OSRS Demonic Gorilla Guide

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OSRS Demonic Gorilla Guide

It's no secret that there are lots of scary foes in OSRS. However, in terms of looks alone, none might be as scary as the demonic gorillas in the game. Fighting these beasts isn't as easy as it seems as they're pretty powerful in their own right. This guide will teach you all there is to know about going up against them.

What Are OSRS Demonic Gorillas?

These are powerful monsters that you can find in the Crash Site Cavern. If you're doing the Monkey Madness II quest, you'll face off against two at once during the last part of the story. Once you finish the quest, you can fight more of them inside the dungeon.

The demonic gorillas have a combat level of 272. Killing them is good if you want to farm zenyte shards or ballista component drops. With maximum efficiency, you can get over 2,600,000 gold per hour when farming them for money.

Where To Fight Demonic Gorillas?



For starters, you'll first need to do the Monkey Madness II Quest to start being able to fight demonic gorillas. Not considering the quests requirements before it, the Monkey Madness II quest is tagged as a "very long" quest so you'll need to be patient with it. Additionally, the chance to fight the enemies comes way late into the quest.

Before anything else, prepare or complete the following:

Required Quests
  • Enlightened Journey

    • Completing this is required to get the Balloon flight route for access to the Gnome Stronghold.
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie
  • Recipe for Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei)

    • Monkey Madness I

      • The Grand Tree
      • Tree Gnome Village
  • Troll Stronghold

    • Death Plateau
  • Watchtower
Required Skills
  • Slayer 69 Slayer (not boostable)
  • Crafting 70 Crafting (not boostable)
  • Hunter 60 Hunter (not boostable)
  • Agility 55 Agility (not boostable)
  • Thieving 55 Thieving (not boostable)
  • Firemaking 60 Firemaking (not boostable)

Required Items

  • Lemon
  • Grapes
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Pickaxe
  • Logs
  • A light source
  • Hammer and chisel (which can be found during the quest)
  • M'speak amulet
  • A monkey talisman (which can be found during the quest
  • Small or medium ninja monkey greegree
  • Slash weapon
  • The Translation book from The Grand Tree (if you lost yours, get it from King Narnode during the quest.)

With these prepared, talk to King Narnode within the Grand Tree to start the quest.

Eventually, the quest will lead you into the Crash Site Cavern which will pit you against two demonic gorillas. You can find more of the monsters in the area once the quest is done. Below is a list of all known locations of demonic gorilla spawn points and there are a total of 28.



If you're getting lost going to the area specifically, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
  2. Use the teleport option on the Royal Seed Pod.
  3. After teleporting, head northwest from where you landed.
  4. Look for an opening in the fence northwest of the Grand Tree.
  5. Continue running north east to go to the entrance of the Crash Site Cavern.
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Best Equipment And Skill Level For Demonic Gorilla

For the Skills, make sure to have at least the following:

  • Attack: 80 or higher
  • Strength: 85 or higher
  • Defence: 80 or higher
  • Ranged: 85 or higher
  • Hitpoints: 80 or higher
  • Prayer: 70 or higher
  • Magic: 70 or higher (for magic defense)

As for the gear, below is a set of recommended items in order of priority:


  • Slay Helm
  • Berserker Helm
  • Rune Full Helm


  • Amulet of Fury
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Amulet of Anguish
  • Amulet of Glory


  • Blessed D'hide body
  • Black d'hide body


  • Blessed Rune Platelegs/li>
  • Rock Shell Legs
  • Rune Platelegs


  • Rune Boots
  • Blessed d'hide boots


  • Barrows gloves
  • Blessed vambraces
  • Black d'hide vambraces


  • Berserker ring (i)
  • Archer ring (i)
  • Ring of suffering (i)


  • Range cape (t)
  • Ava's Accumulator
  • Range cape


  • Blowpipe with Mithril darts
  • Armadillo crossbow
  • Rune crossbow

Demonic Gorilla Fight Overview

These are just basic enemies but why are they causing players so much trouble you ask? One of the reasons why is that they can use all three combat styles. They're also capable of using protection players.

The good thing is that the demonic gorilla doesn't change their combat style at random. It's initiated by a few conditions:

  1. If they take more than 50 damage, they'll switch their combat style to the one the player is currently using.
  2. They'll also change their combat style if they miss three hits using the current one they're using.


In that sense, you can predict which combat style the demonic gorilla is going to use. It's also worth noting that since they have a high magic defense, it's best to take them on either with a ranged or melee setup. In total, the demonic gorilla has four attacks:

  • Magic: You'll know that it's a magic attack when the enemy rears up and dangles its forelegs. It will then release a green orb from its attack,
  • Melee: A basic attack that sees the gorilla swiping down its claws at you.
  • Ranged: Another basic attack in which it will grab a small boulder to throw at you.
  • Boulder toss: In this attack, the gorilla will toss a boulder. Once the animation is completed, it will appear on top of you before dropping down. This does 33% of your health as damage if not dodged. This attack only happens when the gorilla is in its ranged or magic mode. It's worth noting that this attack won't count towards the miss count when it changes attack modes.

Tips For Fighting The Demonic Gorilla

With fight mechanics that are as confusing as this, it can be hard to understand how to beat the demonic gorilla. As such, here are a few key tips to keep in mind.

  1. Use Item Switches To Your Advantage - The demonic gorilla can switch up their protection prayers very often. That said, you shouldn't have too many item switches for your ranged or melee gear. Instead, focus on bringing offensive and protection prayers so that you can focus more on either dealing damage or taking it.
  2. Prayer Priority - During the fight, it's best to focus on using Protect from Magic and then Protect from Missiles or Melee. With the setup above, it's very likely that the demonic gorilla will switch to Protect from Magic mostly.


  1. Watch For The Cues - Aside from the conditions above, there are also a few cues you can check out to know which combat style the demonic gorilla is going to use next. You can listen in for a "Rhaaaaaa!" audio cue to know if the monster is switching styles.
  2. Utilize Special Items - If your combat level is high enough and if you have good enough equipment, you won't need to bring food for healing anymore. Use Saradomin godsword instead for healing. If the godsword isn't enough for healing, you can also use Guthan's set for more healing.
  3. Farm With A- Pair - There is one area in the Crash Site Cavern which can be used as a multicombat area so you can farm the monsters here with a team. The best strategy for duo fighting demonic gorillas is to have one player equip a full Dharok set at one HP. The other player tanks the demonic gorilla while the other deals damage. Thanks to Dharok's effect, the attacking player can deal maximum damage. If you're going to follow this strategy, take note of the following:
  • The player with the Dharok's set should never be close to the demonic gorilla.
  • The player assigned to tanking should use a crossbow to lure the demonic gorilla's from afar.
  • As with solo farming methods, you shouldn't bring too many item switches.
  • The player who's tanking should focus on building up their defense. The best set for this would be a full Guthan's set.
  1. Practice - With enough practice, you'll be able to take out the demonic gorilla quickly. The most important thing to do here is to somewhat manipulate the monsters into switching their combat style to something that's more beneficial for you.

OSRS Demonic Gorilla Rewards

The demonic drops lots of good items but the most enticing of which are the zenyte shards and ballista components.

If you don't have a ballista yet or can't afford one, you can use the parts gotten from the demonic gorillas to create one. Below is a table featuring all of the drops from the monster.

Adamant javelin201/6,4001,180
Adamantite bar6 (noted)1/2510,950
Ballista limbs11/50029,098
Ballista spring11/50029,236
Celastrus seed21/1,250169,244
Clue scroll (elite)11/500Not sold
Clue scroll (hard)11/100Not sold
Death rune50-751/14.298,600-12,900
Diamond4-6 (noted)1/29.416,464-9,696
Dragon javelin heads27-331/2021,681-26,499
Dragon med helm11/12,80057,828
Dragon scimitar11/5059,549
Dragon spear11/36,03439,443
Dragonfruit tree seed21/833.3389,580
Dwarf weed7-13 (noted)1/111.114,245-26,455
Grimy cadantine7-13 (noted)1/111.126,635-49,465
Grimy kwuarm7-13 (noted)1/88.921,875-40,625
Grimy lantadyme7-13 (noted)1/148.110,206-18,954
Heavy frame11/1,50097,837
Javelin shaft750-1,2501/20750-1,250
Law rune50-751/14.296,350-9,525
Loop half of key11/6359,305
Magic seed21/416.7173,018
Mahogany seed21/277.82,436
Maple seed21/277.821,644
Monkey tail11/1,500512,942
Nature rune671/4,2677,705
Nature talisman11/27,307157
Palm tree seed21/50043,312
Papaya tree seed21/357.1902
Prayer potion(3)21/12.513,428
Ranarr seed21/166.752,326
Redwood tree seed21/1,25053,276
Rune 2h sword11/4,26737,718
Rune arrow421/6,4003,276
Rune bar11/2,56012,338
Rune chainbody11/2529,220
Rune javelin51/81,920870
Rune javelin heads45-551/2022,680-27,720
Rune kiteshield11/12,80031,859
Rune platelegs11/14.2937,514
Rune plateskirt11/14.2937,749
Rune scimitar11/2,56037,718
Saradomin brew(2)11/206,427
Shield left half11/27,02565,038
Silver ore100 (noted)1/6,4006,500
Snapdragon seed21/178.668,774
Spirit seed21/625Not sold
Steel arrow1501/6,4003,450
Teak seed21/277.872
Tooth half of key11/6359,401
Torstol seed21/227.312,912
Watermelon seed301/250150
Willow seed21/250190
Yew seed21/277.865,682
Zenyte shard11/3009,748,122

Taking Care Of Monkey Business

Fighting the demonic gorillas is going to be very tough at first but it's a fight that will definitely get better with practice. Master the attack switching patterns of the monster will make the fight a lot easier.

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