OSRS Fruit Tree Patch Guide

20.12.2023 - 14:40:28
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OSRS Fruit Tree Patch Guide

Are you looking to start living a simpler life in OSRS? You may want a constant fruit source for your character. The good news is that you don't have to rely on the Grand Exchange or any other merchant. Our fruit tree patch guide will help you find a perfect source for fruits.

What Is A Fruit Tree Patch In OSRS?


To grow fruit-bearing trees in Farming, you, as a player, need to utilize Fruit tree patches. The process of growing fruit trees differs from other plants as it involves an intermediate stage where the seed must first grow into a sapling before being planted in a cleared fruit tree patch.

Obtain the necessary seeds for fruit trees from bird nests, monster drops, farming contracts, or other sources, all detailed in the Farming skill guide. Start by using an empty plant pot on any farming patch, filling it with soil using a gardening trowel. If you lack a trowel, clicking on the pot and then an empty patch works just as well. Plant a fruit tree seed on the pot with the gardening trowel, water it with a watering can, and after a few minutes, the seedling will mature into a sapling. This sapling can then be planted in a cleared fruit tree patch. Remember to have a spade in your inventory for planting and removing the stump of a fruit tree.


Before or after transplanting the sapling, you can enhance the patch by adding compost, supercompost, or ultracompost to reduce the risk of disease. This doesn't impact the fruit yield but helps prevent diseases. Alternatively, you can pay a nearby farmer to care for it, eliminating the risk of disease entirely. Seedlings and saplings are immune to disease while growing in a plant pot. If a fruit tree becomes diseased, use secateurs or magic secateurs to prune the diseased leaves and restore it to a healthy state.

Once fully grown, fruit trees will yield six fruits that you can pick. They continue to produce fruit over time, up to a maximum of six, unless cut down and the stump dug up, with a new fruit regenerating every 40 minutes. Gardeners can instantly remove a fruit tree for a fee of 200 coins. Fruits have various uses, including being common ingredients in Gnome cooking and other items crafted using the Cooking skill. Some fruits are also utilized as ingredients in potions made through the Herblore skill.

Growing a healthy fruit tree is essential for various achievement diaries.


OSRS Fruit Tree Seeds

You can only fully utilize fruit tree patches if you have seeds. Each seed can bear a specific fruit. Aside from a constant source of fruits and money, these can also be a decent XP training method for farming.

LevelSeedProtectionGrowth time[a]PlantCropExperienceCost<br >(Seed + Protection)Cost per XP
Seed+ Protection
27AppleSweetcorn×96×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)AppleCooking apple1,272.56370.010.50
33BananaApples(5)×46×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)BananaBanana1,841.52,9780.001.62
39OrangeStrawberries(5)×36×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)OrangeOrange2,586.71,9740.000.76
42CurryBananas(5)×56×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)CurryCurry leaf3,036.92,4990.000.82
51PineappleWatermelon×106×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)PineapplePineapple4,791.72010.000.04
57PapayaPineapple×106×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)PapayaPapaya fruit6,380.42,3540.080.37
68Palm treePapaya fruit×156×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)PalmCoconut10,509.641,8041.953.98
81DragonfruitCoconut×156×160 mins<br >(16 Hours)DragonfruitDragonfruit17,895213,9409.8711.96
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Fruit Tree Patch Locations

Once you've procured your seeds, the next best step would be to look for tree patch locations in the world. Luckily, there are a few that you can visit immediately.

LocationClosest teleport 
Tree Gnome Stronghold<br >Gardener: Bolongo
  • Balloon transport system
  • Spirit tree to Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Achievement diary cape teleport to Elder gnome child
  • Grand/Royal seed pod
  • Slayer ring to Stronghold Slayer Cave
  • Gnome glider
  • Necklace of Passage to The Outpost
East of Catherby<br >Gardener: Ellena
  • Catherby Teleport
  • Gnome glider to White Wolf Mountain
  • Charter Ship to Catherby
  • Camelot Teleport
West of Tree Gnome maze<br >Gardener: Gileth
  • Spirit tree to Tree Gnome Village, then follow Elkoy out of the maze
  • Fairy ring code ciq
North of Brimhaven<br >Gardener: Garth
  • Brimhaven house portal: Teleport to House spell or redirected house tab
  • Spirit tree if planted in Brimhaven
  • Teleport to Ardougne, then take the boat to Brimhaven
  • Karamja gloves 3/4 to Shilo Village, then take the cart
  • Charter ship
  • Fairy ring code bjr, then magic whistle teleport
Lletya<br >Gardener: Liliwen
  • Teleport crystal
Farming Guild<br >(85 Farming required)
Gardener: Nikkie
  • Spirit tree planted in the Farming Guild
  • Farming cape teleport
  • Skills necklace to Farming Guild
  • Fairy ring code cir, then run south-west
  • Battlefront Teleport to Battlefront, then run west

Time For A Fruitful Farming Session

You can create your own route for fruit trees with this guide. It will be much easier for you to create a constant source of fruits once you know where to go and what types of seeds you need. In time, you'll have more than enough fruits to consume, cook with, or sell in OSRS.

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