OSRS Group Ironman GIM Guide

10.05.2023 - 12:19:03
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OSRS Group Ironman GIM Guide

Ironman Mode

Ironman is a game type in Old school runescape which has become wildly popular in the past few years. What sets this game mode apart from the traditional game is that players create their accounts with the intention of locking them out of trade with regular players. These ironman accounts are often seen as coveted by the PvM and Skilling community due to the many hours and strategies which are employed to train them effectively.

As these accounts cannot trade with regular players or access the grand exchange, as a player progresses to more high-leveled end-game content then it becomes much harder to gain best in slot armour and weapons. Ironman accounts with these weapons and armour are often considered rare, as they must get the drop from the boss in order to be able to use the item, since it cannot be purchased.

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Group Ironman Mode

This mode is similar to the traditional ironman mode in most respects, however the key difference is that there is an interface which allows parties of 2-5 players to participate together. The key differentiating factor is that instead of having to grind out skills in order to acquire high end items, players in a group ironman can delegate the tasks that they wish. For instance certain members of the group can each focus on training certain skills to a high level in order to supply the group. This sort of cooperation is the key to having a successful group ironman. You will also play in the normal worlds among the regular playerbase.


A group iron team has between 2-5 players, 1 of which acts as a leader of the group. Every player in the group will have to make a new account, and take the boat to ‘The Node' as you're about to leave tutorial island. The leader of the group has the power to add group members or remove them (through the use of a voting system). It is important to note that being kicked from a group iron will mean that you cannot join another one.


Many group irons will generally divide up the workload amongst members in order to maximise their output. It makes sense to do this for certain skills and supplies in order for there to be minimal xp waste amongst members training the same skills. Having one member train high slayer to get drops for the group allows the other members to focus on different tasks, instead of everyone slaying.

Common roles are as follows:

Gatherer - Focuses on obtaining food, ore and other items which will be needed in a large quantity for the group

Potion Master - This member trains their herblore to a high level in order to provide potions for questing and Boss content

Crafer - Much like the potion master this player trains their crafting to a high level in order to provide armour and jewellery for the team

House master - Power-levels construction in order to provide a house with full amenities for the team

Slayer master - Trains slayer high, 84 unlocks Abyssal demons which drop Whips, a staple for an mid level iron account

Runecrafter - Trains runecrafting to a high level in order to supply the team for magic


Efficient teleport usage: if you're moving around Runescape to do quests on your iron you should look to optimise your xp. Look for quests that can be done at the same time, or a farming run which doesn't deviate too far from your path, or even a birdhouse trip. As you cannot just buy a heap of teleport tablets and jewelry in early GIM it is important to think about how you can utilize teleports in the most efficient manner possible.

Diaries: A lot of these are easy to do and offer XP lamps as rewards, very useful for leveling up slower or harder skills in GIM. You should look to knock out these achievements while questing or going about the map.

Hoard your items: Since you can't access the grand exchange it's crucial to hold on to any items which may be of use later. Having a cluttered bank beats spending 40 minutes having to re-make a quest item you need which may have been dropped.

Stock up food early: this is a no brainer, you need food to train and level up. If you stock up on a lot of food early on you can train without having to go and replenish your stocks once they dwindle through training.

Utilise dailys: things such as teleports, or rewards from, diaries like battlestaffs are all great things to use. Anytime you can save runes or jewelry to get around then you should.

Plan your adventure together: a good GIM is one that has good communication. Make sure everybody knows their role and is happy to play it. It's crucial to plan how you will tackle the game together, as this is afterall a group project.


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