OSRS Crafting Guide: From Basics To 99

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OSRS Crafting Guide: From Basics To 99

One of the best things about Old School Runescape is that you can enjoy the game whichever way you choose. You can be a brave warrior slaying monsters and other players. You can even live life as a humble craftsman. If the simple yet productive life is the life for you, then you definitely want to check out this OSRS crafting guide.

Before we discuss the faster crafting methods and best training methods to train Crafting, you should first understand what this skill is for. Having a better idea of what Crafting is will help you fully grasp the essence of this skill and why it's one of the core skills to master in OSRS.

What Is OSRS Crafting?

Crafting is a skill in OSRS that lets you create all sorts of items. You can either use these items yourself or use them for trade. Because of the utility of most of the items you can craft in Runescape, Crafting has become one of the core skills that players can't live without. Unfortunately, mastering the skill takes some time too.


Once you reach level 40 in Crafting, you can head to the Crafting Guild northwest of Rimmington. This gives you access to an array of bonuses and benefits that will make Crafting even more useful on your end. You can open up a ton of opportunities for getting rich in OSRS with Crafting.

Crafting helps you create items that are useful for various purposes. Aside from making a profit, you can use Crafting to create gear that will help you out in combat.

Before we talk about how you can start to train Crafting, let's first talk about what you can actually create.

Is Crafting Profitable OSRS?


It is. However, you'll be walking a long and expensive journey before you get there. The goal is to reach 99 first. Since you're mostly going to be buying your materials for crafting, you'll have to spend a lot of money along the way.

Once you reach 99 however, you'll have a lot of earning capacity through your Crafting abilities.

Types of Crafting In Osrs

This part of the OSRS Crafting guide is dedicated to helping you understand exactly what it is that you can create in the game. Whether you're looking for a small profit or even making diamond amulets, this part of the guide has you covered.

Before anything else, while the Crafting skill is accessible to non-members, some items are going to require a membership before you can craft them.


Glass-making is a subcategory of crafting. To be able to handle glass, you'll need to get the following equipment and raw materials needed for this discipline.

  1. Glassblowing Pipe - This is the most important tool you'll need for glass making. You can get it from various places in the game. The easiest would be in respawn points on Entrana and Hemenster. You can also get it in the stores in Dorgesh-kaan and the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
  2. Buckets of Sand - You can get this from various sand pits but we suggest looking for it on Yanille, Dorgesh-Kaan, Zanari, Prifddinas, and Rellekka. To get sand, you'll need an empty bucket.
  3. Soda Ash - You can make this by burning seaweed, swamp weed, and even giant seaweed. You can burn these on a range or fire. The good thing is that you don't need any level with any skill to do this. You can get the raw materials from fishing with a big fishing net. Another quick source of it is two spawn points inside the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Ideally, you want the giant seaweed as it gives you 6 soda ash.
  4. Molten Ash - Once you have all these ingredients and equipment, use a bucket of sand, soda ash, and any furnace to create molten ash.

Aside from this method, you can also use the spell Superglass Make to turn the ingredients into molten glass. The downside of this is that the buckets will not be returned to your inventory. On the other hand, you can get 10 Crafting experience per each bucket of sand that you use. This will also result in around 1-10 more molten glass.

Buy Cheap Runescape Gold and Items
Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
1Beer glassMolten glassYes17.5
4Empty candle lanternMolten glassYes19
12Empty oil lampMolten glassYes25
26Oil lanternEmpty oil lamp
Oil lantern frame
33VialMolten glassYes35
42FishbowlMolten glassYes42.5
46Unpowered orbMolten glassYes52.5
49Lantern lensMolten glassYes55
87Empty light orbMolten glassYes70
87Light orbEmpty light orb
Cave goblin wire

Tip: One of the most taxing parts of glass-making is getting buckets of sand. You can make this easier by first completing The Hand in the Sand quest. An NPC named Bert can deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank once a day for free.



Spinning refers to making raw materials like threads or hair and turning them into something more useful. For this, you'll need a spinning wheel. While there are lots of spinning wheels in OSRS, the favorite of many is the one below the bank in Lumbridge Castle.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
1Ball of woolWoolNo2.5
10Bow stringFlaxYes15
10Crossbow stringSinew or RootsYes15
19Magic stringMagic rootsYes30


This is a similar crafting technique to Spinning. The difference is that instead of a spinning wheel, you'll be needing a loom to weave the raw materials together.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
10Strip of clothBall of wool x4Yes12
21Empty sackJute fiber x4Yes38
26Drift netJute fiber x2Yes55
36BasketWillow branch x6Yes56


Pottery lets you turn soft clay into a variety of items using a potter's wheel. Once you've made what you wanted, you'll then proceed to use a pottery oven. You can get soft clay simply by mining it. Once you have clay, you'll then need to use it with either a bucket of water or a jug of water.

Crafting LevelItemShapingFiringMembership RequiredTotal XP
1PotSoft clay6.3Unfired pot6.3No12.6
7Pie dishSoft clay15Unfired pie dish10No25
8BowlSoft clay18Unfired bowl15No33
19Empty plant potSoft clay20Unfired plant pot17.5Yes37.5
25Pot lidSoft clay20Unfired pot lid20Yes40


Yes, you can create certain weapons through Crafting. Although the choices are pretty limited, these can still be pretty helpful when you want access to certain weapons and don't have the coins but you do have the materials needed.

For the arrow bolds, you'll need a furnace with a bolt mold to create it.

osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_6 osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_7 osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_8 osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_9
Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
18Silver sickleSilver barYes50
21Silver bolts (unf)Silver barYes50
54Water battlestaffBattlestaff
Water orb
58Earth battlestaffBattlestaff
Earth orb
62Fire battlestaffBattlestaff
Fire orb
66Air battlestaffBattlestaff
Air orb
83Amethyst arrowtipAmethystYes60
85Amethyst bolt headAmethystYes60
87Amethyst javelin headAmethystYes60
89Amethyst dart tipsAmethystYes60



Just like with weapons, you can also make armor with crafting. There are lots of options when it comes to creating new armor through this skill. We're going to divide the armor per material needed.


Leather crafting will require two important items - a needle and a thread. The good news is that both items can be purchased from the Rimmington or Al Kharid Crafting shops. You'll also need some cowhide tanned to create regular leather. To create leather, you'll need to visit the Al Kharid Tanner.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
1Leather glovesLeatherNo13.8
7Leather bootsLeatherNo16.2
9Leather cowlLeatherNo18.5
11Leather vambracesLeatherNo22
14Leather bodyLeatherNo25
18Leather chapsLeatherNo27
28Hardleather bodyHard leatherNo35
32Spiky vambraces [1]Leather or Dragon leather
Kebbit claws
41Hard leather shieldHard leather x2
Oak shield
Bronze nails x15
41Studded bodyLeather body
Steel studs
44Studded chapsLeather chaps
Steel studs


If you want better armor, then you need to start making dragon hide armor. The best way to farm them would be to kill dragons but this is slow and challenging. Unfortunately, you need to get a membership to have access to this item line.

osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_11 osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_12 osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_13 osrs_crafting_guide_from_basics_to_99_14
Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
57Green dragonhide vambracesGreen dragon leatherYes62
60Green dragonhide chapsGreen dragon leather x2Yes124
62Green dragonhide shieldGreen dragon leatherx2
Maple shield
Steel nails x15
63Green dragonhide bodyGreen dragon leather x3Yes186
66Blue dragonhide vambracesBlue dragon leatherYes70
68Blue dragonhide chapsBlue dragon leather x2Yes140
69Blue dragonhide shieldBlue dragon leather x2
Yew shield
Mithril nails x15
71Blue dragonhide bodyBlue dragon leather x3Yes210
73Red dragonhide vambracesRed dragon leatherYes78
75Red dragonhide chapsRed dragon leather x2Yes156
76Red dragonhide shieldRed dragon leather x2
Magic shield
Adamant nails x15
77Red dragonhide bodyRed dragon leather x3Yes234
79Black dragonhide vambracesBlack dragon leatherYes86
82Black dragonhide chapsBlack dragon leather x2Yes172
83Black dragonhide shieldBlack dragon leather x2
Redwood shield
Rune nails x15
84Black dragonhide bodyBlack dragon leather x3Yes258



You can get snakeskin simply by taking snake hides to tanning stations. You can get hides from bush snakes, hoop snakes, and more. You'll need 15 coins to teach each his and you'll then need a needle and a thread.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
35Broodoo shieldSnakeskin x2
Tribal mask
Nails x8
45Snakeskin bootsSnakeskin x6Yes30
47Snakeskin vambracesSnakeskin x8Yes35
48Snakeskin bandanaSnakeskin x5Yes45
51Snakeskin chapsSnakeskin x12Yes50
53Snakeskin bodySnakeskin x15Yes55
56Snakeskin shieldSnakeskin x2
Willow shield
Iron nails x15

Yak hide


To get yak hides, you'll first need to start the Fremennik Isles quest. You don't need to finish it though. Once started, you can kill yaks to get their hides. You can then turn the hides into armor pieces in the isle.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
43Yak-hide armor (legs)Cured yak-hideYes32
46Yak-hide armor (top)Cured yak-hide x2Yes32


If you head to Mort Myre, you can find snails that drop shells whenever they're killed. You can then use a chisel on these shells to create snelms. You can get pointed and rounded snelms while farming.

Crafting  LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
15Blood'n'tar snelm (pointed)Blamish red shell (pointed)Yes32.5
15Blood'n'tar snelm (round)Blamish red shell (round)Yes32.5
15Broken bark snelmBlamish bark shellYes32.5
15Bruise blue snelm (pointed)Blamish blue shell (pointed)Yes32.5
15Bruise blue snelm (round)Blamish blue shell (round)Yes32.5
15Myre snelm (pointed)Blamish myre shell (pointed)Yes32.5
15Myre snelm (round)Blamish myre shell (round)Yes32.5
15Ochre snelm (pointed)Blamish ochre shell (pointed)Yes32.5
15Ochre snelm (round)Blamish ochre shell (round)Yes32.5


You can craft crab armor at the beginning segment of the quest, Recipe for Disaster. Specifically, you can start doing so after you're able to free Pirate Pete as part of the quest. You can get the materials from the giant crabs you can fight in the quest. You'll need a chisel on the items they drop.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
15Crab helmetFresh crab shellYes32.5
15Crab clawFresh crab clawYes32.5

Xerician robes


This is a special armor set that you can craft using Xerician fabric. These are acquired from Lizardmen as loot drops. You can also get them from Stone Chests.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
14Xerician hatXerician fabric x3Yes66
17Xerician robeXerician fabric x4Yes88
22Xerician topXerician fabric x5Yes110


This is another set of magic armor. It's crafted by crafting bark and fine cloth. Barks are acquired from chopping hollow trees. On the other hand, you can get fine cloth from a minigame called Shades of Mort'ton.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
60Splitbark gauntletsBark
Fine cloth
60Splitbark bootsBark
Fine cloth
61Splitbark helmBark x2
Fine cloth x2
62Splitbark legsBark x3
Fine cloth x3
62Splitbark bodyBark x4
Fine cloth x4


Jewelry is one of the most essential pieces of equipment you can make in OSRS. You can enchant these items with magical properties that will make your character even more powerful. Here's what you can make from jewelry crafting. To create jewelry, you'll need a lot of patience.

The process starts with mining gem rocks, which in itself, requires a few levels of mining.



You can cut gems using a chisel. Keep in mind that you can fail when cutting semi precious gems too. You'll receive a crushed gem if you fail which will then be useless. On the other hand, rarer gems don't fail when being cut.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership requiredExperienceCrush Experience
1OpalUncut opalYes153.8
13JadeUncut jadeYes205
16Red topazUncut red topazYes256.3
20SapphireUncut sapphireNo50N/A
27EmeraldUncut emeraldNo67.5N/A
34RubyUncut rubyNo85N/A
43DiamondUncut diamondNo107.5N/A
55DragonstoneUncut dragonstoneYes137.5N/A
67OnyxUncut onyxYes167.5N/A
89ZenyteUncut zenyteYes200N/A

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can be created by using cut semi precious gems, combined with silver bars. You'll also need the mold of the jewelry to create it.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
1Opal ringOpal
Silver bar
16Opal necklaceOpal
Silver bar
22Opal braceletOpal
Silver bar
27Opal amulet (u)Opal
Silver bar
13Jade ringJade
Silver bar
25Jade necklaceJade
Silver bar
29Jade braceletJade
Silver bar
34Jade amulet (u)Jade
Silver bar
16Topaz ringRed topaz
Silver bar
32Topaz necklaceRed topaz
Silver bar
38Topaz braceletRed topaz
Silver bar
45Topaz amulet (u)Red topaz
Silver bar

Gold jewelry

This is the same as silver jewelry with the exception that you're going to use gold bars.

Crafting LevelItemMaterialsMembership RequiredExperience
5Gold ringGold barNo15
6Gold necklaceGold barNo20
7Gold braceletGold barYes25
8Gold amulet (u)Gold barNo30
20Sapphire ringSapphire
Gold bar
22Sapphire necklacesSapphire
Gold bar
23Sapphire braceletSapphire
Gold bar
24Sapphire amulet (u)Sapphire
Gold bar
27Emerald ringEmerald
Gold bar
29Emerald necklaceEmerald
Gold bar
30Emerald braceletEmerald
Gold bar
31Emerald amulet (u)Emerald
Gold bar
34Ruby ringRuby
Gold bar
40Ruby necklaceRuby
Gold bar
42Ruby braceletRuby
Gold bar
42Gold tiaraGold barYes35
50Ruby amulet (u)Ruby
Gold bar
43Diamond ringDiamond
Gold bar
56Diamond necklaceDiamond
Gold bar
58Diamond braceletDiamond
Gold bar
70Diamond amulet (u)Diamond
Gold bar
55Dragonstone ringDragonstone
Gold bar
72Dragon necklaceDragonstone
Gold bar
74Dragonstone braceletDragonstone
Gold bar
80Dragonstone amulet (u)Dragonstone
Gold bar
75Slayer ringEnchanted gem
Gold bar
75Slayer ring (eternal)Eternal gem
Gold bar
67Onyx ringOnyx
Gold bar
82Onyx necklaceOnyx
Gold bar
84Onyx braceletOnyx
Gold bar
90Onyx amulet (u)Onyx
Gold bar
89Zenyte ringZenyte
Gold bar
92Zenyte necklaceZenyte
Gold bar
95Zenyte braceletZenyte
Gold bar
98Zenyte amulet (u)Zenyte
Gold bar

OSRS: 1-99 Crafting Guide

OSRS Crafting Training Tips

Crafting is arguably one of the toughest skills to train in OSRS. Aside from being very time-consuming, it often requires a lot of coins too. To give you a little more boost when it comes to training, here are a few tips to consider.

  1. Use Items That Give Temporary Boosts

There are a few items that will give your Crafting skill a temporary boost. Here's what you should get when training.

  • Crafting Cape - This increases your Crafting by 1 level. Most importantly, however, it gives you unlimited teleports to the Crafting Guild.
  • Poison Chalice - Can increase your Crafting by 1. It can also provide a few beneficial and harmful effects so be careful.
  • Mushroom Pie - Gives you 4 bonus Crafting. Can also heal you by 8 hit points per bite.
  • Spicy Stew - Gives you up to 5 Crafting depending on the type of stew you make.
  1. Use The Grand Exchange

As tiring as it can be to train, Crafting training is also one of the most versatile to do. You can refer to the Grand Exchange and see which materials are currently in-demand and those that aren't. If leather is cheaper for example, shift to leather crafting temporarily so it's littered on the wallet.

  1. Don't Do It One Go

Getting to level 99 in Crafting can be very exciting. Once you hit that cap, it's going to be easy to start making more coins in the game. As enticing as that sounds, don't rush it. Take a break every once in a while. Crafting constantly can be very tedious. You might grow sick and tired of it, and then give up if you try to rush the process.

  1. Consider A Membership

While Crafting is a free skill, a lot of its contents are locked behind a membership. If you want to get the most out of your OSRS journey, getting a membership should definitely be up for consideration. It is, especially if you want to be a master Craftsman.

OSRS F2P Crafting Training Guide

Leveling your Crafting skill is honestly challenging if you're a F2P player. Still, if you want to save money and try one of the fastest crafting methods available, then we've got you covered.

Levels 1-99

There are a few ways to level up your Crafting. It's advised to adjust and change accordingly as you progress. With this guide, we're focusing on helping you reach level 99 through armor crafting, jewelry crafting, and armor crafting.

Before anything else, you should focus on doing these three quests first, to give you a bit of a boost.

  1. Sheep Shearer - This is one of the initial quests that was made available in Runescape. All you need to do here is to help Farmer Fred shear his sheep. Speak to Fred near his farm house north of Lumbridge.
  2. Goblin Diplomacy - To begin this quest, speak to General Wartface or General Bentnose in Goblin Village. The quest is pretty easy as you'll just need to help the goblin tribe settle their issues.
  3. Misthalin Mystery - You can begin this quest by speaking to Abigaile or Hewey near the fishing spot on the southeast corner of Lumbridge Swamp.

Finishing these three quests will reward you with enough XP to get your Crafting to level 8. It's going to be a big boost before you train Crafting.

Armor Crafting

Leather Armour

Level rangeProduct nameXP per itemXP per hourExperience neededMaterials neededMaterial costs
1-7Leather gloves13.818,90065048 Leather7,344
7-9Leather boots16.222,75031919 Leather3,060
9-11Leather cowls18.525,90038921 Leather3,213
11-14Leather vambraces2230,80074934 Leather5,202
14-18Leather bodies2535,0001,41657 Leather8,721
18-28Leather chaps2737,8007,301271 Leather41,310
28-99Hardleather bodies3584,00013,023,607372,103 Hard leather68,094,849


13,034,431450 leather; 372,103 hard leather68,163,699

If you're having trouble getting the raw materials for this method, you can get it from the grand exchange. Of course, it's going to be very expensive to get all of these. This isn't one of the most profitable methods out there but it's one of the easiest because the materials are easy to get.


An alternative method would be to choose pottery to get to 99. It's going to feel tedious but it's also easy. Keep in mind that in the chart below, all products are already formed and fired.

Level rangeProduct nameXP per itemExperience neededMaterials neededMaterial costs
1-7Empty pots12.665052 Soft clay6,864
7-8Pie dishes251516 Soft clay792
8-99Bowls3313,033,630394,959 Soft clay52,134,588


13,034,431395,017 Soft clay52,142,244

Gold Jewelry

If you want a method that's more profitable but requires a lot more work, then you should consider this F2P OSRS crafting technique that focuses on gold jewelry only.

Level rangeProductXP per itemXP per hourExperience neededMaterials neededMaterial costsProduct value
5-6Gold rings1520,2501248 gold bars1,0721,264
6-8Gold necklaces2027,00028915 gold bars2,0102,490
8-20Gold amulet (u)s3040,500[1]3,669122 gold bars16,48219,803
20-22Sapphire rings4042,0001,15429 gold bars; 29 sapphires11,31014,355
22-24Sapphire necklaces5557,7501,40426 gold bars; 26 sapphires10,14012,870
24-31Sapphire amulet (u)s6568,2507,805120 gold bars; 120 sapphires46,80057,960
31-40Emerald amulet (u)s7073,50022,391320 gold bars; 320 emeralds185,920219,200
40-43Ruby necklaces7578,75013,115175 gold bars; 175 rubies177,800203,000
43-50Diamond rings8589,25050,994600 gold bars; 600 diamonds1,108,8001,179,000
50-56Ruby amulet (u)s8589,25082,707973 gold bars; 973 rubies988,5681,064,462
56-70Diamond necklaces9094,500]553,5876,151 gold bars; 6,151 diamonds11,367,04812,517,285
70-99Diamond amulet (u)s100105,00012,296,804122,968 gold bars; 122,968 diamonds227,244,864239,787,600


13,034,431131,506 gold bars; 175 sapphires; 320 emeralds; 1,148 rubies; 129,719 diamonds241,160,546255,078,962

OSRS P2P Crafting Training Guide


If you want a reliable crafting boost, you're going to have to become a member of OSRS. You can basically get double the XP rate compared to F2P methods. Aside from making leveling significantly easier, you'll also have access to more items to craft. Some of them are more profitable too. Without further ado, here's the most optimized way to level up your Crafting as a P2P player.

Levels 1-20: Leather items

P2P leveling starts out similarly to how you would when it comes to F2P crafting. Again, if you want a quick boost to level 8, make sure to do the quests above.

Up until level 20, leather items are the best items to craft for leveling. Aside from being easy to find, the materials needed for this build are also a lot cheaper than others.

Crafting LevelItemExperience per setRequired resourcesTotal cost
1-7Leather gloves13.848 x Leather7,248
7-9Leather boots16.219 x Leather2,869
9-11Leather cowl18.521 x Leather3,171
11-14Leather vambraces2234 x Leather5,134
14-20Leather body2595 x Leather14,345

In total, this part of Crafting training will require 217 leather. That's around 32,700 coins.

Levels 20-62/77: Cutting gems

Level 20 onwards until level 77 can be a bit of a slog. Although you have a ton of options available, you should stick to one leveling method to be more concise. If you're going to choose one, you might as well go for cutting gems as it offers the next XP per hour. The only downside to this is that it can be very expensive considering how pricey dragonstones can be.

If you're having trouble, we recommend going up until level 60 or 66 and then shift towards battlestaves.

Crafting LevelItemXP eachXP per hour# to nextBuySell
55Dragonstone137.5371,25062: 1,216
77: 9,520

Levels 54-77/99: Battlestaves

Again, this is going to be a good alternative to getting to 77 or even 99 if cutting gems is too expensive for you. The downside is that you'll need a lot of early capital to get the initial items for this build. Once you do get through that challenge, getting to 99 is going to be a breeze.

Crafting LevelItemXP eachXP per hourBuySell
54Water battlestaff100245,0008,9689,015
58Earth battlestaff112.5276,0008,9709,012
62Fire battlestaff125306,0008,9819,012
66Air battlestaff137.5337,0009,0979,039

Levels 63/77-99: Dragonhide bodies

Once you reach level 77, you can shift towards using dragonhide bodies to get more XP. Start with green dragonhide bodies at level 63. This offers a steady and optimized approach to level 99 in Crafting.

Crafting LevelItemXP eachXP per hourBuySell
63Green dragonhide body186307,0004,184.204,205
71Blue dragonhide body210347,0005,012.204,870
77Red dragonhide body234386,0006,443.205,792
84Black dragonhide body258426,0008,391.807,065

Quests That Give Crafting Experience

Aside from the three above, there are a lot of other quests that reward you with XP to Crafting. You can also net a handful of other useful rewards by doing these quests. These are the quests you should look for when leveling up your Crafting.



Other skill requirements
Sheep Shearer150--
Goblin Diplomacy200--
Tower of Life500-Construction - 10
In Search of the Myreque600-Agility - 25
Misthalin Mystery600--
Dwarf Cannon750--
Animal Magnetism1,000Crafting - 19Slayer - 18
Range - 30
Wood Cutting - 35
The Golem1,000Crafting - 20Thieving - 25
Making History1,000--
Tears of Guthix1,000Crafting - 20Firemaking - 49
Mining - 20
Recipe for Disaster
(Goblin generals subquest)
Recipe for Disaster
(Pirate Pete subquest)
1,000-Cooking - 31
Murder Mystery1,406--
Recipe for Disaster
(Skrach Uglogwee subquest)
1,500-Cooking - 41
Firemaking - 20
Cold War2,000Crafting - 30Hunter- 10
Agility - 30
Construction - 34
Enlightened Journey2,000Crafting - 36Quest points - 20
Firemaking - 20
Farming - 30
In Aid of the Myreque2,000Crafting - 25Mining - 15
Magic - 7
Shades of Mort'ton2,000Crafting - 20Herblore - 15
Firemaking - 5
Observatory Quest2,250--
The Giant Dwarf2,500Crafting - 12Firemaking - 16
Magic - 33
Thieving - 14
The Fremennik Trials2,812Crafting - 40Fletching - 25
Woodcutting - 40
The Great Brain Robbery3,000Crafting - 16Construction - 30
Prayer - 50
Nature Spirit3,000Crafting - 18-
The Slug Menace3,500Crafting - 30Runecraft - 30 ,
Slayer - 30
Thieving - 30
Shilo Village3,875Crafting - 20Agility - 32
Smithing - 4
Getting Ahead4,000Crafting - 30Construction - 26
Elemental Workshop I5,000Crafting - 20Smithing - 20
Mining - 20
The Fremennik Isles5,000Crafting - 46Construction - 20
Agility - 40
Woodcutting - 56
Cabin Fever7,000Crafting - 45Agility - 42
Smithing - 50
Range - 40
Enakhra's Lament7,000Crafting - 50Firemaking - 45
Prayer - 43
Magic - 39
Mining - 45
Elemental Workshop II7,500Crafting - 20Magic - 20
Smithing - 30
The Hand in the Sand9,000Crafting - 49Thieving - 17
The Fremennik Exiles50,000Crafting - 65Slayer - 60
Smithing - 60
Fishing - 60
Runecraft - 55

As you can see, most of these quest require membership skills to actually complete. The rewards for doing them are worth it though.

Become A Master Craftsman

Becoming a Craftsman in OSRS is lucrative but we're lying if we say that it doesn't take a lot of work. It's going to be one of the longest journeys you'll make in OSRS but at the end of the road is riches that even your bank can't handle.

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