OSRS Firemaking Guide Level 1-99

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OSRS Firemaking Guide Level 1-99

A common misconception when it comes to OSRS is that it's all about swords, bows, and magic. In reality, there's a lot more to do in the game and you're free to learn every artisan Skill and combat Skill in the game that you want. It might seem mundane but you shouldn't ever forget about Firemaking.

Despite seeming like a useless Skill, Firemaking is actually a good Skill tomaster in the game. Getting it to high levels, or even to 99 is going to be beneficial for you and your character in the long run. But of course, getting to 99 Firemaking is a lot easier said than done so we'll help you out.

What is OSRS Firemaking?

In OSRS, Firemaking is a Skill used to light fires, simply put. It's an artisan Skill that serves as a companion to Woodcutting. While it doesn't do a lot in terms of usage, it's required for many quests and minigames that are otherwise rewarding to the player. For instance, quests like Recipe for Disaster and Desert Treasure I all come with amazing rewards but completing them requires certain Firemaking levels.


Aside from being a prerequisite in some quests, Firemaking also lets you light logs to use for cooking food just about anywhere. Lastly, there are a lot of money-making techniques that revolve around using Firemaking.

Firemaking requires time and effort to get to 99. The good thing is that you can train Firemaking along with other Skills so that time you'll spend will be more than worth it.

How To Start A Fire In OSRS

To start a fire, you have a couple of options:

  1. Using a Tinderbox:
  • Use a tinderbox with the log in your inventory. This action will light the log, and you'll drop it to the ground.
  1. Using a Log:
  • Drop the log from your inventory, then right-click the log and select the 'light log' option.
  1. Using a Bow (Members only):
  • Use most bows with the log, which will cause the log to drop and kindle a fire. Note that this ability is available for members who have completed the Firemaking section of Barbarian Training.

Once the fire is lit, you'll automatically move one step to the west if there's open space in that direction. If the west is blocked, you'll move one step east. If both directions are blocked, you'll move south. If all three directions are blocked, you'll move north.

In open areas like the Grand Exchange, you can efficiently light multiple logs in a row. After starting one fire with a clear path to the west, you can rapidly light more fires. It's also helpful to keep an additional tinderbox placed in opposite corners of your inventory to minimize mouse travel when lighting multiple fires in quick succession.


However, keep in mind that fires require an empty space on the ground to be lit. Certain locations and objects, like buildings, plants, ferns, adjacent growing vines, and doorways, may restrict the creation of fires. Closed doors generally block fire creation, except in places like Draynor. Open doors, on the other hand, don't prevent Firemaking.

OSRS Firemaking Level 1-99 Guide

Firemaking is an easy Skill to level up whether you're on an F2P or P2P account. You can save Firemaking as one of the last Skills to level up but you can still focus on this first if you're going for Woodcutting anyways. Although it's easy enough already, let's make it easier with this optimized and efficient guide for Firemaking training.


OSRS Firemaking F2P Leveling Guide

Firemaking training on a F2P account is relatively easy but it does take a lot of time. To do it, you'll basically need to burn the highest-tier log possible for your current level. In hindsight, this seems simple enough but there are other things that you should take note of to make the process easier.

The best place to start burning logs is in the eastern part of the Grand Exchange. The area itself is only one tile away from the bank and there's still a lot of empty space. The goal is to move to another square in between lighting the logs so that you can burn the logs in any formation possible. This reduces the time needed to start burning them.

You should always have 2 noted logs in your inventory and then use them on a banker while you're approximately 2 steps away from the banker so that you can get more logs. Done properly, you can light a log for every 3 game ticks or which is around 2.4 seconds. That translates to 1,500 logs per hour.

If this is too hard for you, you can try burning logs in a row from east to west. You can do this at Varrock. From where you land after using Varrock Teleport, light to logs from the fountain and bank at the Varrock west bank.

Level 1–15: Normal Logs


The quickest way for you to reach level 15 is by burning normal logs, giving you 40 experience per log. You can find normal logs from various trees, like evergreen, dead, and dying trees, across Gielinor, from Lumbridge to the Wilderness. Acquiring these logs won't cost you much time or money; you only need to burn 61 logs to go from level 1 to 15. Plus, you'll need to cut normal logs anyway to train your early Woodcutting levels, so might as well burn them to reach 15 Firemaking.

  • Experience needed: 2,411
  • Logs needed: 61
  • Time: 2 minutes 27 seconds (147 seconds)
  • Money spent: -4,453

Level 15–30: Oak Logs


To progress from level 15 to level 30 swiftly, burning oak logs is your best bet, offering 60 experience per log. Oak trees are abundant, making it convenient to obtain oak logs. If you've got level 15 Woodcutting, you can cut oak logs yourself, or you can also purchase them from fellow players.

  • Experience needed: 10,952
  • Oak logs needed: 183
  • Time: 7 minutes 20 seconds (440 seconds)
  • Money spent: -8,601

Level 30–45: Willow Logs


For a quick leap from level 30 to level 45, opt for burning willow logs, giving you 90 experience per log. Willow logs are accessible through cutting or purchasing from other players. You'll find willow trees in various locations, including near River Lum in Lumbridge, near Edgeville, south of Draynor Village bank, in Rimmington, and near the cabbage patch north-west of Draynor Village.

  • Experience needed: 48,149
  • Willow logs needed: 535
  • Time: 21 minutes 24 seconds (1,284 seconds)
  • Money spent: -16,050

Level 45–60: Maple Logs


To advance from level 45 to level 60 at a good pace, consider burning maple logs, granting 135 experience per log. Free-to-play players can cut these logs or purchase them via the Grand Exchange. Many players opt to burn maple logs from level 45 all the way to level 99.

  • Experience needed: 212,230
  • Maple logs needed: 1,572
  • Time: 1 hour 2 minutes 53 seconds (3,773 seconds)
  • Money spent: -18,864

Level 60–99: Yew Logs


If your goal is to race from level 60 to level 99, burning yew logs is the fastest way, offering a hefty 202.5 experience per log. You can cut them yourself, but it's more efficient to buy them from other players, even though this method is considerably more expensive compared to burning willow or maple logs.

  • Experience needed: 12,760,689
  • Yew logs needed: 63,016
  • Time: 42 hours 39 seconds (151,239 seconds)
  • Money spent: -17,581,464

OSRS Firemaking P2P Leveling Guide

Leveling your Firemaking on a P2P account remains relatively the same but it's much faster and more streamlined. The journey is long but way faster as compared to training on a F2P account.

Level 1-30: Pyre Logs


Before doing this, make sure that you've completed Shades of Mort'ton first as it's a requirement before you can use Sacred Oil.

Creating pyre logs offers you the quickest experience from level 1 to 30 in Firemaking. You can create all types of pyre logs at level 1, even if the logs would typically require a higher level to burn. This method is faster than burning regular logs at lower levels, where there's a high chance of failing to light the logs, significantly slowing down your experience rates. The process of creating pyre logs doesn't consume any in-game time and is directly tied to your click speed.

The experience shown in the table below is the reward for using the required amount of oil on a log. However, the actual experience per log is calculated based on the amount of oil in the vial being used. For instance, using sacred oil(4) on an oak log will consume two doses of oil, rewarding 16 experiences. Using the remaining two doses of oil will then reward an additional 10 experience, considering a vial containing 2 doses is being used. Consequently, when using full vials of oil, you can expect higher average experience per log than the values presented in this table.

Experience rates vary based on click speed and accuracy.

Players can achieve approximately 45,000 experience per hour with typical click speeds, factoring in banking and considering one pyre log is made per tick (0.6 seconds).

It's possible to achieve much higher rates, but they realistically cap at around 65,000 experience per hour for the fastest sustainable click speeds. Refer to the table below to see the XP, spending, and profit for this method.

InputOutput logsProfitFiremaking XPGP/XP
LogsOil doses
Regular73980Regular pyre1,3202671026.70
Oak47980Oak pyre1,1871601016.00
Willow301,904Willow pyre2,2803461228.83
Teak1511,904Teak pyre2,2952401220.00
Arctic pine4601,904Arctic pyre2,114-25012-20.83
Maple121,904Maple pyre2,1402241218.67
Mahogany4411,904Mahogany pyre2,6943491229.08
Yew2791,888Yew pyre2,3421751610.94
Magic1,0351,888Magic pyre3,3314081625.50
Redwood4991,888Redwood pyre2,9705831636.44

Level 30-99: Burning Logs


From Level 30 onwards, the fastest way to gain Firemaking experience is by burning the highest-tier log available. Although logs can be burned from level 1, creating pyre logs offers slightly faster experience due to the high chance of failing to light regular logs. However, burning logs remains a viable, lower-effort alternative to creating pyre logs.


This process is pretty much the same as in the F2P guide. For a better look at your progress, here's a table that assumes you're able to burn 1,485 logs per hour.

LevelsLog typeExperienceXP/HRLogs neededLog priceMoney spentGP/XP
1–30Red logs5074,250268112-30,016-2.24
42–45Arctic pine125185,62s5128460-58,880-3.68

Level 50-99 Wintertodt

When you venture to the Wintertodt, you'll find a unique boss-like challenge that sets itself apart from the typical combat encounters in OSRS. Located in the Northern Tundras within Great Kourend, this formidable entity ushers in unending winter and bone-chilling cold. As mysterious as it is menacing, the true nature of the Wintertodt remains veiled in secrecy, yet its uncanny ability to plunge the land into an icy abyss has earned it a notorious reputation among the people of Great Kourend.

Traditional weaponry and combat skills won't suffice against the Wintertodt. Instead, you are called upon to assist the pyromancers, a specialized group of Arceuus mages, in their unceasing battle against this elemental colossus. These pyromancers, entrusted with the sacred flame's protection, wield the incantations necessary to quell Wintertodt's wrath. The fate of Great Kourend rests on their shoulders, and their unique magical abilities are indispensable. Nevertheless, their expertise is confined to controlling flames and frost, leaving gaps in other areas. It is your duty, as a seasoned adventurer, to complement their skills.

To participate in the efforts against the Wintertodt, you must possess a Firemaking skill level of at least 50. Importantly, you don't need to pledge allegiance to any of Great Kourend's cities to join this mission.

To know everything that you need to know about Wintertodt and how to defeat it, check out our complete Wintertodt guide!


Reward for Completing Wintertodt

Your rewards for vanquishing the Wintertodt are directly linked to the reward points you amass during the battle. To earn your well-deserved spoils, you must accumulate a minimum of 500 points.

The fruits of your labor will take the form of a supply crate and an allocation of Firemaking experience, specifically 100 times your current Firemaking level. When you crack open the supply crate, you'll find a minimum of two items from the rewards table. If you've surpassed the 500-point threshold, your excess points contribute to additional rolls for rewards. A bonus roll is guaranteed for every 500 points you exceed the minimum requirement. The remaining x points offer an x/500 chance of securing an extra reward roll. For instance, amassing 1,200 points will grant you either three rolls (a 60% chance) or four rolls (a 40% chance).

The more effort you invest during the battle, the more rewards you'll reap. Here are the activities that will help you earn those valuable reward points:

ActivitySkill involvedPoints
Lighting braziersFiremaking25
Adding Bruma roots to a brazierWoodcuting /Firemaking10
Adding Bruma kindling to a brazierWoodcutting/Fletching /Firemaking25
Repairing destroyed braziersConstruction25
Healing pyromancersFarming /Herblore30

There are two routes that you can take:

  1. You can cut the logs that you obtain. This will grant you a small amount of fletching experience and will make you receive more points.
  2. You can throw the logs straight to the fire without cutting them which will make you gain more firemaking experience but you will be losing out on points.

OSRS Quests That Reward Firemaking XP

If you're sick and tired of burning logs, don't forget that there are also a few quests that reward you with Firemaking XP. There aren't a lot compared to quests that reward XP for other Skills but these offer a good change of pace compared to regular leveling techniques.

Other requirements
The Giant Dwarf1,50016Construction - 12
Magic - 33
Thieving - 14
Heroes' Quest1,575-Prayer - 55
Cooking - 53
Fishing - 53
Herblore -25
Mining - 50
Enlightened Journey4,00020Prayer - 20
Farming - 30
Crafting- 36
Enakhra's Lament7,00045Crafting - 50
Prayer - 43
Magic - 39
Mining - 45
Making Friends with My Arm40,00066Construction - 35
Mining - 72
Agility - 68
Clear selection (0/5)

How To Get The Firemaking Cape

Your reward for maxing your Firemaking Skill isn't just bragging rights and specific rewards from quests. You're also going to get the Firemaking Cape. This is one of the Capes of Accomplishment that you can purchase for 99,000 coins along with the Firemaking Hood from Ignatius Vulcan, located south of Seers' Village.


You can only get this cape once you've reached level 99 in Firemaking Skill, which because of the guide above, should be relatively easy to do.

The Firemaking cape, like all skill capes, provides a substantial defensive boost of +9 to all defensive stats. Additionally, if a player has achieved level 99 in a second skill, the cape is automatically trimmed, giving it a +4 bonus to prayer. This condition allows it to be automatically trimmed.

One remarkable feature of the Firemaking cape is its status as an inextinguishable light source when equipped or in the inventory. This unique attribute prevents the casting of High and Low Alchemy spells on the cape if it's the only light source in the player's inventory.

Moreover, the Firemaking cape serves as warm clothing when facing the icy challenges of Wintertodt, providing much-needed comfort in cold environments.

For convenient storage, the Firemaking cape can be placed in the cape rack of a costume room, either individually or as part of the Firemaking cape set, which includes the hood. It's important to note that Ultimate Ironmen will need to store the entire set before being able to retrieve individual pieces from the costume room.

Let The Fire Burn!

As simple as it seems, the OSRS Firemaking Skill is still important to have as it grants access to some amazing items in the game. If you want to make sure that you're able to get the most out of every Skill in the game, don't be afraid and lazy toward getting this seemingly mundane but actually important Skill to level 99.

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