OSRS Beginner Guide

18.11.2022 - 08:44:03
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OSRS Beginner Guide

Old School Runescape (OSRS) is a MMORPG game in which players may participate in different activities. You are able to customize your adventurer however you like.

Once logged in you are able to complete the tutorial, called tutorial island , where the basics of the game are being learnt. However this is a very basic sample of what the game has to offer. 

Once done, you are sent to the mainland of Runescape - Gielinor.
As mentioned above , there are many and different activities you can participate in.
To make things simple  we will divide them in three categories as follows:

-PVM which stands for Player Versus Monster. This is one of the three main aspects of the game. In the land of Gielinor there are hundreds of species , if not thousands , some known and some not , awaiting your arrival. 

Many of them are hostile and give various treasures upon defeat. There are even some extra tough ones called bosses! They are the most valuable ones and only the best players can defeat them!

PVMing is the main aspect of the game - you fight different and many monsters as much as your heart desires. Want to become the  wealthiest? Want to become the strongest? Or you love to see collections beyond anyone's dream? This is the path you should take!

-Questing. We all love MMORPGs and one of the main reasons for our profound feelings are the quests.
OSRS has arguably one of the best quest lores the genre has to offer. It’s unique , with a pinch of humor and very deep secrets hidden within. There are currently 154 quests in the game and constantly more are being added. If you are the questing type of guy this is the game for you! Who knows, you might even be rewarded with something special when you complete every single one of them! Most of the quests unlock new features, new parts of the map or new enemies to fight upon completion. Quests are very important on OSRS. Every new player is strongly advised to follow the quests and try to complete them.

-PvP. Player versus Player. Now things are getting interesting.
Like the usual MMORPG , OSRS has a PvP aspect. The difference here is that if you die you lose almost all your items! ( except several items which are protected) But even then - if you attack someone and he is more prepared than you , you get skulled and lose every item on you upon defeat!
Newer players should be very cautious doing PvP  as it seems very simple and basic but demands high skill, good internet connection and a lot of dedication. It could be a real turn down for an unprepared chad.

Alongside those 3 main activities there are many skills you can develop and level up - to be precise - 23 total skills!

There are some skills corresponding to the fighting part of the game such as Strength , Attack and Defense but there are some skills that let you sit back, relax and take your time. Such skills are Fishing , Woodcutting and Mining!

When you first start playing the game you might feel a little overwhelmed but fear not! The game is made to be played according to the individual taste of the player!
You want to take your time and explore? Go ahead!

You want to be a strong  hero saving the kingdom ? Nothing is stopping you! 

That’s the beauty of OSRS! You can play however you like and still progress through the game, have fun and meet new people.

One more thing - Did we mention the game is free? That’s right ! Even if you don’t like it , it doesn’t cost you anything to try it!

There is plenty of content available for free to everyone!

There are more than 20 quests and 15 skills to master without even paying!

You can decide if it’s worth subscribing to unlock the full potential of the game by yourself!

You loved the game but don’t have the money? No problem! There is an option to pay for your time via in game gold! That’s right! There is a whole Grand Exchange ( GE ) dedicated to the trade between players. 

You can be a craftsman and become rich because of it. 

Or kill the most vicious monster to gather immense treasures!

So the question was what is OSRS? Old School Runescape is what you make it to be!
What are you waiting for? Download now and enter this magical world!


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