OSRS Construction Guide: From Basics to 99

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OSRS Construction Guide: From Basics to 99

With over 20 skills to choose from in OSRS, it can be hard to find which ones you want to focus on developing first. Some skills are going to be really beneficial in the long run which is why you might want to work on improving them as soon as you possibly can. One such skill is Construction.

In a game like Old School Runescape, the common misconception is that Combat skills are going to take up most of your time in the early game. However, skills like Construction open up a ton of utility and money-making opportunities, which make them perfect for those who want to have a better time in the game.

What is OSRS Construction?

In OSRS, Construction is a members-only skill that lets you build your own house and even furniture to go along with it. It's not exactly a necessary skill you need to go through the game and its contents but it does open up the opportunity to have your own humble abode in the game.


You can train Construction by repeatedly building and removing furniture inside your own house. In most cases, the primary material for training is Planks and just using these can cost you money already. Building a house and training your Construction skill are very costly but the end result is worth it considering what you're getting in return.

Building A House in OSRS

You don't get to start training your Construction in OSRS until you get your own house. This is the most important aspect of Construction training and you can expect to be able to do this once you're at around the middle level of your playthrough and of course, once you have a ton of money as well.

For this part of the guide, we're going to talk about the step-by-step process in building your house in OSRS.

  1. Buying A House

A house costs 1,000 coins in OSRS. You can buy one from an estate agent located around the world. These agents can be found in major cities including Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village, East Ardougne, and Hosidous. They are marked on the map with a symbol of a house so finding them shouldn't be particularly difficult.


If you don't want to spend 1,000 coins, you can also do the Daddy's Home quest. Finishing this quest will reward you with a house. The quest itself is just a mini quest so you don't have to spend too much time on it. You can do this quest by talking to Marlo inside the Estate Agents' house in north-east Varrock.

  1. Getting To Your House

Once you've bought your house, you'll need to get inside of it as a next step. There are actually four ways to get inside your house. The easiest is to use the POH portal that is connected to your house. When you first purchase a house, your house is going to be in Rimmington.

If you want to have your house moved, you'll need to meet certain level requirements for your Construction skill.

  • Rimmington - Level 1 Construction
  • Taverley - Level 10 Construction
  • Pollnivneach - Level 20 Construction
  • Hosidius - Level 25 Construction
  • Rellekka - Level 30 Construction
  • Brimhaven - Level 40 Construction
  • Yanille - Level 50 Construction
  • Prifddinas - Level 70 Construction.

You'll also need a fee of 5,000 to 50,000 coins depending on where you're going to move your house.

  1. Building Your House

Once you enter your home, you'll be able to start training Construction. To do that however, you'll need to first enter building mode. Once entered, there will be translucent spots in the house which indicate that objects can be placed there. There are two ways to enter building mode:

  • Right-click the POH portal and then select ‘build mode.'
  • Head to the options menu in the main game interface. Head to house and toggle building mode.

Aside from building different stuff in your house, you can also add more rooms to your house. When you first buy the house, you'll have your own garden and a parlor. The rooms you can add will have different Construction level requirements that range from level 1 to 80 and will also cost somewhere between 1,000 to 250,000 coins.


Aside from your Construction level, you'll also need a hammer and a saw in your inventory. If you want to add plants to your garden, you'll also need a filled watering can.

OSRS Construction Materials

The most vital part in building a home in OSRS are the materials you need for making furniture and rooms in the game. If you want to start building early, then here's a list of all the materials in the game, as well as guides on how you can get them.

Where to get it
Plank & Nails29
  • Can be made from regular logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • You can also buy them from the Razmire Builders Merchants shop in Mort'ton.
  • Nails can be bought from the Constructions Supplies shop by the sawmill operator, northeast of Varrock. You can also buy them inside the Woodcutting Guild.
  • If you have the right Smithing level, you can also smith nails.
  • Both items are available in various spawn locations around the world.
Oak plank60
  • Can be made from oak logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • Oak planks are dropped by several monsters. This is an alternative to cutting them down from trees.
Teak plank90 or 123
  • Can be made from teak logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • Teak planks are dropped by several monsters. This is an alternative to cutting them down from trees.
Mahogany plank140
  • Can be made from Mahogany logs by bringing them to a sawmill operator around the world.
  • Mahogany planks are dropped by several monsters. This is an alternative to cutting them down from trees.
Soft clay10
  • You can create sot clay by mixing a container of water and clay. You can also cast Humidify on clay in your inventory. Lastly, you can also mine clay rock while wearing a bracelet of clay.
  • If you have 10 golden nuggets, you can exchange it for 100 soft clay from Prospector Percy's Nugget Shop located in Motherlode Mine.
  • Soft clay is dropped by several monsters.
Bolt of cloth15
  • You can buy bolts of cloth from the Construction Supplies shop located by the sawmill operator in north east Varrock. You can also get it from the Woodcutting Guild.
Steel bar20
  • At level 30 Smithing, you can smelt steel bars using an iron ore and two coals on a furnace.
  • Steel bars are dropped by several monsters.
Limestone brick20
  • You can begin crafting your own limestone bricks once you reach Crafting level 12. You can make it using a chisel and a limestone.
  • You can also buy limestone bricks from the Razmire Builders Merchants located in Mort'ton.
  • Limestone bricks can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.
  • Limestone bricks are dropped by several monsters, see the item page for more information.
Gold leaf300
  • Gold leafs can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.
Marble block450
  • Marble blocks can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.
Magic stone1,000
  • Magic stones can be bought in the Keldagrim Stonemason shop, located in Keldagrim.
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OSRS Construction Training - Most Efficient Method

When it comes to training skills in OSRS, the choice often boils down to whether it takes a lot of time to train a skill or if it takes a lot of money. When it comes to OSRS Construction training, it's unfortunately one of the most expensive skills to train in the game. With this guide, we're going to help you train from level 1 to 99 Construction training so that you can build your dream home in the game.

So that you can prepare even further, we're going to add in the cost of training with these methods so that you can ready your gold beforehand.

Useful Construction Items

There aren't a lot of items that you'll need when training Construction. Aside from your saw and hammer, here are also items that can give you useful temporary boosts while training.

  1. Construction Cape

This increases your Construction by one level. You can get this from estate agents alongside the Construction Hood. It costs 99,000 coins so make sure to save up for it.

  1. Cup of Tea Clay

Increases Construction by 1. You can only get this and use it while you're within a player-owned house.

  1. Cup of Tea Porcelain

Increases Construction by 2. You can only get this and use it while you're within a player-owned house.

  1. Cup of Tea Trimmed

Increases Construction by 3. You can only get this and use it while you're within a player-owned house.

  1. Crystal Saw

Increases Construction by 3. The effect will only apply to items that require a saw so it won't work on rooms or plants.

  1. Spicy Stew

Can increase your Construction by up to 5 points. Increases your Hitpoints by 11 too. For Construction, make sure to give use the Orange Spice.

Levels 1-33

This is one of the most challenging parts of leveling your Construction skill in OSRS. It's mainly because you have very limited things to build. With enough patience, however, you can overcome this hurdle rather easily.

For this early stage in your Construction training, you're going to require a lot of planks and good nails, preferably, you need to get steel nails. Anything lower than this is easy to break so make sure you have steel nails. At level 15, you should shift to using oak planks over regular planks. This is because they don't require nails anymore, making them a more efficient and cheaper way to train your skills.

You should also try to do the Daddy's Home miniquest, even if you already have a house. This gives you a whopping 944 Construction XP which should be more than enough to get you from level 1 to 8.

osrs_construction_guide_from_basics_to_99_4 osrs_construction_guide_from_basics_to_99_5 osrs_construction_guide_from_basics_to_99_6 osrs_construction_guide_from_basics_to_99_7
LevelsXP neededObjectRoomMaterials required (each)XP each# for goalMaterials required (total)Money Required
1-4276Crude wooden chairParlour2 Plank, at least 2 Steel nailsConstruction- 58510 Plank, ~20 Steel nails-6,180
4-9693Wooden bookcaseParlour4 Plank, at least 4 Steel nailsConstruction- 115728 Plank, ~56 Steel nails-8,686
9-151,442Wooden larderKitchen8 Plank, at least 8 Steel nailsConstruction - 228756 Plank, ~112 Steel nails-16,386
15-16335Repair benchWorkshop2 Oak plankConstruction - 12036 Oak plank-2,454
16-222,878Crafting table 1Workshop4 Oak plankConstruction- 2401248 Oak plank-19,632
22-319,209Oak dining tableDining room4 Oak plankConstruction - 24039156 Oak plank-63,804
31-333,414Carved oak tableDining room6 Oak plank3601060 Oak plank-24,540
1-3318,247 94 Plank, 270 Oak plank,
and ~188 Steel nails

Levels 33-52/74

Once you hit level 33, you should move towards building oak larders for your Kitchen inside your home. Each oak larder will require 8 oak planks to make and each will give you around 480 XP.


With the right method and procedures, you can earn around 480,000 XP per hour once you hit level 50 onwards. Understandably, this can be a rather expensive venture on your end. If you want to reach level 74 with Oak as your primary training material, shift to making oak dungeon doors once you hit level 52.

LevelsXP neededObject# for goalPlanks requiredPlank costServant costCost per XP
33-52105,413Oak larder2201,760-719,840-84,615.00
33-741,078,031Oak larder2,24617,968-7,348,912-863,846.00

Levels 52-99


While you can reach level 74 by sticking to oak larders or dungeon doors, the most viable method once you hit level 52 is mahogany furniture. It's very expensive though so it's only really a great option if you have either the materials or the money to spend for this method.

Once you reach level 52, you can begin building mahogany tables inside your dining room. This is the second fastest way to use mahogany planks for XP gain. Each mahogany table will require 6 mahogany planks and it will net you 840 XP. The best method is to create 3 tables and more 2 tables during the time the Demon butler wastes while getting planks from the bank. Each of the inventory cycles will take around 22 ticks but that's if you're in a low ping world.

If you're in a high-ping world, it's much better to remove 3 tables and build 2 tables as the Demon butler gets the planks. If you're in the 22-tick inventory cycle, follow the steps below.

TickInput 1Input 2Action 1Action 2
11Right-Left ClickRemoveBuild Menu
26 Build 
3  Build 
4  Build 
5 Right-Left Click Remove Dialogue
61Click Demon ButlerRemoveDemon Butler Menu
7 Move Mouse Back  
81Right-Left ClickDemon Butler LeavesBuild Menu
96 Build 
10  Build 
11  Build 
12 Right-Left Click Remove Dialogue
131Right-Left ClickRemoveBuild Menu
146 Build 
15  Build 
16  Build 
17 Right-Left Click Remove Dialogue
181Right-Left ClickRemoveBuild Menu
196 Build 
20  Build(Demon Butler Returns)
21  Build 
22 Right-Left Click Remove Dialogue

Once you reach level 77, it's time to build some gnome benches inside your Superior garden. This offers more XP compared to building mahogany tables but the process will require more precision and timing. The rewards are a lot better though. For each gnome bench, you'll need 6 mahogany planks and you'll get 840 XP in return.

The downside to this method is that you'll need to master it fully. The steps required are very difficult and execution must be nearly perfect each time. Mistakes can lower the XP gain considerably and if you see yourself constantly failing, then just stick to mahogany table instead as it's going to be more productive. If you want to check this method out, here are the steps you'll need to follow.

  1. Send the Demon butler to get 24 planks.
  2. Create 2 benches and then remove them.
  3. Create 2 more benches and then remove them. If you time it correctly, the returning Demon butler won't be able to interrupt your building process.

By comparison, you can get around 900,000 XP per hour using mahogany tables. On the other hand, you can get 1,100,000 XP with gnome benches.

Players can gain up to around 900,000 experience per hour with mahogany tables, and 1,100,000 experience per hour with gnome benches.

LevelsXP neededObject# for goalPlanks requiredPlank costServant costCost per XP
52-771,351,921Mahogany table1,6109,660-20,624,100-464,423.00-15.59
/ -15.25
52-9912,910,771Mahogany table15,37092,220-196,876,890-4,433,365.00
77-9911,558,850Gnome bench13,76182,566-176,278,410-3,969,519.00

Alternative Methods For OSRS Construction Training

There are a few alternatives to training Construction that you should consider as well. These are great alternatives if you want a bit of a change of pace or even a method that better fits your current cold and material count.

Level 1-99: Mahogany Homes Contractor

If you're short on funds, then you might want to build a home solely-focused on mahogany items. This is a lot more affordable compared to the steps above. It's also very easy to do as well. As one might expect, however, the XP gain is far less desirable so you're going to get to 99 at a longer time.


To begin this step, you'll be working as a contractor for the Mahogany Homes company. You'll be required to outfit the houses of NPCs throughout various cities such as Falador, Varrock, East Ardougne, and Hosidious. If you have the teleporter unlocked for all four cities, this is going to be even easier.

To start, you'll need to talk to Amy in Falador. You can then start taking contracts depending on what your construction level is. Aside from the XP, you can also get other rewards like the carpenter's outfit which rewards you with bonus Construction experience. You can also get the plank sack, supply crates, and more.

The amount of costs and XP gain will be dependent on the types of contracts that you take up with the company. Novice contracts are of course the least rewarding. There are also Adept and Expert contracts to consider as well. Aside from level requirements, you'll also need to have a hammer and saw for this method. The good news is that you don't have to spend anything on nails.

Here's a look at the XP rates and gold costs per tier of contracts.

LevelsTierEstimated XP/hrEstimated XP/hr (plank sack)Planks/hrPlanks/hr (plank sack)Bars/hrEstimated GP/hrEstimated GP/hr (plank sack)
Steel bar
Average XPGP/XPAverage XP (outfit)GP/XP (outfit)
20NoviceOak plank9.840.51,887.44-2.251,903.38-2.23
50AdeptTeak plank11.50.53,275.58-2.863,301.22-2.84
70ExpertMahogany plank12.710.54,373.37-6.264,413.95-6.200

Note: You can get additional contracts from Amy or Mario in Varrock, Ellie in East Ardougne, and Angelo in Hosidius. Regardless of where you get the contract though, the rates above will remain the same.

When looking for houses to repair, look around near estate agents. Don't forget to get your tea reward from the NPCs whose house you just fixed as this can help bring back your run energy to 100% afterwards.

Level 50-99: Mounted Mythical Capes

With maximum efficiency, you can get around 430,000 XP per hour with Mounted Mythical Capes. If you're playing an Ironman run, this is one of the best training methods that you can try out.

If you're on a regular plank, however, you might not want to go this route as getting teak planks won't be easy. Oak larders will offer a lot more experience at this point in your Construction training so it's best to go with that instead.


Mounted mythical capes will require 3 teak planks and a mythical cape. Aside from this, you'll also need to have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest which requires level 50 Construction to fully complete. The process for this step should be as follows:

  1. Send the Demon butler away while you have 6 planks in your inventory.
  2. Remove and then build 2 mounted mythical capes.
  3. Once the second remove has been completed, wait for 1 tick and have the butler return with 24 planks.
LevelsXP neededObject# for goalPlanks requiredPlank costServant costCost per XP
50-66394,921Mounted mythical cape1,0683,204-2,550,384-154,038.00-6.84
50-9912,933,098Mounted mythical cape34,955104,865-83,472,540-5,041,587.00-6.45

Levels 66-74/99: Teak Benches

This is another alternative to mahogany training. As expected however, it yields less XP so it's going to take a lot longer to do. This is a good method to try out if planks are currently expensive in the Grand Exchange. Once the price has gone down, you can go back to building oak furniture instead. Getting to 99 on teak benches alone is going to take a considerable amount of time. Make sure you check on the prices at the Grand Exchange constantly so that you can keep changing training methods when needed.

Crafting teak garden benches presents a speedy way to make the most out of teak planks. To fashion one, you'll need six teak planks, and with each bench completed, you'll gain a solid 540 experience points. Think of it as a kin to the gnome benches method, but with a bit of a swifter pace and a slightly lighter toll on your coin pouch compared to opting for gnome benches or mahogany tables.


However, akin to the gnome benches approach, this one demands precise timing and spot-on clicks. A slip-up could significantly dent your experience gain, making it crucial to be on point with your actions. If you do manage to nail the technique, you could potentially earn up to a maximum of around 700,000 experience per hour at level 66. Yet, for most folks, hitting a sweet spot of 500,000 to 600,000 experience per hour is a realistic expectation.

In roughly an hour's time, executing the build masterfully can propel you to level 74. At this juncture, you might want to consider shifting gears to crafting oak dungeon doors. While this option does offer slightly slower experience rates, it balances it out with the potential perk of reducing costs. It's all about finding that balance between speed and economy.

LevelsXP neededItem# for goalPlanks requiredPlank costServant costCost per XP
66-69171,797Teak garden bench3191,914-1,523,544-92,019.00-9.38
/ -8.84
66-74600,024Teak garden bench1,1126,672-5,310,912-320,769.00
66-9912,538,177Teak garden bench23,219139,314-110,893,944-6,697,788.00

Level 74-99: Oak Dungeon Doors

Building oak dungeon doors is a cheaper alternative to mahogany or teak furniture. Building an oak door requires 10 oak planks and grants 600 Construction experience. Players can gain up to around 550,000 experience per hour with maximum efficiency.

With the demon butler, the player must use the 'build and remove' trick as seen above whilst also holding down 1 constantly. Whilst holding down 1, click your demon butler to make him fetch 25 oak planks, you have just enough time before he returns to build and remove the two doors. You will end up with five spare oak planks in your inventory, have your build option on the door ready for when the demon butler comes back then make and remove another door as soon as you get planks, then click the Demon butler twice to send him off for more planks and in the meantime make and remove the two remaining doors, before starting the process from the beginning.

Alternatively, you can use a human butler. For the human butler, you should have enough time to build and remove two sets of doors before he returns if you use the 'holding down 1' trick. It is recommended to stand in the 1x2 space behind the door while building. On the second set of doors, do not remove them until after you have sent your butler for more planks. This will force the butler to spawn next to you and make it faster to receive the planks and send him out to get more. If you can send your butler out quickly after he comes back, you can expect around 270,000-300,000 experience per hour.

LevelsXP neededItem# for goalPlanks requiredPlank costServant costCost per XP
74-9911,938,153Oak dungeon door19,897198,970-81,378,730-9,948,500.00-7.65
/ -6.82

Quests That Reward Construction XP

If you're tired of doing Construction training, you might want to try going for quests that reward you with Construction XP instead. This will also bring you once step closer to that coveted Questpoint Cape. Here are all of the quests that reward Construction XP.

Other requirements
The Eyes of Glouphrie2505Magic - 46 , Woodcutting - 45
Daddy's Home
Tower of Life1,00010-
Cold War1,50034Hunter - 10 , Agility - 30 , Crafting - 30 , Thieving - 15
Darkness of Hallowvale2,0005Agility - 26 , Mining - 20 , Thieving - 22 , Construction - 32 , Magic - 33 , Strength - 40
The Great Brain Robbery2,00030Crafting - 16 , Prayer - 50
Getting Ahead3,20026Crating - 30
The Fremennik Isles5,00020Agility - 40 , Woodcutting - 56 , Crafting - 46
Making Friends with My Arm10,00035Woodcutting - 66 , Mining - 72 , Agility - 68
Song of the Elves40,00070Agility - 70 , Farming - 70 , Herblore - 70 , Hunter - 70 , Mining - 70 , Smithing - 70 , Woodcutting - 70

Quick Tips for OSRS Construction

If you're going to speed through this guide, then you might want to read through these quick tips we've prepared. These are going to help you better manage your training for your Construction skill.

  1. Plan Ahead and Set Goals

Before picking up the saw and hammer, take some time to plan your Construction journey. Decide what you want to achieve with your house. This is going to be the end all be all of your Construction training after all.


Are you looking to focus on functionality, aesthetics, or a combination of both? Setting clear goals will guide your resource allocation and keep you on track. Some people just really train their Construction skill and never mind their house at all. That's okay too.

  1. Optimize Your Experience Gains

Efficiency is key when it comes to gaining experience in Construction. Always aim for the highest experience per plank used. Utilize the most efficient methods, like building teak garden benches or oak dungeon doors, to maximize your experience gains per hour.

Then again, you don't have to force any of the methods above. What's best for you will always depend on how much money you currently have and the materials too.

  1. Use Your Demon or Human Butler Wisely

Utilize the 'build and remove' trick with your demon butler to optimize the building and removing of doors efficiently. For human butlers, position yourself strategically to streamline the construction process and make the most of their services.

It can be quite confusing at first but you'll need to master this. This is one of the most efficient ways to maximize your Construction gain in OSRS after all.

  1. Stay Organized

Construction involves juggling various materials and items. Keep your inventory, tool belt, and house storage organized for smoother building sessions. This will save you time and prevent unnecessary frustration.

It's not wise to train Construction with other skills as there really aren't a lot of optimized opportunities to do so. As that is the case, it's best to just empty your inventory, and set aside from the things that you really need to bring with you.

  1. Invest in Upgrades

Invest in crucial Construction upgrades like the Crystal saw and the Demon Butler. To make your Journey easier.

  1. Join a Clan or Community

Engage with fellow players in OSRS clans or communities dedicated to Construction. Sharing experiences, tips, and tricks with like-minded individuals can greatly enhance your knowledge and efficiency in the skill.

This doesn't just increase your circle within OSRS, there will be lots of opportunities to get more training tips from other players as well. In time, you can eventually show of your home to your newfound pals!

  1. Complete Quests for Construction XP

Some quests in OSRS offer Construction experience rewards. Take advantage of these opportunities to boost your Construction level and gain a head start on your skill progression. The list of the quests is already stated above. Keep in mind that some of them are going to take quite a while and other training methods here might be more efficient. However, the rewards you get in return are definitely going to be helpful to you in the long run.

  1. Balance Cost and Experience

Consider the cost-effectiveness of different training methods. While some methods may offer faster experience gains, they may be costlier. Finding a balance between speed and cost is essential for long-term success in the skill.

If you're running out of money, don't be afraid to turn to your other skills to start generating some extra income. Remember to check the Grand Exchange regularly so that you know which of the methods above are going to be more practical.

  1. Stay Updated on Game Changes

Old School RuneScape is constantly evolving, with updates and changes to various skills. Stay informed about Construction updates and tweaks to ensure you are always employing the most efficient and effective methods. The community is constantly looking out for more efficient training tips so make sure to stay in the loop. The OSRS forums are always open to discussion and tip sharing.

  1. Experiment and Learn from Mistakes

Don't be afraid to experiment with different building methods and techniques. Learning from your mistakes is a valuable part of the process. Analyze what went wrong and adapt your approach for better results.

Build Your Dream Home!

Building your own home in Gielinor is just one of the many things that you can do with a high Construction level. It can take a lot of time to get to 99 but with this guide, you can do so as efficiently as possible. There's much more to do in OSRS so it's better to get this skill dealt with as soon as you can.

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