OSRS Callisto Strategy Guide

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OSRS Callisto Strategy Guide

The Wilderness in OSRS is a dangerous place enough already. There are lots of dangers lurking around including fearsome monsters and ruthless PK'ers. However, one beast that players are terrified of is Callisto. If you're looking to beat this ferocious animal in the game, you've come to the right place.

What Is OSRS Callisto?

Callisto is a giant bear that's corrupted by the darkness that resides within the Wilderness. The beast lives in Callisto's Den and is also one of two monsters who can drop the tyrannical ring once beaten. Though Callisto's just a bear, the corruption caused by the Wilderness has made him particularly powerful.



Callisto's Den is the lair of Callisto. It is a multi-combat dungeon located in the Wilderness, just south of Demonic Ruins. Entering the boss lairs requires players to pay a fee of 50,000 coins; this fee does not need to be brought along in the inventory, and can deducted from the bank.

Whenever you die for another player, the fee becomes loot for them to pick up. You can reduce the fee by defeating the three bosses; each time you deal the most damage to a boss. Successfully doing this causes the fee to drop by 10,000 coins. When you enter the den, you will always be located north of the lair. If you log out while still in the den, you'll be brought back to the entrance when you log in.

Like the Silk Chasm and Vet-ion's Rest, when you exit Callisto's Den, you'll appear at one of three random points within the Escape Caves. Note that if you exit within 10 seconds of another player, you'll end up at the same point, allowing player killers to pursue their targets through the boss lair.

When you enter the lair, you won't be able to teleport for 3 ticks. However, completing the hard Wilderness diary removes this restriction.

Where To Find Callisto In OSRS

Callisto is located in Callisto's Den. This is a multi-combat dungeon found south of the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness.



If you possess 90 Magic and are on the Ancient spellbook, utilize the Annakarl Teleport spell to swiftly transport yourself to the Demonic Ruins. Upon arrival, head south from your location. Exercise caution, as PK'ers may be lurking nearby. This method stands as the quickest route to reach Callisto.

Alternatively, you can employ an Annakarl teleport tablet or a portal attuned to Annakarl. Again, exercise caution upon arrival. If using the house portal, ensure you have a scrying pool to scout the area beforehand.

For players with 57 Woodcutting, crafting a Waka canoe offers another means to traverse to the Wilderness. Head northeast from your landing point, but remain vigilant for PKers.

Possessing a royal seed pod enhances this strategy significantly. After teleporting close to the gnome glider, journey to Al Kharid and proceed to the canoe station beyond the toll gate. Thus, the royal seed pod serves as a versatile tool, enabling a Wilderness teleport, banking functionality, and access to Callisto.

Should you lack these prerequisites, resort to the games necklace to teleport to the Corporeal Beast's lair. Exit the cave and travel northward. Keep an eye out for PKers and the poison spiders unless you intend to stick close to the lava river.

Players who have completed the Hard or Elite Wilderness Diary can utilize the Wilderness Sword to teleport directly to the Fountain of Rune. From there, proceed southwest toward Callisto's location.

To enter the boss lair, you'll need to pay a fee of 50,000 coins. It's worth noting that you don't need to bring the fee with you as it can be deducted from the bank. To avoid the risk of losing the money in the Wilderness, make sure to just keep it in your bank.

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Callisto Preparation Guide

The good news is that you don't need to do any quests to beat Callisto. However, you'll have to make sure that your Skills are at the following levels:

  • Combat level 90 (95+ Recommended)
  • Hitpoints 60 (90+ Recommended)
  • Defence 70 (For Rigour)
  • Prayer 44 (74+ Recommended)
  • Ranged 75 (90+ Recommended)
  • Magic 79 (94+ Recommended)

Recommended Setup

Fighting Callisto is a bit complicated and to make it easier, you're recommended to have at least either a Ranged or Magic setup. The beast is weak against Ranged attacks and has a moderate defense against Magic. Additionally, he hits pretty hard. Using either Ranged or Magic will let you steer clear of any serious damage from Callisto during the fight. Keep in mind that this is the Wilderness and you will lose your items, so only bring 4 valuable items of your choice.

Ranged Combat:

Head: Slayer helmet (i) (only on task) > Crystal helm > Karil's coif > Archer helm

Neck: Necklace of anguish > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Amulet of power

Back: Ava's assembler > Ava's accumulator > Ranging cape > Ava's attractor

Body: Masori body (f) > Masori body > Crystal body > Black d'hide body

Legs: Black d'hide chaps > Crystal legs > Red d'hide chaps

Weapon: Webweaver bow / Craw's bow > Bow of faerdhinen > Zaryte crossbow / Armadyl crossbow / Dragon crossbow > Rune crossbow > Magic shortbow (i)

Shield: None if using a 2 handed weapon > Twisted buckler > Dragonfire ward / Odium ward > Book of law / Unholy book

Ammo/Spell: Rada's blessing 4 (if using Webweaver/Craw's bow) > God blessing / Rada's blessing 3/2 (if using Webweaver/Craw's bow) > Ruby dragon bolts (e) / Ruby bolts (e) > Amethyst arrow / Rune arrow > Broad bolts / Adamant bolts (if using crossbow)

Hands: Barrows gloves > Black d'hide vambraces > Red d'hide vambraces

Boots: Ancient d'hide boots / Blessed boots > Shayzien boots (5) > Snakeskin boots

Ring: Ring of shadows / Ring of shadows (uncharged) > Explorer's ring > Ring of wealth (i)

Special Attack: Zaryte crossbow


  • Royal seed pod
  • Blighted super restore(4)
  • Divine ranging potion(4)
  • Antidote++(4)
  • Blighted ancient ice sack / Blighted super restore(4) / Stamina potion(4)
  • Blighted super restore(4) / Cooked karambwan / Shark
  • Cooked karambwan / Shark
  • Shark
  • Cooked karambwan
  • Shark
  • Cooked karambwan
  • Saradomin brew(4)
  • Saradomin brew(4)
  • Saradomin brew(4) / Blighted super restore(4)
  • Cooked karambwan / Blighted super restore(4) / Phoenix necklace / Wilderness sword 4
  • Looting bag
  • Stamina potion (for running)
  • Divine ranging potion
  • Antidote++ (to cure poison from poison spiders)
  • Some prayer potions
  • Some Blighted ancient ice sacks or Blighted entangle sacks to freeze Callisto.

Magic Setup:

Head: Slayer helmet (i) > Ancestral hat > Farseer helm > Zamorak mitre

Neck: Occult necklace > Amulet of glory > Amulet of power > Amulet of magic

Back: Imbued saradomin cape > Saradomin cape > Ardougne cloak 4 > Guthix cloak

Body: Ancestral robe top > Virtus robe top > Ahrim's robetop > Mystic robe top / Masori body (f) / Armadyl chestplate

Legs: Ancestral robe bottom > Virtus robe bottom > Ahrim's robeskirt > Mystic robe bottom / Masori chaps (f) / Armadyl chainskirt

Weapon: Accursed sceptre / Thammaron's sceptre / Tumeken's shadow > Sanguinesti staff / Trident of the swamp > Trident of the seas > Warped sceptre

Shield: Book of darkness > Unholy book > Book of balance > Broodoo shield

Ammo/Spell: Rada's blessing 4 > God blessing / Rada's blessing 3/2

Hands: Tormented bracelet > Barrows gloves > Rune gloves > Combat bracelet

Boots: Bloodbark boots > Mystic boots > Ghostly boots > Splitbark boots > Moonclan boots

Ring: Ring of shadows / Ring of shadows (uncharged) > Explorer's ring 4 > Beacon ring > Ring of wealth (i)


  • Royal seed pod
  • Blighted super restore(4)
  • Divine magic potion(4)
  • Antidote++(4)
  • Blighted ancient ice sack / Blighted super restore(4) / Stamina potion(4)
  • Blighted super restore(4) / Cooked karambwan / Shark
  • Cooked karambwan / Shark
  • Shark
  • Cooked karambwan
  • Shark
  • Cooked karambwan
  • Saradomin brew(4)
  • Saradomin brew(4)
  • Saradomin brew(4) / Blighted super restore(4)
  • Cooked karambwan / Blighted super restore(4) / Phoenix necklace / Wilderness sword 4
  • Black d'hide body / Black d'hide chaps (if not already wearing Ranged body and legs)
  • Phoenix necklace / Wilderness sword 4
  • Looting bag
  • Stamina potion (for running)
  • Divine magic potion
  • Antidote++ (to cure poison from poison spiders)
  • Some prayer potions
  • Some Blighted ancient ice sacks or Blighted entangle sacks to freeze Callisto
  • A Royal seed pod to teleport at level 30 Wilderness (if you choose not to wear Amulet of glory)
  • Rest of inventory spaces to be filled with food (you may want to leave 2-3 slots empty for picking up items)

Callisto Guide OSRS



To successfully fight Callisto, you'll first have to take note of the following attacks that he has:

  • Melee: Callisto executes powerful swipes with area-of-effect capabilities. These strikes inflict significant damage, but you can mitigate about half of it by employing Protect from Melee. This is one of Callisto's main attacks and it's very powerful. As such, using Ranged or Magic builds is essential against him.
  • Ranged: If unable to engage in melee combat, Callisto unleashes crescent-shaped projectiles at all occupants within the den. Though still powerful, his Ranged attack deals significantly less damage so it's always better to goad him into attacking from afar.
  • Knockback: Callisto employs a white orb-like projectile aimed at a specific player, causing them to be forcefully propelled backward upon impact. Activating Protect from Magic at the precise moment of visual contact with the orb is crucial to mitigate the immense damage inflicted.
  • Bear Traps: At 66% health, Callisto sets red, ghostly-like bear traps throughout the arena. If ensnared, players sustain up to 15 damage and experience a brief immobilization. These traps reappear at approximately 33% health and continue to manifest with each subsequent attack from Callisto. Exercise caution to evade them effectively.

Once you enter the arena, Callisto will spawn south of his den, exactly right in front of the exit that will get you to the Escape Caves. One way to avoid PKers while going to the arena is to have a secondary account waiting outside the den to look out for possible attackers. You can also have friends doing this for you. Any other player that enters the den will spawn to the north.

Again, for this fight, we highly recommend a ranged approach as he hits hard up close. If Callisto is not yet frozen, the first immobilizing spell like ice barrage will always land. This is also dependent on whether your Magic accuracy is greater than 0. Any binding spell after the first aren't guaranteed to hit.

Once you're able to keep your distance from Callisto, he'll begin using his ranged attack up until you're close enough for melee swipes. At this phase, he will also launch a white orb. When this happens, make sure to use Protect from Magic as the orb can deal 50 damage.

If you're able to whittle his health down to 66 and 33%, Callisto will launch bear traps which he does after roaring. A single trap deals 15 damage and binds anyone who steps on it for a few seconds. Traps will remain on the map for a few seconds before disappearing but be careful as they're immediately replaced with new ones after. If Callisto is binded while he roars, it will be broken during the process so you'll have to freeze him again.

If you have low-risk items, you can opt to die from Callisto instead of leaving via the Escape Caves. This is quicker. You'll be able to reclaim items for free aside from the rares.

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Callisto Rewards

Callisto drops a lot of great items but what you're mostly going to want to get is the tyrannical ring. This ring can only be acquired as a drop from Callisto and Artio at Hunter's End.

The weapon is useful if you're planning on a build that primarily uses crush weapons. The ring is one of three rings that provide a crush attack bonus alongside the brimstone ring and the ring of shadows. The downside is that the tyrannical ring doesn't have a strength bonus.

The dragon warhammer's special attack is often paired with the tyrannical ring due to its unique ability that reduce the enemy's defense only if the player successfully lands a hit, which is where the accuracy bonus the ring becomes advantageous.

The tyrannical ring can be imbued into a Tyrannical ring (i). You can do this via various methods including using 650,000 Nightmare Zone reward points, 260 Soul Wars zeal tokens, or a scroll of imbuing, obtainable for 200 PvP Arena reward points. Creating the imbued ring grants it a boosted +8 crush attack and defense bonus, doubling the usual +4 bonus.

Here's a complete look at the drop table of Callisto.

Big bones1Always243
Claws of callisto11/196101,987
Dragon 2h sword11/256131,585
Dragon pickaxe11/256944,420
Voidwaker hilt11/36041,677,051
Tyrannical ring11/512145,700
Rune pickaxe5 (noted)1/15.7592,015
Rune 2h sword3 (noted)1/42113,511
Mystic earth staff4 (noted)1/6399,728
Mystic robe top4 (noted)1/63284,880
Mystic robe bottom4 (noted)1/63189,076
Rune kiteshield4 (noted)1/63127,640
Rune platebody4 (noted)1/63153,180
Blood rune5001/18107,500
Death rune7001/18142,100
Chaos rune9001/1896,300
Soul rune6001/25.2150,000
Mahogany logs600 (noted)1/21249,600
Limpwurt root100 (noted)1/25.229,800
Magic logs225 (noted)1/25.2219,600
Uncut ruby75 (noted)1/31.568,475
Uncut diamond35 (noted)1/4273,850
Red dragonhide170 (noted)1/42385,560
Uncut dragonstone5 (noted)1/6369,675
Coconut135 (noted)1/63367,335
Grimy toadflax150 (noted)1/126511,500
Grimy dwarf weed45 (noted)1/126123,300
Grimy ranarr weed45 (noted)1/126265,320
Grimy snapdragon45 (noted)1/126325,665
Ranarr seed111/25.2238,293
Snapdragon seed81/25.2261,688
Dark crab50 (noted)1/25.252,700
Super restore(4)10 (noted)1/25.2104,610
Supercompost225 (noted)1/31.58,325
Dragon bones75 (noted)1/42307,800
Wilderness crabs teleport41/42129,656
Blighted anglerfish100 (noted)1/126106,500
Blighted anglerfish5-61/185,325-6,390
Blighted karambwan5-61/182,565-3,078
Blighted super restore(3)3-41/18Not sold
Blighted super restore(4)3-41/1818,549-24,732
Ranging potion(2)2-31/183,700-5,550
Super combat potion(2)2-31/1815,580-23,370
Looting bag11/3Not sold
Brimstone key11/50Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/100; 1/50Not sold
Long bone11/400Not sold
Callisto cub11/1,500Not sold
Curved bone11/5,013Not sold
Slayer's enchantment11/301,304
Larran's key11/50154,573

Bring Down The Bear

Callisto is a tough battle if you're not prepared. Engaging him in melee combat is certainly a bad idea but the right ranged and magic setup will get him done in no time. If you're lucky enough, you should be able to get the tyrannical ring from him in one try but even if not, farming him is relatively easy.

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