OSRS: Easy Money Guide (Part II - Richies)

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OSRS: Easy Money Guide (Part II - Richies)

Oldschool Runescape: Easy Money Guide- Big Stacks Edition

In the previous article, we went through methods of making money that could be started by fresh accounts and with minimal input. This guide will cover the more intricate methods of making money-with far more potential for return.

While these methods are more advanced than the previous 4, they are still relatively "easy" and still require a relatively small amount of effort compared to the more traditional sources of income. These methods can still produce anything from 300k per hour up to 5 million per hour-so there's a lot to gain by reading on. 

Charging Glories

Charging an Amulet of Glory into an Amulet of Glory(4) just takes a single click, but it has some pretty high requirements. This means a lot of players in OSRS can't charge their own glories, thus need to buy a new one after 4 uses. Rather than selling their uncharged glories and buying new ones, most people prefer to trade their old for new, plus some money for the trouble. This is what charging glories is all about.

How much you make in this method completely depends on the demand for glories needing charging and the competition around you. It's a sort of "light merchanting" in a way. You will be obtaining up to 26 uncharged glories (however many you can afford) and then charging them by using them with the fountain underneath the Heroes Guild. This is where the main requirement of this moneymaking method comes from. To charge Glories, you need access to the Heroes guild, which requires you to complete the Heroes Quest. This quest has a few precursor quests and a whole number of mid-tier level requirements to begin. This is why the method is not suitable for new accounts or otherwise specialized accounts.

The Heroes Guild can be found in Burthope. For quick access, you can use the Burthope Games Necklace to teleport to the Burthope Games Room, which is slightly north of the Heroes Guild. The map on the right shows you where you need to go.

Once you are in the Guild, climb down the ladder and make your way through the underground caves to the fountain at the southern end of the dungeon. Once you are there, you need to use your Glories on the fountain, which turns them into an Amulet of Glory(4).

Once you have your first batch of charged glories, you are good to go. Find places where players will want to buy charged Glories, such as Edgeville, the Duel Arena, or other regular PvE and PvP gathering hubs. You will be trading with people in spots where frequent teleportation takes place.

You need a space for cash in your inventory, one space for noted Amulets of Glory(4) (if you have any), one space to receive noted Glories(0), and the rest can be filled by un-noted Amulets of Glory(4). You will then look for-or advertise-charging services after looking at what competition or demand there is. If there seems to be a lot of people charging Glories, it's probably a good idea to try somewhere else or in a different world. Once you have a customer, see how many Glories they want, offer the return in Amulets of Glory (4) and wait for them to put up the cash per glory. Generally speaking, you should look for between 5k-10k per Glory.

Once you've exhausted your charged Glory supply, simply go to the fountain, re-charge them, and then continue raking in the cash.

That's really all there is to it. You just find more people who want to trade you their old glories and keep making 7-10k a pop. You can easily earn 500k-1m per hour with this method and a bit of luck. The skill comes from where you go to get new glories and understanding when there is too much competition in your area.

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A great AFK method of making money and scoring some magic XP at the same time is enchanting. When done right, you can sit in a bank and simply print money while watching your favorite TV show, or doing something else. This method is more advanced than some others since it requires a bit of thought, research, and magic levels to get started.

You will be buying jewelry and using magic to enchant that jewelry, making a profit once you sell the enchanted items. You can buy all the required materials in bulk on the G.E before you start grinding this method. For items that are less common to buy or sell, such as dragonstone and onyx jewelry, you should put offers in overnight, to ensure you have enough items to enchant in the morning.

All prices and rates are subject to change, depending on market value, supply and demand. You shouldn't rely on this guide as a direct profit calculator, but instead use it as an indication for which items may be most profitable for you and your level. These are the most common and profitable enchanting items:

Ring of Recoils (7 magic required)

  • Sapphire Ring: 1020 gp
  • Ring of Recoil: 1447 gp
Profit per item: 270
Profit per hour: 270 x 1700 = 459k gp/hr

Games Necklace(7 magic required)

  • Sapphire Rings: 1856 gp
  • Games Necklace: 2212 gp
Profit per item: 199
Profit per hour: 199 x 1700 = 338k gp/hr

Ring of Duelling(27 magic required)

  • Emerald Ring: 1952 gp
  • Ring of Duelling(8): 2240 gp
  • Cosmic Rune: 157
Profit per item: 157 gp
Profit per hour: 157 x 1700 = 266k gp/hr

Amulet of Glory(68 magic required)

  • Dragonstone amulet: 44101 gp
  • Amulet of Glory: 46212 gp
Profit per item: 1954 gp
Profit per hour: 1954 x 1700 = 3.3m gp/hr(Since this is not a steady item, profit will change constantly through the day)

Ring of Wealth(68 magic required)

  • Dragonstone Ring: 32070 gp
  • Ring of Wealth: 35370gp
Profit per item: 3143 gp
Profit per hour: 3143 x 1700 = 5.3m gp/hr

Nature Running

One of the oldest and most well-known methods for making money in Runescape. Due to the way the nature rune market works, there is enough demand to meet constant massive supply, which is why this method has been profitable for over ten years. This guide details two methods; one for minimum requirements and the other for far higher profits.

For starters and low-levels, the first method involves running natures though Shilo Village in world 336. There is a fantastically useful lady in the general store called Aisles, who will convert noted pure essence into regular pure essence. This saves you from needing to teleport or use a bank. Simply come to Karamja with the total amount of essence you have to run, and you can leave the island with a huge stack of nature runes.

You will want to have a combat level over 20, which prevents the local monsters from attacking you while you're making your runs. You will need your noted pure essence and a nature tiara; agility levels and light clothing are useful too, for faster runs.

To get there, you will need to take a boat from Catherby to Brimhaven, then make your way to the general store closest to the nature altar. In the store you will find Aisles, where you can convert your noted essence. From here is where you will be running back and forth to the nature altar, trading pure essence for nature runes. Once you start running effectively and make use of stamina potions, you can earn between 200k-300k/hr with this method.

The second method of nature running is a bit more difficult, as it requires some levels, higher stats, and risking some wealth in the wilderness. However, when done right, this method can generate around 1m gp per hour.

Running pure essence through the Abyss is extremely lucrative, with the lure of double nature runes without needing 91 runecrafting. It is highly advised that you have a decent combat level (defense around 40) so you can take some hits from the monsters that are in the area. You will also need to have completed The Abyss miniquest as well as Rune Mysteries in order to use the Abyss. You will of course need your pure essence, nature talisman, and Rune pickaxe to get to the altar.

This is the route you will be running if taking an Amulet of Glory (red path) or taking Varrock teletabs (yellow path). You will need 21 agility to use the G.E shortcut.

After you talk to the red monk, you will be teleported into the Abyss and skulled, so don't bring anything you aren't willing to lose.

Once you are in the Abyss, look for the strange holes pictured on the left and click on them. At this point, creatures will spawn to attack you; ignore them and continue mining until you break through.

Once you break in, look for a runecrafter to trade with. You will be getting 2x nature runes for your pure essence. This is where your run ends and you return to the bank via teletab or Glory, then repeat the run.

There are several methods to increase profit/hr that can be very useful, but require much more invested time to achieve. As well as bringing stamina potions, you can bring rune pouches (which require runecrafting levels to use) but allow you to store extra pure essence, increasing your value per run. Combined, you will be doing more runs per hour with an increased value, drastically increasing your income.

Runecrafting with Mule Accounts (Master and Slaves Method)

This is a method that you should only consider if using friends, clan members, or multiple different accounts, as if you do it solo, there is a high chance of being banned since it's technically against the rules (We won't tell anybody).

Basically, you'll have one focused runecrafting account at an altar while your other "mules" run you essence. This works much in the same way as the previous "nature running" guide, but in this method, you are running essence to yourself. Your income is only limited to the amount of accounts you can have running as mules, though if you are really hardcore, then 1,999 mules with 1 master is the real limit.

This method can be applied to any rune altar, though nature runes are the most profitable above all. If you have a lvl 91 runecrafter, there is the potential to earn upwards of 7m per hour-depending on the amount of accounts you have running. This is the money making method with the most potential, but also the most risk. If you do decide to use this method, then ensure you take breaks on all your accounts periodically over each hour as to limit the suspicion Jagex's macro detection systems.

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