OSRS Desert Treasure 2 Guide

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OSRS Desert Treasure 2 Guide

Desert Treasure I might've been long and complicated but it's nothing compared to Desert Treasure II. If you're ready for the next chapter in this quest line, here's a walkthrough to help you out.

Desert Treasure II Preparation

Let's start with what you need to prepare.


  • Firemaking 75 Firemaking (not boostable)
  • Magic 75 Magic (not boostable)
  • Thieving 70 Thieving (not boostable)
  • Herblore 62 Herblore (not boostable)
  • Runecraft 60 Runecraft (not boostable)
  • Construction 60 Construction (not boostable)
  • Completion of the following quests:
    • Desert Treasure I
    • Secrets of the North
    • Enakhra's Lament
    • Temple of the Eye
    • The Garden of Death
    • Below Ice Mountain
    • His Faithful Servants


  • Be on the Ancient Magicks spellbook
  • Runes to cast Blood Burst, Ice Burst, Smoke Burst, Shadow Burst
  • Ring of visibility
  • Tinderbox (can be obtained during quest)
  • Pestle and mortar (can be obtained during quest)
  • Pickaxe (can be obtained during quest)

Not Required But Highly Recommended

  • Combat level 100 Combat level
  • Digsite teleport
  • Desert heat protection
  • Desert amulet 4 or Nardah teleport
  • Xeric's talisman or access to it in POH
  • Stamina potions

Desert Treasure II Walkthrough

Starting Off

To reach the Ancient Vault just northeast of Nardah, use fairy rings (code dlq) and run southeast, or employ a Nardah teleport scroll or the desert amulet 3, then run northeast. Ensure you are on the Ancient Magicks spellbook to open the vault. Upon entering, you'll find a room with four statues, and Asgarnia Smith will follow you inside, proposing another partnership after finding no treasure in your previous adventure together.

Speak to Asgarnia, then inspect the four statues and the plaque on the far wall. Note the names: Vardorvis, Perseriya, Duke Sucellus, and the Whisperer. Speak to Asgarnia again, and he'll suggest talking to Terry Balando for a possible lead.

Head to the Exam Centre (use Senntisten Teleport or a Digsite teleport) and speak with Terry Balando. He recommends talking to Dr Banikan, a self-proclaimed Zarosian expert, at his new dig on the eastern edge of the Digsite.

Use the winch at the easternmost part of the Digsite, reachable with the Digsite teleport or Digsite pendant. Operate the winch to descend into the dig, where you'll find Dr Banikan. Inform him about the Ancient Vault and the four names you saw inside. He believes they may be mentioned in a key military installation below, a remnant of the Zarosian Empire. He asks you to mine rocks nearby to clear the way down. If you need a pickaxe, find one in the crate northeast of the dig.

Prepare for combat in the next section.


The Ancient Guardian

Climbing down leads to an instanced area where you face the Ancient Guardian. The guardian has 200 health; deplete its shield health first, then its regular health. Melee attacks are recommended, as the shield health regenerates if not using melee.

The guardian uses only melee attacks, negatable with Protect from Melee. Every five attacks, debris falls from the ceiling, dealing 15-25 damage if not avoided. Move away from the looming shadow to dodge.


It's impossible to drain the guardian's shield without gaining Hitpoints experience. Any melee style works. For non-melee users, high-damage magic or ranged attacks in melee distance are possible.

Military Secrets

After defeating the Ancient Guardian, Dr Banikan joins you. Inspect the golem machine; it needs eight cells to power up. Search crates for eight uncharged cells. West is an altar surrounded by four totems. Cast burst spells on totems to activate them, use cells on the altar to get charged cells, and solve a puzzle to power up the golem.

Search for the names from the Ancient Vault: "Vardorvis," "Perseriya," "Sucellus," and "Whisperer." After searching, Dr Banikan uses the golem to search for the Frostenhorn. He leaves, and you ask the golem to repeat the last search.


Testing Your Medal

Retrieve the medallions of the Forgotten Four in any order. They can't be deposited in a bank and should be returned to the Ancient Vault.

Returning the first medallion triggers an encounter with the Mysterious Figure, who demands the medallion for her mistress' goal. Refuse, and she warns you before leaving.


Subsequent acquisitions may lead to her ambushing you, using all three attack styles. She can run, cast Tele Block, use blood spells to heal, and ice spells to freeze. Keep spare food and an emergency teleport. She may also disguise herself as the sandwich lady.

Avoid talking to her if you hold a medallion to avoid combat. Teleporting or entering separate areas can avoid her. Defeating her won't prevent future appearances. She may spawn multiple times, even in a player-owned house, but entering building mode can prevent interference.

Carnifex Maximus Vardovis


To proceed with this section, access the Kebos Lowlands, utilizing fairy rings, the Xeric's Honour teleport from Xeric's talisman, or the Quidamortem station of the Lovakengj Minecart Network. Having unlocked all routes from the Mountain Guide is also beneficial.

Exit the military installation and talk to Elissa just northeast of the digsite. Mention your interest in Vardorvis and her recent visit to Lovakengj. She suggests exploring the Burning Man monument in Lovakengj for potential leads.

Visit the Burning Man Monument

Head to Lovakengj's western side, reaching the Burning Man monument. Teleport to Xeric's Inferno with Xeric's talisman, then run southwest. Talk to Barus, a Lovakengj historian, who shares the history of the Burning Man. He mentions The Stranglewood, a cursed place between Kebos Lowlands and Varlamore, and informs you about a missing botanist near Hosidius Estate.


Locate the Botanist's House

Teleport to Xeric's Glade or use Kharedst's memoirs to reach Hosidius. Go to the northeast end to find the Estate Agent's building, and adjacent to it, the botanist's house. Search the desk inside for a strange potion and potion note. Read the note to learn about the potion and find the location of a rowboat to The Stranglewood, south of Mount Quidamortem.

Reach The Stranglewood

Use fairy rings (code bls) to teleport to the base of the mountain and head west towards the rowboat. Alternatively, use Xeric's Honour teleport, resupply at the Mount Quidamortem bank, then speak to the Mountain Guide to reach the crossroads east of the rowboat. Drink the strange potion and board the rowboat to travel to The Stranglewood.

Freaky Forest

Navigate The Stranglewood, avoiding Strangled enemies that immobilize and damage you. A health bar shows infection level; if it reaches 100%, you respawn. Search stone chests for tatty pages, expanding quest lore. Follow the path south to a fork, then west to a cutscene with a horde of Strangled. Seek safety in a barricaded building, meeting Kasonde Shaw.


Protecting Kasonde

Defend Kasonde for three minutes from Strangled waves. Open six stone chests, lock-picking four for barricades and satchels. Detonate explosives remotely to kill groups, and use barricades for temporary defense. After three minutes, any remaining Strangled die.


The Stranglehold

Talk to Kasonde, who reveals Old Ones and The Strangler's origin. Kasonde explains that certain plants are immune to infection, proposing a serum using these plants. Take stink bombs from a stone chest. Gather ingredients: korbal herb northwest of the temple and argian berries near the south-western camp. Return to the temple, kill Strangled attacking Kasonde, and talk to him. He gives an unfinished serum; add korbal herb and argian berries to create the Strangler serum. Drink it for permanent immunity to The Strangler's infection.


Fighting Vardovis


Head to the snowy square west of the temple, known as the "Ritual Site" on the map. For your first visit, run south, west to the bridge, south again, west across another bridge, and finally north over a final bridge until you reach the ritual site.

After the initial entry, utilize a shortcut by going down the entry in the northwest area, close to where the korbal herbs were found. Then, run west to reach the ritual site quickly. Ensure you are adequately geared and prepared for combat before entering the ritual site.

When fighting Vardovis, keep these things in mind.

Attack nameDescriptionPriority
Swinging axesVardovis will be joined by two or three axes. Look for a safespot to avoid the attack. Getting hit by the axes causes the Bleed effect which will drain your life consistently.High
Homing spikesHe will slam the ground and summon spikes underneath you. Move to avoid taking damage. You can stand between the two northern pillars to avoid this.High
Head projectileHis head will appear from the ground and start shooting green projectiles. Use Protect from Missiles to stop this attack.Highest
Virus cellsYou'll see numerous red tendrils and red spores at the center of the screen. Take care of these by clicking on all of the sports to mitigate damage.Highest

Combat Strategy

  • Equip high-slash weapons like the abyssal whip or Osmumten's fang.
  • Utilize Protect from Melee prayer to reduce Vardorvis's regular melee attacks.
  • Be cautious of the unique mechanic where Vardorvis's Defence decreases and Strength increases as his health lowers.
  • Anticipate and use Freedom of Movement to counter root attacks and life drains.
  • Move strategically to avoid area-of-effect attacks.
  • Prioritize defeating Strangled minions when Vardorvis summons them.

Once Vardorvis is defeated, gather his medallion.

Note: The Mysterious Figure may appear after obtaining the medallion. Be prepared for a potential ambush and use defensive abilities or teleport away if needed.

Return to the Ancient Vault with the obtained medallion to proceed with the quest.

Killing Kasonde

Present the temple key to Kasonde, who reveals that he has discovered something beyond the doors. However, he urgently needs medical equipment from Kourend to address his condition. Unfortunately, already infected by The Strangler, you consider it too risky to potentially spread the infection. Consequently, Kasonde has no alternative but to fight his way out.


This initiates a battle where Kasonde attacks with precise melee and ranged strikes, occasionally healing during the confrontation. To defeat him, you must outpace his healing. Additionally, Kasonde employs two special attacks:

  • Potions: Periodically, Kasonde hurls potions at your location. Steer clear of the targeted area to avoid taking 35+ damage. If successfully avoided, spilled contents prevent standing in that spot again. The special attack of the Zamorakian hasta or Dragon spear can clear all liquid spills, although it's uncertain if this is intentional.
    • Green Potions: Induce venom, necessitating an anti-venom. The serpentine helm proves beneficial due to its high defensive bonuses and venom damage block.
    • Orange Potions: Inflict 10-20 Hitpoints damage and disable protection Prayers. Running over orange splats triggers them.
  • Explosion: A charged attack that can be evaded by obstructing his line of sight with one of the room's pillars.

The optimal strategy involves attacking Kasonde from a distance while maneuvering around the room to prevent him from closing in. A crossbow with diamond bolts (e) or the bow of Faerdhinen paired with crystal armor are effective choices. Magic appears ineffective in this encounter. Maintain Protect from Missiles throughout the fight and ensure you stay out of melee range.

Notes for Pures: Considering the combat limitations of pure accounts, it is crucial to leverage your ranged abilities effectively. Prioritize defensive gear, utilize movement to your advantage, and be strategic in countering Kasonde's special attacks to emerge victorious in the battle.

Praefectus Classis Perseriya

Head to the Temple of the Eye, easily accessible through the amulet of the eye teleport, the minigame grouping teleport, or the portal in the Wizard's Tower basement (fairy ring code dis).

Amidst Chaos in The Scar, speak with the Catalytic Guardian near the portal. The guardian informs you that The Great Guardian has detected a magical signal of unknown origin emanating from the rift. Despite reservations, you express your intention to be transported to The Scar, utilizing the magical signal as a guide to reach its approximate source.

Upon entering The Scar, a battleground unfolds with demons and abyssal creatures engaged in fierce combat. Eliminate all adversaries, then traverse the stepping stones.

Note: If you exit The Scar after defeating the monsters and return later, there's no need to defeat them again.

After crossing the stones, head east to the rowboat, intending to board it. However, your plans are interrupted by none other than Wizard Persten, who has not only survived her entry into The Scar but also orchestrated the magical signal. She discloses her mission to reach an old ship in the hope that it contains something crucial. Interestingly, this aligns with your quest to find Perseriya's ship, realizing it's the same vessel Wizard Persten seeks.


To overcome the sea creature obstructing their path, Wizard Persten proposes a unique plan: to set fire to what remains of Perseriya's fleet and use the resulting smoke to repel the creature. You're tasked with entering three nearby tunnels, setting the ships ablaze, and contributing to the strategy.

Enter the first open passage and navigate through maze puzzles. After completing a puzzle, you can safely exit The Scar to replenish supplies. The passages players encounter may vary, but all three must be completed before accessing Perseriya's ship.

Scarred scraps found in chests throughout the mazes restore 20% run energy, 15 Hitpoints, and 25% of Prayer points. Different combat styles of scarred lesser demons in each passage necessitate focusing on specific protection Prayers.

Note: Subsequent passages mandate a slayer helmet or facemask to prevent periodic choking and 10 damage. The final passage, even with a facemask, inflicts damage, albeit reduced if the mask is worn.

Stopping The Chaos In The Scar


Upon entering the north passage, players find themselves in the south-east of the first level, near the Dungeon icon.png on the minimap. In this area, a gooey note and slimy tablet are discoverable, marked on the map to the right.

The Axon Terminal

The first room encountered is the Axon Terminal. Players must strategically hit abyssal axons toward their corresponding terminals, whether diagonally or directly. Lightning strikes pose a threat in this room, dealing approximately 15 damage. Players can easily evade the strikes by moving away from the shadows that appear on the ground. If a monster becomes stuck, players can use the "reset" option to eliminate and respawn it in its original position. This part of the quest will be lengthy and time-consuming so we'll detail it as much as we can.


Broken Nerve Endings

In this room, players must submerge themselves to break nerve endings scattered around the area and then combine them with the appropriate nerve endings in the center. The nerve endings quickly respond after being broken. Limited air is available, necessitating the use of air bubbles to replenish oxygen. Diving equipment proves ineffective in this environment.

Players need to acquire a total of 3 fire nerves, 2 air nerves, 2 earth nerves, and 1 water nerve and combine them as follows:

  • Dust = Air and Earth
  • Lava = Earth and Fire
  • Smoke = Fire and Air
  • Steam = Water and Fire

Summoning Circle


Accessed from the southern-most neural teleporter, this room requires players to eliminate scarred imps providing protection Prayers to the lesser demons in the center. The lesser demons can summon scarred lesser demons and scarred hellhounds, both capable of bypassing protection Prayers. Focus on the imps and their spawns; once all the scarred imps and lesser demons are defeated, any summoned demons are also eradicated.

After successfully completing all three rooms, this level of The Scar becomes fully disturbed, granting access to the passage containing the shipwreck. Search for the following:

  • Tinderbox - Crate in southwest corner
  • Gunpowder - Skeleton near crate
  • Slimy Key - Skeleton in southeast corner
  • Old Tablet - Chest in front of ship.

Upon entering the eastern passage, players find themselves in the middle of the second level, near the Dungeon icon.png on the minimap. In this area, a gooey note and slimy tablet are discoverable, marked on the map to the right.

Abyssal Stem

In this room, players must dive in and touch the abyssal stem, observing the order in which abyssal growths glow, and then touching them in the same sequence. Diving equipment is ineffective for maintaining oxygen levels; instead, players must rely on air bubbles in the room to replenish their oxygen.

Brain Pillar


Adjacent to portal B, this room requires players to defend the abyssal antibodies from scarred hellhounds and scarred lesser demons until the brain pillar is fully healed. The attackers exclusively target the antibodies; players should ignore Prayer and Defense, focusing solely on swiftly eliminating waves of scarred monsters.

Unlit Veins

Accessed through the blue neural teleporter (accessible via the Brain Pillar room, labeled as B on the map), players must then run east to the green neural teleporter (labeled as A), use it, and run north to reach the Unit Veins room.


In the Unlit Veins room, players must acquire four illuminating lures from light leeches (be prepared for potential Melee attacks, consider praying Protect from Melee). Subsequently, light all four damaged growths. Once the room is illuminated, Crimson and Radiant Veins appear. To repair them, players must use crimson and radiant fiber on the veins, obtained from killing crimson and radiant sanguisphera. These creatures utilize highly accurate blood spells for self-healing, so use Protect from Magic to dispatch them quickly. Players need to defeat three of each.

Successfully completing all three rooms fully disturbs this level of The Scar, granting access to the passage containing the shipwreck.

  • Tinderbox - Crate in northeast corner.
  • Gunpowder - Skeleton in southeast corner.
  • Slimy key - Skeleton in the northwest corner
  • Damp tablet - Chest in south end of the room.

Middle Passage

All monsters here will attack with ranged. Entering this passage will bring you to the northwest part of the third level. You can find a gooey note and slimy tablet to the right.

Abyssal Tether


In this area, your goal is to reach the Abyssal Tether located at the end of the maze. The challenge is to navigate through the maze while staying on the 3x3 platform of dots surrounding a pathbreaker. You must move the cerebral orbs while remaining adjacent to the moving orb until it reaches the next platform, allowing you to progress without stepping off the grids surrounding the pathbreakers. Stepping off the platforms will result in electrocution, dealing 5-10 damage, and sending you back to the beginning of the maze.

Follow these steps to successfully navigate through the maze:

  • Cerebral pathfinder (green): Push from the North, Move to the South
  • Cerebral pathfinder (green): Push from the West, Move to the East
  • Cerebral pathfinder (green): Push from the North, Move to the South
  • Cerebral pathbreaker (red): Push from the West, Move to the West
  • Cerebral pathbreaker (red): Push from the East, Move to the East
  • Cerebral pathbreaker (red): Push from the South, Move to the South

Ensure that your run is turned off for this section and carefully follow the specified movements to progress through the maze without encountering any electrical damage.


This next room is the Catalyst which can be accessed quickly using the green neural teleporter in the north east corner. You need to break the nerve endings in the area. You'll then have to use them on the catalyst along with the matching rune symbol to disrupt it.


To do this, you'll need to combine elemental nerves based on the symbol that's displayed on the catalyst.

Nerve endingRequired nervesElemental nerves from scratch
Smoke nerveFire and AirFire x1, Air x1
Blood nerveMind and WaterMind x1, Water x1
Nature nerveWater and EarthWater x1, Earth x1
Cosmic nerveSoul and NatureMind x2, Water x1, Earth x1
Astral nerveCosmic and EarthMind x2, Water x1, Earth x2
Wrath nerveSmoke and BloodFire x1, Air x1, Mind x1, Water x1

Damaged Growth


This chamber is swiftly accessible by employing the blue neural teleporter in the western corner, followed by a southward run. Within this space, your objective is to acquire four illuminating lures from the light leeches, all while fending off their attacks by using Protect from Melee. Once you've successfully lit all four damaged growths, the central area of the room will illuminate, revealing runic energies. Your task is to touch these energies in the correct order. As you receive the sequence, revisit each energy to confirm the order. For example, if one turns white initially, and another turns white subsequently, the first one must remain white to progress to the next color. (For clarification: If you initially get Law Energy turning white, it must stay white; if attempting Earth Energy next doesn't turn it white, return to Law Energy before proceeding.)

Upon completion of all three rooms, this tier of The Scar will be thoroughly disturbed, granting access to the passageway leading to the shipwreck. Search for the following:

  • Tinderbox - Create in southeast corner
  • Gunpowder - Skeleton in the southwest corner
  • Slimy key - Skeleton in the northwest corner
  • Damp tablet= Chest between ship wreckage

Fighting The Leviathan

Once you've successfully burnt all three ships, you will be ejected back to Persten's location. Depart from The Scar and get ready to confront The Leviathan. Upon being prepared, return to the rowboat in The Scar and opt for travel. When ready, ascend the rocks using the handholds in the landing area. Utilize ranged attacks for optimal effectiveness, and bring shadow spells to stun the Leviathan. Notably, its standard attacks won't register until the animation contacts your character, so standing farther away provides more reaction time.


Orb Attacks

osrs_desert_treasure_2_guide_23 osrs_desert_treasure_2_guide_24 osrs_desert_treasure_2_guide_25
  • Blue (Leviathan magic attack): Pray Protect from Magic
  • Green (Leviathan ranged attack): Pray Protect from Missiles
  • Orange (Leviathan melee orb): Pray Protect from Melee
  • Rocks (Leviathan boulder): None; run away from shadows

Using shadow spells will stun the boss until the enrage phase, allowing for additional damage from the back. Be cautious, as this triggers a special attack:

Special Attacks

  • Lightning barrage: A zone of electricity surrounds the boss. Run in a circle to stay ahead Stand as close to the boss as possible during this.
  • Boulder rain: 10 boulders fall around the player, taking two ticks to land. Move away from tiles with shadows. Immediately after boulder rain, a smoke blast is launched. Hide behind any launched boulders. Regular boulders won't block the attack.
  • Smoke blast: Occurs right after boulder rain. A blast of smoke is launched Hide behind any of the boulders from the last attack.

At 20% health, the Leviathan enters an enrage phase; during this, shadow spells no longer stun it. A moving abyssal pathfinder spawns in a corner of the arena. Stand on or near it to avoid taking significant chip damage. If you have sufficient food, ignoring this mechanic may be possible.

After defeating the Leviathan, descend the handholds to the north-east and cross the stepping stone to reach Perseriya's ship. Upon arrival, Wizard Persten rows out to join you. It's revealed that Imperium, the artifact mentioned in the damp and old tablets, was found in Perseriya's private cabin by a crew member, despite the tablets claiming its "safe delivery to the east."

Once Persten leaves, search the nearby debris to retrieve Perseriya's medallion. Transport it to the Ancient Vault and place it on her statue in the south-east corner.

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Duke Sucellus of the Sixth Legion

The Assassin suggests that you locate the key to the cell containing your belongings while he explores a way to reach the asylum. Armed with the lockpick he handed you, it's time for you to navigate through the prison and retrieve your items.

Start by heading to the south-western section of the prison, where you'll find a room with a locked door. Use the lockpick on the door, and once inside, search the desk to discover a key. This key unlocks the door to your belongings.

Now, return to the cell area and locate the cell with a door that requires a key to open. Use the key on the door, and you'll be reunited with your equipment.

Before proceeding to the asylum, take a moment to gear up and prepare for potential challenges that lie ahead. Once ready, make your way to the asylum, continuing your quest for answers and solutions.


Sapphire Key:

Inside the prison, you'll come across ration crates, akin to scarred scraps in The Scar. These crates restock over time, providing a convenient way to replenish supplies.

Upon logging out, you'll return to the prison entrance, but unlocked doors won't need to be picked again.

Begin your search for keys at point Y, where the Assassin left you. Head to point L, using a lockpicking interface with six tumblers to unlock it. Proceed south, looping to the east entrance of the refugee camp.

Open the southern gate and find an altar room. Search for a warning letter, hinting at the passcode for the chest in the south-east corner. The room features candle stands with varying symbols. For example, if the north-east stand has two candles and the flag has one stroke, the first digit is 2. Following this pattern, the passcode is 214013, granting you the sapphire key. Logging out returns you to this room.

Emerald Key:

Return to the main block, opening the sapphire gate to the north. Reach the Administration room, the north-westernmost part of the prison, containing a grid of chests. A requisition note and grid note in the crate reveal the chest locations. With correct orientation, the chest with vials is in the first row and third column. The passcode is LIES, providing the emerald key.

Ruby Key:

Jhallan pursues you after leaving the room. Run down the eastern passage, unblock a crevice, enter the next room, and locate a room with seven beds. Search the crate for a code converter and magic lantern. Attempt to open seven chests next to the beds, revealing names. Using the magic lantern and a coded route, deciphering AGVMNBP spells the initials of the names. The passcode for the chest is UP RIGHT LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP, granting the ruby key.

Diamond Key:

Open the ruby gates in the main block, reaching the cell with a locked chest. Search the bed for a library note and strange slider, directing you to look for books by Duke Quirinius. In the library, find books Innocence, Longing, and Harmonious. Use the strange slider and library note, uncovering the passcode WRATH, providing the diamond key.

Distracting Jhallan

Return to the main block and converse with the Assassin on the west side. Prior to unlocking the diamond gate, demand explanations from him. He complies, revealing that he was paid to search for the Frostenhorn, the artifact Dr. Banikan sought on the golem machine in the military installation. Additionally, he confesses to framing the Hazeel Cult for the Carnillean Mansion break-in and, if not resurrected during the Hazeel Cult quest, resurrecting Hazeel for credibility. Satisfied, proceed to open the chest in the cell to reclaim your items.


The Assassin informs you that he found a way into the asylum during your absence but needs to deal with Jhallan first. He tasks you with lighting firecrackers in the refugee camp to attract Jhallan's attention. Locate the pack near the center pillar, light it (no open inventory spaces required), and survive for about three minutes until the Assassin arrives. Employ Protect from Magic and maneuver around the center pillar to avoid Jhallan's attacks. Occasionally, you may be teleported and frozen, requiring rapid clicks to escape. Shadow clones of Jhallan also appear but can be avoided by hiding behind the pillar. Survive without engaging them, or eliminate them if preferred.

After three minutes, a cutscene ensues, freezing Jhallan with Ice Barrage. The Assassin arrives, signaling the open asylum entrance. If unprepared, leave to gather combat equipment and supplies, anticipating a confrontation with Duke Sucellus.

Duking it Out

Equip a pickaxe and pestle and mortar for the upcoming battle. Obtain your own or use the iron pickaxe and pestle and mortar from the walls near the stairs. Enter the chamber and locate the extremities along both staircases, opening their eyes sequentially. Run past during the brief rest period. Dodge stunning energy attacks on the floor, marked by shadows. Collect at least 80 Herblore, then pick two arder and two musca mushrooms (or three of each if Herblore is below 80). Use the pestle and mortar on the mushrooms to create powders.

Mine salt deposits on the arena sides for 12 salax salt. Fill the fermentation vats with ingredients and empty them to obtain arder-musca poisons. This can be done in any order. When prepared, apply both poisons to Duke Sucellus to initiate the fight. Alternatively, grind the mushrooms and feed them to Sucellus, dealing 5 damage per powder.


Duke Sucellus employs various formidable attacks, each posing a significant threat:

  • 1. Magic Orb - When out of melee range, Sucellus launches a blue orb. Protect from Magic mitigates damage, but players are advised to melee him, pray against melee, and absorb magic hits if necessary.
  • 2. Slam - In melee range, Sucellus slams the floor, creating ice spikes on adjacent tiles. Spikes can deal up to 12 damage, and Sucellus' melee attacks may exceed 30 damage. Protect from Melee is recommended.
  • 3. Acid Gas - Sucellus projects a projectile toward a vent (two later), emitting gas that rapidly damages players. Upon gas emergence, swiftly run to the pillar opposite Sucellus, avoiding tiles directly adjacent to him.
  • 4. Freezing Gaze - Every 6 attacks, Sucellus opens his eye, unleashing a freezing gaze. Players must promptly seek cover behind the nearest pillar.

To defeat Sucellus effectively, favor melee attacks, specifically slash attacks, as he is susceptible to them. While he is a demon, demonbane weapons are only 70% effective. Osmumten's fang or scythe of vitur are preferable. Bring a defense-draining weapon if available due to Sucellus' high Defense.

As accuracy is less crucial, prioritize Strength-boosting gear for increased damage per second. Choose the strongest melee style and position behind one of the two pillars closest to Sucellus. After Sucellus executes his slam attack, strike once, swiftly retreat behind the pillar before the icicles shatter, effectively "flinching" him. Although initial chip damage occurs, high-healing food like Karambwan makes the fight manageable, even with mid-level melee stats. Upon reaching 25% health, Sucellus enters an "enraged" state, attacking one tick faster.

The Whisperer

Navigate to the Ruins of Camdozaal. Upon entering, engage in conversation with Ramarno at the Sacred Forge to the north. If you haven't spoken to him before, he may be at the entrance. Inquire about other archaeologists, and he'll direct you to the bank chest southeast from him, where Prescott, the head archaeologist, is located. Prescott reveals discovering non-dwarven artifacts, including a peculiar icon. He mentions avoiding a large sinkhole due to strange voices. Your bravery earns you a very long rope from him.

Proceed west of Ramarno, then north into the Camdozaal Mines until you find the sinkhole. Use the "attach-rope" option on the rock to climb down into the Lassar Undercity.

Ruin Scape


In the undercity, look for teleportation icons on the map for easy navigation. Activate them upon passing. Also, find Strange Pools to restore run energy.

Head to the Science District in the southwest. In the northwestern building with two Water source icons, obtain the shadow blocker schematic and green shadow key. Retrieve the purple shadow key from the building south of the first. Move northeast to the Residential District, then south to the Sunken Cathedral. You'll faint and reappear in Ketla's house. She explains your blackout and the need to break the totem linking the real world and the Shadow Realm.

Show Ketla your ring of visibility, and she'll give you the blackstone fragment, allowing entry into the Shadow Realm. Hand her the shadow blocker schematic, and she crafts a shadow blocker for you.

Seeing Shadows

Search for schematics and shadow keys by entering the Shadow Realm with the blackstone fragment. Manage your sanity; if it depletes, return to the real world. Avoid touching optional white remnants, as some trigger shadow keepers.

  1. Obtain basic shadow torch schematic in the Science District.
  2. Retrieve revitalizing idol schematic in the Residential District.
  3. Acquire superior shadow torch schematic in the Eastern Residential District.
  4. Secure anima portal schematic using the blackstone fragment.
  5. Collect perfected shadow torch schematic at the Palace.

The Silent Choir

Return to the real world and give schematics to Ketla. She identifies a fake schematic marked by the Silent Choir's black hand. Ketla enters a trance; snap her out of it. She tasks you with finding the Silent Choir's church in the city.

Enter the Shadow Realm from the Residential District and touch the remnant in the building where you obtained the superior shadow torch schematic. Discover the church's location in the cistern below. Collect the shadow key from a southwestern building to assemble the strange icon.

Wiping Out the Whisperer

Enter the drain in the Residential District with the icon, descend the ladder, and inspect the ancient pillar. Experience hallucinations, and with Ketla's help, return to reality. Collect the perfected shadow torch from Ketla's workbench.


Burn tentacles blocking the Sunken Cathedral from the Shadow Realm. Return to the Ruins of Camdozaal to resupply. Prepare for the upcoming fight against The Whisperer. Bring the blackstone fragment, magic combat gear, and ice spell runes.

The Whisperer has two main attacks: magic and ranged volleys. After each set, homing tentacles target your initial location. So after three attacks move away from the tile you are standing on to not get hit. Getting hit will reduce your precious sanity which will make you fail the boss in its enrage phase.

There are also 4 different phases to this attack:

  1. First phase only one combat style is used so you don't have to worry about switching prayers.
  2. Second phase Both styles are used so you will have to change prayers.
  3. On phase three both styles are used with an attack in one style sandwiched between two attacks in another style.(magic range magic or range magic range)
  4. Attacks switch every 2 attacks on this phase.

Adapt to the four phases of attack patterns. Watch for special attacks from the Shadow Realm; use the blackstone fragment when it glows yellow. There 3 different shadow realm attacks and one additional attack:

  1. Soul siphon: Twelve souls will appear, immediately zoom out and locate the ones chanting “Vita!” and kill them. If not done you will take massive damage and the boss will heal.
  2. Corrupted seeds: You will see some orbs on the ground step on the ones that are light green.
  3. Screech: There will be pillars with different health bars. Stand behind the pillars that have the lowest health and when it breaks move on to the next one. Do this until all pillars are destroyed.
  4. Binding blow: After each of these attacks you will be frozen in place and the Whisperer will try to melee you which is quite hard hitting and accurate. To avoid this simply freeze her.

After defeating The Whisperer, search her entrails for the medallion. Prepare for the next fight in the Ancient Vault.

The Desert Treasure

You're just about nearing the end of this legendary quest.


Upon attempting to return the last medallion, the Mysterious Figure knocks you unconscious, and you wake up in an underground temple. Use a hair clip from the bed to pick the lock and retrieve your items from the chest, excluding the medallion. Inspect the altar, and the Mysterious Figure appears. You must defeat her for the last medallion.


The Mysterious Figure retains her previous form and attacks with all three styles, dealing up to 20 damage each. Every three hits, she prays against your current attack style. Every ten attacks, she stuns you, launching a large purple orb afterward. To avoid the orb, spam-click away as the stun wears off. Pray Protect from Magic and use Ranged and Melee attacks while praying against magic for optimal offense and defense.

After defeating her, prepare for the final battle.

Disputes of the Mahjarrat

Return to the Ancient Vault. A cutscene ensues, with you and Asgarnia Smith arguing over the treasure. Asgarnia Smith reveals himself to be Sliske and claims the Elder Horn. Dr. Banikan, revealed to be Azzanadra, explains the horn's power. Hazeel, Enakhra, and Akthanakos appear, revealing the Frostenhorn's destruction.


Sliske planned to take the Elder Horn and assumed various identities, including Mia Persten, Kasonde Shaw, and others. He aims to use the horn to break the Mahjarrat's ritual cycle. Enakhra and Akthanatos argue, and Sliske summons the Barrows brothers. A fifth Mahjarrat is sensed in the vault, suspected to be Khazard. Enakhra realizes Asgarnia Smith is Sliske, and a fight ensues.

You confront Sliske and face four wights representing individuals Sliske impersonated. Fight each wight one at a time: The Forsaken Assassin, Ketla the Unworthy, Kasonde the Craven, and Persten the Deceitful.

  1. The Forsaken Assassin:
  • Lure him into white smoke clouds to deal damage.
  • Avoid pink smoke to prevent healing.
  • Dodge thrown bottles of poison and pray Protect from Ranged for auto-attacks.

The Forsaken Assassin alternates between ranged and melee attacks unpredictably, with a tendency to favor ranged attacks. As seen in the Secrets of the North fight, conventional combat methods won't harm him. To inflict damage, lure him into the white smoke clouds he disperses across the room. If he stands in pink smoke, he regains about 25 Hitpoints, and standing within it causes approximately 10 damage per tick to you.


The Assassin hurls poison-filled bottles onto your current tile, a move signaled by a throwing animation. He releases either two or three consecutively. To evade them, step away from the tile, marked by a shadow that appears after the bottle-throwing animation starts. These bottles cause substantial damage and inflict poison, so prioritize avoiding them over dealing additional damage.

After throwing the third bottle, the Assassin consistently follows up with an auto-attack. It's crucial to pray Protect from Ranged and maintain a topped-off prayer to mitigate this damage.

  1. Ketla the Unworthy:
  • Pray Protect from Ranged.
  • Ketla summons clones; leave at least two alive to absorb charged shots.
  • Move behind clones to avoid charged shots.

Ketla the Unworthy only uses ranged attacks, but she will periodically summon four or five clones of herself to attack alongside her. She follows a simple attack rotation: two auto-attacks, shadow clones, two auto-attacks, one or two charged shots, repeat.

Ketla's shadow clones have a max hit of 7 through Protect from Missiles. As such, it is suggested to have armour with high ranged defence, in order to preserve your supplies for the next two fights. Shortly after summoning shadow clones, a skull will appear above her (similar to a player casting Vengeance), indicating the oncoming charged shot. Quickly move behind a shadow clone, and the shot will hit them instead. It's recommended to move behind one of the clones immediately after they spawn, so you don't have to risk not getting behind one in time when you see the skull appear.


Ketla can fire her special attack up to two times per batch of shadow clones summoned, so make sure to keep at least two of them alive to survive her charged shots. They each have one Hitpoint, so a fast attack weapon such as a blowpipe or darts will dispose of them quickly. Keep Protect from Ranged up throughout the fight, and drink a stamina potion if your run drops below half, so that you're prepared for the running in the next fight.

  1. Kasonde the Craven:
  • Pray Protect from Melee and stay close to avoid ranged attacks.
  • Watch for shockwaves; stand in a safe section close to him.
  • Avoid the centre area to prevent potion buildup.

Kasonde the Craven employs both melee and ranged attacks, opting for an accurate melee strike when in proximity and switching to ranged attacks if you maintain a distance. The dynamics of this battle resemble those from his living state, with a few notable distinctions. Instead of inflicting venom, his vials now induce corruption, draining 6 prayer points over a 12-second duration. These vials deal typeless damage in the low 30s upon impact or when standing on the residue. Notably, Kasonde does not heal during this confrontation. Additionally, his shockwave attack exhibits significantly increased potency.

The shockwave encompasses three-quarters of the arena, leaving a small section near Kasonde where you can safely position yourself to continue your offensive. Upon observing him move towards the center, swiftly follow suit to align yourself in the safe section, as the attack initiates just two ticks thereafter. Expect Kasonde to execute two or three consecutive shockwaves.


Due to the potions persisting on the ground, it is crucial to prevent their accumulation near the center to avoid complications with Kasonde's explosions, dealing typeless damage in the low 30s. It is advisable to steer clear of the central area during the confrontation, offering a proactive indication of the impending shockwave attack as Kasonde must cover a greater distance to reach the center. Employ the melee strategy with Protect from Melee, taking a step back when he throws a vial. Alternatively, opt for the ranged approach, with Protect from Ranged active, maneuvering around the edges until Kasonde signals his move to the center.

  1. Persten the Deceitful:
  • Dodge lightning strikes; she channels multiple as her health decreases.
  • Destroy Wighted Portals quickly to prevent leech spawns.
  • Use ranged weapon swap to kill her.

Persten the Deceitful employs magical attacks and features two distinctive special abilities. The initial special attack involves her channeling power to unleash lightning strikes, marked by impending shadows, inflicting moderate damage ranging from the high 20s to low 30s. As her Hitpoints diminish, she intensifies this assault, consecutively summoning up to three lightning strikes in quick succession.


In addition to her lightning strikes, Persten can create a Wighted Portal with 30 Hitpoints, spawning wighted leeches until the portal is eradicated. She can generate two portals simultaneously, and they consistently materialize near the entrance of the room. These wighted leeches possess 5 Hitpoints and move at a pace slower than walking. However, they exhibit rapid, 100% accurate attacks, dealing typeless damage ranging between 4 and 6.

Swift players have the opportunity to seal the portal before any leeches emerge, with the special attack of a dragon dagger proving particularly effective for this purpose. Subsequently, eliminate Persten using your ranged weapon swap. In instances where the leeches become too numerous to handle directly, they can be skillfully maneuvered around the room while you engage Persten with ranged attacks. The dueling Mahjarrat can obstruct the leeches and often lose aggression due to their sluggish movement.

Finishing Up

After vanquishing the final wight, Sliske successfully teleports the Elder Horn away. Content with the outcome, he expresses satisfaction, stating that you will serve as a worthy vessel, and hints at a future meeting in the North. Enakhra and Akthanatos depart to inform their allies of these events, leaving Azzanadra and Hazeel behind. Hazeel reproaches Azzanadra for failing to control his "pet," but Azzanadra insists that Sliske acted independently. Despite this, he recognizes the necessity of collaborating with the Zamorakians to thwart Sliske, although Hazeel neither confirms nor denies this possibility before departing.

Azzanadra then extends an apology for his numerous deceptions and acknowledges that you have become a significant player in the Mahjarrat's affairs, whether by choice or circumstance. As a token of gratitude, he upgrades your ring of visibility to a ring of shadows and advises you to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

The Desert Treasure II Rewards

  • 5 Quest points
  • Three ancient lamps, each offering 100,000 experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged, Magic, or Prayer at level 60 or above.
  • Access to Scar essence mine
  • Ring of shadows
  • The ability to wear ancient rings.
  • The ability to repeat the Forgotten Four encounters as boss fights.

Congratulations On Beating Desert Treasure!

This questline is without a doubt one of the longest in OSRS. If the rewards aren't worth it for you, then the experience and the captivating story is sure to be great rewards on their own.

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