OSRS Free To Play Money Making Guide

12.02.2023 - 17:08:51
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OSRS Free To Play Money Making Guide

This guide contains free to play money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get OSRS Gold is by buying it at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:


Buying Iron Ore

For this money maker you will need to have at least level 60 mining to have access to the mining guild. In this guild there is a shop called “Hendor’s Awesome Ores” which sells Iron ores but more importantly players that mine iron in the guild sell theirs in this shop. This makes it so that the stock always has 1K or more iron ore which makes the price of iron only 1 gold. It takes around 60-80 seconds to travel from Falador west bank to Hendor’s shop and back.

GP/H: 222K

Collecting Chaos Runes

There are no hard requirements for this method but a decent combat level for survival and 25 magic to teleport out is recommended. Bring some decent food and armour along with runes to teleport to Varrock and make your way to dark warriors fortress north of the ice mountain. All the npcs in the fortress are aggressive so when you first get there climb up one of the ladders and wait 10 minutes for the aggression timer to run out. You can use “npc-aggression timer” on runelite to clearly see the outlines and the timer. Pickup all the runes especially the chaos runes that spawn on the ground, hop worlds if need be and teleport out if you encounter a pker.

GP/H: 210K

Crafting Ruby Jewellery

Before starting this method check the grand exchange prices for each ruby jewellery and pick the most profitable one. Keep in mind that using high level alchemy on them might be even more profitable than selling them to the grand exchange. For this method you will need to have level 34+ crafting. Buy your gold bars and cut rubies and head to the Edgeville bank, that’s the closest bank to a furnace so it’s ideal. Enjoy your profits and crafting experience.

GP/H: 200K - EXP/H: 90K

Collecting Anti-Dragon Shields

After completing the quest Dragon slayer 1 you will have access to Oziach shops and in this shop he will sell you anti-dragon shields for 26 gp. Buy an inventory bank at Edgeville and repeat. Sell all your shields at grand exchange for a profit. Be patient while selling your shields.

GP/H: 190K

Collecting Monk’s Robes

For this method you will need to have level 31 prayer, this allows access to the upper floor of the Edgeville monastery. There will be a Monk’s robe and Monk’s robe top spawn on the table. Pick them up and hop worlds. Once your inventory is fully filled up run to the Edgeville bank then repeat the process.

GP/H: 150K

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