OSRS: Beginner’s Jad Guide (Easy Fire Cape Method)

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OSRS: Beginner’s Jad Guide (Easy Fire Cape Method)



The Fire Cape is one of the most sought-after items in Old School RuneScape. Being the second best-in-slot Melee cape in the game, it is often considered a stepping stone for account progression into endgame content. This item is also so special because it is untradeable and can only be obtained by completing the Fight Caves.

The Fight Caves is a PvM challenge where a player must single-handedly fight through 63 waves of monsters, defeating Jad (Level-702) at the end. Overall, it is an intimidating challenge for players who have never done it before. Thankfully, with enough strategy and planning, even players between the low-level bracket can beat it!

Table of Contents

  • The Fight Caves Explained
  • Gear Setup
  • Breakdown of the Fight Caves
  • Defeating Jad
  • Fight Caves Rewards

The Fight Caves Explained

The Fight Caves are located in the northwest portion of TzHaar City, which you can easily reach by teleporting to Karamja with an Amulet of Glory and running to the entrance in the volcano or by using Fairy Ring code BLP if you have completed the "Fairytale II - Cure a Queen" quest up to the point where you have unlocked Fairy Rings.



You can enter the cave at the Fight Caves lobby to start, as well as leave at any time. If you die in the Fight Caves, you will not lose your items, as it is considered a "safe death," even for Hardcore Ironman Accounts. However, it will still take a death counter off any Group HCIMs, so be cautious.

In order to earn your Fire Cape, you must survive through 63 waves of monsters. Not only does each wave become harder than the last, but monsters will attack you using all three combat styles, so utilizing Protection Prayers alone will not be enough.

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Gear Setup

When it comes to the Fight Caves, the Ranged combat style is highly recommended. Since a key to survival is keeping your distance from certain monsters while "stacking" others around corners, using Ranged combat is your best bet for its accuracy and damage.

Recommended Stats

  • 75+ Ranged
  • 70+ Defence
  • 70+ Hitpoints
  • 43+ Prayer


As for gear, using a rapid but accurate weapon is essential. A relatively cheap but effective weapon is a Toxic Blowpipe, which you can load with a dart of your choice and inflict venom onto enemies to help speed up kills. It also has a special ability that will heal you, helping you save on supplies.

If a Toxic Blowpipe can't be used, a Rune/DragonCrossbow can be used along with enchanted bolts (Diamond or Ruby) to still deal with incredible DPS. Another benefit of using a crossbow is that your off-hand slot can have a strong shield or book, such as a Twisted Buckler, Book of Chaos, Book of Law, or Dragonfire Shield, all of which are either strong in defensive or offensive capabilities.

With 70 Defence, you can equip Karil's armour, which is fantastic Ranged armour. Alternatively, you can use Black D'Hide, which only requires 40 Defence, but you also need 70 Ranged to wear. Either way, the goal is to pick an armour that boosts your Ranged stats while still having a high magic defense.



For your other equipment slots, bring a combination of items that boost both your Ranged stats and Prayer. Since you will be relying a lot on Protection Prayers to get through the Fight Caves, bringing items that increase your Prayer bonus will greatly prevent the event where you run out of Prayer restoration potions.

Such items include Blessed D'Hide Boots, an Amulet of Fury (extra combat bonuses)or a Dragonbone Necklace (incredible Prayer bonus), the best Ava's Device you have, Barrow's Gloves, an Archer's Ring, and a Helm of Neitiznot/ Serpentine Helm/ Karil's Coif.

For your inventory, the goal is to have a healthy mix of potions that restore your Prayer, along with supplies that can heal you in the event you take a lot of damage. Bringing about 9-12 Saradomin Brews, paired with 3-4 Super Restores (keeping the 3:1 ratio) is recommended.

If you can, bringing an Ancient's Staff/Master Wand and a Rune Pouch w/ runes for Blood Spells is also a convenient way to "indefinitely" heal off of the monsters you are fighting. This way you can focus on filling the rest of your inventory with more Prayer Potions.

Other handy items include a Guthan's set, which also has a healing ability that can be used on the Melee-based monsters at the end of each wave, or a Saradomin Godsword, which has both healing and Prayer-restoration properties.

Overall, a simple gear setup for the Fight Caves and Jad can cost anywhere between 2m-4m; however, for experienced players, you can spend much less or much more, depending on your budget.

Breakdown of the Fight Caves

While you may be tempted to try and memorize all 63 waves of the Fight Caves, it is much more efficient to learn about the different monsters you will encounter, as well as their counters.

Fight Caves Monsters

There are eight different monsters in the Fight Caves, each with their own special ability.

  • Tz-Kih (Level-22) - "The Bats" - They will drain your Prayer points if they attack you. keep away from them whenever possible.
  • Tz-Kek (Level-45) - "The Blobs" - After being killed, they will split into two. Simply stack them behind one another or trap them around a corner to attack.
  • Tok-Xil (Level-90) - "The Ranger" - Will attack with Ranged when at a distance. Pray "Protect from Range" (except when "Mager" is present) and take them out.
  • Yt-MejKot (Level-180) - "The Meleer" - Attacks with a strong Melee attack. When able to hit you, it will heal itself and the other monsters for the damage it dealt against you. Trap around a corner or pray "Protect from Melee" if needed to prevent them from dealing damage to you.
  • Ket-Zek (Level-360) - "The Mager" - Powerful Magic-based monster that can hit in the 50s. Use "Protect from Magic" at all times when this creature is present.
  • Yt-HurKot (Level-120) - "The Healer" - Four of these spawn when Jad reaches half health. Tag/kill them so they don't heal Jad anymore (more detailed description in the "Defeating Jad" section).
  • TzTok-Jad (Level-702) - "Jad" - The final boss of the Fight Caves that attacks with all three combat styles. Keep out of Melee distance and switch between the correct protection prayer to counter.


For all of the Fight Caves (except for Wave 63 where Jad spawns), you should always prioritize your focus on the monsters based on how damaging they are with your strongest Protection Prayer active. In short, fight through each wave of monsters and kill them in roughly this order:

Tz-Kihs ("Bats") > Tok-Xils ("Rangers") > Ket-Zeks ("Mager") > (assuming they were trapped behind a Safe Spot or another monster) Yt-MejKots ("Meleers") > Tz-Keks ("Blobs")

Note: If you have completed the Elite Tier of the Karamja Achievement Diary, you will have "one free death" daily at the Fight Caves, allowing you to continue with full health and prayer points instantly. This can be extremely handy when trying to complete combat challenges against Jad or if a mistake is made.

Milestone Waves



As long as you remember the monster priority and be mindful of positioning, you will be able to get through the Fight Caves with ease. That being said, there are a couple of waves that you should keep in mind and use as "milestones" so you can track your progress and what you can expect next.

  • Wave 1: A single Tz-Kih (Level-22) will spawn. From here on, the total combat level for the lowest monster will double for each wave, hence why Wave 2 will have two Tz-Kihs spawn, followed by a Tz-Kek (Level-45).
  • Wave 7: The first Tok-Xil (Level-90) will spawn. Be mindful of where they are and use "Protect from Range" if needed.
  • Wave 15: The first Yt-MejKot (Level-180) will spawn. Utilize safe spots and stacking behind other monsters to avoid them.
  • Wave 31: The first Ket-Zek (Level-360) will spawn. Keep "Protect from Magic" on at all times. There will only be one of the present at a time until you reach Wave 62 (the wave before Jad).
  • Wave 62: Wherever the bright orange Ket-Zek spawns is where Jad will spawn. Be mindful of positioning when you complete this wave.
  • Wave 63: The final wave where you need to defeat Jad to win the Fight Caves.
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Fight Caves Safe Spots

Multiple safe spots can be utilized in the Fight Caves. Since, in the latter half, you will have to deal with all three combat styles at once, it is best to learn where these safe spots are to better your chance at survival.



The two primary safe spots are "Italy Rock," located on the east wall, and "Long Rock," located on the west wall. If you have a large group of enemies, running to the "pit" of one of these safe spots, followed by running around to the other side of that safe spot, will help trap and organize them behind a rock, making it so only one/two can attack you at a time.

This is incredibly useful when you have multiple Blobs and Meleers attacking, and you need to trap them to focus on the Ranger/Mager. Overall, become familiar with one of these safe spots and learn how to maneuver around them to prevent the monsters from hitting you.

Note: It may be worth spending time in the early waves when there aren't many creatures practicing running around them and becoming knowledgeable of their position.

Defeating Jad



TzTok-Jad (Level-702) is the final boss of the Fight Caves and can be why you must start over if you are not careful. Jad attacks with all three combat styles, however it will only attack with Magic and Ranged if you keep at a distance.

At the start of the wave, immediately pray either "Protect from Magic" or "Protect from Range" (it is random which one it will attack with first, but better to be safe than sorry) and start to attack. All of Jad's attacks are animated/sound different from each other, so by learning which cues go with what attack, you can easily use the correct protection prayer to prevent any damage.

  • Stands on back hind legs = Magic Attack / Use "Protect from Magic"
  • Quickly stomps their feet to the ground = Ranged Attack / Use "Protect from Range"


When Jad reaches half health, four Healers will spawn from each corner and head to Jad to heal. There are multiple ways to deal with them, but the most common way is to "tag" each one of them (attack them at least once) so they shift their focus to you, then continue attacking Jad.

Thankfully, you do not need to kill the Healers to beat the Fight Caves, only Jad. However, if the Healers start to attack you for a lot of damage, you can either stack them behind Jad (quickly run through Jad being mindful of its Melee attack) or trap Jad behind one of the Safe Spot rocks, before killing the Healers and taking on Jad again.



Regardless, always keep in mind Jad's latest attack and your Prayer Points. Jad's attacks can hit in the 90s, so it should always be the focus when you are completing the wave.

Once Jad is defeated (and you make sure not to die by the Healers), you will spawn back in the lobby of the Fight Caves with a Fire Cape and Tokkul in your inventory. Congratulations!

Fight Caves Rewards

After beating the Fight Caves, you will get an assortment of Tokkul (depending on how much of the Karamja Achievement Diary you have completed, as you can get around 16k Tokkul), as well as a Fire Cape! There is also a 1 in 200 chance of getting the Jad pet per Fight Caves completion. However, you can also turn in your Fire Cape for another roll at the pet (making it 1 in 100 per run).



As mentioned, the Fire Cape is the second best-in-slot Melee cape in Old School RuneScape, only behind the Infernal Cape (which has a much tougher challenge to obtain).

The Fire Cape gives you a +1 bonus to all offensive stats and +11 to all defensive stats. This also comes with a +4 Strength and +2 Prayer bonus.

That is how a beginner can complete the Fight Caves, defeat Jad, and get a Fire Cape in Old School RuneScape!

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