OSRS Christmas Guide 2022

16.12.2022 - 13:34:04
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OSRS Christmas Guide 2022

OSRS Christmas Event

It’s that time of the year again where you can make super easy money in Old School Runescape. Doing this event is really simple. You can complete it in 5 – 10 mins and you will get 2 Christmas crackers as a reward which currently insta sells for 200K each. Here is how you do the event:

  1. Head over to the barbarian village where the Christmas event is located and talk to the npc called Guss Mistletoad. You can skip all the dialogue and select “yes” when given the option.
  2. After selecting yes head over to Santa and talk to him. After that dialogue is over head back to Guss to talk to him.
  3. Click on the portal to enter it. Before you are able to enter the portal, Santa will ask you a riddle. Select the option that says “Frostbite”. After that click yes and enter the portal.
  4. Once inside, talk to Santa’s scribe and click yes to start the mini-game. The game is pretty simple, all you have to do is to collect coal that spawns on the ground and hand the coal over to other npcs. There is a coal counter on the top left corner of the screen. You should always keep your coal under 100, If it gets over 100, you lose the minigame. Occasionally other npcs will come to give you their coal, you don’t need to avoid them, you just have to make sure you have empty space or you can even give them coal before they manage to give it to you.
  5. After the coal mini-game, talk to Santa’s scribe again to answer her riddle. Click on the option that says “Snowman”. After this head to the building next to the pub and talk to the Gnome inspector.
  6. In the second minigame all you have to do is to collect gingerbreads that appear on the ground and then put them in the gingerbread hopper. There will be an npc that is crawling on the ground, he will occasionally crawl his way over to your hopper saying “I’ve got all the bad ones for you”. When you see this dialogue pop up on top of his character model just kick him once to stop him. After you reach 250 points, talk to the Gnome inspector again, he will ask you a riddle and the answer is “Candle”.
  7. After answering the gnome’s riddle, exit out of the building through the northern door and talk to the snowball champion. After talking to him, talk to Guss and click the option that says “yes” to start the last mini-game. In this minigame you will be collecting snowballs from the snowball piles and throwing them at other npcs except Guss. Occasionally golden snowballs will spawn on the ground, pick them up and use them whenever that happens as they deal 50 damage. Sometimes the npcs will turn at you and throw a snowball indicated by a shadow growing under you, simply move to a different tile to avoid it. After every npc is defeated you will be left alone with Guss you can choose to either win the snowball fight or lose it, both results in you completing the event.
  8. After the cutscene you will spawn in the pub. Talk to Guss to get your rewards. You will be getting 2 of each party hat, 2 santa hats and 2 christmas crackers. Christmas crackers are the most expensive item out of the bunch so you can sell them at a decent profit! This event will currently get you 430k!

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