OSRS Crazy Archaeologist Guide

12.02.2023 - 17:19:52
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OSRS Crazy Archaeologist Guide

What Is Crazy Archaeologist?

Crazy Archaeologist is a mini boss that resides in level 23 Wilderness.

Why Should You Kill Crazy Archaeologist?

Crazy Archaeologist is a really easy boss to farm. It resides in level 23 Wilderness so you can easily escape pkers by simply teleporting out. It has a lot of alchable drops but most notably, it has 2 unique drops which are worth 500K but more importantly, its an easy collection log completion. There are also 4 combat achievements that you can complete:

  • Mage of the Ruins: Kill the Crazy Archaeologist with only magical attacks.
  • I’d Rather Not Learn: Kill the Crazy Archaeologist without anyone being hit by his “Rains of Knowledge” attack.
  • Crazy Archaeologist Champion: Kill the Crazy Archaeologist 10 times.
  • Crazy Archaeologist Adept: Kill the Crazy Archaeologist 25 times.

Crazy Archaeologist Guide

Crazy Archaeologist is a fairly easy mini-boss to kill having little requirements. However do keep in mind that this boss is still in the Wilderness and you can still get Pked if you are not careful. Never bring any items that you don’t wish to lose and always have your “PK skull prevention” turned on.


  • 40+ Prayer
  • 50 Attack (if you are using Iban’s staff)
  • 75+ Magic


You can upgrade or downgrade the gear listed below as you see fit. The most important thing for this fight is magic damage and prayer bonus.

  • Mystic hat or Slayer Helmet (i) (if you are on slayer task)
  • Occult necklace
  • Imbued god cape or Regular god cape
  • Monk’s robe top
  • Monk’s robe
  • Trident of the swamp or Trident of the seas
  • Book of darkness
  • Any blessing
  • Tormented bracelet or Barrows gloves
  • Mystic boots
  • Ring of Wealth (i)


  • 3-4 prayer potions
  • 1 Stamina potion
  • Looting bag
  • 1 click teleport like a royal seed pot
  • Food

Killing Crazy Archaeologist

  1. Equip your gear and make your way to the west ruins at level 23 Wilderness.
  2. Once there pray protection from ranged and start attacking the Crazy Archaeologist.
  3. Every once in a while he will do his special attack. You can tell this attack is coming because he will yell out “Rain of knowledge”. When you see this phrase simply move out of the way of the 3 projectiles that he is throwing out.

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