OSRS Chaos Fanatic Guide

12.02.2023 - 17:21:16
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OSRS Chaos Fanatic Guide

What Is Chaos Fanatic?

Chaos Fanatic is a boss that resides west of the lava maze at level 42 Wilderness.

Why Should You Kill Chaos Fanatic?

Chaos Fanatic is a very easy boss to kill making it quite simple to constantly farm. It has okay regular drops and has 2 uniques and a pet drop. Uniques are worth 1M each. It also has 4 combat achievements which you can complete:

  • Sorry, What Was That?: Kill the Chaos Fanatic without anyone being hit by his explosion attack.
  • Chaos Fanatic Champion: Kill the Chaos Fanatic 10 times.
  • Praying to the Gods: Kill the Chaos Fanatic 10 times without drinking any potion which restores prayer or leaving the Wilderness.
  • Chaos Fanatic Adept: Kill the Chaos Fanatic 25 times.

Chaos Fanatic Guide

Chaos Fanatic is a fairly easy mini-boss to kill having little requirements. However do keep in mind that this boss is still in the Wilderness and you can still get Pked if you are not careful. Never bring any items that you don’t wish to lose and always have your “PK skull prevention” turned on.

If you ever get chased by PKers the easiest way to escape is by running to the KBD’s lair and teleporting out.


  • 75+ Ranged
  • 43+ Prayer
  • 70+ Defence (recommended)


You can upgrade or downgrade the gear listed below as you see fit. The most important thing for this fight is the ranged bonus.

  • Blessed Coif
  • Any Ava’s device
  • Karil’s Leathertop
  • Karil’s Leatherskirt
  • Craw’s bow or Toxic blowpipe
  • Any blessing
  • Barrows gloves
  • Blessed boots
  • Archers ring (i)


  • 1 Divine ranging potion
  • 4 Saradomin brews
  • 4-6 Blighted super restores
  • Looting bag
  • A teleport out like royal seed pot
  • Fill rest of your inventory with curry (It has an attack that takes off your equipped items, having your inventory full mitigates this attack)

Killing Chaos Fanatic

  1. Make your way to the west of the lava maze. Put on protection from magic and your range boosting prayer and start attacking the boss.
  2. Make sure that your inventory is always full so your items don’t get unequipped. If they do get unequipped, simply put them on again and continue.
  3. Occasionally the boss will do an area of effect attack. This will be in the form of green liquid like orbs flying towards you. Simply move to somewhere else away from where they are going to land to dodge this attack.

After each kill you can run to the chaos temple near the boss area to restore your prayer points without wasting a prayer potion.


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