OSRS Chinning Guide

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OSRS Chinning Guide

Training your Ranged Skill in OSRS isn't particularly hard but it does take a lot of time to do so. Aside from the right build, you'll also need the right methods to ensure that you're getting Ranged XP in the most efficient way possible. F2P account training methods are fairly limited but if you want to maximize your character's growth, you might want to invest in a P2P account.

With a P2P account, you'll have more ways to train Range. One of the most effective ways to do so is by Chinning.

What Is OSRS Chinning?

Utilizing chinchompas, often referred to as "chinning," to attack maniacal monkeys proves to be the most efficient method for Ranged training in OSRS. These monkeys can be found in Kruk's Dungeon on Ape Atoll, accessible only to those who have initiated chapter II of the Monkey Madness II quest. Despite its swiftness, chinning comes at a cost, making it a more expensive option compared to alternative training methods.


OSRS P2P Ranged Training Level 1-45

Your Ranged Skill needs to be at least level 45 before you can start chinning. To make the process easier for you, here are a few ways you can get to level 45 fast.

Level 1-32: Questing


Levels 1-32 can be efficiently progressed through questing. By completing quests like Shadow of the Storm (allocating the experience reward to Ranged), Death to the Dorgeshuun, and Horror from the Deep, players can amass a total of 16,662.5 experience, swiftly advancing from level 1 to 32. To surpass the level 40 ranged requirement for Temple of Ikov, players can wield knives or darts in conjunction with ice arrows, securing an additional 10,500 experience and propelling them to level 36. Here are all of the quests that give you Ranged XP.

Other requirementsEnemy to defeat
Big Chompy Bird HuntingYes73530Fletching 5 , Cooking 30Wolves (level 64) (optional)
Recipe for Disaster
(Skrach Uglogwee subquest)
Yes1,50030Cooking 41 , Firemaking 20None
Death to the DorgeshuunYes2,000-Thieving 23 , Agility 23 , The Lost TribeMultiple low level NPCs
Zogre Flesh EatersYes2,00030Smithing 4 , Herblore 8Multiple high level NPCs
Heroes' QuestYes2,075-Quest Points 55 , Cooking 53 , Fishing 53 , Herblore 25 , Mining 50Multiple high level NPCs
Horror from the DeepYes4,662.5-Agility 35 , Alfred Grimhand's BarcrawlMultiple high level NPCs
Temple of IkovYes10,50040Thieving 42Multiple med level NPCs
Chompy Bird Hunting
Yes30,00030Completion of Big Chompy Bird Hunting4000x Chompy Bird (level 6)
Total 53,472.5  
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Level 1-45: Dwarf Multicannon


The fastest route to level 45 involves employing the dwarf multicannon. To access this method, players need to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest, although there are no specific level requirements to operate the cannon. The dwarf multicannon boasts a superior damage output at lower levels, with a maximum hit of 30 using regular cannonballs (35 with granite cannonballs), irrespective of the player's Ranged level. However, this method can be quite costly due to the expense of cannonballs.

Cannoning with Slayer

Efficient Slayer training provides passive Ranged experience through the use of the dwarf multicannon. It is advisable to incorporate the cannon wherever possible, as the time saved justifies the cost. Tasks that involve melee combat can take nearly twice as long without the cannon. For example, during multi-combat tasks like dagannoth and kalphite, the cannon deals most of the damage while providing substantial Melee experience. If funds are limited, it is recommended to prioritize earning money for cannonballs rather than training Slayer without the cannon.

Ranged Experience from Slayer

The Ranged experience gained from Slayer varies based on the player's task list, but players can anticipate accumulating at least around 5 million Ranged experience from level 99 Slayer.

Cannoning Caged Ogres

Cannoning ogres in the Combat Training Camp post-Biohazard quest is a viable option for quick leveling at lower levels. This method has no level requirements for cannon usage.

Cannoning Ice Trolls

Although slower, cannoning ice trolls offers a more budget-friendly alternative. Completing The Fremennik Trials quest enables players to set up a cannon south of the coal rocks west of the eastern mining icon in the Fremennik Isles, allowing for effective safespotting. Depending on Ranged level and the number of cannonballs brought, players can gain 60,000-100,000 experience per hour while potentially making a profit.

It's recommended to have telegrab for drop retrieval without incurring damage and the ability to low or high alch drops. Bringing a small amount of food for safety is advisable. Lower-level players should exercise caution, as ice trolls can deal significant damage without Protect from Melee. With level 70 Prayer, a dragonbone necklace, bonecrusher, and Neitiznot shield, players can maintain infinite prayer points while using Protect from Melee.

Preparing For Chinning

Once you've reached level 45 Ranged, it's time to prepare a bit more for chinning. Aside from level 45 Ranged, you'll also need these:

  • Partial completion of Monkey Madness II (reached Kruk's Dungeon).
  • 43 Prayer for Protect from Melee.
  • 62 Magic for ancient magicks multi-target spells.

Where To Find Chinchompas In OSRS

Maniacal monkeys inhabit Kruk's Dungeon on Ape Atoll, with the entrance located in the north-western part of the island. Various methods can be employed to access the dungeon:

  1. Post-Monkey Madness II Completion:
    • After finishing Monkey Madness II, players can efficiently reach the dungeon by using the gnome glider to Ape Atoll and heading south.
  1. Pre-Monkey Madness II Completion:
    • Players who have not completed Monkey Madness II need to wear a greegree to avoid damage from aggressive monsters. Access can be gained by:
    • Utilizing the Ape Atoll Teleport on the standard spellbook and proceeding west.
    • Using the Ape Atoll Teleport on the Arceuus spellbook and moving north.

Once inside the dungeon, follow these steps to reach the optimal location for hunting maniacal monkeys:

  • Locate the Second Hole with Vines:
    • Refer to the map of Kruk's Dungeon, and find the second hole marked as "2."
    • Climb down the vines associated with this hole.
  • Navigate to the Large Room:
    • Head south-east from the hole until you reach a spacious room.
  • Checking for Other Players:
    • To ensure an uninterrupted experience, check if another player is present down the hole.
    • Right-click on the hole and select "look in hole" to inspect the area.

It is advised against sharing a world with another player, as this practice significantly reduces XP rates by nearly 40% for both players.

General Chinning Strategy

When engaging maniacal monkeys, it's advised to maintain Protect from Melee at all times for protection. Utilize the 1-dose prayer potions dropped by the monkeys to sustain your prayer indefinitely. Alternatively, players equipped with the bonecrusher can opt for either the dragonbone necklace or the bonecrusher necklace to automatically restore Prayer points as needed.

As the aggression of maniacal monkeys diminishes roughly every 10 minutes, execute a strategic move. Run west along the south passage to reach the designated yellow box on the map. When adjacent maniacal monkeys reinitiate the attack, it signifies that the aggression has been reset, allowing you to return to your training spot. This reset may occur before or after the bend in the path.

For budget-conscious players seeking to recover some of the expenses incurred on runes or chinchompas, a strategy is available. At level 71 Hunter, players can fill their inventory with Imp-in-a-box, bank 4-dose Prayer potions, and discard the surplus magic boxes. This approach assumes the usage of the bonecrusher necklace or the dragonbone necklace with a bonecrusher method, eliminating the need for prayer restoration through potions. For example, ice bursting players who leave and return after using up all Imp-in-a-box can expect to "refund" approximately half the cost of the runes spent on that trip.

Solo Methods

There are various solo methods to stack maniacal monkeys. These methods differ in click-intensity, with higher click-intensity methods potentially yielding higher experience rates by hitting larger groups of monkeys. While Ice Burst and Barrage spells can hit a maximum of 9 targets, chinchompas have a higher limit of 11 targets. Therefore, the high-intensity methods hold greater significance when training Ranged as opposed to Magic.

  1. Low-intensity: Enable auto-retaliate for all attacks. Periodically, run north-east and then return to the starting spot to clump the monkeys as needed.
  2. Medium-intensity: Employ auto-retaliate for all attacks. After each attack, manually click on a 3x3 clump of maniacal monkeys.
  3. High-intensity: Tailored for chinning. Click back and forth after every attack to efficiently stack the monkeys.

These methods allow players to choose the level of engagement that suits their playstyle and objectives, with higher-intensity methods potentially offering enhanced experience rates by hitting larger groups of monkeys.

2 Dancing Account Method

An alternative method to automatically stack maniacal monkeys involves utilizing two accounts, where one account follows the other in front of the player. This approach allows for a fully AFK experience, eliminating the need to manually run back and forth to stack the monkeys.

To initiate this method, both players should wait for approximately 10 minutes to lose the aggressiveness of the monkeys. Following this, the second player should commence following the first and proceed to one of the stacking corners illustrated in the videos above. If the second player successfully follows the first one at the right time, the characters will engage in a 'dancing' movement, essentially moving around each other. This marks the completion of the preparation phase.

Now, the account intending to train can run to one of the corners near the two dancing players, and the monkeys will automatically stack. The 'dancing' movement functions as an automatic shuffling mechanism, effectively stacking the monkeys without requiring direct player intervention.

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Chinning Methods

There are three appropriate builds and methods for chinning which are based on the chinning method that you want to use. We'll detail each of those builds with this section.

Ranged Build

In the context of maniacal monkeys with a Defense level of 10, the impact of equipping the best-in-slot ranged accuracy gear at Ranged levels 80/99 is minimal, resulting in only a 0.75%/0.60% increase in accuracy. This translates to approximately 14 missed hits per hour, making the difference negligible.

Given this scenario, prioritizing prayer bonus over ranged accuracy proves advantageous, leading to a reduction of 23-42 prayer potion doses per hour or less time spent without a necklace of anguish equipped when employing the bonecrusher method. While using max ranged bonus gear may yield an additional 5,000 experience per hour if players can efficiently pick up prayer potions without disrupting their rhythm, the likelihood of spending more time collecting and consuming prayer potions outweighs the marginal damage output gain from ranged accuracy gear. As a result, prayer bonus gear is deemed superior, contributing to a less intense training experience.

A potential exception arises in specific situations and setups (requiring a DPS calculation) where the player does not achieve a max hit from wearing the necklace of anguish. In such cases, opting for the bonecrusher necklace while favoring high ranged accuracy equipment over prayer bonus items (e.g., pegasian boots, archers ring (i)) becomes slightly more optimal, ensuring a consistently high prayer level due to the effects of the bonecrusher necklace.


  • Void ranger helm
  • Masori mask (f)
  • Mitre
  • Halos
  • Saradomin coif
  • Blessed coif/Armadyl helmet


  • Necklace of anguish
  • Bonecrusher necklace / Dragonbone necklace
  • Stole
  • Unholy symbol / Holy symbol
  • Amulet of fury


  • Ava's assembler
  • Soul cape
  • Ardougne cloak 4 (or best cloak variant)
  • Cape of Accomplishment (t)
  • Vestment cloak


  • Elite void top
  • Masori body (f)
  • Void knight top
  • Vestment robe top/Monk's robe top
  • Blessed body/Armadyl chestplate


  • Elite void robe
  • Masori chaps (f)
  • Void knight robe
  • Vestment robe legs/Monk's robe
  • Blessed chaps/Armadyl chainskirt


  • Black chinchompa
  • Red chinchompa
  • Chinchompa


  • Twisted buckler
  • Dragonfire ward
  • Odium ward
  • Book of law
  • Unholy book


  • Rada's blessing 4
  • Peaceful blessing / God blessing / Rada's blessing 3/2
  • N/A


  • Void knight gloves
  • Zaryte vambraces
  • Blessed bracers
  • N/A


  • Devout boots
  • Holy sandals
  • Blessed boots
  • Pegasian boots
  • Ranger boots


  • Ring of the gods (i)
  • Ring of suffering (i)
  • Explorer's ring 4
  • Archers ring (i)
  • Ring of life


  • Bonecrusher necklace
  • Kandarin headgear 4
  • Royal seed pod
  • Prayer potion(4)
  • Stamina potion(4)
  • Divine ranging potion(4)
  • Transportation to Ape Atoll and teleport out (e.g., royal seed pod)
  • Light source (e.g., Kandarin headgear, Firemaking cape, or bullseye lantern)
  • Monkey greegree (if Monkey Madness II is not completed)
  • Holy wrench (if picking up prayer potions and no ring of the gods (i))
  • Chinchompas (bring only the amount needed per trip, as they are lost on death)


  • Void knight equipment requires the full set to be effective.
  • Bring a Bonecrusher necklace switch for restoring Prayer points.
  • Bring 1-2 prayer potions (4).
  • Use stamina potions and divine ranging potions.
  • If using dancing accounts to stack monkeys, bring 1 stamina potion and the rest divine ranging potions.
  • Recommended 2:1 ratio of stamina to divine ranging potions for regular use.
  • To maximize experience rates, stack maniacal monkeys using dancing accounts.
  • Adjustments to experience rates and costs based on equipment choices and actions are provided for reference.

Reference Experience Rates and Costs:

  • Experience rates and costs are extrapolated from red chinchompa data at Ranged levels 80-90.
  • Rates assume Ranged potions every 6 levels, with Protect from Melee, Preserve, and Eagle Eye activated.
  • Experience rates for low levels may be slightly higher, while high levels may be slightly lower.
  • Using Rigour instead of Eagle Eye should increase experience rates and reduce costs by about 7%.
  • Using long-ranged for defensive chinning results in equal gp/xp for Ranged+Defence but at lower rates.

Chinning To Success

Ranged training can get very bothersome real quick but the good news is that Chinning offers a great way to reduce the time it takes to get it done. With this guide, you're one step closer towards making sure that your Ranged level is going to be 99 soon.

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