OSRS Blackjack Guide

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OSRS Blackjack Guide

There are a lot of weapons to collect in OSRS but it seems like none are as unique and fun to use as blackjacks. If you haven't come across this weapon before, then you're in for a treat once you get your hands on them. If you want to learn more about blackjacks and blackjacking, you've come to the right place.

What Are Blackjacks In OSRS?

Backjacks are a formidable members-only melee weapons. Their primary function lies in the art of luring and knocking out specific NPCs. There exist three distinct types of blackjacks: the ordinary variant, the offensive (or attack) type, and the defensive variety. While ordinary blackjacks offer a modest strength bonus, the offensive and defensive counterparts elevate both strength and their corresponding crush types.

While the fundamental purpose of all blackjack types remains consistent in luring and incapacitating designated NPCs, their unique combat bonuses set them apart. Higher-tier blackjacks, in particular, demonstrate enhanced capabilities, allowing for more prolonged enemy stun durations when engaged in melee combat. As you delve into the world of blackjacking, understanding these nuances will empower you to make strategic choices based on your preferred playstyle and combat objectives.

Blackjack Combat Mechanics

In the heat of combat, deploying a blackjack introduces a captivating element - the potential to temporarily stun your adversary, disrupting their next attack. This stun's likelihood hinges on your hit and your opponent's current hitpoints. To elaborate, a random integer is generated within the range of 0 to your hit (inclusive), and this number is then compared against another random integer between 0 and your opponent's hitpoints (inclusive). If the former surpasses the latter, your opponent succumbs to the stun effect.

Crucially, the stun mechanic operates independently of whether the blackjack is defensive or offensive. However, the duration of the delay is intricately tied to the blackjack's tier:

  • Oak blackjacks introduce a 1-tick delay to the next hit.
  • Willow blackjacks extend this delay to 2 ticks.
  • Maple blackjacks boast the longest delay, stretching it to 3 ticks.

An intriguing facet of this mechanism is that multiple stuns can stack, compounding the delay on your opponent's impending hit by the same amount. As you navigate the intricacies of combat with your blackjack, understanding these nuances grants you a tactical advantage, allowing you to strategically time and manipulate the ebb and flow of battle.

Combat styleAttack typeWeapon styleExperienceLevel boost
PoundCrushAccurateAttack, Hitpoints+3 Attack
PummelCrushAggressiveStrength, Hitpoints+3 Strength
BlockCrushDefensiveDefence, Hitpoints+3 Defence

Types Of Blackjacks


Attack Bonuses

Defence Bonuses


StabSlashCrushMagicRangedStabSlashCrushMagicRangedStrengthMagic DamageRanged StrengthPrayer
Oak blackjack000000000020%00
Oak blackjack(o)004000000040%00
Oak blackjack(d)000000040040%00
Willow blackjack000000000080%00
Willow blackjack(o)008000000080%00
Willow blackjack(d)000000080080%00
Maple blackjack0000000000200%00
Maple blackjack(o)00240000000200%00
Maple blackjack(d)00000002400200%00
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Blackjack Uses In OSRS

To acquire ordinary blackjacks, you can conveniently purchase them from the trader near the kebab shop in Pollnivneach once you've completed the blackjacking section of The Feud. However, obtaining the offensive and defensive variants involves completing the blackjack section of the Rogue Trader miniquest. After this accomplishment, you have the option to buy either ordinary/offensive blackjacks or ordinary/defensive ones from Ali Morrisane. If you wish to switch between types, a conversation with the blackjack seller in Pollnivneach will facilitate the transition.

To effectively wield blackjacks, ensure you've progressed sufficiently in The Feud to learn their usage, and your Thieving level meets the requirements for pickpocketing Villagers, bandits, or Menaphite Thugs. Once these prerequisites are met and you're equipped with a blackjack, choose 'Lure' from the right-click menu when away from other NPCs. In situations where no other NPCs are present, opt for 'Knock-out', although keep in mind there's a chance of failure. Subsequently, you can safely pickpocket the unconscious NPC.

The success rate of knocking out Menaphite Thugs is contingent on your Thieving level. At level 99 Thieving, the success rate is an impressive 94%, steadily increasing from 31% at level 1 (disregarding the actual requirement).

The Feud Walkthrough

To initiate the quest, head to Al Kharid and find Ali Morrisane just south-west of the Emir's Arena teleport. Once you meet the quest requirements and engage in the correct conversation, Ali Morrisane will request your assistance. He seeks help in locating his nephew, Ali, who resides in the small town of Pollnivneach, situated southeast of Al Kharid.

Before venturing to Pollnivneach, make a necessary purchase from Ali Morrisane. Acquire a Kharidian headpiece and a fake beard for a later disguise. If you haven't done so earlier, combine these two items immediately to craft a desert disguise, a crucial element used later in the quest. This not only streamlines your inventory but ensures readiness for upcoming challenges. Optionally, consider buying recommended waterskins and desert clothing if you lack them.

Journey to the quaint village of Pollnivneach, located southeast of Shantay Pass. Invest 200 coins in the magic carpet service for a swift and convenient transportation.

Note: If faced with a colossal wall, navigate to the east to access the village entrance. This ensures a smooth entry into Pollnivneach and marks the beginning of your quest to find Ali Morrisane's nephew.

A Journey In Pollnivneach

Proceed to the south-eastern corner of Pollnivneach and enter the bar. If not done earlier, purchase three beers from Ali the Barman. Afterward, engage in conversation with Drunken Ali. To extract information about Ali Morrisane's missing nephew, you'll need to exchange each beer for details. Carefully provide him with the three beers one at a time, ensuring you navigate through the dialogue after each exchange. Drunken Ali will reveal that the disappearance might be linked to the town's gangs.

Important: Initiate the quest dialogue by using the beers on Drunken Ali. Be cautious not to consume them, as this would necessitate additional purchases.

Head west of the bar to locate a purple and yellow tent. Engage in a conversation with any Menaphite Thug (excluding Ali the Operator) and inquire about the potential resolution of the feud if the Bandits were to return a camel.



Next, visit the northern part of the town and talk to any bandit, posing the same question about returning a camel from the Menaphites.

Proceed to the discount camel store, identified by an Agility training symbol, situated northwest of the bar and south of the kebab store. Approach Ali the Camel Man and express your interest in purchasing two camels. During the negotiation, offer Ali 500 or 1000 coins, though it's advisable to opt for 500 as there is no added benefit in paying more. You'll receive two camel receipts for your purchase.

Distribute the camel certificates to both gangs, presenting one to any bandit in the northern part of town and the other to any Menaphite in the southern part. Despite your efforts, this action does not resolve the ongoing conflict between the two factions.

Your next task is to join one of the gangs. Locate Ali the Operator near the purple tent in the southwest of Pollnivneach. Easily identifiable by wielding a scimitar, Ali the Operator appears as a Menaphite Thug. Initiate a conversation with him and express your interest in joining his gang. To test your trustworthiness, Ali the Operator instructs you to pickpocket three villagers as a demonstration of your skills and commitment.

Pickpocketing The Villagers



To successfully complete the pickpocketing task assigned by Ali the Operator, follow these steps for each of the three villagers:

  • 1st Villager: Head outside and attempt to pickpocket any villager. However, be aware that you will consistently fail unless you have initiated a conversation with Ali the Operator beforehand.
  • 2nd Villager: Locate a Street urchin in or around the bar area. Engage in a conversation with the urchin and pay him 10 coins to distract a villager. Quickly pickpocket the distracted villager with the flashing arrow above their head. Ensure that the Street urchin is in proximity to one of the villagers; otherwise, he may inform you that there is no one around to distract. Approach the villager from behind, and if the pickpocket attempt fails, don't worry - you won't lose your payment. Simply talk to the urchin again for another opportunity.
  • 3rd Villager: Return to Ali the Operator and request assistance in obtaining a blackjack. Once equipped with the blackjack, find a villager and lure them into a secluded area within an empty building. Subsequently, use the blackjack to knock them out. Finally, right-click on the unconscious villager to pickpocket them.

By successfully completing these pickpocketing tasks, you'll demonstrate your abilities to Ali the Operator and progress further in the quest.

The 2nd Job

To proceed with the quest, Ali the Operator tasks you with stealing the mayor's wife's jewels from the safe in their villa. Follow these steps to successfully carry out the heist:

  1. Disguise Preparation:
  • Utilize the fake beard and Kharidian headpiece obtained from Ali Morrisane to craft a desert disguise. Alternatively, purchase these items from the general store in Pollnivneach.
  • Put on your gloves and the newly created disguise.
  1. Infiltration:
  • Head to the mayor's villa located northeast of the bar.
  • Click "Hide behind" on the huge cactus just outside the villa.
  1. Safe Entry:
  • Wait until the dialogue indicates that it's safe to proceed since nobody is home.
  • Use the key provided by Ali the Operator on the front door to gain entry.
  1. Riddle Solution:
  • Search the study desk within the villa to find a note containing a riddle.
  • To solve the riddle, go upstairs and search the bed for a note revealing the first 5 numbers of the "Fibonacci sequence": "1, 1, 2, 3, 5..."
  1. Cracking the Safe:
  • Search the landscape picture hanging beside the bed on the second floor (US), immediately north of the bed, to discover the safe.
  • The safe's numbers progress from 1 to 9 clockwise. Click on the dial in the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.
  • Once the correct combination is entered, the safe will open, allowing you to take the jewels.

Note: Ensure you have at least one open inventory space during this process. If not, you will need to re-enter the sequence after making room in your inventory. This successful safe-cracking brings you one step closer to unraveling the mysteries within the quest.

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The 3rd Job

After delivering the stolen jewels to Ali the Operator, he instructs you to uncover the traitor within the gang. Follow these steps to expose and deal with the traitor:

  1. Investigate the Suspect:
  • Speak to a Menaphite Thug gang member about the potential traitor. They suggest that "It must be Traitorous Ali".
  1. Confrontation with Ali the Operator:
  • Return to Ali the Operator and inform him of the suspicion surrounding Traitorous Ali. Ali the Operator tasks you with eliminating the traitor.
  1. Revelation at the Pub:
  • Consult Ali the Barman at the pub to discover that the beer on the table belongs to the suspected traitor.
  1. Securing the Poison:
  • Approach Ali the Hag, located up the hill to the west of the town, and inquire about making a poison to eliminate Traitorous Ali.
  • To obtain the necessary items for the poison, visit the snake charmer behind the pub. Put some coins in the snake charmer's money pot to receive a snake charm and a snake basket.


  • Use the snake charm (not Play) on a desert snake, found north of Ali the Operator's tent. Even if you have a snake charm from a previous quest, you'll receive another provided there is space in your inventory.
  • Return the snake to Ali the Hag.
  1. Acquiring Fresh Camel Dung:
  • Proceed to Ali the Kebab seller, situated just north-west of the well in the town center. Request his red hot sauce.
  • Take the red hot sauce to the camel shop and use it on the food trough. Collect the dung that appears using a bucket.
  • Note: It's random which type of dung you get, so you may need to try multiple times. Aim for the nice brown dung or Ugthanki dung.
  1. Crafting the Poison:
  • Deliver the collected dung to Ali the Hag. In return, she provides you with poison to use against Traitorous Ali.
  1. Elimination of Traitorous Ali:
  • Go to the pub and apply the poison to the table with Traitorous Ali's beer.
  1. Report to Ali the Operator:
  • Return to Ali the Operator after administering the poison and inform him of the completed task.

This sequence of actions progresses the storyline and resolves the issue of the traitor within the gang.

Finishing Up



Prepare for the upcoming confrontation by speaking with Ali the Operator, who instructs you to engage with the Menaphite Leader outside the tent. Despite the leader's ambitions for world domination, you decide to eliminate him. Follow these steps to successfully handle this encounter:

  1. Confronting the Menaphite Leader:
  • Talk to the Menaphite Leader, who magically appears outside the tent.
  • Decide to take action against the Menaphite Leader due to his ambitious world domination schemes.
  • Face a level 75 Tough Guy in combat. Swiftly defeat him; if you're at a low level and the fight takes too long, he may disappear.
  • Note for magic users: The Tough Guy has high magic defense, so be prepared for a potentially lengthy battle. It's advisable to bring enough runes for at least 100 spells.
  • Alternatively, lure the Tough Guy behind the table inside the Menaphite Tent to gain a tactical advantage.
  1. Dealing with the Bandit Leader:
  • Speak to a villager to discover that the balance of power has been upset, and you need to address the Bandit Leader.
  • Locate the Bandit Leader northwest of the village, near the Rug Merchant. Confront him and demand that he leaves town.<
  • The Bandit Leader attempts to pay you, but stand firm in your insistence that he departs.
  • Engage in combat with the level 70 bandit champion summoned by the Bandit Leader. Safespot him behind the crate near the rug merchant or lure him into the tent to the east of the bandit leader and range/mage over the chairs. Upon defeat, the bandit champion drops an adamant scimitar.
  1. Addressing Ungrateful Villagers:
  • Talk to the villagers to gauge their reactions. They express discontent despite your efforts to resolve the conflicts.
  1. Meeting Ali the Mayor:
  • Speak with Ali the Mayor, located at the well in the center of the village. He appreciates the results of your deeds and shares information about Ali Morrisane's nephew.
  1. Claiming the Reward:
  • Return to Ali Morrisane and claim the reward for successfully completing the quest.

These actions conclude the quest, showcasing your prowess in handling the intricate dynamics of Pollnivneach and its feuding factions.

Blackjacking Tips

When using the 'Lure' option during blackjacking in OSRS, keep in mind that it is necessary only if the targeted NPC is visible to other NPCs. However, a strategic approach involves luring the NPC into a house and closing the door, eliminating the need for continuous use of "Lure'.

After successfully knocking out an NPC, you can ensure two pickpockets. To achieve this, swiftly execute the 'Pickpocket' action as soon as possible. Recognize the guaranteed pickpocket attempts by observing your character's animation-bending over in a burying bone motion instead of the regular pickpocket animation. If your inventory is full, excluding any coinbags, or if you possess 28 coinbags, you are likely to perform guaranteed pickpockets, especially useful for interrupting the second hit after a failed knockout.

Failing to knock out the NPC may result in an attack. Interrupt the attacking NPC before its second hit by either 'Pickpocketing' (successful or not) or executing a successful 'Knock-Out'. Climbing a nearby ladder is an alternative strategy if your HP is low or if you fail to interrupt the NPC before the second hit.

Engaging in combat with the NPC allows you to interrupt its actions by using 'Lure' simultaneously with its attack and going through the dialogue before the next attack. It's crucial to wait a few ticks before interacting again to prevent the NPC from remaining aggressive.

To optimize your blackjacking experience, consider immediately 'Pickpocketing' after selecting 'Knock-Out'. This approach ensures that if your 'Knock-Out' fails, you promptly interrupt the NPC. If successful, you pickpocket quickly enough to secure the second guaranteed pickpocket.

For sustenance, purchase wine from Faisal the Barman or utilize the services of the Banknote Exchange Merchant near the general store. Bring inexpensive, noted food, and use pickpocket money to minimize downtime. Strawberries are recommended as they offer the most efficient healing-to-inventory-space ratio.

Time To Blackjack

Blackjacking probably won't make you super rich in OSRS but it does help when it comes to improving your Thieving skill. Now that you know everything about blackjacks, it's time to get started.

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