OSRS Corp Guide

16.12.2022 - 13:19:02
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OSRS Corp Guide

What is Corporeal Beast ?

Corporeal beast is a high level boss that drops the best shields in the game.


Is killing Corp Worth It ?

There are few reasons why you would want to kill corp:

  1. It is a straightforward easy boss to kill.
  2. It drops the most expensive and the best shields in the game. Landing an elysian sigil drop will instantly get you rich.
  3. If you are planning on farming Corp for a long period of time you would be getting 2.5M per hour.
  4. You can kill it solo pretty easily.

Obviously there are few downsides as well:

  1. Killing corp, especially solo, takes a long time. ( Soloing takes 10 - 15 mins )
  2. Sigil is a very rare drop, having a 1/585 drop chance.
  3. You will need high level stats, a house with an ornate pool and a jewellery box and some expensive combat equipment.



Corp has no strict requirements meaning you can access it with any account. However to kill corp efficiently and easily you would want to complete a few quests and increase some of your stats.

Recommended Quests to Complete

  • Kings Ransom and The Knight Waves Training Grounds - For piety
  • A Kingdom Divided - For Arceuus spellbook, Resurrect greater undead
  • Shadow of the Storm - For Darklight ( turn it into arclight afterwards )

Recommended Stats

Higher combat stats you have the better, you will do your most efficient runs with max combat stats however these are the bare minimum you should have:

  • 75+ Attack
  • 75+ Defence
  • 90+ Strength
  • 70+ Prayer
  • 76+ Magic
  • 83+ Construction


You can use a variety of different gear depending on your wealth in the game. For armour the main idea is to have the best melee helmet possible and to have the best magic defence armour for your chest and leg slot. So a max setup would look like this:

  • Torva full helm
  • Amulet of torture
  • Infernal cape
  • Masori body (f)
  • Masori chaps (f)
  • Zamorakian spear & Osmuten’s fang ( for spec )
  • Rada’s blessing 4/ any blessing
  • Ferocious gloves
  • Primordial boots
  • Berserker ring (i)

If you can't afford this as it is pretty expensive, first switch out the armour pieces and try to keep the jewellery. If you don’t want to spend any money on the armour your best option is to use full elite void. As for switching out the Osmuten’s fang for the special attack you can use a crystal halberd.

The gear however doesn’t end here as the main part that you would need is special attack weapons. The method which I am going to explain involves using:

  • Dragon warhammer
  • Bandos godsword
  • Arclight

To use these weapons to their full potential and to have the best odds to land these special attacks you can bring armour pieces that would help you. ( being able to land special attacks more consistently will fasten your kill time ) These helpful switches to bring are:

For Arclight

  • Warrior helmet - Slash bonus
  • Warrior ring (i) - Slash bonus
  • Avernic & Dragon defender - Slash bonus


For Dragon Warhammer

  • Mythical cape - Crush bonus
  • Dwarven helm - Crush bonus
  • Tyrannical ring (i) - Crush bonus
  • Full Inquisitor armour - Crush bonus ( This is highly optional and don’t bring dwarven helmet if you are bringing this. )


For Group or Mass Kills

If you are going to kill the corp in a free for all or if you are not going to bother lowering the corps defences, you should use osmuten’s fang as your main weapon instead of the Zamorakian spear. As for your armour you should use the best melee armour you have, like full Torva or Bandos.


Killing Corporeal Beast

The strategy is all about lowering the corporeal beasts stats. To do this we will be continuously teleporting back and forth between our POH and corp.

Important Side Note: I highly recommend getting an alt account to create a private instance to kill the corp in. This is due to the fact that there are players that would scout worlds to find a corporeal beast which already has its stats lowered to kill steal.

Inventory Set-up

 First and foremost you should have your special attack weapons with the complimentary items in your inventory. After that you should have:

  • 1x Divine super combat potion
  • 2x Prayer potion
  • A rune pouch full of Cosmic, Blood and Fire runes
  • Additionally if you want to save some money bring Air, Earth and Law runes as well. ( for house teleports and banking after each kill )
  • Book of the Dead
  • House tabs
  • Rest is food


Example image:


  1. Stomp Attack

If you walk under the corp, there is a chance it will stomp you which will deal a lot of damage.

  1. Dark energy core

During the fight, the corp will spawn a dark energy core. This core will jump on top of you and if you are near it or on top of it you will start taking damage and it will start healing corp. There few ways to deal with this:

  1. You can move back and forth two tiles in between each attack to constantly juke the dark core.
  2. You can place down a cannon that will automatically kill the core.
  3. You can permanently kill it. To do this you will need to attack the core immediately after it lands and then quickly move away after your attack. If done correctly the core will die in midair and will not respawn.


  1. Equip all your gear that provides a crush bonus alongside your dragon warhammer. Turn on your protect magic and piety and keep them on until you kill Corp. Special attack Corporeal beast 3 times. Damage doesn’t matter as long as it’s more than 1. ( When you are out of special attack teleport to your POH drink your ornate pool and teleport back to the corporeal beast using your jewellery box. )
  2. Equip all your gear that provides slashing bonus alongside your arclight and special attack corporeal beast 20 times. Again the damage you deal doesn’t matter as long as you deal damage. 
  3. Equip your bandos godsword and deal 200 damage with your special attack. After dealing the 200th damage teleport to your house one last time to restore your stats and to change your spellbook into Arceuus.
  4. After doing all this you practically turned the corporeal beast into a chicken now you can equip your best gear and poke it to death. During combat don’t forget to summon your thralls to speed up the kill.

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