OSRS Black Dragon Guide

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OSRS Black Dragon Guide

There are lots of fearsome beasts in OSRS and of course, there are dragons thrown into the fray. One of the fiercest types of dragons in the game are black dragons. As hard as they may be to take down, fighting them is every bit as rewarding as it should be, making them worth the trouble.

What Are Black Dragons In OSRS?

When facing black dragons, the mightiest among adult chromatic dragons, it's advisable to equip protection from dragonfire, like an anti-dragon shield. This precaution is essential when engaging adult dragons, even though, similar to other common chromatic dragons, they only unleash dragonfire at melee range.


Of all the common chromatic dragons, black dragons stand out as the exclusive droppers of the draconic visage. Notably, the more formidable level 247 variant found in the Wilderness Slayer Cave boasts a 1/5,000 drop rate for the draconic visage, the most common rate among dragons, shared with the King Black Dragon and Vorkath.


For a Slayer task, baby black dragons, brutal black dragons, and the King Black Dragon can be slain instead of black dragons. However, it's worth noting that the KBD doesn't contribute to a black dragon task assigned by Krystilia. Additionally, lava dragons, despite dropping black dragonhide, don't count toward a black dragon task.

You encounter a black dragon during Dragon Slayer II and the Recipe for Disaster Sir Amik Varze subquest.

OSRS Black Dragon Locations

If you want to start farming black dragons, you'll need to know where to look. Here's where you can find them.

Taverley Dungeon (Upper Level)22712
Taverley Dungeon2272
Wilderness Slayer Cave2473
Lava Maze Dungeon2272
Corsair Cove Dungeon/Myths' Guild (basement)2272
Evil Chicken's Lair2274

In the Taverley Dungeon, you'll encounter two black dragons spawning northwest near the Obelisk of Fire. They can be safely engaged behind the ladder. Additionally, 12 black dragons spawn in the upper level, accompanied by 5 baby black dragons. Note that the upper-level dragons can only be taken down when assigned black dragons as a Slayer task; otherwise, Slieve will intervene if you attempt to attack them off-task. To access the west side of the dungeon, you'll need a dusty key or 70 Agility (80 if using the strange floor shortcut). The task-only area is accessible via the steps near the entrance.


For a different encounter, the Evil Chicken's Lair houses four black dragons. To engage them here, you must initiate Sir Amik Varze's subquest in Recipe for Disaster. Until the dragon token is redeemed, they will exclusively drop it and their 100% drops. Accessing this lair requires offering a raw chicken to the chicken shrine in Zanaris.

In the Corsair Cove Dungeon, you'll find two black dragons. Completion of Dragon Slayer II is necessary to access this area, making it the closest location to a bank.


Venturing into the Wilderness, black dragons can be found in two locations: the Lava Maze Dungeon and Wilderness Slayer Cave. Two dragons spawn in the Lava Maze dungeon, but reaching them requires a lengthy trek through the maze unless you have 82 Agility (boostable at 77). Be prepared with some antipoison due to the presence of poison spiders near the dragons. Additionally, three black dragons spawn in the Wilderness Slayer Cave. They are slightly stronger than the level 227 variant and inhabit a multicombat area, but they are faster to access compared to the ones underneath the Lava Maze.

Dragon Bane Equipment


If you are looking to battle any of the dragonkin, you might want to opt into using dragonbane weapons if you have the money to do so. There are two dragonbane weapons in the game:

  • Dragon Hunter Crossbow
  • Dragon Hunter Lance

Using the crossbow against dragons will increase your ranged accuracy by 30% and damage by 25%. Using the lance against dragons increases your accuracy and damage against dragons by 20%.

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Black Dragon Rewards OSRS

Aside from the combat XP from fighting the dragons, you're also going to get a few notable rewards.


Dragon bones1Always[d 1]2,461
Black dragonhide1Always2,840


Dragon token1AlwaysNot sold

Weapons and armour

Mithril 2h sword11/321,170
Mithril axe11/42.67120
Mithril battleaxe11/42.67856
Rune knife21/42.67216
Mithril kiteshield11/1281,087
Adamant platebody11/1289,505
Rune longsword11/12818,569

Runes and ammunition

Adamant javelin301/6.42,160
Fire rune501/16200
Adamant dart(p)161/18.29432
Law rune101/25.61,140
Blood rune151/42.672,895
Air rune751/128300




Dragon javelin heads101/21.339,470
Adamantite bar11/42.671,821
Chocolate cake11/42.67164

Rare and Gem drop table

There is a 2/128 chance of rolling the rare drop table. There is also a 3/128 chance of rolling the gem drop table.

NothingN/A1/68.81; NeverN/A
Uncut sapphire11/154.6; 1/78.5278
Uncut emerald11/309.1; 1/157519
Loop half of key11/378.3; 1/3528,876
Tooth half of key11/378.3; 1/3529,049
Uncut ruby11/618.3; 1/3141,007
Runite bar11/1,63812,388
Chaos talisman11/1,649; 1/83749
Nature talisman11/1,649; 1/837167
Uncut diamond11/2,473; 1/1,2562,174
Nature rune671/2,7316,566
Rune 2h sword11/2,73137,942
Rune battleaxe11/2,73124,576
Law rune451/4,0965,130
Death rune451/4,0966,390
Steel arrow1501/4,0964,050
Rune arrow421/4,0964,242
Adamant javelin201/4,0961,440
Rune sq shield11/4,09622,620
Silver ore100 (noted)1/4,0965,200
Rune javelin51/4,946; 1/2,512815
Rune spear11/7,869; 1/84111,853
Rune kiteshield11/8,19231,772
Dragon med helm11/8,19258,928
Shield left half11/15,738; 1/1,68265,248
Dragon spear11/20,985; 1/2,24337,276


Looting bag11/3Not sold
Ensouled dragon head11/356,548
Brimstone key11/75Not sold
Clue scroll (hard)11/128; 1/64Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/500; 1/250Not sold
Draconic visage11/10,0003,258,437

Wilderness Slayer tertiary

The following drops are only accessible while on a Slayer task given by Krystilia.

Larran's key11/72139,956
Slayer's enchantment11/1681,230

Slay The Dragons

The black dragons might not be a boss in OSRS but they still pose a considerable amount of threat in the game. If you want to get amazing loot and gear, it's high time you start farming these beasts.

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