OSRS Desert Treasure 1 Guide

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OSRS Desert Treasure 1 Guide

There are over a hundred quests in OSRS and yes, they're all worth doing if you want to get the most out of the game. Out of all those quests, one line that continues to captivate the hearts of players is Desert Treasure. Being one of the longest and most rewarding quests in the game, it's a storyline that you're bound to uncover eventually.

Due to its length and complexity, you might have a hard time following this quest to the end. If you're one of those who are struggling with Desert Treasure and you want to finish it, then you've come to the right place. We'll guide you through both Desert Treasure quests easily.

To make the guide easier, it will be divided into two segments - one for each of the Desert Treasure quest lines.


Desert Treasure I Preparation

First off, we should talk about everything you need and should at least have for Desert Treasure I. As this is a long quest, the preparation is going to be painstaking.


  • Completion of the following quests:
    • The Dig Site
    • Temple of Ikov
    • The Tourist Trap
    • Troll Stronghold
    • Death Plateau
    • Priest in Peril
    • Waterfall Quest
    • Start of Nature Spirit
  • Thieving 53 Thieving (not boostable)
  • Magic 50 Magic (not boostable)
  • Firemaking 50 Firemaking (boostable)
  • Slayer 10 Slayer (not boostable) or the gas mask from Plague City

Required Items

  • 10+ Shantay passes or a way to enter the Kharidian Desert without one
  • 650 Coins
  • 12 Magic logs (can be noted)
  • 6 Steel bar (can be noted)
  • 6 Molten glass (can be noted)
  • Ashes
  • Charcoal
  • 1 blood rune
  • Bones (can be noted to prevent accidental burial)
  • A silver bar
  • Garlic powder
  • Spice (gnome spice and Evil Dave's spices will not work)
  • A sweet (cake, chocolate cake (part cakes are accepted), or chocolate bar)
  • Spiked boots (obtainable during the quest by bringing Dunstan climbing boots and an iron bar; do so before attempting to obtain the ice diamond)
  • Climbing boots
  • A facemask, slayer helmet, or gas mask
  • A tinderbox
  • 20-50+ lockpicks or hair clips

Not Required But Highly Recommended

  • Combat level 70 Combat level
  • Started Nature Spirit to enter Mort Myre Swamp if not taking an alternative route
  • High-healing Food
  • Prayer potions (highly recommended)
  • Super restore or Menaphite remedy potions (highly recommended)
  • Antidote++ or antipoisons (especially if Ironman) (highly recommended)
  • Ice gloves or Smiths gloves (i) (to be able to wield a weapon against Fareed if not using water spells with runes only)
  • Stamina, super energy or energy potions
  • Weight-reducing clothing to lower run energy drain and restore run energy faster
  • Coins for magic carpet rides (bring a ring of charos (a) for discounted rides)
  • Ring of dueling (easy access to Kharidian Desert)
  • Digsite pendant (easy access to Exam Centre)
  • Ectophial (easy access to Morytania)
  • Skills necklace or Necklace of passage (easy access to Rasolo)
  • Runes to cast Paddewwa Teleport to complete a Varrock Hard Diary task
  • 80,000 Coins if purchasing an Ancient Staff after the quest from Eblis

Desert Treasure I Walkthrough

Finding The Diamonds

To embark on the journey to uncover the secrets of the Diamonds of Azzanadra, begin by traveling through the Shantay Pass south of Al-Kharid. Head west either by flying carpet or by running to the Bedabin Camp. Utilize the fairy ring code "biq", situated northeast of the Kalphite Lair, to reach the camp conveniently. Engage in a conversation with Asgarnia Smith near the small water pool in the camp, and he will provide you with etchings to deliver to Terry Balando, the archaeological expert at the Digsite Exam Centre.


Proceed to the Digsite, located east of Varrock, and communicate with Terry at the Exam Centre. Hand over the etchings to Terry, who will then provide you with translations. Return to Asgarnia Smith in the desert and, during your conversation with him, choose the option "Don't read book." Afterward, agree to assist him in his endeavors.

Navigate south to the Bandit Camp, but before entering, ensure that your equipment does not depict Saradomin or Zamorak imagery to avoid aggression from the bandits. Engage in a conversation with the bartender and purchase a drink for 650 coins. Interact with him once more to gather information about the four Diamonds of Azzanadra. It is crucial to complete this step before proceeding to talk to Eblis, as the option to discuss the diamonds won't be available otherwise.

Locate Eblis in a nearby building to the east, beyond the general store. Inquire about the diamonds, and Eblis will reveal the various items needed to create scrying glasses which are:

ItemGE PriceNotes
Magic Log x 1212,984There are many ways to obtain magic logs:
  • Cutting a magic tree (75 Woodcutting boostable)
  • Looting Nature Implings (58 Hunter , boostable)
  • Opening supply crates from Wintertodt
  • Looting the Brimstone Chest
  • Defeating various Revenants
Molten Glass x 6534Can be made at 1 Crafting
Steel Bar x 62,478Requires 30 Smithing , or dropped by various monsters
Ashes x 1102Can be obtained from any fire
Blood Rune x 11984 spawn in the Wilderness
Bonesx 170 
Charcoalx 1433 

When presenting the items to Eblis, it is crucial not to wear any Zamorak-related items, as this would prevent Eblis from creating the scrying glasses. Ensure that you use the bones on Eblis instead of burying them to avoid any complications.

After delivering the required items, Eblis will have relocated southeast to the top of a hill, marked as a grey circle on the minimap, and surrounded by six mirrors. While looking into these mirrors reveals locations associated with the diamonds, it is not a mandatory step.

Engage in a conversation with Eblis once more, and he will elucidate that his spell only unveils where the diamonds have been at a specific point in time. Notably, two of the mirrors display entirely different locations—the Bedabin Camp, previously visited, and the Ancient Pyramid itself, which is required when obtaining the diamonds to gain entry.

The diamonds can be acquired in any order. The methods to getting them are each different and some are harder than the others.

Smoke Diamond


Facing Fareed is often considered the easiest part of the quest, mainly because he primarily uses melee attacks. Here are key points for this section:

  1. Firemaking Requirement: If you're coming directly from the ice diamond section, ensure your Firemaking is restored to at least level 50. The torches in this part require a minimum of level 50 Firemaking to light.
  2. Protective Gear: Always wear a facemask, slayer helmet, or gas mask while in the dungeon. Failure to do so results in being hit for 20 damage every 12 seconds due to the lingering smoke effect. While this won't kill you (it won't reduce your hitpoints below 1), be cautious as other monsters can still damage you. This poses a notable risk, especially for low-level players who might unintentionally enter combat.

To proceed, gather all the specified items and head to the Smoke Dungeon. Locate the dungeon entrance on the world map by navigating along the cliffs on the west side of Pollnivneach and heading south. Climb down the well, and if a warning about the air inside appears, attempt to climb down again.


Within the dungeon, you'll find torches in each of the four corners that need to be lit using your tinderbox. Be cautious, as the torches will burn out if you take too much time. If you walk instead of run, the first lamp may have burnt out by the time you reach the burnt chest. To overcome this, it is advisable to use energy potions or stamina potions to maintain your run energy.

Although the torches can be lit in any order, it is suggested to start with the north-eastern torch, considering it's the farthest from the chest. Following this, you can efficiently light the torches in under two minutes by moving to the south-eastern torch second, the north-western torch third, and completing the process at the southwest torch. This sequence allows for a swift run to the chest.

Once all four torches are lit, proceed to the center of the dungeon and open the burnt chest to acquire the warm key. In case the key is lost before being used to unlock the gate, it can be obtained again from the chest without having to relight the torches.

Proceed to the eastern part of the dungeon and use the key on the gate to initiate the confrontation with Fareed. Importantly, if you exit the battle before defeating Fareed, acquiring the Warm Key again is unnecessary.

In the fight against Fareed:

  • Melee Attack: Fareed's primary attack is a melee hit that can inflict up to 40 damage (or 36 with ice gloves). Utilize Protect from Melee to completely nullify damage from his melee attack. Players with low Hitpoints and lacking 43 Prayer should avoid being in melee range.
  • Magic Attack: Fareed possesses a Magic attack, but it can only be cast in melee distance. While the usage of this attack is rare, it can deal damage in the 20s. Therefore, Magic defense is recommended in addition to melee protection prayers.
  • Ice Gloves: Without ice gloves, Fareed will continually transfer the player's weapon to their inventory, rendering melee impractical. Considering his high melee defense and the ability to perform magic attacks in melee range, melee is not advised.
  • Magic Attack Style: Magic proves to be the most effective attack style, particularly water spells, as Fareed is notably weak to them. Other spell types, including God spells and the trident of the seas and swamp, will not work against him. Players can cast spells manually from their spellbook to bypass the need for ice gloves.
  • Ranged Attack Style: Range is reasonably effective; ice arrows from the Temple of Ikov quest are accurate. However, as before, ice gloves are required to wield a bow around him.
  • Binding Techniques: Bind, snare, or entangle can be employed to immobilize Fareed. Yet, moving excessively out of range may cause him to despawn. Employing the kiting technique, which involves binding him and retreating, allows players to avoid the necessity of prayer or ice gloves by preventing him from reaching melee distance.
  • Trapping and Safespotting: Fareed can be trapped and safespotted behind another player. The dwarf multicannon is operational in the dungeon.

Upon defeating Fareed, the Smoke diamond will materialize in your inventory. In case of loss, it will reappear in the chamber on the ground as you pass through the gate, and Fareed need not be confronted again.

Shadow Diamond


Damis primarily employs melee and can be conveniently safespotted. However, as this section is extensive, consider the following to ensure efficiency and a triumphant encounter:

  • Speak to Rasolo: Initiate this section by conversing with Rasolo, located just east of the Tourist Information Centre entrance west of the Fishing Guild. Rasolo proposes exchanging a gilded cross for a ring of visibility.
  • Running Considerations: Given the substantial amount of running involved, having stamina or restore potions proves advantageous for this segment.
  • Elemental Weakness Clarification: Despite common belief, Damis does not exhibit particular vulnerability to earth spells.

Proceed west of the Fishing Guild to the Tourist Information Centre entrance. In the vicinity, you'll find Rasolo near a fenced area. Engage in conversation with Rasolo, who offers a ring of visibility in return for a gilded cross.

Equip yourself with food, lockpicks, and antipoison before heading to the Bandit Camp. For ironmen, note that lockpicks and antipoisons can be pickpocketed from the nearby Bandits. Within the southern-most tent at the Bandit Camp, locate a secure chest requiring 53 Thieving to open. Utilize lockpicks until all three locks are bypassed, then search the open chest to obtain the gilded cross and earn 150 Thieving experience.

While this section is straightforward, many players may find it tedious and may require multiple attempts. Failing to open any of the locks resets all previous locks, and the player's lockpick breaks. Each unsuccessful attempt inflicts 2–3 damage and may apply poison to the player if not protected. To replenish supplies, the nearby Tiles offer additional items for 5 coins each, facilitating the accumulation of larger item stacks.

In the event of losing the cross, searching the chest again will yield a new one without the need for re-picking.

Return to Rasolo and exchange the gilded cross for the ring of visibility. Once equipped, a ladder will materialize to the east of Rasolo within the fenced area. Descend the ladder and head east as far as possible, then proceed northward as much as you can. Head east again and venture as far south as possible at the initial fork. Resume eastward travel, take the subsequent northward turn, and then head east to reach Damis' cave. Be cautious, as the area where Damis is encountered is a multi-combat zone populated by giant skeletons and shadow hounds, all using melee attacks. Activating Protect from Melee will nullify all damage from these foes.

Upon reaching Damis' cave, the showdown begins. If Damis does not spawn, players can prompt his appearance by moving around in the final area. It is crucial to keep the ring of visibility equipped throughout the entire encounter for Damis to manifest. Keep these things in mind when fighting Damis.

  • Damis has two forms: the first at level 103 with exclusive melee attacks, and the second at level 174, featuring rapid Prayer point drain during attacks.
  • In the second form, Damis can hit up to 28, draining 5% + 1 of the player's current Prayer points every tick (0.6 seconds), leading to a loss of 16 points every three seconds at 43 Prayer.
  • Prayer drain occurs only when Damis is in melee distance, making safespotting an effective strategy to avoid this mechanic.
  • Protect from Melee mitigates the difficulty, necessitating vigilant monitoring of Prayer points and ample prayer potions to counteract the drain.
  • Magic, particularly water spells, is commonly used for Damis' defeat; any spell, including the trident of the seas, is suitable.
  • Damis is not particularly weak to earth spells.
  • Without Protect from Melee, players face damage from 2-4 giant skeletons and shadow hounds, emphasizing the importance of activating the protection prayer.
  • Safespotting is a recommended strategy to bypass the prayer drain mechanic and simplify the encounter.
  • Leaving after defeating Damis' first form eliminates the need to refight it upon return, allowing players to focus on the second form.
  • Enduring Damis without prayer potions requires melee stats of at least level 65 to 70, a divine super combat potion, and a full inventory of high-healing food (e.g., karambwan).
  • Poisoning Damis can be beneficial in mitigating the encounter's difficulty.
  • Bringing a stamina potion and kiting Damis around the arena can reduce reliance on prayer potions.
  • Casting Snare or Entangle on Damis and reapplying when he moves can prevent him from entering melee proximity.

After defeating Damis, if you teleport out without picking up the diamond, it will linger on the ground for retrieval without the need for another confrontation. Additionally, players might find it advantageous to eliminate a shadow hound in the dungeon to fulfill a task for the Hard Kandarin Diary.

Once his second form has been defeated, you can get the Shadow Diamond on the ground. You're free to teleport outside the dungeon once it's in your inventory. If you teleport out without getting the diamond, just cross the corridor into the multi-combat zone and the diamond will spawn there.

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Blood Diamond


If you're facing Dessous, remember it's a relatively straightforward encounter, but missteps in his location can be time-consuming. Keep these points in mind:

  • You can't prepare the pot in advance; get instructions from Malak first.
  • Save gearing up until after obtaining the silver pot, as you'll need to bless it on Entrana, where combat items are not allowed.
  • If you plan to use the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport and The Hollows boat, bring 10 coins for the ride.

Head to Canifis (fairy ring code cks), and have a chat with Malak in the pub. Let him know you're after a diamond. He agrees to give it to you if you take down Dessous and provides a list of necessary items. Don't forget to ask Malak how to defeat Dessous before heading to Ruantun; otherwise, he won't make the silver pot for you. In Draynor, find garlic in the cupboard upstairs at Morgan's house if needed. Take your silver bar down the trapdoor west of Morgan's house to enter Draynor Sewers. Go east, then north, and talk to Ruantun. Ask him to make you a silver pot.

Take the pot to Entrana (ensure you have no weapons or armor; there's a deposit box at the ship for banking), head to the church, and use the silver pot on the High Priest to get it blessed. Return to Canifis, talk to Malak again, and he'll fill the pot with your blood (causing 5 Hitpoints damage, but it won't kill you). Finally, add garlic powder to the pot along with some spice to prepare for the battle. The High Priest will still bless a silver pot filled with blood, though he might be slightly shocked if the instructions are out of order.


Now, you'll have to fight Dessous. For this fight, keep the following in mind.

  • Dessous is a tier 1 vampyre, and silver weaponry is not required, but it provides a 10% damage bonus.
  • Recommended weapons include Ivandis flail, blisterwood flail, or stab weapons like the dragon sword for melee.
  • Efaritay's aid provides a 10% damage bonus against Dessous.
  • Dessous has low Magic defense, so high max hit spells are effective.
  • Dessous may teleport if prayer is used, and if he teleports more than three times, he'll leave, requiring a new pot to restart the fight.
  • If Dessous's health is fully depleted and the chatbox says he got bored and left, the fight is won.
  • Dessous has two attacks: rapid and accurate melee attack (hits up to 19), and a combination range and magic attack hitting double 5's (totaling to 10).
  • Use protect from melee to reduce the max hit to 10.
  • Maintain health above 16 to avoid stacking damage from double 5's, which may lag.
  • Dessous cannot be safespotted through the fence but can be effectively flinched using it.
  • Ensure the silver pot is correctly prepared if Dessous switches between Magic and Ranged combo attack and melee, with the combo attack hitting a maximum of two 5's.

Ice Diamond

As you approach Kamil, the next boss and arguably the toughest in this quest, it's crucial to understand the various elements involved in the upcoming fight. Take a moment to read through this section thoroughly before proceeding.


For a smoother experience, it's highly recommended to use Protect from Melee during your journey to Kamil. The ice trolls and wolves on the way can deal significant damage. Trolls engage in single combat, while wolves pose a multicombat threat.

Here are some key tips:

  • Restock and restore stats after each step as everything will be heavily drained.
  • During non-combat moments, like when entering the ice cave or hiding behind the boulder after passing wolves, you can stall the cold effect. Activate a prayer you haven't unlocked yet and leave the dialogue box open. This is especially useful for those who need to review a section before proceeding.

Head to Trollheim and take the north-western path to reach the Troll child. If coming from Burthorpe, use Climbing Boots and Spiked Boots to navigate past thrower trolls. Protect from Ranged is advised, or bring food or a fellow player to tank damage. Avoid the path with a boulder; it leads to the God Wars Dungeon.Continue to the Troll child, and as you approach the gate, it will start to snow (note: stat-reducing effects occur once you pass through the Ice Gate).

Speak to the Troll child, use a cake or sweet on him, and speak to him again. He'll reveal his frozen parents up the path. Attempt to enter the Ice Gate; the Troll child will explain why it's frozen. Enter again to squeeze through.

Stats will be drained, run energy reduced to 0, and you'll take 1 damage every few seconds.Special attack energy is drained, so boost it before entering. Use restore potions or super restore potions to recover stats and Prayer points. To kill five ice trolls, Protect from Melee is recommended. Higher-level trolls have lower defensive stats but higher offensive stats. Use Ranged or Magic to safespot, or use a dwarf multicannon with caution.

After killing five trolls, the cave will thaw open, allowing you to proceed to Kamil.

If you forget the number of trolls killed, check progress by examining the cave or counting chatbox messages about ice falling away.It's wise to go back to the bank, restock supplies, and prepare before returning to face Kamil.

pon entering the cave, follow the Ice Path until you encounter Kamil. Beware of multiple ice wolves along the way capable of hitting 16s in multicombat. It's essential to either use Protect from Melee or have an ample supply of food. Alternatively, another account can be employed to tank damage. As you proceed, the path will open up and turn left. Keep walking until you spot a rock, indicating the area where you'll find Kamil. You'll receive a message saying "You can feel an evil presence nearby..." upon entering the area.

Kamil employs two attacks: a potent melee strike that can hit up to 23, and a magic attack similar to Dessous' combination attack, which always inflicts 5 damage. Due to potential lag, these attacks might stack to 10, so it's advisable to maintain your health at 12 or above at all times. Unless blocked by the rock, he consistently freezes you with a spell resembling Ice Barrage, particularly if you're outside of melee range. When frozen, you're immobilized and unable to move or attack for several seconds.

  • Magic Combat: When using Magic, only fire spells can damage Kamil. Due to the temporary skill drain, it's recommended to use a spell significantly below your base Magic level. Fire Bolt, along with chaos gauntlets and a tome of fire, is a good option. Note that Iban Blast will not work against Kamil, as it is not a fire spell. Avoid autocast if using Magic; manually casting spells will be faster and more reliable.
  • Melee Combat: Melee combat is not recommended. Protect from Melee is highly recommended; otherwise, you'll deal very little damage due to constant eating.
  • Ranged Combat:
  • Ranged is not recommended, but if you choose to use it, a fast, strong weapon like the toxic blowpipe will be accurate against Kamil.

Once you've successfully defeated Kamil, your next task is to free the troll parents. Follow the path west, then north, and finally east as it loops around until you reach the edge of an ice ledge surrounded by ice formations. Refer to the world map or the provided map above for guidance on the path.


Equip your spiked boots and use the ice ledge to climb up. You'll find yourself on a long, spiraling ice path that you must follow all the way up to reach the troll parents. Be cautious, as you may slip and take some damage while walking. Using super restores to replenish your Agility level will be helpful in navigating this icy terrain. At the top, pass through the ice gate and continue along the path until you spot two ice blocks containing the troll parents.

Attack the ice blocks, each with 10 Hitpoints. You can either smash or attack them, but with lower stats, accurately dealing damage may be challenging. In such cases, consider using the super restore obtained from defeating Kamil.


If you have 49 Prayer, Redemption can be employed as a last resort to heal with all your remaining Prayer points. This can be crucial for staying alive after running out of food. It will sustain you if you have more prayer potions or super restores.

Once the troll parents are freed, they will escort you back outside the gate and reward you with the ice diamond. If the diamond is lost, talk to the Troll child to receive another. Notably, you won't have to fight Kamil again in this process.

The Ancient Pyramid

Once you have all four diamonds in your inventory, return to Eblis at the six mirrors in the desert. Speak with him, then make your way to the Ancient Pyramid southeast of Eblis, marked as "Jaldraocht Pyramid" on the world map. Place each diamond in its respective obelisk at the corners around the base of the pyramid. Each obelisk's tip and center have a color related to the specific diamond that should be placed there. Once a diamond is placed in the correct obelisk, it cannot be removed; the pillar absorbs the gem.

When all four obelisks are activated, the pyramid will no longer be blocked, and you can enter it from the top.


Note: If you want to keep duplicate diamonds after the quest, drop the duplicates before placing the last diamond into the pyramid's last unpowered obelisk. This allows you to complete the quest safely without the diamonds being automatically removed from your inventory or bank.

Inside the pyramid, desert heat is not a concern, but most of the interior is dangerous. Level 92 scarab swarms occasionally erupt from the floor, while level 103 and 96 mummies roam and spontaneously emerge from sarcophagi. All monsters use Melee attacks, though scarab swarms can poison.

Every time a scarab swarm appears or a mummy pops out, you will stop moving and be unable to move until the animation finishes. You can avoid a scarab swarm by ensuring it is behind a mummy. Randomly activated traps may send you back to the entrance, but no damage is done. Bring weight-reducing clothing and plenty of super energy potions or stamina potions to maintain or restore run energy quickly. If caught by a trap, you'll be taken outside to the south side of the pyramid with no damage done. Avoid clicking directly to the ladder; keep clicking toward your goal to reduce the chances of getting caught by traps. Using a strange fruit is useful inside the pyramid, recovering 30% run energy and curing any poison obtained. There are a few levels in the pyramid so here's an overview of what to do.

  • Outside Area - Enter the pyramid at the top. Don't bother with the southern entrance as this can only be used after finishing the quest.
  • Level 1 - Head to the entrance ladder to the level 2 ladder while facing mummies along the way.
  • Level 2 - The second smalled in the area and it has more mummies than level 1. There are also a few traps here.
  • Level 3 - Larger and more mummies in this level. There's also more traps so be careful.
  • Level 4 - The largest out of all the levels and there's even more mummies roaming about. The altar room is separated by a door.

Finishing Desert Treasure I

In the altar room, there's a possibility for a scarab swarm to spawn, but only if it was in the process of spawning as you entered the room. In such a case, trap it between the door and an obstacle located just in front of the door. Proceed to speak to Azzanadra or spawn him using the altar. Azzanadra seems disoriented, having lost track of time and still believing that the God Wars are ongoing. He shares insights about ancient, unknown civilizations like Paddewwa, Lassar, and Annakarl. A surprising revelation for him is the absence of Zaros's presence in his mind.


After the conversation, Azzanadra comes to terms with the current reality and rewards you, the adventurer, with the Ancient Magicks of Zaros for your efforts.

Congratulations, the quest is complete!

Upon completing the quest, you will be automatically switched to the Ancient Magicks spellbook. If you prefer the standard spellbook, make sure to switch back by praying at the altar before leaving. You can return to the pyramid at any time through the back entrance to swap between the two spellbooks.

Desert Treasure I Rewards

  • 3 Quest points
  • Magic 20,006.9 XP
  • The ability to use Ancient Magicks
  • Ring of visibility: If you ever lose it, you can obtain another one from Rasolo.
  • Access to the Curse of the Empty Lord miniquest (only requires the ring of visibility)
  • Access to ancient staff: Access to the Smoke Dungeon, which can be used for various Slayer tasks.
  • Ability to talk to Eblis to obtain an ancient signet
  • Dessous, Damis, Fareed, and Kamil accessible in the Nightmare Zone.

It's Not Over Yet

You're halfway through the Desert Treasure questline in OSRS. Before proceeding with the next part of the story, you might want to start leveling your combat skills first as there are going to be tougher fights in Desert Treasure II.

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