OSRS Fishing Guide

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OSRS Fishing Guide

What Is Fishing?

Fishing is a gathering skill in which you can catch a variety of fish from selected spots all over Old School Runescape. This skill is especially necessary if you are playing Ironman mode. 


Why Should You Train Fishing ?

Fishing can be a good source of afk income. High level fishes sell for 1k - 2k each in G.E and these prices are stable because those fishes are always on demand by players. Secondly there are quests that require you to have a certain level in fishing. Those quests are:

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - Fishing Level 5
  • Fishing Contest - Fishing Level 10
  • Land of the Goblins - Fishing Level 40
  • Rum Deal - Fishing Level 50
  • Heroes’ Quest - Fishing Level 53
  • The Fremennik Exiles - Fishing Level 60
  • Swan Song - Fishing Level 62

If you want to get a quest cape you will need at least level 62 fishing.

Lastly there are some achievements in the game which require fishing to complete and if you want to complete all the achievements in OSRS you will need to have level 96 fishing. Alternatively you can check out our partner site's osrs fishing guide.

1 - 99 Fishing Guide

As with all the skills in Runescape there are many different ways to go about getting 99 fishing. There are afk ways, money making ways or efficient ways. I am going to go over all of them in this guide but first you should know about some helpful equipment that will ease your fishing journey.


  1. Dragon / Infernal / Crystal Harpoon 

Dragon harpoon is a wieldable harpoon that provides %20 increased catch rate when compared to the regular harpoon. You can start using this harpoon at level 61 fishing, however you don’t need this requirement to use its special attack. You can use the harpoon's special attack as long as you can equip the harpoon which requires 60 attack. The special attack will boost your fishing level for a certain period of time.

Infernal harpoon is the same in terms of catching fish as the dragon harpoon but it requires levels 75 fishing and 85 cooking to create. Catching fish with this harpoon have a %33 chance of cooking the caught fish, giving the player cooking experience.

Crystal harpoon is the best harpoon in the game, providing a %35 increased catch rate over regular harpoons (%12.5 faster than the dragon harpoon). It also provides ⅓ chance to transform caught fish into crystallised harpoonfish in Tempoross which grants %20 more fishing exp when used as ammunition. To use this harpoon you are required to have 71 fishing and to wield it, you are required to have 70 attack and 50 agility. To craft the harpoon you will need to finish the quest “Song of the Elves” and have 76 smithing and crafting.

  1. Rada’s Blessing

Rada’s blessing is a reward from the Kourend & Kebos achievement diary. Each blessing provides a chance to catch an extra fish. For this effect to work you will need to have the blessing equipped whilst fishing.

  • Rada’s Blessing 1 - %2 chance at catching extra fish
  • Rada’s Blessing 2 - %4 chance at catching extra fish
  • Rada’s Blessing 3 - %6 chance at catching extra fish
  • Rada’s Blessing 4 - %8 chance at catching extra fish
  1. Angler Outfit

Angler outfit can be obtained from the fishing trawler minigame or aerial fishing. Each piece of the outfit grants extra fishing exp to the player and wearing the full set provides additional extra exp.

  • Angler hat - 0.4% EXP Bonus
  • Angler top - 0.8% EXP Bonus
  • Angler waders - 0.6% EXP Bonus
  • Angler boots - 0.2% EXP Bonus
  • Set bonus - 0.5% EXP Bonus
  • Total - 2.5% EXP Bonus
  1. Admiral Pies

Admiral pie is a consumable item that provides +5 fishing level boost when consumed.

  1. Spirit Flakes

Spirit flakes are a reward that can be received after beating Tempoross. While fishing they provide a %50 chance to catch 1 additional fish. This fish does not grant fishing experience. Spirit flakes get consumed per fish caught not per fish doubled. 

  1. Tackle Box

Tackle box is obtained from the reward pool at Tempoross. You can store any fishing related item in this box (except fishes themselves).

  1. Fish Barrel

Fish barrel is yet another item received from Tempoross. This item can store up to 28 raw fish which allows players to have longer fishing trips.

Fishing Methods

There will be tags near each title that highlights if the method is afk or fast.

  1. Levels 1 - 33 (Efficient): For these levels it’s highly recommended for you to do quests. You can choose not to take this route but that would cost you a lot of time, as early fishing levels are really slow. The quest you would want to be doing are:
  • Sea Slug
  • Fishing Contest
  • Freeing Pirate Pete - Recipe for Disaster subquest
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
  • The Fremennik Trials
  1. Levels 33 - 47/58 (Efficient): After completing the quests you should start doing fly fishing. Fly fishing trout and salmon offers the best experience rates up to level 58 if you are tick manipulating. If you are not tick manipulating it still provides the best experience rates until level 47.
  2. Levels 47 - 99 (Efficient): Drift net fishing is the most efficient way to train both your hunter and fishing but it’s not the fastest fishing method. To do this method you will need to have the quest “Bone Voyage” completed and you will need to have at least level 44 hunter.
  3. Levels 58 - 99 (Efficient): Barbarian fishing is arguably the most efficient fishing training method out there since it also provides a little bit of strength and agility exp as well. To do this method first you will need to learn it from Otto Godblessed and you will need to have 30 agility and strength. To do it efficiently you will need to do what’s called 3-tick fishing. If you are 3-tick barbarian fishing your exp rates will double compared to afk barbarian fishing.
  4. Levels 71 - 99 (Fastest): The method that provides the best exp rates for fishing is 2-tick harpooning swordfish/tuna. This method can only be done in Piscarilius. The fishing locations that would be used are in the north-western part of Piscarilius, just west of the bank. There are rats that spawn near that fishing spot, the player needs to tag rats and lure them near the fishing spot. With auto-retaliate on, all the player has to do is to click the fishing spot after seeing a hitsplat on their character.
  5. Levels 35 - 99 (Money Making): At level 35 fishing you can start killing Tempoross which yields rewards. Those rewards are proportionate to your points. There are two ways to go about doing this:

First you can cook the fish you catch granting you even more points but lower fishing exp.

Second you can choose not to cook your fish and get worse rewards but more fishing exp.

  1. Levels 40 - 76 (AFK): Catching lobsters in Catherby is a very afk way to get both cooking and fishing exp. There is a range near the bank in Catherby which can be used to cook all your lobsters before banking them.
  2. Levels 62 - 99 (AFK): For this method you will need to have the quest “Swan Song” completed. After the quest you can access Piscatoris Fishing Colony to catch monkfish. This method is really afk and since there is a bank nearby you can make a little bit of money on the side from this method.
  3. Levels 65 - 99 (AFK): After the quest Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, you gain the ability to catch karambwans. This method is really afk as the fishing spots for karambwans never change.
  4. Levels 75 - 99 (AFK): At level 75 fishing and 85 cooking you can start using the infernal harpoon to fish swordfish and tuna in the fishing guild. This method is pretty good since there is a bank close by and fishing in the guild provides an invisible +7 fishing boost.
  5. Levels 80 - 99 (AFK): At this level you can start catching infernal eels. To do this you will need to have a fire cape since the fishing spots are in the city of Mor Ul Rek. You should bring a hammer with you to smash the fish you catch. This turns them into 10-20 tokkul, one onyx bolt tip or 1-5 lava scale shards.
  6. Levels 82 - 99 (Money Making): Catching minnows have a relatively low experience rate but it provides a decent profit. For this method you will need to have the full angler’s outfit. Minnows can be exchanged for sharks which is why this method is so profitable.
  7. Levels 82 - 99 (AFK/MM): With %100 Port Piscarilius favour you can start catching anglerfish which is the most expensive fish in the game. This method provides a really low fishing exp but will make you 116M profit.
  8. Levels 87 - 99 (AFK/MM): After the quest Regicide, you can start catching sacred eels at Zul-Andra. Sacred eels can be dissected with a knife turning them into Zulrah’s scales. Each fish can give 3-9 scales and 109-127 cooking experience. The player's cooking level affects how many scales they get.

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