OSRS Drakes Slayer Task Guide

30.06.2024 - 15:12:00
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OSRS Drakes Slayer Task Guide

Drakes are a fairly new slayer task compared to most of the other slayer tasks. This monster is pretty easy to kill and you can get some good rewards for doing so as well. The drop table for this monster includes a lot of herbs and alchables so make sure that you have alchemy runes as well as a herb sack with you!

Best Places to Kill

There is only one location currently which drakes reside in.

Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

Karuulm slayer dungeon is a pretty straight forward single-way combat dungeon that harbors a lot of creatures. This dungeon can be found on top of Mount Karuulm. However to enter this dungeon and traverse freely you must wear one of the following boots at all times:

  • Boots of stone

  • Boots of brimstone

  • Granite boots

This is due to the heat of the dungeon, these boots will completely negate that heat.


This monster is considered a draconic monster. Meaning it will take more damage from dragon bane weaponry. You can use that to your advantage if you have a dragon hunter lance or a dragon hunter crossbow.

Stab Defence

Slash Defence

Crush Defence

Magic Defence

Dart Defence

Arrow Defence

Bolt Defence




20 + %50 Weakness to water spells




Even though drakes are weak to stab and the dragon hunter lance is a stab weapon, the actual best dps that you can do to this creature is via magic. Magic also makes things easier as you will not take any damage whatsoever.

Best Gear Setups

Remember that this creature is a drake and thus you should be using an anti dragon shield alongside a antifire potion or straight up a super antifire potion.


Melee is a standard go to option for this mob. You should utilise the best melee gear you have available to you. Ideally one that has both good defensive stats as well as offensive ones. You will be protecting from range during the fight so you will be taking melee damage if you are using a melee setup.

  • Helmet: Slayer Helmet

  • Neck: Amulet of Torture/Fury

  • Ammo: Holy blessing

  • Cape: Infernal/Fire Cape

  • Body: Torva/Bandos 

  • Legs: Torva/Bandos 

  • Weapon: Dragon hunter lance/Osmuten’s fang/Ghrazi rapier

  • Shield: Avernic defender/Dragonfire shield

  • Boots: Boots of brimstone

  • Gloves: Ferocious/Barrows gloves

  • Ring: Ultor/Berserker ring or Lightbearer

  • Special attack: Dragon claws/Voidwaker/Saradomin godsword


Although it is recommended to kill these with melee or mage, you can kill them with ranged as well. This will make sure that you avoid all damage so you only need to bring prayer potions to the fight.

  • Helmet: Slayer Helmet (i)

  • Neck: Necklace of Anguish

  • Ammo: Diamond dragon bolts (e)

  • Cape: Dizana’s quiver or Ava’s assembler

  • Body: Masori/Armadyl or Blessed d’hide

  • Legs: Masori/Armadyl or Blessed d’hide

  • Weapon: Dragon hunter crossbow/ Toxic blowpipe with amethyst darts

  • Shield: Dragonfire ward

  • Boots: Boots of brimstone

  • Gloves: Zaryte vambraces or Barrows gloves

  • Ring: Venator ring/Archer’s ring/Ring of the gods (i) 


Magic, especially at max level will be your best DPS against these monsters. You can also bring high level alchemy runes to alch any items you get. Just like the ranged setup you will not be taking any damage here as long as you are praying protection from ranged. 

  • Helmet: Slayer Helmet (i)

  • Neck: Occult Necklace or Bonecrusher Necklace

  • Ammo: Holy blessing 

  • Cape: Imbued God cape

  • Body: Ancestral robe top or any robe that have a magic damage boost

  • Legs: Ancestral robe bottom or any robe that have a magic damage boost

  • Weapon: Harmonised nightmare staff (most important item)

  • Shield: Tome of water (charged)

  • Boots: Boots of brimstone

  • Gloves: Tormented bracelet or Barrows gloves

  • Ring: Magus ring/Seers ring (i)/Ring of the gods (i)

Harmonised nightmare staff is the most important part of this setup since it allows you to cast spells a tick faster.


  • Rune pouch containing runes for your spells

  • 1-2 Stat boosting divine potions for your combat style

  • Prayer potions 4-6

  • Food if melee

  • Extended Antifire/super antifire

  • Cannon (optional)

  • Holy wrench (optional)

  • Herb sack

  • Teleport to safety, like house tabs

  • Bonecrusher (optional)

  • Special attack weapon if using melee

  • Imbued/Saturated heart if using magic

Best Drops

This creature has a superior variant so unlock “Bigger and Badder” if possible, to maximise your rewards.

  • Imbued heart: 124M - 1/368 drop rate (Only from Guardian Drakes)

  • Eternal gem: 11.7M - 1/368 drop rate (Only from Guardian Drakes)

  • Dragon knife: 571K-1.1M - 1/2000 drop rate

  • Drake’s claw: 550K - 1/512 drop rate

  • Drake’s tooth: 97K - 1/512 drop rate

  • Dragon thrownaxe: 34-69K - 1/2000 drop rate

  • Dragon mace: 29K - 3x 1/85 drop rate

  • Mystic earth staff: 25K - 3x 1/85 drop rate

  • Rune full helm: 20K - 3x 1/28 drop rate

Happy hunting!

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