is required to enter Bandos' Stronghold (cannot be boosted).

- At least 43 Prayer for access to the protection prayers.

- A hammer (if not bringing a dragon warhammer).


Suggested skills

- Hitpoints 80+ (90+ Tank)

- Attack 80+

- Strength 70+ (Required, 80+ Recommended)

- Defence 70+ (90+ Tank)

- Ranged 80+

- Magic 70+ (75+ Recommended)

- Prayer 44+ (Eagle Eye, 70+ Piety, 74+ Rigour)



- Graardor attacks with both Melee and Ranged:

            - Melee attack: Deals up to 60 damage, 2/3 chance of using.

            - Ranged attack: Deals a minimum of 15 damage and a maximum of 35 damage if it hits, 1/3 chance of using.

- Graardor is defended by three goblin sergeants:

            - Sergeant Grimspike (Ranged): Throws axes at his target, dealing up to 21 damage.

            - Sergeant Steelwill (Magic): Launches yellow projectiles at his target, dealing up to 16 damage.

            - Sergeant Strongstack (Melee): Attacks his target with his flail, dealing up to 15 damage.


General Strategy

- Graardor's combat stats: 280 Attack, 350 Strength, 250 Defence, 80 Magic, 350 Ranged.

- Melee and Ranged attacks possess accuracy and strength bonuses, with an additional 120 Attack bonus and 43 Strength bonus for melee, and 100 Ranged bonus with 40 Ranged strength bonus.

- After Graardor is dead, the goblin sergeants will all focus on a single player, usually the one who landed the killing blow.



- Melee is the simplest way to fight Graardor.

- Without Justiciar armour, the player will need to bring a ranged body as to protect from Steelwill's attacks as much as possible.

- Protect from Melee is mandatory to avoid getting killed by Graardor's melee attacks.

- With justiciar, the full set can be taken with a spectral or elysian spirit shield, as it provides very high ranged defence and minimises the damage taken from any that should hit.

- Graardor has an attack speed of 6, or 3.6 seconds between attacks. 4-tick weapons attack once every 2.4 seconds, so the player can attack Graardor twice before he can attack.

- As magic, the player will need to be on the Ancient Magicks and cast Ice Barrage to freeze Graardor.

- Steelwill and Strongstack are usually unlikely to hit.

- After killing Graardor, kill Steelwill, then stack Strongstack and Grimspike for barrage spells.

- Graardor and his bodyguards drop bones upon death, so bones to peaches can be used to restore 32 health after each kill. Graardor drops Super restores and his bodyguards drop kebabs, Chilli potatoes and sharks as food to help prolong trips.



- Tanks can follow the conventional or justiciar melee setup to tank; due to the extra DPS, they will typically prioritize ranged defence over magic as the bodyguards prioritise those that damage Graardor.

- Attackers can also prioritise offensive capability over defensive, although they will probably have to watch out for Steelwill who will hit more frequently.

- After Graardor dies, kill Steelwill, Grimspike and Strongstack in that order. It is common courtesy for the base tank to fight Strongstack alone with Guthan's; unless requested otherwise, Grimspike is also killed by the DPS.

- A useful strategy for teams is to drop an item underneath Graardor's spawn spot and have everyone fight him in melee distance.



- Goblins are an easy target for Bandos killcount, and also have a chance to drop a hammer (approx. 1/15).

- Walking under Graardor can buy a tank some time to eat food without taking unnecessary damage.

- Experienced players can "tick eat"; tick eating is healing on a critical level of health right before taking damage, essentially surviving a hit that would have normally killed the player.

- Bones to Peaches can help extend trips; each kill rotation yields 32 Hitpoints worth of bones.

- The minions will drop chilli potatoes and sharks. If there is an excess of food, continually pick up and drop food again to prevent it from disappearing.

- Guthan's equipment may be used to heal on the melee and ranged minions if desired.

- If you are assigned General Graardor as your slayer task, use your Slayer helmet variant of choice to take advantage of its accuracy and damage boost.

- An Amulet of blood fury is generally ideal for tank setups as it emphasises healing, defensive and prayer bonuses.

- When bringing a dragon warhammer, you do not need a hammer to bang the door.

- During the fight, the bodyguards will target the most recent player who attacked Graardor. Because of this, weapons with a slower attack speed will result in the player being targeted less often in a team.

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