OSRS High Level AFK Money Making Methods

11.01.2023 - 10:45:38
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OSRS High Level AFK Money Making Methods

This guide contains AFK money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get gold is by buying gold at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:

AFK Methods

  1. Mining Amethyst

If you have an account with 92+ mining, you can start doing this method. Mining amethyst is fairly afk due to the fact that the ore deposit doesn’t deplete immediately and you will be swinging your pickaxe for a longer period of time. The mining spot is in the mining guild. To increase your profit per hour you should be using these items:

  • Varrock armour 4, 10% chance to receive double ore.
  • Expert mining gloves, provides a 25% chance of the amethyst not depleting.
  • Celestial or Elven signet (if using crystal pickaxe) , provides a mining boost and a 1/10 chance at an additional ore. (optional)

GP/H: 300K - 400K

EXP/H: 19K

  1. Smithing Mithril Darts

This is a pretty good way to afk train your smithing and make a little bit of gp on the side. It only requires level 54 smithing and completion of the quest “The Tourist Trap” to do. On average you will be gaining 47K smithing exp every hour and creating 9.5K darts.

GP/H: 80K - 130K 

EXP/H: 47K

  1. Fishing Anglerfish

Anglerfish is the best food in Old School Runescape. Due to this reason it is constantly on demand on grand exchange alongside this, due to its high requirements, its price is always stable. For this method you will be needing the following:

  • 82+ Fishing (95+ recommended)
  • 100% Piscarilius favour
  • Sandworms
  • Fishing rod
  • Rada’s blessing (it increases yield)
  • Fish Barrel (recommended for longer trips)
  • Spirit flakes (recommended, it increases the yield by %50)

GP/H: 150K - 200K

EXP/H: 18K

  1. Cooking Anglerfish

Strangely enough, cooking anglerfish yields more gold per hour than catching it. This is very easy to do, although anglerfish requires level 84 cooking it is recommended to have 99 cooking to not burn anglerfish. If you have lower cooking levels, it is recommended to use cooking gauntlets and the Hosidius kitchen to reduce the chances of the food getting burned. To start this method you will need around 2M gp. Buy your raw anglerfish from the grand exchange and head to your desired range and start cooking.

GP/H: 270K - 300K

EXP/H: 299K

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  1. Chopping Magic Trees

Chopping magic trees is another really old and afk money making method. Magic logs always have a stable value since the bows made from those logs can be alched. Here are the requirements for this method:

  • 75+ Woodcutting (90+ recommended)
  • 60 Attack to wield dragon axe (optional)
  • 70 Attack and 50 agility to wield a crystal axe (optional)
  • Elven Signet (for crystal axe)
  • Lumberjack Outfit (to increase experience)
  • 75% Hosidius favour to access the woodcutting guild

GP/H: 130K

EXP/H: 32K

  1. Daily Activities

There are also a lot of repeatable events that you can do in this game for a quick cash. Most of these are from quest or achievement rewards.

  • Kingdom of Miscellania: This is a great way to constantly make passive income in Old School Runescape. This method requires the completion of the quests “Throne of Miscellania” and “Royal Trouble”. After these quests you can invest money in the kingdom and have workers collect resources for you, which in turn you can collect whenever you please. Before selecting the resources you want your workers to collect it is a good idea to check this link to maximise your profits: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Managing_Miscellania
  • Buying Battlestaves: In the Zaff’s staff shop you can buy battlestaffs for 7k each which then you can sell to grand exchange for an instant profit. Without any diaries you can buy 5 battlestaves, with easy you can buy 15, with medium you can buy 30, with hard you can buy 60 and with elite you can buy 120, so it’s recommended to have at least the hard diary completed for more profit. You can buy that amount every 24 hours (when the server time resets).
  • Collecting Pure Essence: After completing the Ardougne diary, you will have the ability to collect free pure essence from the Wizard Cromperty. With medium diary completed you can claim 100, with hard completed you can claim 150 and with elite completed you can claim 250. You can collect your essence every 24 hours when the server time resets.
  • Buckets of Sand: This method requires the completion of the quest “Hand in the Sand”. After the quest you can collect 84 buckets of sand from the npc called Bert. This can be done every 24 hours when the server time resets and if you have the elite Ardougne diary completed you can toggle automatic delivery. Which will deliver the buckets of sand to your bank automatically every day upon logging into the game.
  • Explorer’s Ring: After completing the Lumbridge & Draynor diary you will gain access to explorer’s ring 4 which has a high level alchemy option. This option does not use any nature runes and you can use it 30 times per day.
  • Bow String: After completing the Kandarin diary you can exchange flax for bowstrings every 24 hours. With easy diary you can exchange 30, with medium 60, with hard 120 and with elite 250
  • Ogre Arrows: After completing Western Provinces Diary you can claim arrows from the npc Rantz. With the completion of easy diaries you can claim 25, with medium you can claim 50, with hard you can claim 100 and with elite you can claim 150 free ogre arrows everyday.
  • Free Runes: After completing the Wilderness Diary you can claim free runes from the npc called Lundail. With the completion of easy diaries you can claim 10, with medium you can claim 20, with hard you can claim 30 and with elite you can claim 50 free random runes everyday.
  • Herb Boxes: If you have nightmare zone points, you can buy 15 herb boxes everyday from the nightmare zone reward chest. Each box has an estimated worth of 10.5K and costs 9500 nightmare zone points.
  • Dynamite: After completing the Kourend & Kebos Diary, you can claim free dynamites everyday from an npc called Thirus. With the completion of medium diaries you can claim 20, with hard you can claim 40 and with elite you can claim 80 free dynamite everyday.
  • Fletching Cape: If you have 99 fletching you can get yourself a fletching cape. You can search the cape for a bronze crossbow and mithril grapple 3 times everyday.

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