OSRS Construction Guide

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OSRS Construction Guide

What is Construction ?

Construction is a super useful skill which allows players to build their own house in any fashion they like. More you level up in this game the more you will use your own house.

Why Should You Train Construction ?

Levelling up your construction and upgrading your house proves many benefits:

  1. You can build pools in your house to restore all your stats and cure any negative effect on your character.
  2. You can have access to infinite teleports to all the teleports in the game.
  3. You can build an altar that provides you with x3.50 prayer experience.
  4. You can build another altar that allows you to swap your mage books.
  5. You can build crafting stations that allow you to repair your armour,  craft a variety of different items and tablets allowing you to make money from it.
  6. You can store all your untradables and clue scroll items allowing you to free up bank space. It also allows you to build stash units all over the map to store emote clue scroll items.
  7. You can create shelves and wardrobes that provide you with basic items.
  8. You can create target dummies to learn your max hit with any gear.
  9. You can create better storages in Chambers of Xeric.
  10. If none of that interests you, you can open up your house in a house party world to get tips.

Aside from the main benefits, some really useful quests require you to have a certain construction level. Those quests are:

  • Darkness of Hallowvale - Construction Level 5
  • They Eyes of Glouphrie - Construction Level 5
  • Tower of Life - Construction Level 10
  • The Fremennik Isles - Construction Level 20
  • Getting Ahead - Construction Level 26
  • The Great Brain Robbery - Construction Level 30
  • Cold War - Construction Level 34
  • Making Friends with My Arm - Construction Level 35
  • Dragon Slayer 2 - Construction Level 50
  • Song of the Elves - Construction Level 70

To get a quest cape you will need at least level 70 construction.

Lastly, if you want to complete all achievement diaries in the game, you need to have at least level 78 construction.

Aside from all this it’s a skill that has one of the fastest exp rates in Old School Runescape.

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Construction Training

All your construction training will require two items; a hammer and a saw. After getting these items you will need a house to begin your training. You can either talk to an estate agent to buy a house or you can complete the quest called “Daddy’s Home”. It’s a super short quest that will get you to level 8 construction and get you a free house.

Important Tip: Constructing anything in your player-owned house requires you to right click the construction space and then left click the build option. You can make this process easier on your hands and faster by adjusting your camera in such a way that when you right click, your mouse will already be on build so you never have to move your mouse. (check youtube to see how you can achieve this).

Also always use the numbers on your keyboard to select which furniture you want to build and to confirm the confirmation message that pops up when you are trying to remove furniture.


Before beginning your construction training, you should know about servants. Servants are npcs which you can hire in Ardougne. After hiring, these npcs will be in your house and can bring you items from your bank or un-note the items that you have in your inventory. After using a servant’s service eight times, you are required to pay them gold. The gold that you have to pay depends from servant to servant. These are the servants that you can hire:

  1. Rick - Level 20 Construction - 500 Gold - Bank - 6 Items - 60 Seconds
  2. Maid - Level 25 Construction - 1K Gold - Bank - 10 Items - 30 seconds
  3. Cook - Level 30 Construction - 3K Gold - Bank/Sawmill - 16 Items - 17 seconds
  4. Butler - Level 40 Construction - 5K Gold - Bank/Sawmill - 20 Items - 12 seconds
  5. Demon Butler - Level 50 Construction - 10K Gold - Bank/Sawmill - 26 Items - 7 seconds

Additionally, to get a butler you will need to build two beds in your house. You should always use the highest tier butler you can and also the butlers take money depending on how many times you used them, not how many items you asked them to bring so always use the maximum number of items. If your inventory is full don’t worry the butler will keep the excessive items and give them to you next time you speak with them.

There are two pieces of furniture that you should build in your house to use your butler more efficiently. 

  1. Rope Bell Pull: You can construct this in your kitchen at level 26 construction. This allows you to summon your butler. After building this piece of furniture you can summon your butler from your house options menu. Constructing this requires:
  • 1 Oak plank
  • 1 Rope
  1. Servant’s Moneybag: You can construct this in your bedroom at level 58 construction. You can store money in this bag to pay your butler automatically. Constructing this requires:
  • 2 Mahogany planks
  • 1 Bolt of cloth
  • 1 Gold leaf

Carpenter’s Outfit

From the minigame “Mahogany Homes” you can buy pieces of carpenter’s outfit which boosts your exp gains for construction.

  • Helmet - 0.4% Exp boost
  • Shirt - 0.8% Exp boost
  • Trousers - 0.6% Exp boost
  • Boots - 0.2% Exp boost

Wearing the full set grants additional 0.5% boost which sums up to a total of 2.5% exp boost.

1 - 99 Construction Guide

Construction methods is all about picking how much money you want to spend.

Most Efficient Route

Levels 1 - 33: For early levels you will be using an npc called Phials. He is just located outside of the rimmington portal and can un-note your items for a fee. You will be using all your planks in your house and running out to un-note more planks to continue training until you get to level 30. At 30 hire the cook.

  • Levels 1 - 4: Construct 5 crude wooden chairs. (10 planks/20 steel nails)
  • Levels 4 - 9: Construct 7 wooden bookcases. (28 planks/56 steel nails)
  • Levels 9 - 15: Construct 7 wooden larders. (56 planks/112 steel nails)
  • Levels 15 - 16: Construct 3 repair benches. (6 oak planks)
  • Levels 16 - 22: Construct 12 crafting table 1’s. (48 oak planks)
  • Levels 22 - 31: Construct 39 oak dining tables. (156 oak planks)
  • Levels 31 -33: Construct 10 carved oak tables. (60 oak planks)

Levels 33 - 52/74: With your newly hired servant, construct 220 oak larders. Don’t forget to have the coins in your inventory to use your servant. (1760 oak planks)

EXP/H: up to 480K (after level 50 with demon butler)

Levels 52 - 77: After level 52 you unlock the ability to build mahogany tables. They are pretty expensive but provide a lot of experience. To get to 77 you will be building 1610 tables. (9,660 mahogany planks).

EXP/H: 650K - 900K

Levels 77 - 99: After Level 77 you can start building gnome benches which have the fastest exp rates for construction if you can do the tick manipulation method. If you don’t want to do tick manipulation you can keep doing mahogany tables which have the same exp rate.

To do the method you need to stand in between two gnome benches, build two of them then remove two of them and then build another two. If done correctly your butler will arrive right on time and will not interrupt you, granting you the fastest construction exp in the game. (82,556 mahogany planks)

EXP/H: 900k - 1.1M

Alternative and Cheaper Ways to Train Construction

Oak Method

Levels 33 - 74: Instead of stopping at level 52 you will be building oak larders all the way up to level 74 construction. (17,968 oak planks)

EXP/H: Up to 480K

Levels 74 - 99: From 74 all the way up to 99 you will be building oak dungeon doors. (198, 970 oak planks)

EXP/H: Up to 550K

Mounted Mythical Cape

Levels 50 - 66/99: For this method you will need to complete the quest “Dragon Slayer 2”. After the quest get yourself a mythical cape and an inventory of teak planks. The cape is reused so you don’t have to get more than 1. Since mythical cape goes back to your inventory upon removing, it won’t allow you to remove it with a full inventory,  so to do this method you should do this:

  1. Get down to 6 planks in your inventory and send your demon butler away.
  2. Remove and build 2 mounted mythical capes.
  3. After you remove it the second time, wait a tick and your butler will return with 24 planks.

For 66 you will need to have 3204 teak planks and for 99, 104,865 track planks.

EXP/H: Up to 430K

Teak Benches

Levels 66 - 99: You can start making teak benches at level 66 construction. You should use the same method explained in mahogany benches. (139,314 teak planks). Alternatively you can stop at level 74 and switch to oak dungeon doors which offer less exp but are much cheaper. 

EXP/H: 500K - 700K

Mahogany Homes

Levels 1 - 99: This is the cheapest way to train your construction. In this minigame you will get tasks to go to certain npc’s houses and repair or build furniture. The exp rates depend on your construction level and the tasks you pick. Also having the item “plank sack” will improve these exp rates further.

  • Beginner EXP/H: 30K - 35K / With plank sack 35K - 40K
  • Novice EXP/H: 65K - 75K / With plank sack 75K - 85K
  • Adept EXP/H: 110K - 125K / With plank sack 130K - 145K
  • Expert EXP/H: 165K - 190K / With plank sack 190K - 225K

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