OSRS Dagannoth Kings: Strategy Guide For The DKs

12.11.2023 - 11:37:27
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OSRS Dagannoth Kings: Strategy Guide For The DKs

With so many bosses in OSRS, it's hard to keep track of who you've beaten and who you've not yet beaten. One thing's for sure though - if you want to really test yourself in the game, you should challenge the Dagannoth Kings. If you're looking for a proper challenge in OSRS, then this deadly trio is calling out to you.


In this guide, we're going to give you a complete rundown of how you can fight and beat the Dagannoth Kings. We're also throwing in a little more information about this exciting challenge in OSRS. Let's first talk about Dagannoth Kings and what they are in the world of OSRS.

What Are OSRS Dagannoth Kings?

The Dagannoth Kings, also known as DKs, are a trio of dagannoths located deep in a cave on Waterbirth Island. The three DKs are Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Prime, and Dagannoth Supreme. Each of the kings has their own strengths and weaknesses. Fighting each of them in a one-versus-one setting is a big challenge already.


However, the Dagannoth Kings fight pits you against these three kings all at once. To make matters worse, all of them are at level 303. Without a proper strategy guide and preparation, the fight against the DKs is arguably one of the toughest fights in the game right now. Before anything else, let's first talk about how you can get to them first.

How To Get To Dagannoth Kings?

Getting to the Dagannoth Kings in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can reach them successfully. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting to the Dagannoth Kings:

  1. Assemble Your Team

Ensure you have a team of players to take on the Dagannoth Kings. It's best to go with experienced friends who know the way. Getting to the DKs is one of the toughest parts of the challenge and bringing some friends along will definitely make the trip shorter.

If none of your friends are available to guide you, you can go to the OSRS LFG forums and look for more experienced players to help you out.

  1. Entry to Waterbirth Island

There are various methods to reach Waterbirth Island:

  • Use the Group Teleport to Waterbirth spell if you have a mage who can cast it.

If you're looking for an adventure, you can also travel by foot from various locations:

  • Walking from Camelot (use Camelot teleport or the Seers' Village lodestone).
  • Using a lyre teleport (requires completion of The Fremennik Trials).
  • Using a Rellekka house teleport.
  • Other alternatives include using a Waterbirth Teleport portal in a player-owned house (POH), the teleport of the Fremennik Sea Boots (if you have them), or teleporting to Lunar Isle and walking from there.
  1. Rest and Prepare

Rest at different points during your journey to conserve energy and prepare for combat. Resting points include:

  • Before entering the dungeon.
  • Before using the Rune throwing axe's special attack.
  • In the rooms with giant rock crabs.
  • In the area where the rock lobsters are.
  • In the area with rock lobsters, use the opportunity to restore your Hitpoints and Prayer. You can drink three doses of a Saradomin brew and one dose of a Super restore, along with any boosting potions you need.
  1. Proceed to the Dungeon:

Follow your mage to the dungeon entrance.

Once inside the dungeon, activate Protect from Magic prayer and follow your team to the ladder at the bottom of the cavern.

Keep in mind that this can be done solo. However, the journey to the DKs, as well as the fight itself is exceptionally challenging. You might struggle heavily, even if you're decked out in your best gear.

Recommended Setup For Dagannoth Kings

As with all of the tough challenges in the game, preparing for the fight is going to be very important. Let's take a look at the recommended Skills first.

  • Attack 80+
  • Strength 80+
  • Magic 85+
  • Ranged 80+
  • Defence 80+
  • Hitpoints 80+
  • Prayer 45+ for Mystic Might, 70+ for Piety

Keep in mind that these Skill recommendations apply whether you're fighting DKs in a group or alone. As for the gear:

  • Twisted bow
  • Necklace of anguish
  • Tumeken's shadow
  • Occult necklace
  • Ava's assembler
  • Zaryte vambraces
  • Tormented bracelet
  • Rune pouch
Weapon Switch:
  • Saradomin godsword (for special attacks)
  • Rune pouch filled with runes for Death Charge
  • Imbued heart (optional but recommended)
  • 1 antidote++ if not bringing sanfew serums or wearing the serpentine helm
  • 2-3 super combat potions
  • 2-3 ranging potions
  • Sanfew serums or super restores
  • Explorer's Ring 4 (Energy restore for running to the lair, High Level Alchemy for drops)
  • Stamina Potion(4)
  • Rune thrownaxe and pet rock for getting there
  • 1-2 Saradomin brews for emergency healing

Dagannoth Kings Strategy Guide


DKs can be fought alone or can be fought as a group. While it's doable to do it in solo, it's much better to fight the three with others. Having at least 3 members in a party is good enough as this ensures that each of the kings is fighting one player at a time. This is a lot easier as each player can take advantage of the weaknesses and strengths of the particular king they're fighting.

For this section of the guide, we're going to give you a strategy guide for each of the kings so that you can fight them separately.


Fighting The Spinolyps


As if the Dagannoths weren't hard enough already. Spinolyps are small, dagannoth-like creatures found in the same room as the Dagannoth Kings in the deepest sublevel of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. Here's what you should know about them:

  1. Antipoison Recommended: Spinolyps have a poisonous attack, so it's advisable to bring some form of antipoison when facing them. This will help protect you from their poison.
  2. Magic Attack: Spinolyps have a magic attack that appears as Water Strike and is considered ranged-based magic. This attack rolls against your Ranged defense, making gear choices important. For instance, using a Guthan's platebody is more beneficial than a Karil's leathertop.
  3. Prayer Drain: A successful hit by their Magic attack will drain 1 prayer point. Using a spectral spirit shield can reduce this prayer drain effect by half.
  4. Ranged Attack: Spinolyps also have a ranged attack that is poisonous, similar to the one used by other ranged dagannoth. Each of their ranged attacks can deal a maximum of 10 damage.
  5. Transformation: Spinolyps will occasionally transform into level 34 suspicious water, becoming non-attackable. If this suspicious water is adjacent to a player, it may perform a rapid but inaccurate melee attack. After some time, they will re-emerge as spinolyps. If they die while in the suspicious water form (e.g., from venom or a projectile fired before transforming), they will drop bones.

Dagannoth Prime Strategy Guide

Of the three kings, Dagannoth Prime is the one who's Magic-based. He's the only monster of the three to drop the Seers ring and Mud battlestaff.

Dagannoth Prime Fight

Dagannoth Prime, being weak to Ranged attacks, can be effectively dealt with using Ranged weaponry. Recommended Ranged weapons include the Zaryte, Armadyl, Dragon hunter, dragon, and rune crossbows. The Toxic blowpipe is also a solid choice, particularly on Slayer tasks. If you have the resources, the Bow of faerdhinen or Twisted bow are top-tier options due to their high accuracy and damage. The Twisted bow, in particular, excels against foes with high Magic levels. You can also use the Crystal bow to good effect.

Protect from Magic Prayer:

Dagannoth Prime's most potent attack is a powerful Magic attack that can deal up to 50 damage in a single hit. Therefore, using the Protect from Magic prayer is absolutely essential whenever you're targeted by Prime. His Magic attack is area-of-effect (AoE), meaning it can hit multiple players within a 3x3 tile radius around the main target.

Melee Approach:

Melee users should avoid direct combat with Dagannoth Prime. Instead, they should focus on Dagannoth Supreme, as Prime is highly resistant to non-Ranged attacks. Prime can easily eliminate any player who doesn't use the Protect from Magic prayer within a couple of attacks.

Effective Positioning:

To effectively combat Dagannoth Prime, consider positioning yourself in the north-east corner of the lair. This location minimizes the risk of attacks from other Dagannoth Kings, allowing you to deal with Prime efficiently.

To avoid unwanted aggression from Dagannoth Rex and Dagannoth Supreme when fighting Dagannoth Prime, you should keep the following strategies in mind:

  • Stay on the Western Part of the Arena (Rex Avoidance): Position yourself on the western side of the arena to reduce the chances of gaining Dagannoth Rex's attention. Rex is less likely to go to this area.
  • Stay in the North-Eastern Part of the Arena (Supreme Avoidance): To prevent Dagannoth Supreme from respawning while battling Dagannoth Prime, stay in the north-eastern section of the arena near the seaweed. This location helps avoid Supreme's aggression.
  • Use "Long-Range" Ranged Combat Style: When using Ranged combat against Prime, select the "Long-Range" style. This style helps keep you out of Supreme's attention, minimizing the chances of both Prime and Supreme attacking you simultaneously.

Dagannoth Rex Strategy Guide

Dagannoth Rex is the melee-based of the three kings. As that is the case, Dagannoth Rex has low Magic-defense that you need to take advantage of.

Dagannoth Rex Fight

Since Dagannoth Rex has very low Magic Defence, it's recommended to utilize Magic attacks against him. Popular spell choices include Slayer Dart, Iban Blast, and powered staves, as they can deal consistent damage.


Safespot Strategy: Due to his large size and the fact that he uses melee attacks exclusively, it's a good idea to get Dagannoth Rex stuck on one of the ridges in the lair and safespot him. Keep in mind that Spinolyps will continue to attack you while you're safespotting Rex. High-level armor, such as Barrows armor, is often used because it provides excellent Defense bonuses while allowing you to consistently hit Rex with spells. Even if your magic attack bonus is negative, you can still damage him effectively.

Guthan's Healing: If you're using Guthan's equipment, consider healing yourself on the Spinolyps while waiting for Rex to respawn. This strategy can help preserve your food and potions, ensuring a longer stay in the lair.

If you're the one fighting Dagannoth Rex, avoid getting the aggro of the other two Dagannoths. To avoid this, make sure to consider the following:

Stay in the South-Eastern Area: To prevent attracting Prime and Supreme while luring Rex, position yourself in the south-eastern part of the arena. Prime typically avoids this area, making it a safer spot. You can then attack Rex when he's closest to the east, minimizing the risk of additional aggression.

Dagannoth Supreme Strategy Guide

Last but not the least, Dagannoth Supreme. Many would argue that this fight is the easiest out of all the three as it's focused on melee combat. Still, you're going to need all of the help you can get for it.

Dagannoth Supreme Fight

Use melee attacks against Dagannoth Supreme. Optimal weapons include the abyssal whip or tentacle due to their high Strength bonus and fast attack rate, the Saradomin godsword for its special attack, accuracy, and Strength bonus, and Guthan's war spear when paired with the full Barrows set to heal. If you lack a Saradomin godsword, consider using a Crystal halberd or Dragon dagger as an alternative special attack weapon.


As with the other Dagannoths, you'll need to be careful when battling Dagannoth Supreme. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The most significant threat is Dagannoth Prime respawning while you're battling Supreme. To protect yourself from Prime's powerful magical attacks, activate the Protect from Magic prayer. You can either continue the fight or exit up the ladder to avoid Prime's onslaught.
  • In some cases, Dagannoth Rex might respawn instead of Prime. If this happens, follow these strategies:
  • Position Supreme between you and Rex. If you're a mage, distract Rex as you did in the first wave but avoid killing him. Use Entangle or ice spells to manage Rex's movements. By being well-equipped and prepared for potential threats, you can handle Dagannoth Supreme with more confidence and efficiency.

Dagannoth Kings Solo Guide


In a tribrid setup, a single player employs Magic, Ranged, and Melee to combat all three Dagannoth Kings. This approach is suitable for players with the financial means to afford high-quality equipment that allows them to defeat all three Kings efficiently. Here's how to make it work:

  1. Alternative Strategy with Two Players

If you're not experienced or confident in taking on all three kings simultaneously, you can use an alternative strategy.

Have one player target Rex while you focus on Prime and Supreme.

The player targeting Rex can assist in defeating Prime or Supreme if necessary.

  1. Starting the Battle

Enter the battle with Protect from Magic activated.

Lure Supreme as close to the ladder as possible, and kill him using the Piety prayer.

If Prime is a safe distance away and Supreme is near the ladder, you can switch to Protect from Missiles.

You may need to climb the ladder up and down to lure Supreme if Prime gets too close to you.

Safespot and kill Rex next, keeping Protect from Magic active as Prime will now aggro you.

Finally, head north-east to kill Prime. Look for the optimal spot marked by rocks in a triangle formation.

  1. Alternate Strategy with Low Health Prime

Follow the same procedure up to Prime, including killing Supreme and then Rex.

Try to get Prime's health as low as possible, then wait in the east for Rex to respawn.

Kill Rex again, finish off Prime, and then deal with Supreme.

  1. Maximizing Kills per Hour

Since the journey to the Dagannoth Kings takes time, it's best to aim to complete a full slayer task in one trip or as few trips as possible.

Sacrifice some DPS for sustainability to ensure you last the entire task.

Minimize gear swaps to bring more supplies. For example, you can use Barrows gloves instead of Ferocious gloves and Zaryte vambraces, or focus on sustainability-oriented gear like the Spectral spirit shield instead of a defender and Guardian boots over Primordials.

Using the Saradomin godsword (SGS) and Lightbearer over offensive options can be more sustainable.

This strategy allows you to efficiently tackle all three Dagannoth Kings and optimize your kills per hour, making the most of your trips to the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

Is Dagannoth Kings Worth It?


As an OSRS player, you might be interested in knowing that Dagannoth Kings offer unique and sought-after ring drops that are particularly valuable for Ironmen players. These rings are considered best in slot for various purposes, adding to their desirability.

If you've completed the Fremennik Elite diary, you gain the advantage of receiving all Dagannoth King bones as noted drops. This significant benefit substantially boosts the profitability of hunting Dagannoth Kings.

When you have Slayer tasks that involve Dagannoths, you'll find that these tasks are relatively common. Many high-level players choose to complete these tasks at Dagannoth Kings' lair due to the potential for high profits and the chance to secure the unique drops.

Additionally, you might discover that Dagannoth Kings are not only lucrative but also provide an enjoyable and rewarding group activity, making them an attractive option for you, your friends, and your clan to tackle together. The combination of profit and fun makes them a popular choice among RuneScape players like yourself.

Dagannoth Money-Making Guide

One of the reasons why players fight the DKs despite the difficulty is the fact that you can get a lot of money from it. At the very least, you're looking at an hourly profit of 2,145,739. You can also get 27,500 Magic XP, 25,500 Strength XP, 33,150 Ranged XP, 23,400 Hitpoints XP, and 22, 945 Slayer XP.

Your efficiency in hunting Dagannoth Kings depends on several factors, including your combat capabilities, gear, and strategy. Here's a breakdown of what you need to consider to optimize your kills per hour and profit rate:

Your kills per hour is determined by your ability to defeat all three Dagannoth Kings quickly. If you can consistently kill two kings before the third respawns, you'll maintain an efficient pace. To achieve this, you need a minimum average damage per second (DPS) of around 5.6 against all three kings. Realistically, you should aim for a DPS closer to 7 or 8 to allow for factors like loot pickup, gear switching, etc.

To stay for long trips and maximize profit, you must have excellent poison protection and prayer points. The respawn timer enforces a minimum of around 45 seconds per kill in the long run, or 135 seconds per cycle. While this theoretically sets an upper limit of 26.6 kills (of all three kings) per hour, the actual kills per hour will vary based on your trip's length. Your guide suggests one trip per hour, with about 10 minutes allocated for banking, returning, and setting up the loop.

Given the time it takes to reach the dungeon, it's crucial to maximize your trip length. Consider using supplies that allow for longer stays and reduce the need for gear switches. Flicking the Rigour and Piety prayers can help conserve prayer points, extending your trips. If you're not on a task, the Serpentine helm provides immunity to poison. Managing your loot efficiently is also essential. Bring runes for High-Level Alchemy, as your profit will be noticeably lower without the Fremennik Elite Diary completed.

While running through Waterbirth Island Dungeon, it's crucial to pray correctly to minimize damage. Some players who primarily kill Dagannoth Rex opt to start the cycle by sneaking around the south of the island and safespotting Rex. They then run north to kill Dagannoth Prime with ranged before finishing off Dagannoth Supreme with melee. More experienced players may choose to kill Supreme first and flick Prime if he attacks.

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Dagannoth Kings Tips and Tricks

The Dagannoth Kings challenge is not something you should do without proper preparation. Aside from the strategy guide above, here are a few important tips, tricks, and some reminders.

  1. Use of Dwarf Multicannon:

A dwarf multicannon with 1,000-2,000 cannonballs can be helpful, especially against Dagannoth Prime. Place it on Prime's spawn area, reloading it only when Prime spawns. Reloading is less effective on Rex and Supreme.

  1. House Portal Attunement:

Attune a portal in your house to Waterbirth Island. This simplifies travel and eliminates the need for your house to be in Rellekka or using redirecting scrolls.

  1. Recommended Food:

Consider using Super restore potions and Saradomin brews. However, for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, sharks combined with a few Saradomin brews/Super restores for emergencies can suffice.

  1. Boost Your Hits:

It's helpful to bring a potion to boost your hits. The choice of adding this potion may vary based on personal preference and inventory space.

  1. Ancient Magicks:

Various Ancient Magicks spells can prove useful. Ice Barrage can freeze Dagannoth Rex, while Blood spells can be used in combination with a Trident of the seas or swamp to heal.

  1. Antipoisons and Sanfew Serums:

Antipoisons are vital to counteract poison from Spinolyps around the lair unless you're wearing a Serpentine helm. Sanfew serums function as both an antipoison and super restore.

  1. Utilize Safe Spots:

There's a safe spot east of the Dagannoth Kings' ladder where you can 'peek' to see if the arena is occupied. It's also handy for hopping worlds to find a vacant lair.

  1. Elite Fremennik Diary:

Completion of the elite Fremennik Diary will cause Dagannoth Kings' bones to drop in noted form, substantially increasing the profitability of extended trips.

  1. Explorer's Ring for High Alchemy:

Consider bringing an explorer's ring in place of a stamina potion for high alchemy, which can add to your profit.

  1. Melee Stats and Special Weapons

If your melee stats are 80+ and you're on a Dagannoth task, using a Saradomin godsword or another godsword as your spec weapon and melee weapon to kill Supreme can save an inventory space.

  1. Divine Boost Potions and Menaphite Remedy:

Bringing Divine boost potions along with a Menaphite Remedy can significantly increase the duration of your stat boosts while saving an inventory slot compared to carrying multiple combat potions.

Dagannoth Drops And Rewards

The sweetest prize of them all is the drops and rewards that you get from each king. Below, we've detailed the drops for each of the kings.

Dagannoth Prime Unique Rewards

Weapons and armour

Earth battlestaff11/12.88,969
Water battlestaff11/25.69,010
Air battlestaff11/328,990
Battlestaff1-10 (noted)1/1288,099-80,990
Fremennik blade11/128Not sold
Fremennik shield11/128Not sold
Fremennik helm11/128Not sold
Mud battlestaff11/12827,486
Dragon axe11/12872,725
Farseer helm11/12841,960
Skeletal top11/12826,424
Skeletal bottoms11/12823,713
Seers ring11/128443,664


Ensouled dagannoth head11/202,182
Clue scroll (hard)11/42Not sold
Brimstone key11/60Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/750Not sold
Pet dagannoth prime11/5,000Not sold

Dagannoth Rex Unique Rewards

Weapons and armour

Steel kiteshield11/7.529337
Mithril warhammer11/11.64827
Adamant axe11/18.29499
Steel platebody11/32916
Mithril pickaxe11/42.67402
Adamant platebody11/649,464
Fremennik blade11/64Not sold
Dragon axe11/12872,725
Rune axe11/1287,192
Fremennik shield11/128Not sold
Fremennik helm11/128Not sold
Mithril 2h sword11/1281,223
Ring of life11/1281,909
Rock-shell plate11/12838,486
Rock-shell legs11/12838,230
Berserker ring11/1283,102,213
Warrior ring11/12862,231


Ensouled dagannoth head11/202,182
Clue scroll (hard)11/42Not sold
Brimstone key11/60Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/750Not sold
Pet dagannoth rex11/5,000Not sold

Dagannoth Supreme Unique Rewards

Weapons and armour

Mithril knife25-501/12.83,475-6,950
Red d'hide vambraces11/18.291,813
Rune thrownaxe5-101/25.61,025-2,050
Adamant dart10-251/25.6230-575
Iron knife200-5001/25.68,400-21,000
Steel knife50-1501/25.62,500-7,500
Fremennik blade11/128Not sold
Fremennik shield11/128Not sold
Fremennik helm11/128Not sold
Dragon axe11/12872,725
Archer helm11/12848,578
Spined body11/1284,155
Spined chaps11/12810,210
Archers ring11/1283,864,226


Ensouled dagannoth head11/202,182
Clue scroll (hard)11/42Not sold
Brimstone key11/60Not sold
Clue scroll (elite)11/750Not sold
Pet dagannoth supreme11/5,000Not sold


Dagannoth bones1Always9,847
Dagannoth hide1Always187


Air rune100-2001/21.33400-800
Earth rune50-1001/25.6200-400
Blood rune25-751/644,925-14,775
Law rune10-751/641,170-8,775
Nature rune25-751/642,400-7,200
Mud rune25-751/642,400-7,200
Death rune25-851/643,625-12,325


Toadflax seed11/91.8726
Irit seed11/134.952
Belladonna seed11/139.245
Poison ivy seed11/196.211
Avantoe seed11/196.24,111
Cactus seed11/205.540
Potato cactus seed11/287.74
Kwuarm seed11/287.71,243
Snapdragon seed11/431.531,562
Cadantine seed11/616.54,667
Lantadyme seed11/863.1219
Snape grass seed31/1,0798,853
Dwarf weed seed11/1,439495
Torstol seed11/2,1584,850


Air talisman11/89657
Body talisman11/8961,129
Earth talisman11/896160
Fire talisman11/8961,430
Mind talisman11/896900
Water talisman11/896143
Cosmic talisman11/2,240162
Chaos talisman11/2,987135
Nature talisman11/2,987206

Talismans (noted)

Earth talisman25-75 (noted)1/12.84,000-12,000
Air talisman25-75 (noted)1/18.291,425-4,275
Water talisman1-76 (noted)1/18.29143-10,868


Oyster pearls11/25.6952
Pure essence150 (noted)1/25.6300
Grimy ranarr weed11/25.65,998

Rare and Gem drop table

NothingN/A1/19.87; NeverN/A
Uncut sapphire11/45.51; 1/23.1247
Uncut emerald11/91.02; 1/46.2464
Loop half of key11/95.67; 1/909,682
Tooth half of key11/95.67; 1/909,738
Uncut ruby11/182; 1/92.4995
Runite bar11/409.612,484
Nature talisman11/485.5; 1/247206
Nature rune671/682.76,432
Rune 2h sword11/682.737,906
Rune battleaxe11/682.724,575
Uncut diamond11/728.2; 1/3702,286
Law rune451/1,0245,265
Death rune451/1,0246,525
Steel arrow1501/1,0244,200
Rune arrow421/1,0245,586
Adamant javelin201/1,0241,180
Rune sq shield11/1,02422,479
Silver ore100 (noted)1/1,0245,400
Rune javelin51/1,456; 1/740865
Rune spear11/1,997; 1/21611,866
Rune kiteshield11/2,04831,904
Dragon med helm11/2,04858,383
Shield left half11/3,995; 1/43265,325
Dragon spear11/5,326; 1/57637,169

End The Three Kings

The Dagannoth Kings are a challenge, regardless of whether you fight them alone or in a group. With this guide, we're sure to have made that journey a lot easier than what you're facing now. We highly recommend taking on the DKs as a group as fighting them head-on is a challenge that's best done after a lot of group practice.

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