OSRS Bird House Guide

16.12.2022 - 13:43:34
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OSRS Bird House Guide

Bird House Trapping

Bird house trapping is a hunter method that allows players to gain passive hunter exp. Method is pretty simple and every account should unlock it as soon as possible.


To do birdhouse runs you must complete the quest "Bone Voyage". This quest has two simple requirements;

  • 100 kudos
  • Completion of Dig site

After completing the quest you are allowed access to Fossil island which in turn allows you to start doing bird house runs but to do your runs efficiently you must unlock the digsite pendant. To get this pendant you must first complete the quest "Dig site" and after completing it you must clean uncleaned finds in Varrock museum until you receive a clean necklace. The chance of getting this item is 1/51. After finding it, talk to any archeologist in the museum's cleaning area to learn how to enchant this necklace. After doing this you can use level-3 enchant (which requires level 49 magic) on a ruby necklace to create a digsite pendant.

After getting your pendant head over to the Fossil island and go to the "house on the hill", use your necklace on the strange machine to unlock the fossil island teleport. At this point you are pretty much ready but if you never want to run out of digsite pendant charges you can mount one in your player owned house. To do this you will need to have level 82 construction.

Visit fossil island to unlock magic mush trees, one is on the top of the "house on the hill" another one is at mushroom forest and the last one is at verdant valley near the volcano. You can see a transport icon on your map indicating the mush trees. You must go and click on them once to unlock them.

Lastly to start doing birdhouse runs you need to have at least level 5 crafting and hunter.


To do a run you will need to have 4 logs, a chisel, hammer, digsite pendant, any teleport out and seeds. If it's your first time doing it, bring 4 clockworks as well. Teleport to fossil island using your pendant then click on the magic mush tree to teleport to verdant valley. Use your logs on your clockwork to create your birdhouse trap and place it on its spot. After placing it click on your seeds and then click on your birdhouse to fill it up. There are two spots in verdant valley so put a trap on both of them. After doing this head back to the magic mush tree to teleport to mushroom meadow. You will see the first bird house spot just to the north of you, place a trap there after placing that trap run south all the way to the entrance of the tar swamp. Place your trap there as well and you are done! These traps will catch birds every 50 minutes so you can repeat this run every 50 minutes.

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Bird House Types
  • Regular - Crafting 5 - Hunter 5 - EXP per house: 280
  • Oak - Crafting 15 - Hunter 14 - EXP per house: 420
  • Willow - Crafting 25 - Hunter 24 - EXP per house: 560
  • Teak - Crafting 35 - Hunter 34 - EXP per house: 700
  • Maple - Crafting 45 - Hunter 44 - EXP per house: 820
  • Mahogany - Crafting 50 - Hunter 49 - EXP per house: 960
  • Yew - Crafting 60 - Hunter 59 - EXP per house: 1020
  • Magic - Crafting 75 - Hunter 74 - EXP per house: 1140
  • Redwood - Crafting 90 - Hunter 89 - EXP per house: 1200
Seeds To Use

Get the cheapest seeds out of these, you will be using 10 for 1 birdhouse. The quality of the seed does not affect the outcome of a birdhouse.

  • Barley seed
  • Hammerstone seed
  • Asgarnian seed
  • Jute seed
  • Yanillian seed
  • Krandorian seed
  • Wildblood seed
  • Guam seed
  • Marrentill seed
  • Tarromin seed
  • Harralander seed
  • Ranarr seed
  • Toadflax seed
  • Irit seed
  • Avantoe seed
  • Kwuarm seed
  • Snapdragon seed
  • Cadantine seed
  • Lantadyme seed
  • Dwarf weed seed
  • Torstol seed
Other Tips

You can use a hunter's potion before checking your birdhouses to have a chance at getting more seed nests.

You can equip a strung rabbit foot to increase your chance at getting ring nests and egg nests by %5.

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