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26/10/2022 09:26:52
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OSRS Barrows Guide | Rpgstash

What is barrows?

Barrows is a combat minigame which has six mini-bosses all with special abilities. Barrows is a dangerous minigame. If you die, you will lose your items unless reclaimed at the gravestone or by Death’s Domain. Barrows is one of the easiest entry ways to get to the mid game for new and experienced players.  


Why do barrows?

Barrows is an introduction for mid game players to learn entry level mechanics of bossing and money making. Barrows is a solid way to train magic for lower and middle level accounts while also being able to get money for better gear and supplies. While barrows can be done at lower levels, it is often done by higher level players due to consistent money, minor investment in supplies, and free magic exp. 


What can I get from barrows?

Barrows gives some of the best mid game armor, runes, and a 1/16 chance of a valuable barrow brothers gear. In addition, there are no losses of runes. 


How do I get there?

You can get to barrows a multitude of ways. The most common is to use Barrows teleport tabs which can be bought cheaply and put you very close to the crypt. Alternative but slower ways are to use Mort’ton teleport, Morytania legs 3 or 4 (Req. Morytania hard or elite done), Fairy ring BKR, or BIP if you have 50 agility. Finally, the longest is to run from Canifis through the swamp, but this is not recommended due to the length as well as ghast ruining food items. 


Minimum requirements:

- Completion of the quest Priest in Peril.


Suggested minimum stats:

- 43 Prayer (protect from melee)

- 50 Range (rune crossbow)

- 50 Magic (Ibans staff) [OR] 59 Magic (Fire Blast with Tome of Fire)


Note: Morytania hard diary will increase the rune amounts dropped by 50%. 

This causes barrows to ALWAYS be profitable without needing any barrows unique drops.



There is a wide range of gear which you can use to complete Barrows. Barrows Brothers have 0 Magic defense with the exception of Ahrim. When monsters have a magic defense of 0, magic based attacks are rarely missed.

For this reason, we are not restricted to using magic armor. Often you find people using high melee defense gear such as rune armor. Alternatively, you may want to consider full Void knight armor to save inventory space.

At lower levels, it is suggested to use melee armor to take less damage from Verac and crypt monsters.


I’ve made suggestions based off of levels and potentially accessible gear based of the levels.


50 all Combats: 

Weapon: Ibans Staff (Fire Staff if Fire blast) / Rune crossbow

Off hand: Rune Kite, Damaged Book, 

Head: Rune Full Helm

Neck: Amulet of Glory

Body: Rune Plate Body / Blue Dragon Hide

Legs: Rune Legs / Blue Dragon Hide

Feet: Rune Boots

Gloves: Combat Bracelet

Ring: Ring of Dueling

Cape: Ava’s Accumulator 

Ammunition: Broad bolts / Mithril Bolts

75 all Combats:

Weapon: Trident of the seas / Blowpipe (Adamant Darts)

Off hand: Crystal Shield

Head: Void knights Ranged + Mage

Neck: Fury

Body: Void knight top

Legs: Void knight bottom

Feet: Dragon Boots

Gloves: Void knight gloves

Ring: Archer ring

Cape: Any God Cape

Ammunition: Any Blessing


Inventory setup:

Your inventory should always have a spade to dig into the mounds to access the crypts, runes to cast spells, and a teleport for once you are finished with the run. You will also need food and prayer potions and your ranged gear swap. This will depend on your stats and gear. I’d suggest three prayer pots and ten food. Any healing food which heals for 15+ is ideal. Sharks are a good starting choice as they heal 20 per inventory space and relatively cheap. Take more or less prayer and food as needed. This can also be tweaked if you desire to do multiple runs before banking.

Crypt mechanics:

While in any crypt fighting the brother and in the deep crypt, you will need to pay attention to your prayer. The Crypt will remove a large amount of prayer points every eighteen seconds. In addition to this prayer drain, once the final brother is defeated and you loot the chest, the tunnels will start to collapse causing minor damage to the player. It is suggested that you teleport out as finding the ladder normally takes more time then returning to the surface. Once finished, you can repeat the minigame as many times as you would like. 



Dharok (Melee) 

Guthan (Melee)

Karil (Range)

Torag (Melee)

Verac (Melee)

Ahrim (Magic)


Every brother has a single mechanic which will change how you fight them. Every fight will be an individual crypt. One brother will not be in their crypt and you will need to enter the deep underground crypt. You should use magic to kill all brother with the expectation of Ahrim which you should use ranged. You can kill the brothers in any order you wish. 

Dharok is the most dangerous brother as he has the highest hitting damage. He can hit up to a 57, potentially one shot lower level players. Dharok’s damage is based off of his current health. The lower his health, the more damage he will do. All damage can be negated by using protection from melee prayer.

Guthan is one of the easier brothers. His ability is a potential chance to heal 25% of the damage after a successful hit. His max hit is 24. Like Dharok, all damage can be negated with protection from melee prayer.

Karil is a dangerous brother who uses range. His attacks can be very accurate with max damage of 20. Karil’s successful attacks have a chance to lower the players agility level by 20%. Though this ability does not have any combat benefit, those with lower agility levels can struggle to maintain run energy while in the deep crypt. All damage is negated with the use of protection from range prayer.

Torag is the easiest brother of the six. His max hit is 23. His unique ability has a chance on successful attack to lower the players run energy by 20%. In addition to Karil’s ability, this is annoying for the deep crypt area where you are consistently running. All damage can be negated with protection from melee prayer.

Verac is the only brother who can hit through prayer. Verac’s ability allows him to ignore the defense and prayer of the player. This is guaranteed damage and can not be stopped. This effect has 25% chance to proc with a max hit of 23. If you have protect from melee prayer active, the damage is lowered to a max of 15. Keeping protect from melee active still gives the player a large amount of durability, as the effect damage is lowered and is only a 25% chance to guarantee a hit. 

Ahrim is the only barrows brother who uses magic. Unfortunately, this means Ahrim does have magic defense. When fighting Ahrim, it is highly suggested that you use a ranged switch for more consistent damage. Ahrim’s unique ability is to lower your strength by five. This ability has a 20% chance on successful attack. Ahrim also has the ability to case curse, confuse, and weaken which lower the target’s attack, strength, and defense. Ahrim has an accurate attack with a max hit of 20 damage. All damage can be negated by using protection from magic prayer. Note that the special ability can not be block with the use of protect from magic prayer.


Deep Crypt: 

So you killed a few brothers and found the deep crypt, now what? 

You do not need to kill every brother to enter the deep crypt or to loot the end chest. It is a good idea to kill them all though, as if you do not, their loot will not be on the loot table and will lessen your chance of obtaining any barrows gear. It is always suggested to kill all five barrows before going into the deep crypt. Once all five brothers are killed, you should return to the last brother’s tomb and enter the lower portion. When in the crypt, you will be placed somewhere in a 3x3 room. You will need to find the way to the center to collect your loot. Only one of the four center doors will give access to the center room and other three doors will be locked. You should run around the 3x3 rooms until you find the door that will give access to the middle room. While you do this, you will be consistently attacked by medium level basic monsters. Also you may spawn the last brother.

You can either leave the brother and run away which will cause him to de-spawn, or you may kill him now instead of later. When you do find the door, there will be a puzzle with three potential answers. You will need to quick find the answer as combat will interrupt your puzzle. This can be frustrating as the rooms will consistently have monsters attacking you in them.

The best and easiest way to get the puzzles is to memorize all four puzzles and answers. The answers do not change positions. Alternatively, you can continue to re-click on the door until you get a puzzle you know. If you do not answer the puzzle correctly, the center door will change and you will need to find the center door again. 


I got to the center!

We are almost in the clear! Now you will need to be aware of two more things. Firstly, if you have yet to find the brother while navigating the tomb, when you try to open the chest, he will appear. You will want to kill the last brother at this point. Before opening the chest, you will want to get as close to 90% reward potential as possible. The highest amount of runes is awarded at 90% potential. A good suggestion is to kill two skeletons and a blood worm as this will put you at 88% reward potential. Once this is completed, open the chest and cross your fingers! Best of luck adventurer!


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