OSRS Dream Mentor Walkthrough

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OSRS Dream Mentor Walkthrough

On your way to completing the Fremmenik quest line, you'll eventually have to do Dream Mentor. The quest isn't as hard as many others in the game but you still might want some help in doing it. Luckily. We've come up with a solid guide for finishing up this quest.


Dream Mentor Quick Guide

  • 85 Combat level
  • Enough capacity to defeat four powerful monsters without Prayer
  • Edgar's Ruse
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Troll Stronghold
  • Death Plateau
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • The Fremennik Trials
  • Lost City
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Shilo Village
  • Jungle Potion
Items Required
  • A good set of weapon and armor for the fight ahead
  • Good food and super potion sets for healing and buffs. Ideally, you should have three different kinds of food which should be split into 6-7-7 in your inventory
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Hammer
  • Tinderbox
  • Astral rune
  • Goutweed
  • Seal of passage
  • Trident of the seas
  • Sacks of cabbages, potatoes and onions or fruit baskets


  • Make your way to Lunar Isle.
  • Go northeast of Lunar Isle and enter the mine.
  • Go through the cave entrance.
  • Speak with the fallen man. Once the interface appears, follow the conversation and close it after.
  • Give him four different foods to eat, rotating among the ones you have seven of each. Don't use the same food again in succession.
  • Talk to the fallen man once again (1•1).
  • As previously, give him four more food to eat.
  • Engage in conversation with him and respond positively until he sits up and a cutscene will show.
  • Give him six more food to eat.
  • Speak with him multiple times using positive responses unti he stands up again and a cutscene will show.
  • Go to the bank and talk to "Bird's-Eye" Jack (2).
  • If your combat level is determined by your melee skills, choose the following gear (make sure to get the correct items for him by using the NPC Contact spell):
    • Abyssal whip
    • Ahrim's robeskirt
    • Ahrim's robetop
    • Dragon med helm
    • Ranger boots

Choose a different set of gear if your range or magic level determines your combat level.

  • Go back and speak with Cyrisus (1) and wait for a cutscene.
  • Give the remaining food to him.
  • Continue talking to him and responding positively each time until a cutscene appears. Feed him a few more items if you don't get it.
  • Go to the Astral Altar and talk to the Oneiromance to receive a dream vial (2).
  • This is optional but if you choose to employ magic in the final fight, change your spellbook as necessary.
  • Pour water into the vial and add goutweed.
  • After striking an Astral rune with your hammer, use a pestle and mortar to ground the shards.
  • Fill the dream vial with your ground astral rune to finish the potion.
  • Get ready for four fights.

Note: Prayers and emergency teleports won't work. You can only leave the battle by using the lectern but you'll need to start from the beginning if you do so. Also, don't deposit your passage seal to the bank.


(Magic Strategy: A simple method would be to bring runes for Ice Burst and blood Burst if you have Ancient Magicks enabled. As needed, use your staff to manually cast Ice Burst to freeze the enemy, and set it to autocast Blood Burst. The area of effect damage from the Burst spell is effective against the numerous Doubts that spawn all around you. If you run out of food, Blood Burst's healing effect can keep you alive.)

  • Go to dream hall building and light the Ceremonial Brazier.
  • Speak with Cyrisus (1).
  • You can use the lectern to quit the fight at any point. However, doing so will make you face any bosses you've already defeated again.
    • Slay the Inadequacy
    • Defeat The Everlasting (you can safespot it by the lectern, northern side)
    • Kill The Untouchable (you can also safespot it by the lectern, northern side)
    • Slay the Illusive
  • Go back to the Oneiromancer (2).
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Dream Mentor Full Walkthrough

The quest begins with a trip to the Lunar Isle. At this point, the best way to it would be to use runes to teleport back to the bank of switching spellbooks to the lunar set could be helpful.


The fallen man you'll need to talk to to start the quest is located northeast of the bank and down the mine. Before talking to him though, make sure to bring food first. It doesn't matter what kind of food you bring; sharks aren't much better than tomatoes if you serve them three different kinds. Take six of the third kind and seven of the first two kinds. That being said, you should only bring cheap food from your inventory as the results are the same regardless of what you bring. If you didn't bring food on your way to him, you can run to the bank fast by using the Moonclan teleport but you must have level 69 Lunar Spell for this method.

You can spot the cave on your minimap by looking for a red line on the wall. From there, crawl through the passageway to the fallen man.

Additionally, you can view the status screen by selecting the inspect option.


The goal of this part of the quest is to raise three stat bars in this order for the fallen man: health, spirit, and armament.

Any food that Cyrisus has recently consumed, whether it is the most recent meal or the one before it, will be rejected. To make sure that you don't waste any food, follow these steps:

  1. Feed him a piece of the two foods that you have seven of.
  2. Feed him a piece of the food that you have 6 of.
  3. Do this until the chat window shows that he's done with eating.
  4. If he declines, give him something else as this means that you've recently fed him that food.
  5. Do this a total of four times. Each successful feeding is followed by a quick conversation with the man.


  • By logging out, you can only use one kind of food. It makes sense to use farm produce sacks or baskets.
  • A full sack of food only counts as one thing; so make sure to remove the food out of the sack first before giving it to him.
  • He will only take wine and Guthix Rest as drinks.

Next up, you'll need to talk to him to increase his spirits. The key to succeeding here is to simply make sure to focus on the good things. This part is lengthy but there are no serious repercussions for making a mistake. Just a reminder, DO NOT exit the cave until his health and spirit are at 70% and 71%. Even without checking his stats screen, you'll know that this condition is met if he's standing straight.

The next part is to help him increase armement which requires getting armor. The best place to visit is the Lunar Isle bank.

Speak with "Birds-Eye" Jack, the most right bank and then choose a helmet, top, legs, boots, and weapon after telling him you wish to access Cyrisus' bank account. The challenging part here is guessing whether or not you got the right equipment. You can make this process easier by using the level 67 Lunar Spell, NPC Contact. Using this spell makes the banker tell you whether or not you made the right choice. Once you've found the perfect gear, head back to the cave.


  • If your fighting level is based on melee skills, the most popular kit consists of an abyssal whip, Ahrim's robetop, ranger boots, Ahrim's robe skirt, and a dragon med helm. Cyrisus eventually dons a melee fighter's outfit.
  • A splitbark helm, Karil's leathertop, Torag's platelegs, adamant boots, and a magic shortbow are the combination if your primary combat ability is ranged. It will appear that Cyrisus is an archer.
  • If magic is your primary combat ability, the combo ideal for you is an ancient staff, black d'hide chaps, a dragon chain body, a robin hood hat, and infinity boots. Cyrisus will appear to be a mage.

Upon getting back to Cyrisus, you'll have to bring his remaining stats to 100%. His health will be brought back by food, his Spirit by talking to him, and his armaments by giving him the right gear.

Cyrisus will confess his fear of combat after all of his stats have achieved 100%. After that you'll have to travel with him to the Oneiromancer; leave the mine and head south.

Make your way to the Oneiromancer - southeast of the island, next to the Astral Altar. Cyrisus will show up if you converse with him. You'll now have to help Cyrisus overcome his fear of fighting by traveling to the Dreamland with him.


Note: Remember to go back to Standard Spellbook or Ancient Spellbook if you're utilizing Magic during the upcoming battle and were on the Lunar Spellbook.

The Oneiromancer will give you a dream vial which you'll have to fill with water. If you don't have any water with you, go to the house west of the bank to find some.

You must gather some goutweed, which you can do either by growing a gout tuber or by robbing the troll kitchens during Eadgar's Ruse quest. If you intend to play Dragon Slayer II, it is advised that you return to the troll kitchen and acquire a total of two goutweed. Then, use the goutweed with the vial.

To create a dream potion, smash an astral rune with a hammer. Then, grind the result with a pestle and mortar.

You need to defeat four bosses consecutively without the use of prayers. The lectern at the north border of the arena has a right-click leave option that you can use at any point to exit the combat, though returning will require you to restart from the beginning. There isn't another way out, not even the ring of life, so the lectern is your only option. When returning to your gravestone at the Brazier, talk to Brundt to obtain a replacement seal of passage, as you will always lose yours in the event of your death.


It is strongly advised that you use magic in this battle. Despite using melee gear to lessen incoming damage, magic will still hit all four bosses due to their extremely poor magic defense. Using the trident of the seas is a great tactic, but Blood Rush or Iban Blast are other great choices. It is advised to wear strong melee armor, a shield with good range defense, and lots of food high in healing. If preferred, you can also use a halberd to safespot the second and third bosses. If you have a lower level character, you might want to take a dose of the devine battlemage potion before entering.

Note: Don't forget to not leave your seal of passage in the bank.

Head to the Dream Hall, the large building on the western side of Lunar Isle, where Cyrisus is waiting for you. To enter the dream realm, light the brazier with a tinderboc and speak with Cyrisus. He will attack you or utilize vengeance Other on you during the battle, and a bar displaying his courage will appear.

You will need to fight the four monsters that represent Cyrisus' fear in the following order:

  1. The Inadequcy (level 343) - You should not perry if you use up most of your food on this part of the fight because it is by far the hardest. When you are outside of melee range, the Inadequacy will only employ ranged attacks, which are strong and precise melee attacks. Additionally, it will call forth Doubts, which you need to disregard in favor of finishing the monster as soon as possible. Even with a negative magic attack bonus, magic will always hit. To do damage fast, make use of any special attacks that are available, such as a dragon dagger. If you're able to maintain your health above 30, the boss will gradually lose health.
  2. The Everlasting (level 223) - Although it hits high, you can easily fins a safe area by positioning yourself adjacent to the north side of the arena's lectern. The Everlasting is too big for you to walk through, so be careful not to be stuck between it and the arena's edge. The next boss could appear where it can attack you in the safespot after it has been defeated. Get away from the Everlasting before it could kill you and head back to the safe location on the other side of the lectern to prevent this. Alternatively, run out during the Everlasting's death animation to make the next boss spawn father away.
  3. The Untouchable (level 274) - This monster is comparable to the Everlasting but far less powerful. Similarly, you can safespot it with magic or a halberd.
  4. The Illusive (level 108) - Although this monster doesn't pose much of a threat, you must constantly chase it around as it constantly burrows into the ground and reappears someplace else.

Cyrisus will be able to conquer his fear after you have defeated the Illusive. He will stomp it to death.

After the fight, do not bank you seal of passage yet. You will still need it to finish up the quest.

What you should do instead first is to go back to Lunar isle and speak with the Oneiromancer located in the southeast. Cyrisus will use Lunar Magic to give you part of his knowledge as a token of appreciation for what you've done to help him.

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Is Dream Mentor Worth Doing?

Let's first talk about what you're getting as rewards for the quest:

  • 2 Quest points
  • 15,000 Hitpoints experience
  • 10,000 Magic experience
  • Seven additional spells to your Lunar spells book:
    1. Spellbook Swap
    2. Plank Make
    3. Dream,
    4. Stat Spy
    5. Hunter Kit
    6. Humidify
    7. Monster Examine
  • Dreamy lamp (grants you 15,000 experience in a combat skill of your choosing, other than Attack and Prayer)
  • Access to bank without having a seal of passage equipped or in your inventory
  • Access to the following in the Nightmare Zone:
    • The Untouchable
    • The Everlasting
    • The Inadequacy

If you're focused on creating a solid mage, then this quest is going to be worth doing considering the Magic XP you're getting. With the dreamy lamp, you can bump the Magic XP to 25,000! The additional Lunar Spellbook spells are also worth the trouble, even if they're not combat-focused.

Most importantly however, finishing Dream mentor will help you gain access to the next quests in the Fremmenik quest line which at this point, should be Dragon Slayer II. This quest is also a requirement for the Hard Desert Diary, Hard Kourend and Kebos Diary, and the Elite Varrock Diary.

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